Best Roller Skates – (Ultimate Buying Guide)

In today’s world, people prefer to use products that provide a useful and comfortable modes of transportation, especially for their kids. For this purpose, hoverboard roller skates have become extremely popular among kids.

It is equally thrilling for both children and adults. Roller skates provide balance and stability while riding.

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Gets Women’s Roller Skates PU Leather High-top Roller Skates Four-Wheel Roller Skates Double Row Shiny Roller Skates for Indoor Outdoor

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The Gets Women’s Roller Skates are high-top, four-wheel roller skates made from durable PU leather. With a double row of wheels and a shiny finish, these skates provide both style and stability for indoor and outdoor skating.

This idea will be one of the best things you can gift your kids, which is the invention of today. Kids would love it!

If this is the first time that you are going to buy a set of skates for yourself or your kids, then it can be tough for you to decide. It’s essential to understand what you need to look for to find the perfect set of wheels before you buy your next pair of roller skates or a new set of wheels. One of the most significant components of a skate is roller skate wheels.

Things to consider when buying roller skates!

Below are four essential tips that you need to consider when buying roller skates.

1. The surface of the wheel:

The hardness of the wheels is necessary when buying skates. But why does the hardness of the wheels matter? Well, this is because the wheels are responsible for providing stability and balance while riding. And the surface of the wheels makes it easy for you to ride on rough terrains.

The softer wheels can only be used indoors, whereas hard wheels can be used outdoor. They provide more speed. This is generally very advantageous for the more experienced skater because it gives you the capacity to go quicker and you also achieve more speed with less floor grip. For a beginner, softer wheels are the best option as they provide more grip.

2. The diameter of the wheels:

Many people don’t understand how much a general pair of roller skates wheels impact a roller skate performance. The diameter determines your wheel’s height, your skates’ overall height, and is measured in millimeters.

Wheels with a small diameter enable quicker acceleration as they take less effort to get you to move. A wheel with a big diameter will speed up more slowly and make more effort to move. A wheel with a smaller diameter will roll quicker, but more energy will be required to maintain rolling quicker. While wheels with a big diameter will speed up more slowly, less effort will be needed to maintain rolling.

3. Weight of the Wheels:

Were you aware that almost half of your skates’ total weight can be the weight of your wheels? This makes buying a hoverboard new set of wheels an essential factor. You often get more traction from heavy wheels, but they can also tire your legs quicker than lighter wheels. Lighter wheels can make movement more comfortable and quicker, but some racers can also feel less stable.

4. Material used:

The core material of the wheels is most essential to consider when buying hoverboard roller skates. The stiffer core enables the wheels to roll longer as it ultimately keeps the wheel round. These wheels also slip more comfortably when pushing because they’re rounded and don’t offer you the same traction.

For this purpose, we have carefully devised a buying guide for you that will help you in buying the best roller skates for your kids.

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Best Hoverboard Roller Skates!

Below are five best roller skates with fantastic price and features that you surely can’t miss out.

 1: Segway Drift W1 

They are stylish, cool, and portable hovershoes.

It has a powerful performance of 12 miles per hour and a riding time of about 40 minutes, but you will have a lot of fun with this pair of skates. Every Drift W1 weighs about 3.5 kg (7.7 pounds) and has a handle at the bottom. When it is fully charged, it can last up to 45 minutes. These roller skates have a shape of a triangle where you can put your foot on the hovershoes and enjoy the ride.

It is the best option for both adults and kids as it can carry a weight of 220 lbs.

It has sensors that detect your speed when you tilt. And it comes with a smart battery system that monitors the overheating of the batteries. These Segway skates come with an anti-slip foot mat that makes it a safe option for your kids.

It is UL Certified.Heat issues
LED lights 
Self-balancing technology 

Why do I like it?

These are safe and adventurous roller skates with new technology. And Segway has a good reputation for selling the best hoverboards and Roller Skates.

 2: MixMart Roller Skates 

MixMart has provided individuals with very budget-friendly and convenient Hovershoes for all ages. It has some incredible characteristics and advanced design.

It has an excellent balancing system which makes it easy to enjoy the rides, especially for small kids. The controls are easy to learn, and it has a firm grip which enables you to even ride on terrains.

The motor used in these shoes is 250 watts. They can cover a distance of 8km and riders can enjoy the speed of 12 km. It is waterproof certified that makes it the best option even to use it anyplace.

One of the smallest and most portable products on the market is MixMart Electric Roller Skates. The shoes don’t weigh much, so you can readily carry them in a bag. Because of the lightweight build quality, even kids can carry it and use it as well.

UL Certified.may get overheated
Comes with LED lights 

Why do I like it?

They are the best lightweight skates that are an ideal choice for your kids.

 3: Meritcase Roller Skates – Best Roller Skate for Girls 

In 2018, Meritcase has introduced cool and well-built hover shoes.

They are readily recognizable because of the quality of the material that is used to manufacture them. These are well balanced, so even kids can comfortably ride them. They have great features that will capture many riders’ eyes, which is why they are deemed excellent value for other expensive skates.

They have a 250 watt motor with a speed of 12-3 km. They are endorsed by FC & CE, which have been certified free of any future fire risks and have passed all UL2272 testing criteria based on national electrical security standards. You can do skating without any worries.

It has seven batteries that can be fully charged within 2 hours and can easily cover 10 km distance. The non-slippery and ergonomic plates provide a reliable and robust base that can easily carry weight of 222 lbs.

UL Certified.If you use it for a long time, it can get heat up.
Approved by Airlines. 

Why do I like it?

It is incredible for people of every age. You will experience a comfortable ride with these roller skates.

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 4: KooWheel Roller Skates 

One such product is the Koowheel Electric Roller has LED Lights, which has become more prevalent in recent months.

KooWheel comes with an excellent dual-footboard equipped. Technological advances have ensured that riders will have fun skating while feeling protected. It has passed all the safety tests safely to make sure that when the riders use them; they are safe to ride.

The rollers have a motor of 250 watts that can assist the rider to reach a speed of 13 km. The footboards are well built with a waterproof certification that makes it much comfortable to control.

These skates take 2 hours to get charged.
UL certifiedHeat issues
LED lights 
Self-balancing technology 

Why do I like it?

It is cost-effective and has top-notch quality 

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 5: OULV Roller Skates 

It has all the characteristics of a model that is modern and premium.You can, therefore, consider buying the OULV Koowheel and appreciate the excitement and thrill of skating the safest way. You can take them wherever you want. The weight of each shoe is just 2.8 kg, and they are also small, making it convenient for you to carry them.

What makes the OULV hover shoes so powerful is their small size and exceptional performance.
Covers a distance of 8km.Only limited colors are available
Safe to use with UL certification 
Powerful Engine 

Why do I like it?

It doesn’t get heat up like other roller skates. So, it makes it a great option for riding for long hours.


What age is safe for kids to start skating?

Children can skate as soon as they start walking! A three-year-old can skate, and we always see it! But it also depends on their fitness level.

What sizes are appropriate for kids?

The good news is that skate sizing is the same as the normal size of a child’s shoe.

Should kid’s skates be indoor or outdoor?

For a few reasons, we suggest purchasing many skates or at least another set of wheels for indoors and outdoors. When thinking about indoor versus outdoor skating, wheel material, durability, and price are things you should consider.

Where to get the skates to fix?

Always do it from professionals.

Do skates have Bluetooth?

No, skates are not compatible with Bluetooth.


It is hard to opt for the best skates as there are so many manufacturers out there. But it’s not IMPOSSIBLE! We have researched deeply to provide you with the best option of roller skates in the market. And you won’t regret buying them.

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