Skateboard Speed Wobbles

Skateboard Speed Wobbles

Skateboarding is an exhilarating activity loved by many, but it can also come with its challenges. One such challenge is dealing with speed wobbles. Speed wobbles are rapid oscillations or vibrations that occur when riding a skateboard at high speeds. They can be unnerving and even dangerous if not handled properly. In this article, we will explore what speed wobbles are, their causes, and most importantly, how to deal with them effectively.

What Are Speed Wobbles?


Speed wobbles, also known as speed shimmy or speed shakes, are a phenomenon experienced by skateboarders, longboarders, and other riders when they lose control of their boards at high speeds. It typically starts as a small vibration that rapidly amplifies, causing the board to shake uncontrollably from side to side. This oscillation can make it difficult for riders to maintain balance, leading to potential falls and injuries.


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Causes of Speed Wobbles

Skateboard Speed Wobbles

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of speed wobbles. Understanding these causes is crucial in learning how to prevent and manage them effectively.

Improper Weight Distribution

Improper weight distribution is one of the leading causes of speed wobbles. If your weight is unevenly distributed on the skateboard, it can create an imbalance and trigger the wobbles. It’s important to maintain a centered and balanced stance when riding.

Loose Trucks

Trucks are the metal T-shaped components that connect the wheels to the deck. Loose trucks can increase the likelihood of speed wobbles. Tightening your trucks can provide more stability and reduce the chances of wobbling.

High Speeds

High speeds can exacerbate speed wobbles. As the velocity increases, the chances of the board oscillating uncontrollably also rise. It is important to recognize your comfort level and gradually increase your speed to reduce the risk of wobbles.

Effects of Speed Wobbles

Understanding the effects of speed wobbles is crucial for emphasizing the importance of learning how to deal with them effectively.

Loss of Control

When speed wobbles occur, riders often experience a loss of control over their board. This loss of control can lead to falls and accidents, potentially causing injuries.

Potential Injuries

Speed wobbles can result in serious injuries if not handled properly. Riders may suffer from bruises, scrapes, sprains, or even fractures. It is essential to take precautionary measures to minimize the risk of injuries.

Tips to Prevent Speed Wobbles

Skateboard Speed Wobbles

Preventing speed wobbles is essential for maintaining control and ensuring a safe skateboarding experience. Here are some tips to help you prevent speed wobbles:

Proper Stance and Balance

Maintaining a proper stance and balance is crucial in preventing speed wobbles. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with your knees slightly bent. Distribute your weight evenly on the board and focus on maintaining a stable and centered position.

Tighten Your Trucks

As mentioned earlier, loose trucks can contribute to speed wobbles. Regularly check the tightness of your trucks and make adjustments if necessary. Keep in mind that the tightness should allow for smooth turns while providing stability.

Gradual Speed Increase

Avoid going from a slow speed to a high speed abruptly. Gradually increase your speed, allowing yourself to adjust and adapt to the changing dynamics. This approach gives you more control over the board and reduces the chances of speed wobbles.

Practice and Experience

Skateboarding is a skill that improves with practice and experience. As you spend more time on your board, you’ll become familiar with its behavior and gain a better understanding of how to maintain control. Practice riding at different speeds, gradually pushing your limits while ensuring you’re comfortable and in control.

How to Handle Speed Wobbles

Despite taking preventive measures, speed wobbles may still occur. In such situations, it’s important to know how to handle them effectively:

Stay Calm and Focused

When speed wobbles start, it’s crucial to stay calm and maintain focus. Panicking can worsen the situation and make it harder to regain control. Take deep breaths, stay relaxed, and concentrate on stabilizing yourself.

Bend Your Knees

Bending your knees acts as a shock absorber, helping to absorb the vibrations and reduce the intensity of speed wobbles. Keep your knees slightly bent as you ride to maintain a lower center of gravity and enhance stability.

Shift Your Weight

Shifting your weight can help counterbalance the wobbles. Focus on shifting your weight towards the front or back foot, depending on the direction of the wobbles. This adjustment can help regain stability and minimize the oscillations.

Use a Slide or Carve Technique

Another technique to manage speed wobbles is to use a slide or carve technique. By initiating a controlled slide or carving turns, you can redirect the board’s momentum and regain control. Practice these techniques in a controlled environment before attempting them at high speeds.

Safety Gear for Skateboarding

When engaging in any skateboarding activity, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Wearing appropriate safety gear can significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Here are some essential safety gear items for skateboarders:

  1. Helmet: Protects your head from potential impacts and head injuries.
  2. Knee and Elbow Pads: Provides cushioning and protects your joints from abrasions and impacts.
  3. Wrist Guards: Help prevent wrist injuries during falls.
  4. Proper Footwear: Wear skate shoes or athletic shoes with good grip and support.

Remember, safety gear alone cannot prevent speed wobbles, but it can minimize the impact of accidents and injuries if they occur.


Dealing with speed wobbles is an important skill for skateboarders. By understanding the causes, prevention techniques, and how to handle speed wobbles when they occur, riders can maintain control and enjoy a safer experience. Remember to prioritize safety and practice regularly to improve your skateboarding skills. Stay calm, stay focused, and keep riding


Does your weight have something to do with skating?

Yes, certainly your weight must be stable and you must use your skateboard accordingly so that you can handle your skateboard easily. It is always recommended to use skateboard which suits your weight and height. Make sure the size, dimensions and framing of the tires so that you may not experience any injuries by meeting some accident.

Is using safety material necessary while skating?

Yes, safety material is necessary for your safety and endurance of any injuries while having some accident. Use helmet, knee and elbow caps for securing your knees, head and arms in case of any injury while skating on road especially.

How can I avoid skateboard speed wobbles?

You need to look upon the size, dimensions, tires, frames and maintenance of your skateboard before going for a ride. Speed wobbles can certainly hurt you in case of any accident and can even spoil your joy while skating. So, always take into considerations the maintenance of your skateboard. If you have purchased it recently, claim its warranty or get it resolved from the company and if you have re-purchase, it from someone, consider the date and the condition of the skateboard so that you may handle all speed wobbles that you may experience in your skating activity.

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