Pros and cons of hoverboards hoverboard Buying Advice

The hoverboard is Favorite of all, Hottest demand of the time. 

Even Santa wants to google about it!

As all the kids are not asking for anything else but the Coolest and the Fastest HoverBoard In town. Nobody is untouched with its glamour and charm, its the favorite of all kids, youth and even adults are falling for it.

Want to know why? Don’t wonder as it has so many pros to attract the masses. But few are opposing it as well and few are still confused to construct an opinion. So many searchers want to know about the dangers of the hoverboard, checking hoverboard reviews, figuring out hoverboard history. All these efforts to know about its uses and abuses.

In this article, we will solve all these confusions, present you with all those hoverboard facts you might be googling for, but getting no valid answers. I will present you with all the possible uses and abuses for this hot favorite personal convenience of the times.

So let’s start with the pros

Precaution With Hoverboards

When you are buying a gadget it’s definite that it will have both pros and cons, so is the case with your favorite hoverboard. To enjoy all its pros to its fullest and to avoid all its cons to the maximum you must adopt a few precautions. Here we are sharing with you a few tips to assure you a safe and enjoyable ride.

  • Always make sure whether the premises you are riding with your hoverboard are safe and allowed for riding your hoverboard. For instance, Newyork has employed a few restrictions on riding a hoverboard and a fine of $500. So be updated about your premises and help yourself from falling in any trouble.
  • Few riders are overexcited and over-enthusiastic about riding their hoverboard. Yes for sure its a self-balancing scooter but you need to learn it first to avoid any accident. Don’t take it too easy that it can fall you down.
  • If you are riding your hoverboard at night you need to be extra conscious so you don’t get hurt by any other vehicle at the road that is sharing space with you. Make sure you get a hoverboard that is equipped with Led lights. So you can notice the road and the other riders can notice you.
  • They are not allowed on many airlines, so if you are traveling make sure your hoverboard can company along or not.
  • Yes charging your hoverboard is a must and you can’t ride it if it is not charged, moreover, your riding time is dependent on that as well. But it’s overcharging can be lethal indeed so never put your hoverboard on charging while you are away or sleeping, if it is overcharged the chances are high it can get fire as well.
  • Don’t do such skills with hoverboards that are meant to be done with skateboards. Hoverboards are named hoverboards but they don’t actually hover. So showing ramp tricks with hoverboards can crash your hoverboard, moreover can cause any serious accident as well. 
  • Doing minor tricks is ok but if you are trying something a little bumpy do get your hoverboard calibrated to keep enjoying a smooth ride.

Keep the said precautions in mind and habit and you can say:

my hoverboard is free of cons and my personal ride is just about having fun and convenience

Benefits of Hoverboard

Here we will discuss a few practical uses that have gained Hoverboards the popularity we see all around.

hover board ride

Nothing Like Beginners, you can be a Pro in a While

One of the facts that have made hoverboards so popular in such a limited time is its ease of learning. It’s not complicated like a bike or car which you need to learn and grab a license to drive. This personal model of convenience is available to you immediately after you buy it just balance yourself and here you are ready to go .. hey hey…

Cheapest Yet Coolest

Another factor that is making it a hot selling favorite of all is its affordable price. Most of the hoverboards cost within the range of 150 USD to 400 USD. yes, that’s true I think that is the only personal convenience which you can own in this much few dollars. Isn’t great? Yes, I guess mee too liked it for the reason initially and further I had unlimited reasons to love it.


Another reason that earned it, its fame is the portability I guess this one is the most stylish easy and still most handy personal convenience ever invented. Yes, I literally mean handy as you can just put it in your shoulder bag and wander all-around carrying your favorite convenience. No fear of getting any ticket or searching for any parking slot. You are at the maximum ease with this super cool new mode of transportation.

Ease Nearby

Want to go to a coffee shop nearby, driving a car sounds silly and walking around looks tough. Don’t worry you can go for this coolest option. Just grab your hoverboard keep it charged,( want to know HoverBoard battery timings? You can easily go as far as  10 to 15 km without any fueling). So definitely all of us, want one in hand for such situations to have a ride nearby.


