Inokim OX Riding Information and Review

In this review, you are going to get to know about Inokim OX Review. This electric scooter is amazingly constructed by the outclass brand. This might be a new name to you if you live outside Europe. But still, it’s one of the best options available in the market in the electric scooter segment.

Let’s have a view of its technical specialties

  • Offers you an exciting top speed of 45.4 kilometres per hour
  • 26 kg in weight
  • Rider weight limit 220 lbs
  • Range limit of 34 kilometer

Some of its incredible features

  • Tremendously durable build quality
  • Amazing riding experience
  • Fork innovation for your Super Electric Scooter

A few downsides

  • Acceleration is a bit sluggish
  • Lacks zero start
Detailed Review Inokim Electric Scooter

Innokin scooter has a marvelous design that holds uniqueness which makes it one of the highest quality scooters that have ever hit the market. One wonderful feature is its custom made parts which are unique and perfectly fit with each other. So this scooter is not an ordinary one made of already available parts.

Let’s start with its swingram that is unique and single sided so now you can change your tires without putting an effort in removing the wheel.

it provides you with extraordinary suspension which is not only durable but completely quiet and highly comfortable. It is a marvelous choice for long trips with its thumb styles thottal which keeps you comfortable no matter how long you go.

If you are looking for a high-speed beast induction electric scooter can provide you with the top speed of 45.4 kilometres per hour. That is definitely an amazing and exciting speed but it’s sluggish acceleration might be a road breaker into your way to that thrill. It takes a bit of time to reach its peak speed so you need to have the patience required.

To buy an ox you need to invest no less than a leg and an arm. This super electric scooter cost you most 1800 to 2000 US dollars depending on the variant of your choice. If you are ready to invest, the charm is definitely yours.

So if you are looking for something fastest yet cheapest this scooter is not your choice. But if you demand a durable reliable electric scooter that doesn’t ask for repairs in small intervals and have a design and shine off a star then you must keep it in your collection…

Best Alternative Of Inokim Ox Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a cheaper yet quality alternative electric scooter Gotrax GLX V2 is a great choice. As Inokim Ox electric scooter is not available in every country so you can get the same charm with Gotrax as well. Moreover, it lowers your budget as well.

Best Alternative Of Inokim Ox Electric Scooter
This electric scooter provides you with a top speed of 15.5 mph and is capable of carrying upto 220 LBS weight with its powerful 250 watt motor. That is one of the most powerful motors ever used for an electric scooter.

Gotrax GLX version 2 provides you with the facility of hand brakes and also offers a cruise control. Both these features make your ride smooth and safe. Its lock mechanism and dual braking is another feature which makes it a must buy. Such power and strength are not possible without strong wheels.

Hence we are talking about a two wheeler we can never miss its pneumatic tires that measure 8.5 inches . Quite a good dimension to add up stability to your ride. Besides being durable this electric scooter’s frame is perfectly portable and foldable. It’s one-step folding makes it an amazing, carriable carriage. If you are in the mood of roaming around some hills it can support you up to 14 degree inclination. So hike with your bike. Another important and must check feature of an electric scooter is its battery.

GLX provides you with a 36 volt battery that can travel up to 9 to 12 miles in one takes almost 4 hours in charging but once charge accompanies you for the next 3 to 4 hours. If you are a night Rider it provides you with night safety lights as well its upgraded LED headlight gives you all the shine that you need at night. Moreover its rear reflector also adds up to your visibility. It is not only durable in design but beautifully crafted as a beauty which can be me your crowd catcher. With its elegant handles and digital display which keeps you updated and looks kool.

Innokin Box Scooter Performance Test Review
as we always try to provide you with the clearest picture in most accurate results. Here providing you a performance test result which was conducted by professionals


  • It attains a speed of almost 24 kilometre per hour in first 5.5 seconds
  • Reaches the speed of 32 2 kilometre per hour are in almost 8 seconds
  • And take 13 seconds to reach to the speed of 40 kilometre per hour
  • And afterward reaches it’s stop limit that is 45.4 kilometre per hour.
  • At a speed of 24 kilometre per hour it requires a braking distance of 3.3 meter.
  • Can climb inclines with acceleration time of almost 14 seconds.


It provides you a top speed of 45.4 kilometre per hour but its acceleration is a bit slow and sluggish. But it is not very bad as compared to other competitors as only in 5.3 seconds it reaches the speed of 24 kilometre per hour.

But this slow and sluggish acceleration has a benefit for the rider. As it doesn’t make the scooter Jerky and keep the ride gentle. But this slow acceleration might be a problem when you are riding in heavy traffic. And need a heavy blow to overtake someone who is blocking you. Or give space to someone else who needs to cross.

