10 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards & Gloves

According to a survey most bikers and skateboarders land at the hospital because of wrist injuries. One big reason for that can be that we don’t understand the importance of protecting our wrists while biking, skateboarding, or hovering. 

Mostly we don’t want to miss wearing helmets because we all are well aware that the head injury can cause sudden death. But believe me, wrist injuries are no less painful, leave you in the hospital for more than a day or two. Moreover, can leave you incompetent’s to perform your daily tasks for a month or so.

Once you know that you should not ride a 2 wheeler without wearing wrist protectors. The next question is… which pair can be the best protection for you and maybe you are a budget concerned one as well.

So you might be looking for the best wristband with the lowest budget. So don’t worry this article is particularly for those who want to save their time from wandering in the market to choose the best. Moreover, here in this article, we will present you with no less than 10 wrist bands for the best electric skateboards. They are actually fully equipped to protect your wrists and don’t cause any hindrance in your thrill experience.

Let’s have a detailed review of the best wrist guards to hug your wrists and be a barrier between any bad incident and your wrists.

Editor’s Pick

BODYPROX Impact Wrist Guards (1 Pair) for Snowboarding, Skating and Rollerblade, Sports Protection Wrist Guard

BODYPROX Impact Wrist Guards are designed to provide effective protection for snowboarding, skating, rollerblading, and other sports. The wrist guards come in a pair and feature impact-resistant construction, helping to prevent injuries and support quick recovery.

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5 star rating


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Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding

1. Derby Wrist Bands by 187 Killer

Why is it Best Buy?

  • Least restrictive for your fingers
  • Not at all suffocate your hand
  • Very comfortable fittings
  • Low in budget but highly durable

Detailed Over Look

The most adorable thing about this skateboard wristband is its elegant designing which is ergonomic as well. The best part of its design is, it keeps your finger movement free. Every sportsman wants to have free fingers feel while operating their bikes or skateboards.

Design is not only comfortable for the wearer but also its guard plate is so nicely contoured and perfectly cupped. That is don’t only fit your wrist and Palm but also keep you convenient in fittings. Moreover, when it comes to any hard impact don’t you worry it is here to cover you perfectly. 

Besides the outer looks, the inside of this wrist guard is also very soft and comfy in feel. Now you might be worried about the heat of a padded glove. But it has been taken good care of by using a variety of perforated materials to keep it cool in even warmer temperatures.

Moreover, the sweatband is also very functional to keep your hand sweat-free. These wrist guards are super affordable and still very durable with their reinforced palm area and thumb hole.

In manufacturing, they made sure to use durable nylon material and industrial class stitching to make them work for you for ages. Fully recommended after fair testing and trial by experts.


NO problem. Whatever size you are you can get one for yourself according to your fittings. As they are available in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. Besides that, they provide adjustable straps which make them appropriate according to any size. 

Note: Don’t get confused that these gloves are made for the derby skaters only. As they are tried and tested for skateboarders and they worked really well for them as well.

2. Derby Wrist Bands by 187 Killer Pads

Why is it Best Buy?

  • High quality built and durability
  • Full-on protection with high-quality impact resistance
  • Easy to replace and removable parts like bottom splints and top

Detailed Over Look

If you are looking for some high-level protection this protector is perfectly designed for you. It has an awesome capacity for shock absorption. As EVA padding is nicely used to provide you comfortable protection for your wrist and palms. So if any mistakes happen, this wrist protector will provide a nice cover. 

It partially covers your fingers as well so your knuckles are also protected. But if you want your fingers free keep in mind it will cover almost half of your fingers. But it is designed so nicely that it doesn’t cause any hindrance in your finger movements.

Besides its design, its stitching is also very thoughtful and reliable. Triple 8 has used high-quality materials like top grain high-quality leather in its manufacturing. That not only gives it a classy look but also makes it nicely durable.

As they are made of top-quality leather you don’t expect them to be too cheap. But with the quality, they are providing they deserve the money they are asking for. It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime investment as it’s built is very durable. Moreover, if you need any replacement in the top area or in the bottom splints the option is fully open for you.

You don’t need to replace the whole pad, that is really helpful for you in case of any hard fall if any area is damaged you can fix it. Moreover, its fittings are perfect as they have used neoprene straps for that and it provides about class grip and convenience.

