Halo Go 2 Hoverboard Review

The demand for hoverboards is considerably on the rise recently. A lot of people tend to enjoy the fun that comes with riding and hovering across the street. As a result, there are now a lot of hoverboards from different manufacturers. However, this review focuses particularly on Halo Go 2 hoverboard.

Halo Go 2 hoverboard is a hoverboard product from the Halo company. It is a first-class hoverboard with an excellent design and features. Aside from the quality,  the hoverboard also has self-balancing features. The combination of its design and features made it the leading product in the market.

The producers were able to give adequate consideration to the appearance of the product. The hoverboard comes in different colors and also has a modernized chromed surface. The body is also made with an unshatterable shell which makes it unbreakable even during an accident. The hoverboard also features other interesting features that made it a preference over others.

The cost of the Halo Go 2 hoverboard can be said to be inexpensive compared to the quality it offers. The product is simply great in features and use. Considering the speed, battery power, durability, and safety. The product can be said to be a top-notch and first-class hoverboard.

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Salient Features

  • City Cruiser Hoverboard
  • LED lights for enhanced visibility and style
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Self-balancing technology for easy riding
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Quick charging time
  • Beginner-friendly features
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Suitable for all ages

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Halo Go 2 hoverboard has a series of components that made up the hoverboard. The components are the basis of the quality of the hoverboard. It is therefore important to analyze each component and its deliverables. Some of the components are;


Halo Go 2 hoverboard has a very strong and durable battery. The battery is termed by the producer to be a fire-safe battery. The battery is certified by the Underwriter Laboratories with the certified no UL 2271. This means that you have reason to worry about the battery running down during riding.

As an electric hoverboard, the battery quality is expected to be strong. This will aid outright enjoyment of the product by its users. The hoverboard has a significant 500 watts electric battery. This made it possible for it to work consistently for an hour or two and can cover a distance of 8 miles.

Bluetooth Speaker

The hoverboard comes with a built-in Hoverboard Bluetooth device that makes it possible to connect to your smartphone. This also allows you to listen to music of your choice while riding the hoverboard. This is simply a combination that is capable of giving you the best of enjoyment. You can as well receive calls using the Bluetooth device.

The speaker is systematically placed on the underside of the hoverboard. The sound level is normal and safe enough to use throughout the cruise. The Bluetooth speakers make use of the hoverboard battery. As such, the speaker can work as far as the battery keeps running.

LED Lights

The Halo hoverboard comes with a series of LED lights that function differently on the hoverboard. The hoverboard has two major headlights illuminating the road during night rides. The lights are capable of brightening the path and enhancing the vision of the rider. The lights are highly polished in chrome to increase the brightness.

Likewise, there is a red warning light that serves as an indicator in case the hoverboard is malfunctioning. Also,  there is a green light that serves as the balance light. It is usually on when the hoverboard is in a balanced mode.  There is also another green light that indicates the battery life and power of the Halo electric skateboard.

Never flat Tires

The high-quality overboard makes use of a tire of wheel size 6.5 inches. The tires are designed to perfectly match the height of the board. This gives room to the self-balancing nature of the hoverboard.

Aside from this,  the tires are made with a shatter resistance outing which makes it impossible for them to burst. For this reason, the Halo company deems it fit to call it ‘Never flat tires’. This emphasizes the quality and safety of the halo hoverboard.

