Evercross electric scooter

Ever cross electric scooters are one of the biggest innovations in the electronic tools market across the globe. These e-scooters are sleek, durable, and provide a real thrill while riding. If you are looking for a unique and reliable ride for your adult child, this can be the best choice for you.

Though they are not available in very eye-catching designs or styles but they perform greatly well. These e-scooters have simple shapes and thus you can easily wash them. Unlike most of the other scooters, ever cross e-scooters are foldable and you can easily fold them after using them inside your home. You can also take them with you while traveling because they occupy very little space, and their mass will not bother you. Easy to carry and easy to operate, these e-scooters are a level above then another scooter.

The foldable feature of ever cross scooters makes them portable and easy to ride. If we talk about its weight, then yes, it is quite heavier than of other e-scooters. But when you compare its performance and other features like simple design, etc. you will definitely worth buying it. The average weight of ever cross scooters stands between 44-50 lbs and thus sometimes folding it easily, becomes a big task for you.

Other electric scooters are light in weight when compared with evercross scooters but their speed and reliability is not that much higher. The average speed of evercross scooters is higher than of the other scooters in the similar capacity. This e-scooter has power motor to provide energy in the long-run and that is the main reason of its heavy weight.

If you want speed, reliability, and sustenance in your personal commute, you must go for evercross electric scooters without thinking anymore.

Despite the fact that evercross scooters are heavier, they are becoming popular among people because of its splendid performance. These scooters can carry up-to 330 lbs of weight, isn’t amazing? Have you ever heard about this much weight carrying capacity in any electric scooter? We are sure, you haven’t heard it before.

Though the body design is simple but all its body parts are stable and strong. You need not to worry much if your ride get knock in some wall or small rocks, your strong scooter will handle it itself.

Unique features

Apparently, the features of evercross scooters seem same but in actual they are not the same. The LED display screen, tires, wirings, and the seats of evercross scooter are unique and will double your joy while riding. If you want a high speed and self-controlled personal commute with supreme balance of wheels, evercross electric scooters will serve you with the best features.

Maximum weight carrying capacity

The average weight of this e-scooter is greater than of the other e-scooters but you will be amazed to know its weight carrying capacity which is 330 lbs. So, if you are bulky and even want to carry some stuff with you while going for a ride, you can carry a lot of that much stuff up-to the limit of 330 lbs.

No any electric scooter provides such a heavy weight carrying capcity to the rider. Even the average weight carrying capacity of other electric scooters stands at 70-100 lbs. If the riders are heavy in weight, they are not advised to use electric scooters. But evercross allows its rider to ride freely by carrying any stuff he wants. You will enjoy a smooth ride and without any interruption.

Waterproof and comfortable seats

Electric scooter with waterproof seats? Isn’t some really amazing. Evercross electric scooters have an IP X5 waterproof certification which means that the seats are waterproof. Don’t panic or stay inside even if the weather is bad, your scooter will double your joy with extra comfortable and waterproof seats.

No any electric scooter carries the certification of waterproof perfection which makes it a level up among other electric scooters. So, rest assured if you are even stuck in rain, the rain water will not get stored into the seats to give you room for easy riding. There are some other transportation means which hold IPX4 and IP54 certifications for having waterproof seats but the seats of these means of transportation are only protected against dust and small amount of water.

On the other hand, the seats are made up of comfortable material which doesn’t let you get tired if your short or long trips. Unlike other electric scooters, you can have a sound and comfortable journey every time you take your ride out.

Simple design

Evercross electric scooters are available in simple designs and thus you can easily clean them while coming back from ride every time. Other electric scooters like varla scooters have unique designs but they are not easy to be cleaned. That is the reason, evercross electric scooters are becoming common and people are preferring to use them.

Don’t worry if the weather is bad and you are out on your e-scooter, you can easily clean it while coming back due to its simple design.

Firm control

Evercross electric scooters have firm controlling ability. You just need to kick start your journey and leave the rest of the job on your scooter. The e-scooter has a straight handle through which you can direct your rides. This handle is made up of rubber and thus, is easy to grip with your hands.

Another unique feature of e-scooter is that the controlling handle of evercross scooter can be folded like other body parts of the scooter. You can fold it and keep it safe from being scratched while taking it to somewhere.

This electric scooter has a lot of controlling features on both left and right sides of the handle. On the left side of the handle of scooter resides the horn and you can also control the lights from here.

You can also control the power key, gear changing modes and other controlling settings on the right side of handle of evercross scooter. On the display screen, you can also keep a check on your speed, directions and the remaining charging time, etc.