They are well made and nicely thick, so they are good to protect your palm and hand from getting hurt during a fall. These wrist pads are fully recommended for rollerblading and Derby roller skating and for skateboarding. So for any speedster who is a thrill lover and still wants to be safe, it’s a great choice.

3. Saver Series Wrist Guards By Triple 8

Why is it Best Buy?

  • Easy To Put On 
  • Convenient Slide up option
  • Perfect Fittings
  • High-Quality Protection

Detailed Over look

If you don’t want to spend good money on safety gear and still want fair protections for your kids or yourself while skating. This WristSaver II can be a great choice. Triple 8 has perfectly designed them with an easy slide-on fitting. So you don’t need to mess with 3 or more straps to put it on, just make one strap in place and they are fitted perfectly.

So no need to spend lots of time putting on your gears and save it all to have fun on roads. A high-quality durable nylon mesh is used in their making, this makes them fully stretchable and comfortable in fittings. 

These wrist protectors don’t suffocate your hands, still, be next to skin fit for you. If you are looking for some wrist protector without bounding your fingers it is a good one.

With the use of ABS splints and good padding this wristband pair is sufficient in impact resistance and keeps your hands safe while falling.


You just don’t need to worry about the sizing as these perfect shock absorbent wrist guards are available in all sizes. From Junior Kid Sizes, Small size, Medium Size and large all sizes are available. So get one that suits you the most. 

4. Impact Skateboard Wrist Guards by Cthoper

Why is it Best Buy?

  • Highly breathable
  • High-quality impact bearing
  • Adjustable and snug fittings

Detailed Over Look

Just having a glance at these beautiful wristguards is enough to tell you they are truly unique. Its design emphasized breathability, it keeps your hand back free, moreover, keeps your fingers free, still protects your wrist perfectly. 

Now if you are confused that these wrist guards are not going to protect your handbags. I guess you are forgetting that wrist guards are actually designed to protect your wrists and your palms. Because in case of an accident the chances are high you are going to stop the impact with your palms. Or getting in hard on your wrists, not our hand back.

The covered part of your hand is fully protected in these wrist guards. Moreover, their high-quality built constructed out of strong ABS plastic shell make them perfectly durable and impact resistant. It also offers a nice EVA foam padding between its wrists and Splints that don’t only provides some extra comfort but also some nice cushioning.


These wrist guards are perfect for both kids and adults as they are available in different sizes. Moreover, the sizes are adjustable with two nylon straps one on your palm and one on your wrist. So with the help of these straps, the fittings are in your hands and are always snug and tight.

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5. Adults Best Wrist Guards For Skating Guards By Burton

Why is it Best Buy?

  • You can wear it even under your mittens and gloves
  • Stretchable Splints
  • Easy and adjustable Fit

Detailed Over Look

These wrist guards are ideally designed for snowboarders. But on cold days these are perfect for skating and even rollerblading as well. They are designed with a cavity underneath that allows a nice space for your mittens or gloves so warmth and safety side by side. You can use these wrist guards throughout the whole year as designed with such intelligence and ease.

If you are worried that they will get too thick and bulky with a combination of gloves. you need to worry not, as Burton is thoughtful enough to make these wrists protectors super slim and sleek.

Furthermore, they have designed these wrist guards with nicely tapered and fully flexible top splints. So you can be fully protected and still free to move your hand without any hindrance. Moreover, it’s fingerless so don’t restrict your natural movement as well.

It is made up of highly durable and comfortable materials like Nylon, NBR, Polyethylene and a blend of polyester along with that padding is added to make it more comfortable and nice t of it. For further adjustments, you are provided with an adjustable hook strap.


As these wrist guards are available for both men and women and even kids you get the size that suits you the best. They are available in even Unisex designs.

6. RD Best Wrist Guards For Roller Skating BY Triple 8

Why is it Best Buy?

  • High-Quality Protection
  • Designed For Tough Games Like Derby Skates 
  • Great To Use For Roller Skating
  • Easy And Comfortable Fittings

Detailed Over look

Like many other good-quality wrist guards these protectors can provide nice protection for inline skating, Derby Skating, Snowboarding, and even roller-skating. They are designed to keep you safe on rough rides like roller skating. Its wide splint palm design gives good protection in case of falls.

