6 Best Electric Scooters Under $400

This is really a limited class in which you are trying to get your product. Choices are so limited. If you are talking about the quality and the best performance electric scooters. The restriction of the price is the one that really makes the choice difficult.

This was really a task to find the best electric scooter under $ 400. We have made our best effort in order to find some of the best products that fall in the same category. Honestly this is not an easy task to do.

This is to find the pin among the grass. So this was the reason that we have constituted a board of experts to find out this pin. The grass here is the number of multiple products available in the market.

With the continuous effort and and defining a criteria we have finally been able to find some of the best electric scooters. But for this we have first established a criteria. Here are the criteria we have established.


We have figured out the best electric scooters according to the different age groups. As different age groups have different requirements. So the instrument which may be the best one for an age group may not be good for the other age group. Therefore age is our key consideration while selecting the electric scooter. This is the reason that you will find the recommended age group with every recommended product.

Building Material

This is the second thing that gets a good place in our list. The performance of the scooter as well as the durability of the product depends on it. Multiple types of the products are available if we make the material as a category to distinguish between different categories. One is aluminum and the second is carbon alloy. We didn’t forget to mention the material used in every product as we have mentioned the product and evaluated its performance.

Breaking Mechanism

The next category on which we have categorized the product is the breaking mechanism. Multiple types of the braking mechanism have been introduced in electric scooters. These electric scooters have head operated and foot operated brakes.

Some electric scooters have ABS and others have Disc brakes. Manual and automatic brakes and even the electric brakes are there. Some electric scooters have one brake mechanism and others have multiple brake mechanisms. Here whenever we have picked a product we have mentioned the braking system installed in every product.


Tires are the important part on which the electric scooters move. This is the reason that utmost attention was given on the tires while selecting the product for this list. Some scooters have air filled tires while others have air filled tires. These tires with air in it needed to maintain the specific air pressure in it.

The air filled tires are known to absorb the shocks. On the other hand we have a specific type of tire. These are made of hard rubber. These tires are so hard that they will not be damaged on the way. You don’t need to check for the air pressure in these tires. On the other hand these are not so good shock absorbent.

This is the point where we need the suspensions.

The Suspensions

The suspension is there to make your journey easy and full of comfort. The suspension absorbs the shocks along the way and makes things really great for you. This is the reason that we have introduced this factor in the criteria. Some have suspension on the front while the others have two suspension placed in it.


Motor is another factor that  decides the speed of the electric scooter. Not only the top speed. This also decides if your scooter will climb on the inclined surfaces or not. These inclined angles are really important to handle. This is the reason that we have given real importance to this parameter.


Batteries decide the range of your electric scooter. Not only this but this is something on which the charging time of the batteries are dependent. The more charging time you need to charge your battery. This means less time for you to ride. Therefore we have given the due importance to the batteries in the electric scooter.

Lights and Indicators

Both are important. Lights at the front of the electric scooter are important to truly illuminate your way in the dark. Moreover these lights are aesthetically appealing too. Secondly the light at the tail usually operates at the back and this reflects the signal to the people coming behind you that you are reducing your speed or stop. This provides protection from the sudden stop collision. Indicators are also helpful in alerting the people around you that you are going to take the turn


These are another type of indication to the general public that are also present with you on the road. This is the reason that many of the manufacturers use these on their scooters. These are made with the special paint and shine in the dark. Usually these are aesthetically appealing and increases the beauty of the scooter

Digital Display

This is the on the go display. Usually installed at the top bar if present as not all scooters provide the rider with this facility only a few are. Usually these meters display the current speed, current gear and remaining battery life. Some additional features may also be added.

Ease of the Control

Controls are provided on the bar. But if these controls are not timely accessible or can be used timely. There is no fun in having these controls. Therefore this is important to ensure that the controls are provided at the appropriate place and are well in reach. So that these can be used timely


This is used to connect your electric scooter with the cell phone. But for this there should be a connecting mechanism. Usually this is in the form of the bluetooth connectivity. Not all scooters provided this technology. But this modern day technology gadget really makes things easy and more fun for the users.


Safety is really an important factor. Sometimes this is really important and you need to give due importance to the safety features. This is not possible for all to check all the safety features of the electric scooters. This is the reason that we recommend all to check if the scooter has the recommended certifications or not.

Based on this criteria, we have finally figured out some best products for you.

6 Best Electric Scooters Under $400 In 2021

Now this is the time to say hello to the 6 Best Electric Scooters Under $400  In 2021. Let’s look at these one by one.

Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter

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Salient Features

  • Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter has a battery of 36V with the power of 7.0AH Battery
  • This can drive the electric cycle Up to 17 Miles of Long-Range
  • The 300W Motor is Powerful enough to run the scooter with a top speed of 15.5 MPH
  • Completely a safe scooter to ride as the manufacturer has obtained the UL Certificate for it.
  • Really powerful scooter that is only designed to be used by the Adults
  • The scooter is available in Black color
  • Gotrax is the brand behind this product
  • The handlebar is of Foldable Type
  • The wheel size of this scooter is 8.5 Inches
  • The frame is made of the Aluminum
  • The wheel is made with the Rubber
  • This is the perfect ride for the people who fall in the Age Range of 25 to 34 years
  • Dual Brakes are installed in the electric cycle. The Rear Braking and the Front Braking

Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter Description and Features

Innovative design

Made with aluminum material and the innovative design provide it with stability. A special mechanism of safety has been installed that can be activated by the push of a red button. This button will prevent the Handlebar from folding.

Folding mechanism

The folding mechanism is operative through one button. Due to this folding mechanism, the scooter can be folded and can be stored wherever you want it. Secondly, it makes the scooter portable. You can easily carry it with you even on public transport.

Smart Battery Management system

The battery is made by one of the best battery manufacturers in the world, LG. Moreover, the scooter is equipped with a battery management system. This battery management system is capable enough to drive the scooter up to 17 miles. You should remember that it is important the conditions in which you are driving the electric scooter. This reading is observed during the optimal conditions. No doubt that the battery management system installed in the scooter will provide you with the best mileage but even then it is important to understand that the change in condition will definitely alter the mileage.

Powerful motor

The motor is powerful enough to drive the scooter up to the speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The scooter is quite capable of handling inclined surfaces. This can easily climb at the surface with an angle of 15 degrees.

Braking System

To ensure the safety of the rider, a dual braking system is installed in the scooter. The good thing is that both can be applied simultaneously. These breaks are equipped with the anti lock Technology so that certain application of the break may not cause the  fall of the rider from the scooter

LED display

Various parameters can be viewed while you are on the move, this includes Speed and Battery Life. so this will protect you from moving at the dangerous limit. Secondly, this is helpful to manage your journey on the move.

On the Hand Controls

On the hand, controls are provided ات the bar to do various tasks. These include Adjustment of the Gears, Turning  On and Off Headlights, and Operate the Brakes off the electric scooter.


  • Innovative design that provides you with the ease to operate the electric scooter
  • The folding mechanism is simple and easy
  • Smart battery management systems made traveling easy and more reliable.
  • The batter is manufactured by a very well known manufacturer LG.
  • A highly efficient dual braking system is installed that protects the rider in emergency situations.
  • The LED display is Highly Effective this keeps the rider formed from the current statistics and parameters.
  • In hand, controls made things easy for you while you are riding on the bike
  • Too many color choices are not available.
Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

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Salient Feature

  • Air Filled Tires of 8.5 inches are fitted in this scooter.
  • 5MPH is the top speed for this bike.
  • The minimum range for this scooter is 9 Miles while the maximum range is 12 miles.
  • This is Version 2 of the older model
  • Brand Gotrax is responsible for the presence of this product in the market
  • Black is the Color of this electric scooter
  • 27 Pounds is the weight of a Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter.
  • EABS and  Disc Braking Brake Style is available in the electric scooter.

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter Description and Features

Version 2

This is the version 2 of an old version which means it is the advanced form of the old product. You will get in this modern model The Cruise Control with a lock mechanism and improved and reinforced frame.

Easily movable in City Streets

Perfectly designed for the citizens with the 8.5 inches of tire size. It can easily move around the streets of the city. You do not have to worry about the air pressure in the tires. The good thing is there that it will never be flat as the tires are based on PNEUMATIC technology.

Performance parameters

This can easily obtain a speed of 15 miles per hour. The weight carrying capacity is also excellent. This can easily carry the weight of 220 pounds.

Battery performance

High performance battery of 36 V has been installed. Due to the high performance battery, it provides a range of 12 miles. If the conditions are not suitable this range may be reduced up to 9 miles.

Naturally all batteries require charging but do not worry the charging time is also very low; it only takes four batteries to be completely charged.

Decorated handle

The ratio between the Deck and the handle is excellent. The height of the handle from the decks is around 38 inches. This means that the people with multiple heights can easily adjust to it.

