Hoverboard Without Wheels: Top Hovering Gadgets

Hover means to remain in the air. The hoverboards mean the board that can stay in the air by any medium. Traditional hoverboards the tires under them that keep them going. What if we want to ride on a hoverboard without wheels to move? It sounds like a stupid idea. But it is quite possible.

In the future, we will find improved versions of the hoverboard without wheels, BUT IF you are a hoverboard fan and want to be updated with the ever-changing and ever-developing technology, you are in the best place.

Let the party begin and explore some hoverboards without wheels—the top Hovering Gadget.


It was 2014 when HENDO claimed that they had made the first hoverboard. You may find this fact strange, but their logic is that the hoverboard should not be in contact with the ground. 


Media Acknowledgment of the Hoverboard

This product was widely appreciated. Even Time Magazine included it in the list of 25 most promising innovations of the year. With the feel of a bouncy jump.

Operating Mechanism

The mechanism here is operated through the discs fitted at the bottom of the hoverboard on both sides and creates a magnetic flux.

This magnetic flux with the surface keeps the hoverboard in the air and moving. Indeed a modern-day invention, we hope to see significant advancements in this in the coming days.

This can only be operated on a conductor surface; the electromagnetic force from the discs fitted under the hoverboards creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field generates a current in the conductor surface. This induced current creates its magnetic field. Both magnetic fields repel each other, giving the hoverboard the force to move. 


The second on the list is an air-powered hoverboard. Not only a solid surface, but this can also keep you moving even on the water.


Imagine yourself riding on a 272-horsepower hoverboard. The magic here is that the 36 fans fitted under the hoverboard can generate 272 horsepower. Fans and the batteries together made the 90% area of the hoverboard. 

This advanced hoverboard is so user-friendly that it can be operated even by your handheld smartphone.  

Editor’s Pick

Hover-1 Drive Electric Hoverboard | 7MPH Top Speed, 3 Mile Range, Long Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery, 6HR Full-Charge, Path Illuminating LED Lights

The Hover-1 Drive Electric Hoverboard offers a 7MPH top speed and 3-mile range with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. It also features path-illuminating LED lights, making it a safe and stylish option for riders.

Key Features

  • 7mph Max Speed
  • 160lbs Max Weight
  • 3mi Max Distance
  • LED Headlights
  • 6.5in Solid Wheels
  • UL Certified

The Ride Lexus HoverBoard

Hoverboard Without Wheels: Top Hovering Gadgets

With the logo of “The Ride, “Lexus Hoverboards is another electric hoverboard in the hoverboard list with no wheels. 

The difference between this and the previously described hoverboard is liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen assists in the hoverboard operation. 


The main task this performed is to maintain the temperature of the hoverboard. Remember, here we have used the word keep, which means excellent and hot state. The reason to use liquid nitrogen is that it uses superconductors to operate. To work efficiently, Superconductors must be cool to keep them cool so they may perform the required task. This is the purpose of the liquid nitrogen here.

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Relatively small in size, these can be operated only over a particular surface. That has a magnet embedded in it, which can not be used on water. If we ever find a way to embed electric charge in the water, it will not be unlikely that this hoverboard can easily be operated on the water’s surface. The secret here lies in the natural principle that the superconductor can be moved without the help of mechanical force in the presence of the magnet. In the proper combination, the hoverboard can easily slip.


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This Canadian company can even be found in the Guinness world record book. We included it here on this list because of their flying hoverboard. The technology used in this hoverboard is simple.

Free moments

The way they apply simple physics law is impressive. They have made a helicopter hoverboard. A bit confused to read the term. Let me explain a bit.

This is a helicopter you can stand on, and it will carry you like a hoverboard. This provides individual liberty to its rider, and that is to control the height of the hoverboard. Same as the helicopter props pushed down the air and lifted the helicopter above. The difference here is reinforcements went down the philosophy and lifted the board.


Risk In Riding Hoverboard

All hoverboards have some risks associated with them. While riding here, the risk element is comparatively high. As it is difficult to operate and creating balance on it is also a difficult task to do. The rider may fail to maintain the balance, fall from it may result in injury or even an irreparable loss that may occur. Even the people standing around you may get injured due to your fall. 

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Every Surface Hoverboard

There is no restriction of a specific surface type as in other hoverboards that can even be operative on water. It cannot be enjoyable because it will produce lots of sounds. Secondly, it will throw away the sand if it is a sandy surface, makes lots of dust if it is dusty, and will go away if it takes the water.

Hovers that are not HoverBoards

Hoverboard Without Wheels: Top Hovering Gadgets

If you have read so far, chances are high that you are a true hoverboard fan. I have decided to include some products that are not hoverboards but are hover. This means you cannot ride on it, but you can use them differently.

Hover Mouse

A scientist of Russian origin has designed this input computer pointing device and designed to cure pesky carpal tunnel syndrome. Hover in the air. You don’t need to put the device on the surface. The electromagnetic flux between the two plates will keep the mouse and the pad responsible for carrying the mouse in the air. 


Lamp Hovering in the Air

The previous product was from Russia. This product is from Holland. Based on the magnetic technology the company CreaLev makes for commercial purposes. As a household item for sale.

LIFT the charge in the air is a unique charger. They are designed to charge smartwatches. They will float in the air when you put it for the cost—a wonderful sight to watch.

Hanging Earth

The Earth is floating in space. We all know that. What about a small world, the globe floating in the air and sitting on your table? Freely moveable Hover Earth globe can be hung in your office or home desk without support.


Flying Bulbs

The lights are flying in the air. You may have seen these in the movies and science-available novels. You can view it in reality too. These hover bulbs are available in the market. You may have bought them from Amazon. It costs roundabout $100. One-time charging gives the light for 50k hours.


The distance Between Cup and Lip

The majority of hoverboards described in this article are fictional. These are concept products, but this is absolutely true. We live in an era in which technology is progressing very fast because now we have access to goods that could only be dreamed of 30 years ago. There is a slip between the cup and lip even then. But some novelist has predicted this for entertainment and getting knowledge lets to discuss some.

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French author Jules Verne wrote about launching astronauts in aluminum capsules from Florida. Their forecasts include calculating how much power the astronauts will need to get out of the ground.

Many aspects of today’s modern world were presented in the novel ‘1984’ written by George Orwell in 1949.

Today there is one CCTV camera in London for every 14 people. This situation can be compared to the dystopian state of Orville, in which Big Brother monitors the public.

Even the payments you make daily were predicted over a century ago.

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In his 1888 novel Looking Backward, Edward Bellamy introduced the term’ credit card’ to the world. People in their Utopian future didn’t need any paper money. They all have a card that allows them to spend credit from a central bank.

In 1953, in his novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury wrote about a world he called ‘Thimble Radio.’ They were also described as ‘small shells,’ portable audio devices that were no different from wireless headphones made half a century later.

We, as Hoverboard fans, can hope that these hoverboards will become a reality and that we can use hoverboards without tires the same as we use hoverboards with tires.


In conclusion, while the concept of hoverboards without wheels may seem unconventional, advancements in technology are making it a possibility. Companies like HENDO, ARCA, and OMNI are pushing the boundaries with innovative designs and mechanisms. However, riding these hoverboards comes with risks and challenges, requiring balance and skill. Additionally, we explored other hovering gadgets such as the Lexus Hoverboard and hover-enabled products like the Hover Mouse and floating lamps. As technology continues to evolve, who knows what the future holds for hoverboard enthusiasts. Exciting times lie ahead as we bridge the gap between imagination and reality.



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