Moreover, if you are an enthusiast and don’t mind having some risky moves in roller skating this protection gear is a must for you. You buy them once and enjoy them forever. As the critical and impact-resistant parts like front and back splints are replaceable. So whenever you feel that the splints are wearing off you can replace them and make them as efficient to protect you as new.

Rest the durability is assured with strong and double stitching. When it comes to comfort it’s not at all compromised as with the use of neoprene they are flexible and comfortable in all weathers. These wrist protectors can resist oil and heat so stay super comfy.

Furthermore, you don’t have to invest much time in putting them on, thanks to the essay pull-on loop for that. You just need to adjust one strap and they are ready to go so no time to gear up and let’s go to the road.


You can get them in all the required sizes from extra small to large.

7. Full Wrist Guard Gloves By HillyBilly Protective Gear

Why is it Best Buy?

  • To In One Guards And Gloves
  • Tough Material 
  • Unmatchable Protection

Detailed Over look

These wrist guards are best for those who want to wear both wrist guards and gloves. They are not at all bulky built, but very much resemble your regular gloves in looks and style. Still are perfect wrist guards too.

I suggest these best skateboard in 2021 wrist guards are great and very much functional for snowboarders and for those who love to skate in cold weather. Choose them and you don’t need to bother wearing gloves and wrist protectors separately.

They are quite executive in looks and these looks are imparted by the use of high-end material. Such as Goatskin leather, moreover, they are designed to provide you perfect support, nice warmth, and cozy comfort. 

Its stitching is also a class, double stitching and strong nylon thread are used for durability. With all these qualities they are definitely made to stay with you for long. They are designed as finger-free gloves so don’t obstruct your finger movement and their flexibility. Moreover the high bulge splints on the palm area and on the upper side of your hand help with both safety and flexibility. So no problem you try to stop the impact with the back or front of your hand. You are protected and prepared in any way.

8. Stylish Wrist Bands By Smith

Why is it Best Buy?

  • Look cool and fashionable
  • Classic protection
  • Highly comfortable and nice fit

Detailed Over look

No matter which kind of skating is your passion these skateboard wrist guards are great protection. Especially the teenagers will love these wristbands, as they will not only be a money saver but will also work for them as a style statement. Their highly tapered and contoured built to provide you quality fit and comfort make them a regretless purchase.

They are super snug at your wrist with the help of velcro straps which are fully adjustable as they provide you three different fitting options. Personally, I like fingerless wrist guards, so they are designed to keep your fingers free and flexible.

Its splints are extra thick so when it comes to protection they are super successful. Moreover, if you had some past injuries they will provide you a good grip and in case of fall good protection. Even if you are suffering from an injured wrist they can provide you with good relief and nice stability.

Long Term Durability is assured with its ballistic nylon double stitching that keeps them stay for long. The most favorite thing which drove me to buy these wrist bands in more than one color option was its design. I chose brown leopard and the red color white and purple and were also living looking amazing. But as I had my budget restrictions so bought only two, so you can go in as many colors as you like. 

No problem if you are a teen or an adult if you want to show your swag and still want to be safe these wrist protectors are a great choice.

9. Saver Series Wrist Band Triple 8

Why is it Best Buy?

  • Great in fittings
  • Fully functional protection
  • A good alternative to expensive triple 8 wrist guards

Detailed Over look

For me the most important feature of any protective gear especially wrist guards is its snug-fitting. That keeps it in place at the time of fall or any bad incident. And this quality is very much visible in these Saver series wrist guards.

As they are built with a fully stretchable nylon mesh that is stretchable towards all four sides. So besides snug-fitting, this mesh also adds up to the durability of these wrist protectors. Another great thing about these wristbands is their adjustable straps. They are again made up of stretchable mesh so these also helped and added up to the snugness of these bands. 

If you’re looking for some wristbands which not only provide you with full coverage, nice protection but comfort as well. These wrist guards are no doubt what you are looking for. The manufacturer has designed these wristbands with a thick back and front splints. 

So they can resist any heavy impact without transferring it to your wrists. Molded ABS is also used to add to your safety. The addition of EVA foam between wrists and splints for shock-absorbing is a great idea to provide you a batter and full-proof protection.

