Skateboard Speed Wobbles

Everyone likes to enjoy skating whether it is on ice or on the road. Experiencing wobbles doesn’t make you enjoy your ride wherever you are taking. For some skating is an exercise and for some it is an amazing sport so that it may aid their mental capacity. Frequent skateboard speed wobbles can spoil your joy and can also discord the rhythm of your journey. To avoid speed wobbles while doing skating either on ice or on the road, here are some informative patches that you might be searching for having a thrill-full skateboard experience.

What are speed wobbles?

If some technical or hidden fault is with your ride or any outside force component force the wheels of your ride to move in a misaligned manner especially when going fast, this is called speed wobble.

It takes usually that much time that the rider needs to get its full control through the ride’s steering geometry. The energy for creating speed wobbles is normally stored in the frame allows the steering to run in the opposite direction and then it starts the marks of another round by initiating oscillation.

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You cannot get rid of speed wobbles until you have no idea regarding the reasons behind the creation of skateboard speed wobbles. There can be several reasons behind the speed wobbles that you are experiencing in your skating activity but the foremost thing is to find the right one cause so that you may get rid of this issue as soon as possible.

This is certainly pertinent to find out the causes behind the creation of oscillation that you experience while skating. Without knowing the causes for skateboard speed wobbles, you can save yourself from any possible injuries.

Finding out the right blind spot is very much important. Of course, you wouldn’t prefer to have some injury with your skateboard and would prefer to even get it amended if possible or can even go for the new purchase.

Considering the importance of safe and sound mechanics of your skateboard, here are few questions that you can consider for sorting speed wobbles related issues:

  •  Have you bought a new skateboard or have re-purchased it from someone? Most likely one doesn’t face such issues with brand new skateboard. But if so, you can claim back to the company from where you bought it. But if you have re-purchased it from someone else, recall its condition and also consider its maintenance to get rid of speed wobbles.
  • What is the size of the frame near tires? Are the tires bigger than the frame or are they fit for each other? If there is misalignment or mismatch, consider replacing the tires or the frames accordingly.
  • Examine whether there have been any changes to the headset bearings or have you experienced speedy movement of wheel bearing?
  • What was the last time when you got your skateboard serviced and when you aligned its wheels?

 How to avoid skateboard speed wobbles?

Have you gone through all the possible reasons behind the creation of speed wobbles now it is the time for you to have a look at some possible solutions that you can use for avoiding these issues?

Consider the tightness or restriction of your tires while skating so that you may experience with your skateboard. Examine your skateboard and the tightness of your tires. If the front tire is lighter than the back tire than the back tire will be turning round and round when compared with your front tire. So better examine and evaluate the sizes and tightness of your both tires in the skateboard.

Make sure the equilibrium in tightness of the tires for your skateboard so that you may move easily and perform your skating. Always use comfortable shoes and easy clothing so that it may aid your joy while skating.

Have you examined the length and height of your skateboard before taking one ride? Well, if not consider this feature because it may affect your skating especially if you are doing it speedily on ice or on road. Make sure to stabilize your skating by stabilizing the speed of your skateboard. Sometimes, increasing the skating speed may affect you badly in the way of some accident or by de-stabilizing your skateboard.

If you are fatty and you haven’t used skateboard before, use it very carefully for the first time. Balancing is really important for enjoying your ride and for prolonging your joy. Use safety material like helmet and knee-cups for your safety so that in case you fall, you may not get pray to unbearable wounds.

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Also, use elbow safety cups for reducing your chances of being injured and avoiding any accidental mishaps.

Moreover, avoid buying a skateboard with steel frames because they are more likely to have speed wobbles than of other frames.

Many of the experts believe that the weight and the physical dimensions of the rider are very much important for carrying the skateboard in a refined manner. Always use the skateboard which you handle easily according to your weight and height

Does your weight have something to do with skating?

Yes, certainly your weight must be stable and you must use your skateboard accordingly so that you can handle your skateboard easily. It is always recommended to use skateboard which suits your weight and height. Make sure the size, dimensions and framing of the tires so that you may not experience any injuries by meeting some accident.

Is using safety material necessary while skating?

Yes, safety material is necessary for your safety and endurance of any injuries while having some accident. Use helmet, knee and elbow caps for securing your knees, head and arms in case of any injury while skating on road especially.

How can I avoid skateboard speed wobbles?

You need to look upon the size, dimensions, tires, frames and maintenance of your skateboard before going for a ride. Speed wobbles can certainly hurt you in case of any accident and can even spoil your joy while skating. So, always take into considerations the maintenance of your skateboard. If you have purchased it recently, claim its warranty or get it resolved from the company and if you have re-purchase, it from someone, consider the date and the condition of the skateboard so that you may handle all speed wobbles that you may experience in your skating activity.

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