Best Sixthreezero Bike Reviews 2021 [Updated]

When talking about the Sixthreezero the main concern of the readers is that are sixthreezero bikes good or is sixthreezero a good brand.

Therefore in this article, we will look for the answers to the questions that is sixthreezero a good bike brand, where to buy sixthreezero bikes by providing the sixthreezero evryjourney review with the help of the little comparisons like maybe the sixthreezero vs schwinn

So let’s start by looking at some sixthreezero around the block. 

The Most Common Reasons to buy the Sixthreezero


When you ask the people that what are the reasons here are the most common points the customers take as an advantage of the Sixthreezero bikes.

Smooth Shifting

As fast as the shifting is concerned, the Sixthreezero provides the best smooth shifting. The rider remains at peace and in ease during the process of the shifting

Quick and Easy Assembly

Assembly of the bikes is a lengthy and technical process but not anymore with the Sixthreezero. As some of the parts when reached to you are pre assembled. The other can also be easily assembled with the help of the easy to use manual of the product.

Color Option

You are never in short of the colors. The pastel color range is more than enough.

Back Easiness

Most riders complain about back pain after the ride on the cycle. This is something that is really not a problem in case you are using the Sixthreezero. As this is a comfortable ride to enjoy and have.

Value for money

As far as the value for the money is concerned this provides the best value in exchange for your money.


The height of the rider is not an issue. This is quite comfortable for a range of heights.

Portable and lightweight

Most of the time the bikes carry you. Other times you need to carry the bike. To fulfill this purpose the bike should be lightweight enough that you can easily carry it. Like sometimes we need to carry the bike through the stairs. The weight of the bike is 38lb and fairly commenting this weight can easily be carried while walking on the stairs.

The Most Common Reasons Not to buy the Sixthreezero

Noisy Gear

Not reported by all but some people think that this is actually a bit noisy when it comes to the gear. This is something which is a bit annoying for some people.

Assembly of the Sixthreezero

Not for all but again for quite a few people reported that for them the assembly of the product is really difficult. They were even unable to understand the manual of the product properly. 

Under Height

This product is not very suitable for people who are less than the height of 5 feet. As reported by some of the customers. So if your height is less than 5 feet kindly do consider properly before buying this bike.

Customer Services

Customer services is again a personalized issue. Every person considers their experience on different parameters. But it is also a reality that the issues with the customer services are reported by different customers on different occasions.

1. EVRYjourney The Women Bike

With a wheel size of 2.13 inches made of steel frame, this is a perfect bike for women with a linear brake system.  Really a classical bike to have with the curve and the steel frame. This will make your ride comfortable. 

The comfortable position of the handle provides you with the perfect grip. This will make you comfortable while riding on the bike. The unique position will provide ease to your back and the shoulder. This means that even after a long ride your back and shoulder will remain at ease. 

The black is the added color to the bike. This addition of color on some parts of the bike gives your bike an astonishing look. In totality the bike is composed of three different colors are Cream,  Black, and Grips. 

2. Men’s Traditional Bike

This Men’s traditional Bike is for people who do not like the complications. This comes in three different configurations: the 3 speed 7 speed and 21 speed. The single speed model is the best if you are the one who rides on the bike only to visit the neighborhood and the adjacent areas. If you like to climb the heights then a 3 or 7 speed model should be your priority. 21 speed is the best for the trails and the long distances. 

The cycle is equipped with utilities like the rear rack that facilitates you to have the luggage on the cycle. This cycle is ideally designed for persons with a height of 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 5 inches.  The weight limit for this bike to ride on is 300 lbs while it provides fairly good comfort to the people with the minimum height of 5 feet and the maximum height of 6 feet even more.

3. Hybrid Cruiser For Women by EVRYjourney

Navy frame with a brown seat is the perfect color combination for a women’s bike cruise. You may even put the feet on the level. Whie the cycle provides you the facility of moving without the effort. 

The braking system is dual. Applied with your hands this can work with the front as well as with the rear wheel. So this actually increases the safety zone for you while you are on the move. The frame is designed in such a way that provides complete comfort to the rider in riding in and riding out. 

This is a perfect bike for women with a height of a minimum of 5 feet and a maximum of 6 feet. The weight limit for the rider is 300 pounds. 

4. A creamy Bike for comfortable ride

Made in beautiful cream color this bike is a perfect ride for women that are a minimum of 5 feet in height. At maximum, this bike can adjust the rider with a height of 6 feet 5 inches. Although the ideal maximum height is 6 feet. The wheel size is 26 inches. The long distance can be covered easily because of the time trusted design. 

A dual braking system that is on the front as well as on the rear wheel ensures your security while you are on the ride.


Final Words

The best a man or woman can get to fulfill their everyday routines.


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