LED screen allows to keep track of all your directions and you can come back from your ride if the charging time is small.

Battery life

The average battery life of evercross scooters is around 2 years. The battery is made up of lithium and allows the rider to have a long tour without any interruption. It takes around 5-6 hours to charge the batteries completely and then by placing them back you are ready to go.

With full battery charge, you can travel as long as 50km. Don’t overcharge your battery and try to charge your battery after coming back from every tour if it is below 50%. If the battery is below 50% then don’t go for another ride. We recommend you to first charge and then go for any ride.

Easy assembly

Evercross electric scooters are very easy to be assembled. Most of the companies like Amazon, and Walmart, deliver them in boxes with 75% assembly. You just need to use the toolkit to fix the headlight and the seat if you want. As the seats of this scooter are removable, you can put them back if you want and take them away if you don’t need them.

You can also use the user manual for assembling the parts that are not assembled on arrival of the parcel. You can also fold the scooter if you intend to take it with you somewhere else.

Strong tires

On an average, the tires of evercross scooters are 10-inches thick and are premium in providing comfort and alignment. No matter on which terrain you are using your e-scooter, the strength of tires will lead you in the right way once you start your ride.

Though, these e-scooters are compatible for riding on kinds of terrains, we advise you to ride on a plain terrain. On plain terrain, the speed and alignment of this e-scooter gets higher. The tires are simple in design but are strong enough to self-control the ride. You can balance the ride and speed while riding, with these strong tires.

Even in the rain, you can enjoy a smooth ride with the strong and well-balanced wheels of evercross scooters.

Removable seats

If you want to enjoy your ride while standing not by sitting, you can easily remove the seats of your electric scooter. These seats placed on evercross scooters are light in weight and very durable. You can place them back when you need them or can remove them easily when you don’t need them.

No any other electric scooter offers riders with comfortable and removable seat options. You can go for long- and short-time tours by sitting on the seats of your e-scooter and you will not get bored or tired of your travelling.

In this article, we have discussed about the unique features of evercross electric scooters. You will be amazed to explore its power, speed and well-controlled properties. Though the weight of the e-scooter is a bit heavy, the weight carrying capacity is also heavy. You can take as much as up-to 330 lbs of weight with you while using this scooter.

The tires are strong and provide the rider with supreme balance to enjoy his ride smoothly. Always, charge your batteries to the full capacity before starting your journey. Another most important to-do is to wear safety apparel. Use safety helmet, and knee, elbow caps for your safety. There are very rare cases which have been reported about the accidents of evercross scooters but still, you should carry all the safety measures while riding.

If the battery runs low below 50%, we advise you to take your ride back home. This means that your ride can take you up for sometime only so it is better to come back in time. The battery of the electric scooter is under warranty for at least 2 years. If your battery doesn’t work well or is not being charged, you can claim it from the company where you bought it for 2 years for free.

This electric scooter is suitable to be used for adult children not below the age of 10 years. Do check on the speed when your kids take the scooter out. The average speed of evercross scooter is 28 mph but that is still higher for the kids just above 12 years.


Why should I buy evercross instead of any other electric scooter?

Laced with powerful motor, automatic control and wheel balancing, by riding evercross electric scooter, you will enjoy your every ride. Unlike other electric scooters, this e-scooter has high power motor capacity and its average run-time is also longer. You can charge the batteries and can travel for 2-3 hours in one go.

The strength of tires doesn’t let you lose the control and will also provide self-balancing to thrill your ride. If you want more than just a scooter, you must try this. Easy to operate and easy to handle even if you are a beginner, you can ride it very easily. For your guidance, a user manual is also included along-with the order. If you don’t have any prior knowledge of using an e-scooter you must follow the instructions on the user manual.

Affordable price, long power, and heavy weight carrying capacity, etc. are some of the most appealing features of evercross, that will compel you to buy it.

Can I assemble my evercross scooter?

Usually, the e-scooter arrives assembled and you can just unbox it and follow the instructions to assemble some of the remaining parts. The box includes the scooter, charger, seat, toolkit, user manual and warranty card. You can assemble the seat and handle, using the toolkit easily. If you don’t want to place the seat, you can do it. At the end you just need to install the main headlight, and you will do with all the assembling.

But before taking your first ride, we advise you to check the screw of your brakes, tires and all the wirings around the scooter. Get it fixed if it is not fixed somewhere in the scooter. Also, check the inflation of tires before starting your journey.