If you made a comparison between the saver series and RD gloves by Triple 8 they are very much alike. But the thing which makes them different is, the RD gloves are designed for Derby and others are not. 

As the RD wrist guard is designed for Derby skating, it provides you with wide Splints. And when it comes to simple skating the splints are comparatively thin. Besides the splint width difference, both are more or less the same. Saver series is a great choice. If you are looking forward to using them while skateboarding or while snowboarding or even during rollerblading.

10. 187 killer Pads Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

Why is it Best Buy?

  • Strong Built
  • Full Proof Protection
  • Easy Fit

Detailed Over look

At the very beginning of this article, we discussed RD wrist guards which are made for derby Skating. This pair is very much alike to that with a few differences. Besides that, it is a bit longer than RD triple 8 guards, and they provide better grip and less sliding.

Durability is also assured with the use of high-grade ballistic nylon, industrial quality stitching that is properly reinforced at the thumb hole. Its splints are thick enough to protect you in case of a fall. Moreover as installed at the base of the hand keep you fully secure even at that sensitive point. Because your hand base is very prone to injuries in case of fall during skating.

The palm areas are also impact-resistant, and for best fitting, the manufacturer has added 3 fully adjustable straps. Moreover to provide extra strength and flexibility Triple 8 has designed it a bit angled. But this slight change makes really big differences in its comfort level and ease of installation. These wrist guards can be used for multiple sports. But I certainly don’t recommend them very much for Roller Derby.

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Buying Guide

When the market is overloaded with so many products and you need to choose the best this article is going to help you in every way. Besides telling you what’s the best? we will guide you on how it’s that best..? so here are few considerations that will help you decide the features which you need to check within the best Skateboard wrist guards. 

Check The Material

The very first thing which you need to check while buying a skateboard wrist guard is its material. In the market, you will find several wrist guards made with a variety of materials both man-made and natural.

It’s your choice that you choose one that is better for cold weather or one that is feasible and sustains well in hot weather. If you want something really hard you can go with materials like carbon fiber, hard form, and even metal. Generally, a thick material provides you with better protection but at the same time, it gets hot and sweaty and lacks flexibility.

Fitting & Stretch-Ability

When you are buying wrist guards, the right fittings and flexibility are as important as safety. Because if your safety gear is not properly fit it means it might don’t be at the desired place where you need protection. 

Moreover, chances are high that if it strangulates your wrist and obstructs your blood supply you will not feel comfortable wearing it for longer. So whenever you are buying wrist guards or any other protection gear make sure that they are made with stretchable material. And offer adjustable straps. So you can alter the fittings to some extent according to your comfort.

Most wrist guards offer three steps adjustment. These adjustment straps don’t only allow you to set the wristbands according to your comfort. But also provide you with fittings that keep your safety gear in place and prevent it from slipping off.

Note: never forget to check the size guide properly before ordering.

Fingerless or Glove style

You also need to check the style which comes up to your requirements. The market is full of all styles like full-finger, half-finger, and fingerless wrist guards. Like If you love to perform sliding tricks or you are living in some Cold regions or you are interested in Snow skating full glove style will suit you the most. But if you want to avoid any kind of hindrance and obstruction in your finger movement it’s better for you to get fingerless dress wrist protectors.

Choose Your Sports

All wristbands are not the same, they will vary as per your sports. Mostly there is a misconception that all wrist guards are meant to be used in all sports. Because all are meant to protect your wrists.

But the thing is manufacturers design these wrist guards carefully after perceiving the need of the game. So if you are buying a derby wrist guard they will certainly be a bit different from those which are used in snowboarding or roller skating. Because you need a bit more protection, so the splints will be a bit longer and a bit wider.

Budget Considerations

No matter what you are buying you always need to consider your budget. So for buying the right wrist guards you need to check your pocket as well. But keep in mind that buying something very cheap may cause you money loss instead of some savings. According to our survey, you can get some good wristbands within 22 to 60 dollars.

You don’t have to pay some extra dollars by just running after brand names. But considering a nice area is a bit expensive one can save you from that money and pain. Which you might have to suffer after a fall without any protective gear. The wrist guards that are prescribed in this article are those which are well tested and well surveyed. After getting a satisfactory report these are recommended to you as the best wrist guards.

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