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Two years have passed in the market for this excellently designed Gionee M1 M 365. It still holds the driving position in the market who starts this means that you can be widely be considered as one of the premium market spelling models

In this article, we will try to find out why after two years of launch and even multiple models from multiple brands are launched in the market after that. It still holds a prominent position in the market.

Let’s start with a technical specification of the product first

Xiaomi m365 review – Technical Details

The highest speed achieved

In different circumstances, you will get a different top speed. This is due to the number of changing factors. Some examples of these are atmospheric conditions, the condition of the road, the temperature, and many more.

Moreover, the personal characteristics of the rider also play an important role in it. If the reader is heavier than usual then definitely the top speed will be reduced. On the other hand, if the rider is of less weight then definitely the top speed will be high. This means that the top speed is different in different circumstances.

We came to the conclusion that the top speed of this beautiful Xiaomi m365 is 26.9/km. Maybe you find out that this speed is very different from the speed that has been calculated in the ideal circumstances.

Usually, the top speed quoted by the manufacturer is the one that is being achieved in the ideal circumstances. Here what you see is the real test performed in the different conditions and then find out the most relative speed of the scooter.

Range of the Xiaomi m365

23.5 km is the tested range for this Xiaomi m365. The range has been calculated while the battery is fully charged.

Then we start the journey till the battery is completely drained off. In different circumstances, the range of the hoverboard also differs. The reason for this difference is that in different circumstances the consumption of the battery is different.

Like if you are traveling on an inclined surface then the consumption of the battery will be more in comparison if you are traveling on a straight surface. Likewise, the temperature of the atmosphere also plays an important role in the image.

Even the weight of the rider is also important. Sometimes when a heavier person is moving on the hoverboard certainly the consumption of the battery increases. If a person of lighter weight is Traveling On The hoverboard then definitely the consumption of the battery will be decreased and the hoverboard will move more than the previous case.

Weight of the Xiaomi m365

Even for the weight of the product, we did not rely on the figures provided by the manufacturer. Instead, we performed a test and found out that the weight of this product is 12 KG. This means that you need to carry it for a distance. You can easily carry it because it is not so much heavier. If you have a bag then the carriage will be easier.

Limitations and resistances

Like every product it also has some limitations. The most important one is that it cannot carry more than one hundred kgs. It means that if the person is heavier than 100 kg then this electric scooter has not been designed for him.

Weight more than the recommended weight or the capacity of the scooter will definitely increase the wear and tear. It may happen that some circuits of the electric scooter burn out or you can experience any physical damage to the electric scooter.

The Xiaomi m365 is water-resistant. If you want to know how much, then you must know that it is according to the standards of ip54. So whenever you are in a mood to test this for water resistance always keep in mind that you cannot do it more than the standards of ip54.

Xiaomi m365 price


Get It Now

The prices may vary from time to time at the time of writing this article this product is available for £349. This is not the original price of the product.

At the time of writing this article, this product is available at a discount price. The concessional price of this product is less than £149 from the original price of £399.99 it means that if you buy this right now you will save 13% on the original price.

Highs and lows of the product Xiaomi m365

Every product of the world comes with some highs and some lows. The good products are those which have more highs than lows. Xiaomi m365 is the same type of product. Let’s find out some of the most prominent highs and lows that will certainly affect our life after we include this product in it.


Warranty not only provides you with peace of mind. But it also provides you assurance about the quality of the product. Therefore not all but the majority of the quality product comes with a handsome period of warranty. In the case of M1 and 365, the warranty period is 12 months. Yes, one complete year after you buy the product.

Usually, there are some conditions with the warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. So we advise our valuable readers to have a look at these conditions while buying the product. By keeping in mind these conditions you will not only secure investment. But if you need to claim a warranty you will face fewer hurdles and problems.

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Speed and range

Another important factor that will definitely impact you while you are moving on the electric scooter is the range and the top speed. The top speed helps you to reach the destination where you want to reach in time.

The Great product lets you decide your journey. More is the range, more will be the distance covered. Another important thing is that you need to charge the battery. The charging time, which is also an important thing.

Always keep in mind that if your hoverboard requires a lot of charging and again and again it will consume lots of lots of time. In this way, the inactive time for your power board is more than the operative time.

This is an additive feature of the M 365 that the range is more and that battery charging time is adjustable with this much range.


These are valuable products. The reason is material and engineering. High quality material has been used in manufacturing. Moreover, the design of the highest level turns this into ultimate utility. So you do not have to worry about the quality of the construction

Informatics system

The Informatics system in this Xiaomi m365 is not very good. The reason is that the information display is not present. This is something which is really desirable by a modern day user. If you are not provided with an informatics system he or she may feel deprived, this is a reason that we consider it as a great drawback of being escorted.

Even though the performance indicators are very high, this is something that must be present in the scooter.


High-quality tires are installed in the scooter. Even then suspension provides a shock-less ride. This suspension is missing, especially if you are traveling on a bumpy road. You will find out that something is needed to overcome the bumps of the road.

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Let’s conclude the article with a summary of all the pros and cons of 365. Let’s look at the positive side first

you with a fantastic ride in this is due to the powerful battery installed in it.
Three different writing modes are available so that you can choose the most appropriate one for you. The best one is cruising at your desired speed.
You can check the speed and other important elements in the display.
For inclined riding an extra motor is present.
The tires are air-filled this is the reason this provides a comfortable ride.
The stem is longer in size this is the reason that the longer persons drive as comfortable riding.
In case you have small arms this may be difficult for you to retain the control button.
The charging time is long.
If you want to perform the of road tricks this is not a suitable choice for you.
Suspension is missing so it means that you cannot enjoy a smooth ride on the computer words.

Final World

This is a smooth riding Scooter to start with. It provides you with a fast speed. The battery is powerful and the range is quite appropriate. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time for the battery to be charged completely and fully.

This is good with the safety features, for this reason, appropriate lights are present that indicate the other riders about your position on the road.

Overall this is a good product and no doubt that it has established a good place in the market. This product has even maintained its reputation after two years after the launch of the product.

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