Electric rideables

Are you tired of using public transportation and want to purchase a personal vehicle for usage? If yes, we will help in finding the best vehicle for your personal commute. There are two categories of renewables, one is manual, and the other is electric. Manual rides are not very easy to operate, you can use them for a number of reasons including exercise, health, fitness, and of course, for traveling, etc. many people use manual vehicles like unicycles, scooters, cycles, etc. for maintaining health and fitness. Electric rideables are specifically meant for traveling. People also use them for having fun. Many parents buy electric unicycles, electric scooters, electric cars, etc. for their kids for having fun.

Keeping in view the rising prices of fuels and increasing economic uncertainty in the world, electric vehicles are considered to be the future and the solution to the current transportation issues of people. There are so many varieties available in electric rideable technology that you can pick and choose among them to satisfy your needs.


There are so many options that one can avail of for electric vehicles. Conventional personal commute mediums like skateboards and rollerblades are also in vogue, but people are now moving toward more comfort and ease for transportation like hoverboards and electric unicycles. Electric vehicles are not only good for ease of transportation but also they are cool in features that attract people to buy them and use them.

In this article, we will provide you with sound information regarding electric vehicles that you can buy as per your budget and requirements. Following are some prime electric vehicles that will not only provide you satisfaction but also will stay low on your budget.


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Electric unicycles are becoming common these days because of their affordability and ease of riding. As wheels take the whole responsibility of making the unicycle ride possible, you need to take due care in keeping the wheels aligned. Depending on the usage and the type of unicycle that you own, you can go for wheel alignment after 3-4 months for future smooth rides.

Electric unicycles are an advanced version of conventional/manual unicycles and are very easy to ride. You just need to push the start button but still keep your eyes open to get the ride going in the right way.

Those unicycles which are ridden on plain terrain require wheel-alignment after 4-5 months but certainly, that also depends on your ride type. On the other hand, unicycles that are ridden on rough, grassy terrain tend to go for wheel alignment earlier than 3 months. Thus it all depends on your usage, duration, and the type of terrain on which you are using your unicycle.

Wheel balancing of manual unicycles is not auto-controlled by the unicycle instead the rider has to control its movements. But in electric unicycles, you just need to give directions by setting an itinerary, and just press the start button; you are good to go then. The rider has to practice a lot before taking his manual unicycle to the rough area or in the traffic region but the electric unicycle can take you anywhere on any terrain depending on the type of course.

Comparison of electric and manual unicycle

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Manual unicycle Electric unicycle

Self-balancing and self-control are not automatically controlled

Self-balancing and self-control are automatically controlled

No charging is required to run the unicycle

Electric unicycles run on batteries which are charged by batteries

You need to do a lot of practice before riding a manual vehicle

You don’t need to do any practice before riding an electric vehicle

 An electric unicycle doesn’t have any handle to ride but the automatic system of the ride helps in controlling and balancing the ride. Always take a beginner slow start when just in the learning mode especially

If you have recently bought an electric unicycle and thinking about how you would be able to ride a unicycle, we can help you in this regard.

Best electric unicycles

Electric rideables

  • King Song 14D Motorized Unicycle

Equipped with a 340/420 Wh powerful motor that gets your ride going for 10-20 miles, King Song is one of the best electric unicycles that you can buy. The average weight of this e-unicycle is 30 lbs and can carry up to 200 lbs of weight with it. Designed with a waterproof body and suitable to be used in any weather condition and any surface, this is the optimum choice for those who want fun while riding.

Though the unicycle is easy to ride but avoid using it when its battery goes below 50%. The weight carrying capacity is higher but we recommend you to carry not more than 20 lbs while traveling on it and to have fun.

  • Veteran Sherman

Do you want thrilling and mind-blowing fun while riding your e-unicycle? Go for Veteran Sherman. This electric unicycle is meant to entertain those hunting riders who adventure through the rocks and mountains. Enjoy the maximum speed for 45 mph powered by 3500 mAh batteries that take around 6 hours to charge fully.

You will be amazed to know the average weight of this e-unicycle, i-e. 77 lbs and you can travel for 120 miles in one go. This is something that will double your thrill of a ride. Don’t even think of giving this e-unicycle to your kids. The features are unique but this can be dangerous for those who are not experts. Though the average speed is high we advise staying below 25 mph while riding on rocky or rough terrain.