 Product Review 

Halo Go 2 hoverboard

Halo Go 2 hoverboard is a significant product amidst the Halo electric skateboard. The hoverboard is notable for having great quality and outstanding features. The design of the hoverboard considers safety. This made it a self-balancing hoverboard that gives assurance of safety to users. The hoverboard is produced in the US by a company called Halo company. The company is notable for the production of hoverboards including hoverboard halo rovers. The Halo Go 2 Overboard is one of their most successful products. In an attempt to give assurance of the safety of the Halo Go 2 hoverboard. The company was able to secure a UL certification for the hoverboard. The Underwriter Laboratories certified the product with UL 2272 and UL 2271 certifications. This is possible as a result of the product’s assured quality and safety. The price of the hoverboard might be quite expensive compared to all other hoverboards. However, it is important to note that the product’s quality is also exceptional. The safety measures, features, and components available in this hoverboard are top-notch. As such, paying such an amount for it won’t be a big deal. To emphasize the quality of this product, this halo go 2 reviews will consider every necessary detail. You will also have an understanding of the buyer’s guide.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts
Motor Power500 Watts
Distance8 miles
Max Speed9 MPH
Product’s Weight22 Ibs
Battery Life1hr 30min- 2hrs
Weight (Riders)260 Ibs
Dimension8 x 7.3 x 7.3 Inches
Wheel size5 Inches
Charging time2 hours
Bluetooth speakerAvailable
ColorComes in 4 different colors
WaterproofNot certain
LightsLED headlights and Indicator lights 

Features  and specifications


The halo goes 2 hoverboard is capable of covering a distance of 8 miles in a ride. This impressive range is possible as a result of the battery life.


The hoverboard is capable of attaining a maximum speed of 9 meters per hour. That is,  it is capable of covering a distance of 9 meters in one hour. This is impressive and outstanding.


The hoverboard has a unique wheel size of 6.5 inches. The design of the wheel is such that it matches the height of the board. This makes the hoverboard self-balancing and secure. This as well helps to enjoy a smooth ride while riding.

Also, the tires are made with rubber glass and a burst resistance material. This affords it the name ‘Never flat tires’.  Irrespective of the surface and terrain, the tire can move without fear of it shattering. However, it is advisable to use your hoverboard as a smooth surface only.

Bluetooth Speaker

This hoverboard has a built-in Bluetooth device that allows you to connect your smartphone. This affords you the ability to listen to music while riding. However, the hoverboard does not support the smartphone app. That is the battery life,  speed, and distance obtained cannot be tracked using your phone.

Battery Life

The battery of this hoverboard can run consistently for approximately two hours. It has been specified to have a battery life of 1.5 hours or 2 hours. However, the battery life depends on the weight of the rider and the speed. Nonetheless, it has been equipped to run for up to two hours.

Hoverboard Weight

The weight of the hoverboard is approximately 22 pounds. However, the hoverboard can accommodate a rider up to 260 pounds of weight. As such, it can be used by a child or an adult of any age. This means you can get one for your kid and yourself.

Ride assist features

The hoverboard can easily be operated by a novice. This is because the hoverboard has ride-assist features. This feature helps a beginner as he learns to ride the hoverboard.

Safe standing area

The standing area of the board consists of a rubber stand that gives friction to the foot of the rider. This helps the rider to stand firmly on the board while cruising. This as well helps to reduce the chance of accidents during riding


  • Safety measures:
  • The self-balancing feature ensures rider safety.
  • The leather mat on the foot position provides friction for a firm standing.
  • Ride Assist:
  • Suitable for beginners due to the ride assist feature.
  • Self-balancing capability ensures a smooth ride.
  • UL certified:
  • Certified by underwriter laboratories (UL 2271 and UL 2270).
  • The certification covers the battery, wheel, and board, emphasizing safety.
  • Chrome surface:
  • The chrome finish enhances the hoverboard’s aesthetics.
  • Available in four colors: blue, pink, gold, and yellow.


  • No smartphone app:
  • Lacks a dedicated smartphone app for battery life and speed tracking.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is limited to music playing.
  • Easily scratched:
  • The Hoverboard body gets easily scratched even in minor accidents.
  • Scratching issues compromise the product’s overall design quality.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Hoverboard

Halo Go 2 Hoverboard Review

Before embarking on purchasing a product, a buyer must systematically consider some factors. This will help you to make the best decisions in your purchase. These factors must be analyzed in comparison with similar or competitive products. This halo goes 2 hoverboard review consists of a guide that can help prospective buyers of this hoverboard.

