Locking Electric Scooter

The electric scooter locking mechanism is essential to understand for those who are the users of the electric scooters. An efficient locking system keeps you moving tension free while your scooter remains at rest in the middle of the city safe from the robbers.

Do remember that your electric scooter can be carried easily because of its moderate weight. Most electric scooters come in a compact size, which is why it is easy to carry them inside a car. Therefore it is of utmost importance to lock your electric scooter in a proper place. 

Some people advise that you should not make your scooter attractive so that it may keep away from evil eyes. I am not of this tribe. You make your scooter as attractive as you want so that you may love to ride on it. As far as the other issues are concerned let us help you with the security issues of your scooter so that you can enjoy peace of mind. 

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To protect your scooter there are three crucial points to consider.

  • The perfect mechanism to lock your electric scooter.
  • Type of lock you should use
  • Where should you lock your electric scooter?

This article will cover in detail all these points so as to provide you with the best information. Do remember that we have tried our best to make things as simple and as practical as possible. The unnecessary details are avoided as much as possible.

The perfect mechanism to lock your electric scooter.

In order to identify the best way to lock your electric scooter first, you need to understand your scooter. This understanding should be done from the viewpoint of the locking mechanism of the electric scooter. 

The trick here is to find and identify the points that are made up of sturdy material. Moreover, these can be the attachments. What you remember is that these should not be broken or screwed easily, otherwise there will be no fun in applying the lock on the electric scooter.

Warning: Your scooter may have many places where the screws can be removed easily. 

During your scan for the locking points, you should avoid these points. Although this is necessary to identify the best points to lock the electric scooter, this is also equally important to identify the points that are considered to be the weak points in terms of pacing a lock.

Best Electric Scooter Lock

No matter what type of lock you will apply it will be of no use if it will not according to the size of the electric scooter. Too big and too small locks both will be problematic and will be really difficult to handle. If the locks are too big this will be really difficult to handle. The bigger locks may not only be difficult to apply but this will also make them difficult to carry due to excessive size and weight. On the other hand, if the lock is too small this will also be difficult for the lock to provide you with the desired results.

Most Suitable point to look the electric scooter

In your quest to find the strongest point of your electric scooter to lock you should check these three positions. I hope you will find the most suitable position to lock your electric scooter. 

  1. Lock Around the Stem
  2. Lock in combination with the folding mechanism
  3. Lock through the carrying handle 

Warning: The screws with the carrying handle may make it a weak point to apply the lock. Do check for this.

The Points to avoid while applying a lock to the electric scooter

These are some points that you should avoid while applying locks to your electric scooter. You should never ever place the lock at these points. What only happens here is that this will increase the chances of theft for your electric scooter and for you, this will provide you with false hope. 

These week points to place lock on the electric scooter are

  1. Wheels
  2. Handlebar
  3. Fender
  4. Any bolted accessories

A question may arise in your mind as to why these points are considered to be weak points. For your convenience and interest let me explain a bit for you. Wheels can be unbolted therefore these are not a good location at all. Similarly, the bolted accessories can also be easily removed so these are not also a good location to place the lock on your electric scooter.

Till now we have found the best and worst points to apply to the electric scooter. So this is the right time to look at some lock types that can be applied in order to protect your electric scooter from missing. 

U shaped Lock for Locking Electric Scooter

What we recommend here to be used for locking the electric scooter is the U-shaped lock. Two of the one things that make it an appropriate choice is the shape and the other is the strength. Its shape makes it appropriate to be used in plenty of situations. The strength of this shape makes it easy to be applied at a number of locations. 

Warning: Be vigilant some locks are made of substandard material. This is the reason that they are easy to break. Always choose the lock that is made of hard steel. 

The place to Lock Your Electric Scooter 

Always lock your electric scooter where it is visible. This means if you lock the scooter at a place where there is a flow of people this means that the chances are high that the thieves will avoid your electric scooter as they may get caught at the visible place. Try to avoid parking the electric scooter in a lonely place. Even then if you need to park it at a lonely place double-check the lock.

Final Words

You cannot ignore the importance of the personal vehicle in the form of an E-Scooter. This importance increases tremendously especially when you are moving in the streets that are busy and rushy. Therefore it is important to protect it. 

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