  • Begode Commander

A highly recommended e-unicycle for fun-lovers and experts, the Begode commander unicycle is really a commander. Its average weight is 85 lbs and you can carry as heavy as 260 lbs weight with you while riding. This e-unicycle has the record highest speed among all the electric unicycles, i-e. 50 mph. Don’t buy it for your kids ever.

The powerful motor with 2800 w capacity can travel for longer periods. The body is waterproof so you can use it in any weather condition and on any terrain. With 14 inches wider tires, you can use it freely on-road or off-road.


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Electric scooters

Electric rideables

For a safe and durable personal commute, electric scooters are also used extensively. For making your journey convenient and easy, electric scooters are the safest and most affordable traveling option. Keeping in view the convenient prices and the ease of riding electric scooters, the electronic market across the globe is being revolutionized. Safeties, ease of traveling and affordability, etc. are some of the prime features which have aided in increasing the fame of electric scooters.  Electric scooters provide the rider with a joyful journey within the minimum budget.

Compared with other electric vehicles, electric scooters are safer and very easy to use. Though, any person belonging to any age group can use it easily, but these electric vehicles are more famous among youngsters. They use them for hangouts, traveling to college or for fun.

There is no denying the fact that electric scooters are very easy to commute but you need to take care of your safety and start with a slow speed, while riding it.


Unique features:

  • Electric scooters have as heavy as 330 lbs of weight carrying capacity on average. So, you can carry any stuff with you while riding.
  • The wheels are controlled and balanced electronically by the electric scooter. You need to just start the journey and nothing more.
  • There are some electric scooters which are coming with seats. You can install the seta for sitting or can uninstall it whenever you want.
  • Broken leg scooters have also been introduced for taking care of people with broken legs. There is no any other electric vehicle in the market which has been introduced before for aiding those with one leg working.
  • Comfortable and waterproof seats also come with electric scooters. No any such sitting comfort is available in any other electric rideable.
  • The brake system is amazing in electric scooters. There are speed brakes installed on both right and left side of scooters. You can easily apply the brake from any side.

Best electric scooters

Whenever you are thinking of taking your scooter out, don’t forget to adjust the tires and check their alignment. Without proper tire alignment and thorough analysis don’t try to even start your ride.

Here we have prepared a brief list for you to pick and choose among the best electric scooters:


  • Unagi Model One

With a Dual 250-watt heavy-powered motor, you can use your Unagi model one for fun for as long as 15 miles in one go. The average speed of this e-scooter is 15 mph and it can be used for adults but we would not recommend any e-scooter to be used for kids with the speed of more than 10 mph.

You can fold this ride and can take it anywhere you want while traveling. The hand brakes provide manual as well as automatic control so you don’t have to worry much while riding through rough or plain terrain. But we won’t advice you to go faster than 10 mph on rocky surface.

  • Segway Ninebot

The heavy weight of 41.2 pounds doesn’t make this scooter much appealing but you will be amazed to explore its features. With 10 inches wide wheels, you can travel easily through rocky, rough and grassy terrain without any interruption.

The average speed of this electric scooter stands between 18 and 19 mph. With powerful motors of 350-watt, you can travel up-to 40 miles in one full charge. Isn’t amazing to go that much faster and that much far? Certainly, it is.

  • Swagtron Swagger

With a tire size of around 8.5 inches, this electric scooter is compatible to be used on any kind of terrain. You can carry it along-with while going somewhere for journey and enjoy riding there on any surface. The 250W of motor provides electric power to this scooter to move forward for around 11 miles and with the maximum speed of 18 mph.

Watch for your kids while an electric scooters because 18 mph speed is a bit higher for them. You can also install its online application to check the speed and direction of your kids while riding Swagtron Swagger.


If you want a stable, affordable, and speedy personal ride, here is another useful option for you to avail yourself, i-e. electric hoverboards. Hoverboards are best known for stable, speedy, and fun rides that not only provide traveling comfort to kids but also to adults. Probably, they were first seen in science fiction movies but now they are open for all and can be bought by anyone who wishes to attain a speedy yet comfortable electric ride.

Hoverboards have three modes which include the beginner, medium and expert level. You can adjust the mode according to your expertise. For example, if you are a beginner, we recommend you to set your hoverboard’s riding mode at the beginner level. Features in the beginner mode like slow speed, and adjustable light, etc. will raise your confidence level and you will love to ride more.