I don’t know about you but as far I m concerned this one is its biggest plus point for me. Yes, it is one of those transportation modes that give us mechanical ease but don’t harm our beloved earth with its dangerous byproducts. it’s 100% Eco_friendly as operated with an electric supply.

Good Entertainment

A good play for your kids indeed. Hoverboard uses are unlimited, but this with your kid’s productive activity of self-balancing contributes to athletic performance.

So with this toy, they can learn, play and have fun at the same time.

A Few Cons Associated with your Hoverboard

As not descended from heaven the Hoverboards do have some cons or bad sides as well. and as we promised you to reveal all the hoverboard facts, how we can leave this aspect unattended.

So let’s discuss the possible bad which this hot favorite gadget of youth can bring to them

Falling Possibility

Definitely, it’s a self-balancing two-wheeler and one can easily learn how to ride it professionally. But the kids get super excited as they receive their new hoverboard. and immediately try it without any help or protective gear. and then they might get hurt, as it doesn’t have many protective measures to save you from falling.

So this can be a possible con to ride this super convenient, eco-friendly transportation.

Fire Hazards

The quality of your hoverboard matters much as if you are buying a cheap quality hoverboard without UL certification. you are at a definite risk of getting fire and even burn your house while charging this low-quality hoverboard.

hoverboard risk of getting fire

As a low-grade lithium battery can cause you damage so this particular con is not associated with all hoverboards but with those cheap ones which are not UL certified.

So as much as you are concerned with buying a hoverboard with the longest battery timings do consider the safety certification even more. 


A great mode of personal transportation but these hoverboards are not allowed everywhere. As in the UK, you are not allowed to move on hoverboards in public places but its use is only restricted to privates places and carrying a hoverboard on a plane is also banned due to its lithium battery fire hazard.

Best Benefits and Worst Cons Related to Hoverboards


  • Make you free from the limitation of carrying your personal transportation to restricted areas. You cant move all around with your car or bike, but you can definitely carry this most portable personal convenience with you.
  • It can be a great budget saver as you don’t have to bother for refueling and can save you from extensive taxi and bus faires.
  • It can carry you and transport you to those areas which might be not very accessible through other modes of transportation.
  • When you lack the energy to move and the extra few miles seem like ages to you this provides you mechanical energy to move on.


  • A hoverboard restricts the movement of the legs. This restriction of the natural movement of the legs results in weaker muscles. This may be fun to use in the youth but in your old age, this can create problems for you.
  • You are continuously riding on the electric current in the form of magnetic storage. not known by now but maybe in the future, we may find out that this continuous radiation may create problems for humans.
  • Riding a hoverboard continuously creates stress on your mind and sight. this continuous stress on the mind and sight makes the mind busy with an extra task. this continuous fatigue may result in the worst neurological disorder. it may happen or it may not who knows but it’s better to avoid it for extensive use.


      1. Is Hoverboard still popular?
        A few are concerned about that if the charm of this super gadget still prevails or it is a lost story. So the true answer is it is an ongoing fever as the ongoing research in the field is making it better with every passing day. A few critics claim it to be future transportation.
      2. How Long does the hoverboard battery last?
        This one is another frequent question as the running capacity of this gadget depends upon its battery timings so the users are always concerned about its battery timings. But there is not a certain answer as the timings vary from brand to brand and product to product. But the maximum battery timings on working conditions is reported to be 2 – 3 hours.
      3. How fast a hoverboard can go?
        This one is again a situation and product-based question as a few for kids version comes with a maximum speed of 6-7 km per hour and a few all-terrain versions for professionals can even rock the roads with the speed of 15 -18 km per hour.
      4. Can Hoverboard move on grass? 
        Yes, a few are capable of all situations and are powerful enough to even move on grass or mud. But these ones are those with powerful motors and broader wheels. Don’t expect this struggle from all versions as its price range goes from 150 $ to 1200$. So its power and capacity alter as per its range.

Note: if you are ridding on plains instead of all-terrain you can enhance your batter timing as brakes, jumps, and slopes do affect the battery timings.

Last Words

I hope in this article you got to know all required and if you want to know more plz comment, feel free to ask what you want to know about your favorite self-balancing scooters. For getting more knowledge and more facts do hover our website.