Incline Climbing

As it takes a bit to accelerate properly on flat surfaces, on hills it takes a bit longer. But still with an average weight Rider and 10% of incline Inokim Scooter takes almost 14 second acceleration time. But once it’s torque  increases it goes good.

Note: If you will choose any other electric scooter in the same scenario. It will take almost 16 second in acceleration.

Amazing speed

If you are a speed lover then nothing else but only inokim scooter with its 45.4 Kmph can provide you with real thrill. As it owns a highly powerful electric motor of 800 watts. It’s quite a unique feature that you might don’t get in any other electric scooter.

Travel time

In our performance tests we tested the Ox Eco version that has 624 watt hour battery. The other version is Ox super which has 1210 watt hour battery.If you are riding the scooter at the safest highest speed it is also in energy saving mode. InoKim Ox covers for you a distance of almost 34 kilometres.

Note: Riders weight and track quality  can affect the range of this or any other electric scooter. These results are with a rider of 150 lbs and on a smooth track.

Brake quality and braking distance

This super scooter provides you with a dual braking system. One is a drum brake that functions in the front and it also offers a disc brake that is operative in the rear.

In our testing we found out that if the rider is riding at the average speed of 24 km per hour. And applying brakes from a distance of only 3.3 metres he still can save the situation.

Another good quality associated with its dual braking system is its quiet operation (Rear brakes are also quiet). These breaks are perfectly safe, not noisy at all and are the minimum risk of failure as if one fails the other is still operative.

Comfort Level

Riding experience on Inokim Ox electric scooter is simply extraordinary.Everything involved in its riding and diving experience is simply terrific. Easy to grip handle, strong suspension, and jerk free smooth ride.

In spite of being stiff, the suspension doesn’t allow any bump to trouble the rider. So the driver can enjoy a convenient and confident riding experience.

When we talk about an electric scooter’s comfortable ride. It should be noise free as well so it is!

Inokim High Profile Features

Fully Foldable

It’s fold in mechanism is extraordinary. just a single movement and it is ready to move along. I personally love it’s feel and one handle carriage (stay convenient and look cool).

But let me tell you that its weight is almost 26 kilograms which is not too low to carry anywhere. It is not an easy weight to carry for everyone. So it’s better to drag it with its wheel like a suitcase. But still if you have to carry it along on stairs you might find it hard as I did.

While you are on a long tour you need to keep in mind that these electric scooters may measure no less than 119 cm by 56cm by 56cm. So you need to think about its carriage, you can choose a small travel trunk for it.

Also keep in your mind that this electric scooter is going to ask for some storage place too. It is not your ideal choice of a commuting scooter, that is easy to carry in a public transport too. You might need something more portable like Gotrax GTX V2.

Display and Cockpit Control

Its control center or cockpit is not only convenient to access but also brilliant in reporting.

Its LCD display is exactly in the center and its throttle is easily accessible with a thumb. Moreover, its design is very human friendly. You can ride it for longer tours and it will still be super fun. No cramped hands and no stiff fingers.

Looks and lights

InoKim offers beautiful LED lights that are designed to go smart with the looks and style of this super electric scooter. These lights also assure riders safety by making him visible in the dark night. But don’t rely too much on these lights for brightening up your road and making your vision crystal clear.

Air Filled Pneumatic Tires

Whenever purchasing an electric scooter or any other two wheeler. We can not negate the importance of its tyres. Because no matter how powerful the battery or motor is… it’s not going to work well until it has high coordination of strong broad pneumatic tires.

Now let’s check the dimension of these Tyres. I love them being 25.4 cm by 2.5 inches in dimension. Moreover, they are air filled so provide good assistance to the suspension as well and save you from jerks and bumps.

Another loveable factor about these tyres is, One can change them without removing the whole wheel. This is possible with its ergonomically designed swingarm, that is attached to a single side.

Note: Tire Flat factor is always a risk with air-filled tyres but that is repairable.

Down Side Deck

Although it’s a beautiful piece of technology designed with intelligence. But its solid constructed deck that owns a brick-like texture is a bit slippery and when it gets wet it’s not at all safe and easy to stand.

Construction Quality

Most of its construction is durable and well-designed. From its rubberized handles to its super-strong aluminum cast it’s all a quality construction. When it comes to its parts they are all customized, made to order with high inokim quality.

Its suspension is another exception that is made of Rubber torsion perfectly silent and highly functional. This kind of suspension is an innovation by Inokim that was further replicated by others. Overall its a strong construction that can carry a weight of 120 kgs with ease and efficiency. If you are looking for the best electric scooter at a low price then must check Best Cheap Electric Scooters.

End Note

No doubt Inokim electric scooter is beautifully designed with various innovations. It is definitely a great choice for speed lovers and class conscious riders. But if it’s not available in your country or it’s going a bit out of budget. Or you want something with a better deck. Gotrax GTX V2 is a great option. That is not only low in budget but also great in functionality.


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