As factors that make up a good quality hoverboard. The following are necessary features of the hoverboard every buyer must consider;


The durability of a product is the ability of a product to resist a force or damage. It also determines how lasting a product could be even during usage. A good product must be durable and reliable. This is determined by the quality of the components used by the manufacturer.

The Halo company that manufactures the halo go 2 hoverboards is quality centered. They give adequate consideration to the quality of each component of the hoverboard. As such, the hoverboard can be said to be a durable and reliable hoverboard.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is an important consideration when choosing an electric scooter or hoverboard. I’m sure you don’t want to use a hoverboard that doesn’t last an hour. This will deny the riser adequate enjoyment that comes with the riding. As such,  the battery capacity and life should be considered.

This product has a very strong battery life. The battery is capable of running for 1 hour 30 mins or 2 hours approximately. You are capable of having maximum enjoyment within this time frame. However, the battery life varies depending on the speed and the weight of the rider.

Safety measure

Your safety as a user of a product should not be negotiable. Most times, safety should be the first and most paramount consideration. It should be analyzed if it is safe making use of any product before purchasing. This assures you that you have not only bought a good but a safe product.

The product features a couple of safety features that made it stand out. One such is the self-balancing feature. That is,  the hoverboard can balance itself perfectly even with an inexperienced rider. Also,  it has been certified safe by the underwriter laboratories.


Another factor that should be considered is the design and the features of a product. For lovers of hoverboards, the design and the features available in your hoverboard are very important. They determine how enjoyable the ride is going to be. Sometimes, they say a lot about the quality as well. As for the halo go 2 hoverboard the design implements a 3D design. To complement the design, the body was finished and enhanced with a chrome surface. Likewise, the product contains numerous features that give the user a befitting and smooth ride.


Finally,  the price factor must be considered and analyzed too. The price of a product sometimes is a determinant of the quality of the product. A product with a high price is likely to have a high quality. However, you must ensure to ascertain the quality yourself and not rely on price alone.

The hoverboard has an expensive price compared to all other similar products. However, judging by the quality of the product and features available in it. It is safe to say,  it is worth the price and the value placed on it. Paying such a price for the hoverboard is a good decision. You can also check the best hoverboard brand for your reference.

Maintenance tips for Halo Go 2 hoverboard

Halo Go 2 Hoverboard Review

The need to adequately maintain your hoverboard cannot be over-emphasized. To continue to enjoy your hoverboard, you must ensure to manage it well. The following are tips that can help you in maintaining your hoverboard;

1.   Ensure you charge before use

Don’t be in a hurry to use your hoverboard. Make sure it is fully charged before you start using it. The charge hour of a halo go 2 hoverboard is 2 hours. This charging hour must be satisfied before you embark on a cruise with your hoverboard. This as well helps you to enjoy your while it operates for the expected time frame.

2.  Use the hoverboard on a smooth surface

Regardless of the ruggedness of the hoverboard’s wheels. It must be used on a smooth surface and good terrain. Although, the tires are made with tough materials which makes them shatter resistance. You must ensure you only use your hoverboard in a conducive environment and smooth surface.

3.  Carry out general services as and when due

A periodic general servicing should be carried out on the hoverboard after being used. This is to ensure that all parts of the hoverboard are in good condition. Likewise, corrective maintenance should be done immediately when a fault is detected. This goes a long way in ensuring an accident-free ride.


Halo Go 2 hoverboard is simply a perfectly designed hoverboard with great quality. The hoverboard includes outstanding features that ensure it suits the customer’s preferences. The manufacturing company as well greatly considered the safety of the user in its design. The hoverboard has a self-balancing feature that makes it safe even for a beginner. It also includes Bluetooth speakers that make it possible to play music from your smartphone. The design is such a beautiful one with its chrome-finished surface. As such, the hoverboard is recommendable for anyone that desires good quality and design.

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