As hoverboards are laced with highly stable and speedy features, they are becoming common. There are so many companies that are manufacturing hoverboards and that is the reason unlike previous years, now they are coming in affordable prices. Thrill your journey and every ride with an electric hoverboard within the reasonable prices.

Prominent features


  • Electric hoverboards are self-balanced and self0-controlled personal commute and you don’t need to worry if you child is riding it.
  • There are three modes available in hoverboards, i-e. beginner, intermediate and expert, etc. You can select the mode for yourself or for your kids depending on expertise and requirements
  • Electric hoverboards can ride as much as at the speed of 40 mph and controlling this high speed is not a child’s play. We advise you to do some practice before going on such a high speed. If you are at the beginner or at the intermediate level, you should start from the normal speed of 10-15 mph but you can speed up your ride when you attain much experience of r4iding a hoverboard.
  • Hoverboards run on charging which is backed by electricity that fills the power in batteries for running your hoverboard. You can charge the batteries and travel as far as 20-40km with an electric hoverboard.

Choose the best hoverboard as per your budget and requirements for comfortable and easy transportation. For your guidance we have prepared a brief list of the best hoverboards, you can pick and choose accordingly.

Best electric hoverboards

Here is a brief list of hoverboards that you scroll and pick the best according to your requirements:


  • Halo Rover X

Powered by a dual motor with high voltage power and an optimum wheel size of 8.5 inches, Halo rover x is another best hoverboard that you can consider while buying electric rideables. With an average speed of 10 mph, this hoverboard is suitable to be used by your kids and those adults which are in the beginning mode at present.

The average weight of the ride is around 32 lbs and you can travel for 10 miles with full battery charge in one go.

  • Swagtron T6 Outlaw

If you are a rough rider and like to ride your hoverboard on rough terrain, this can be the best option for you. Made of 10 inches wheels, this hoverboard will take you on a ride with full of joy and comfort.

With Bluetooth and online app control features, you can easily monitor your kids while riding the hoverboard. So, if you are planning to make your children happy, buy this most popular hoverboard for small distances and small fun time for your children.

  • Gotrax SRX Pro

With the powerful motor of 500W, this hoverboard can take you as far as 7 miles with an average speed of around 7.4 mph. This hoverboard is best for you if you are a beginner and you can even get it for you kids. The wheel size of this hoverboard is 8.5 inches which is a perfect match for riding through any terrain be that plain or rough.

The average weight of the electric vehicle is 26.5 lbs with the maximum weight carrying capacity of around 220 lbs. No matter if you are heavy weight or want to carry some stuff with you while riding, this hoverboard is the optimum option for you in any weather condition.


Though electric vehicles are charged and run on electric batteries,to take safety measures. Here are some safety precautions you have to follow while riding your electric rides:

Safety Precautions

  • Wear a safety helmet before starting your journey on any electric vehicle. Avoid using a steel-framed helmet because it may hurt you while riding and try using a hard helmet instead.
  • Before starting your journey, you must also wear knee and elbow safety lock caps to protect the sensitive body parts of your body in case of any accident.
  • We also recommend using a flash free pair of glasses to ensure your in point direction.
  • To ride with comfort and for longer periods, always wear comfortable shoes so that you may be able to ride your electric vehicle smoothly.
  • Another useful safety tip is to buy electric vehicle which is in consonance of your weight, height and requirements, so that you may be able to enjoy your rides smoothly and for longer periods. The wheels of your electric vehicles can be damaged or can even stop working properly due to overweight or the extra weight that the rider carries.
  • For riding an electric vehicle, you don’t have to do much practice but still if you are a beginner, you should first try your vehicle on plain terrain instead of rough or grassy one.


Don’t compromise quality and safety for buying a cheaper electric vehicle. Safety comes first and of course nobody would like to compromise on safety. If you are buying an electric vehicle for the first time you must check the official websites of different companies before placing orders. Customer reviews should also be given weightage while buying online.

If you are an expert you can choose the expert level electric vehicle for you. At the expert level you will be able to enjoy high speed, stunts and spinning wheels, etc. Depending on the type of your electric vehicle, you can use your ride on plain or rough terrain. If your electric vehicle is of good quality you can use it on a rough surface or even between the rocks.

We believe that you might have got the clear understanding and have got sufficient information about electric vehicles. In this article we have provided you information about electric unicycles, electric scooters and electric hoverboards.  Safety tips are also being discussed for your guidance. You just need to pick the right option for you before buying one for you.


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