Hoverboard Buying Guide 2021

It is not the money that you should always think about and be worried about when it comes to buying the hoverboard.

I mean, who should care about the money when there is the super need of buying the hoverboard?

Except for the money, there come the numerous but essential factors that shape the hoverboard and attain the hands-on information about them before hitting the hoverboard’s market.

Because it is so easy to remain unknown to necessary pieces of information and ultimately getting the one that is not entirely suited to yourself and the environment you live around.

The market is filled with every manufacturer entering the world to meet the crazily increasing demand for hoverboards.

Then that makes it the top-hard job for one to decide which manufacturers’ hoverboard to go with and what kind of specifications to become aware of.

And for the same reason, we bring you the best hoverboard buying guide that would so-open every inch of the details that you can reference and cross-reference to get yourself equipped with the best piece of hoverboard in your home.

Going solo and without consulting the person known with the market of hoverboard or at least get yourself educated with the hoverboard buying guide; sadly, you are playing with the fire that is set to get fueled with your money.

So, stick to our best-presented hoverboard buying guide and get to know what to look for before thinking to purchase a hoverboard.

The Ultimate Hoverboard Buying Guide

For the person having NO to NOTHING knowledge about the hoverboards; well, no problem in that. we also explained our recent article about, How you can spot fake and real hoverboards easy, Must check that as well, It’ll really help you a lot 🙂

But if you are aware of where you want your hoverboards to get running, you can take full advantage out of this ultimate hoverboard buying guide that is ready to bring your desired and required piece of hoverboard right under your feet.

So, what should we look before buying the best hoverboards and that is all included under this exclusive hoverboard buying guide;

  1. Make
  2. Safety
  3. Wheel size with make 
  4. Motor
  5. Speed
  6. Range
  7. Battery
  8. Charging time
  9. Additional features

1- Make

The make is not always about how beautiful the hoverboard looks, but we should count on the reliability and durability the hoverboard is produced with.

Generally, the hoverboard shells are made with ordinary plastic materials that cannot last for long and go through the usual wear and tear.

But for the hoverboards that you want to last for years, get those produced with high-quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) + PC (PolyCarbonate) materials.

2- Safety

Make sure the hoverboard has at least the safety standard is endorsed with the necessary certification of UL2272 with hologram labeled on the bottom of hoverboards.

This safety certification of UL2227 ensures the hoverboard is going through multiple safety tests and passes all of them.

So, ride with what is safe!

3- Wheel size with make

Wheels are the core material that completes the build of a hoverboard.

The standard and starting hoverboard wheel sizes are 6.5” or 170mm in diameter.

While the hoverboards with big wheels’ sizes are as following: 

  • 8” or 200mm in diameter
  • 10” or 250mm in diameter

Want to ride it on the paved roads, the standard wheel size of 6.5 inches will do wonders to gain speed without losing the traction (grip) of the way.

Whereas the big-sized wheels to take the hoverboards on an off-roading adventure, you must accept the hoverboard of at least 8 inches or 10 inches due to the excellent balance, enhanced braking, and to quickly absorb the jumps.

Get the tubeless tires and then go worry-free in case either of the tire gets punctured during your ride as well as absorb the road bumps.

For the make of tire, make sure they are built with flexible wire coupled with high-quality rubber ensure the reliable tire that will age for good long years.

4- Motor

Want to go with the hub motor OR the belt one?

And, we recommend you the hub one.

Is that it? Just get the hub-motorized hoverboard?

No way, there are going to be a couple of other essential factors to look at before choosing what kind of motor you should get.

The latest hoverboard comes with dual motors now with powerful wattage to deliver the best result.

So, the hoverboard is installed with dual motors each with 250W of power, which means 500W power capacity in total.

But… here is the fact… More motor capacity means more power to get impressive performance.

Want to ride the hoverboard off-roading, get the one at least with a dual motor powering to 400W (or 800W in total) for the best results.

5- Speed

The speed factor is connected with different scenarios, but the hoverboard must at least reach the 10 ~ 15 km/h of speed to take you to the long-distance in no time swiftly.

And the hoverboards with the sizeable but powerful motor can easily reach the speed of 22 km/h, which is more than enough.

So, that depends totally on you which speedy hoverboard you want for yourself.

6- Range

And that makes the distance that you can reach by riding the hoverboard.

Let’s say you want the hoverboard to take you to school that is 6 kilometers away, then get the hoverboard that specializes in delivering the range performance of at least 15 kilometers on one single charge.

Low-end hoverboards are meant to use for the shorter distance (from 7 ~ 10 kilometers), and the high-end ones can clear the range of up to 20 kilometers after the full charge.

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Take which one suits you!

7- Battery

The hoverboard being UL2272 certified, which means your battery is safety-certified as well.

A battery coupled with the critical specifications such as how long it takes to get fully charged + how much time it helps the hoverboard to keep hitting the road.

In the end, make sure your battery is UL2272 certified, then everything is right and worry-free.

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8- Charging time

Batteries that power the hoverboards have mostly come between 36 to 42 in the voltage series which takes about 2-4 hours to hit the full charge.

And the battery should also include the green or red lights (or the other indicative colors) to show if the battery is low in charge or being charged. 

9- Additional features

The additional features or let’s say the extras that come with the hoverboards to provide the added convenience other than riding it.


Most of the latest hoverboards come installed with the best and valuable feature of hoverboard Bluetooth not to get you bored while hitting the roads.

LED lights

Fancier hoverboards are completed with the addition of LED lights that turn remarkable during the nighttime.

So if your chosen hoverboard comes with the LED lights, turn the on-lookers amazed by having them glanced at it during the dark time. 🙂

FAQs about the best hoverboard buying guide

Let’s go through the simple but quite-need FAQs about this ultimate best hoverboard buying guide you are currently reading. 

Why consulting the hoverboard buying guide is essential?

Going for the self-shopping of the hoverboard, you cannot risk NOT KNOWING what is essential to look for, and thus, this hoverboard buying guide is just an important piece to go with.

What does the hoverboard buying guide covers?

Well, everything. Just everything from build to size to speed; every specification that counts towards purchasing the best hoverboard from the market.

Can you go for the purchase of a hoverboard right after finishing with this buying guide?

Of course, you can.


This time of the modern age, you can self-learn yourself about anything you want.

And the buying experience of the hoverboard is just like any other experience to look and find what best and suited hoverboard which you can bring for yourself is.

This complete hoverboard buying guide opens up every bit of hoverboard, and hence, it lets you get informed with the comprehensive education to reference when you do the hoverboard shopping by visiting the local markets as well as searching one out from the virtual world.

We already did the good homework in listing the best hoverboard for kids that are uniquely covered based on the same hoverboard buying guide you are on.

So, put every piece of this hoverboard buying guide at work and bring what is best!

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