Inclined angle

The scooters  usually may not be capable enough to be moved on the inclined angles. This scooter is powerful enough to easily manage the inclined angle up to 14 degrees

Folding mechanism

The folding mechanism of the scooter is an excellent feature in this. This not only reduces the size of the scooter but makes it easy to carry. Carrying it is not the only facility that is brought by the folding mechanism but it also improves the capability of the scooter to be stored.

Digital display

Digital display is attached on The handlebar of the electric scooter. It provides multiple parameters while you are on the move. You can view the current speed of the electric scooter plus you can observe the remaining battery life of the electric scooter. With the help of these two parameters, you can be in a very good position to decide about your amazing journey. At night you can even turn on the headlight from the controls given there.

  • Advanced version of the successful model.
  • It is really very easy to move with this scooter in the city streets.
  • All the performance parameters are great.
  • Excellent speed of 15 miles per hour.
  • It can carry weight up to 220 pounds.
  • Easily approachable controls are available on the handlebar.
  • Easy to store, easy to carry the electric scooter.
  • The digital display is available on the rod and provides different parameters on the go
  • Variety in terms of the color is not available
Electric Scooter 13.6 Miles Long Range Battery

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Salient Features

  • 6 Miles Long Range Battery
  • Maximum speed is Up to 15.5 MPH
  • The tire size is 8 inches
  • Scooter is Portable as well as Foldable
  • Adults Electric Scooter for Short Daily Commutes and Trips
  • Mtricscoto is the Brand for the presence of this product in the market
  • S10S-V2.0 is the Color style for this product
  • 3’8″ Feet is the Handle Height for this product
  • A foldable type of Handlebar is installed on the scooter
  • Two Wheels are installed on the scooter.
  • 8 Inches is the size of the wheel installed in the scooter
  • The frame is made of Aluminum
  • 6 Pounds is the weight of this Item
  • This product is not for everyone only Adults can drive this scooter
  • Rear Braking is the Brake Style for this pr

Description and Feature Of Electric Scooter 13.6 Miles Long Range Battery

Powerful Battery

Powerful battery is really very important for the electric scooters to move properly and to cover the right amount of the distance. Thanks to the powerful battery installed in this Electric Scooter you never have to worry about the covered distance. Thus the battery installed here provides an extraordinary long range of 13.6 miles. This is possible due to the ability of the battery to hold a sufficient amount of the charge.

The capacity of the battery is 700Mah. This charge holding capacity is enough to move the bike around for your daily needs.


The portability is a feature that reduces the space occupied by this  electric scooter. This reduction in the space does not only make the storage easy but it really makes the transportation of this electric scooter also easy.

So this can be rightly said that due to portable design the scooter can be easily transported as well as easily stored. You can even transport the scooter inside the trunk of your car. Or  even you can keep it while you are moving in the public transport.The time taken by the machine to be folded is only three seconds.

Close to the Nature

This platform is made with wood. This is the reason that it is really close to nature. As it is really close to nature it provides you with the ability to remain near to nature. Some of you may think that the plastic performance may be stronger than the wood platform.

To make it good the 5 sheaths are bonded together to provide stability. The sheet is made with the 5 layers of the wood. This really provides the platform with the stability it requires.

Great tyres

Tyres that are installed in the scooter have the capacity to absorb the shocks. The size of the tires are appropriate to move in the city. These are only 8 inch in size. Hard rubber does it require the air to be filled in the tyres. As the tires are less so there are no chances of these to be flat. If you have the scooter you are lucky enough you do not need to worry about the air pressure in the tyre that it can be flat. An additional quality of these tires is that they are anti-slip. So these will provide you with a firm grip on the road too. It saves you from getting hurt while you are on the go.

Speed Adjustment Mechanism

Three different driving modes available in the scooter. This is to Limit the  speed so that as per the circumstances you may adjust the speed of the bike. The first Mod lets you drive the scooter with a speed of 7.5 miles per hour, the second mode lets you drive the scooter till 12 miles per hour and then the third mod lets you drive the scooter 15.5 miles per hour. This means that you can easily adjust the speed of the scooter as per the need of the rider and with the conditions in which you are driving the electric scooter. This also affects the battery consumption.

Night Light

It is hard to drive the electric scooter at night without the light on the bike. The good thing is that the light to drive in the night is available. The only thing is that you need to buy it separately. Although this is a burden on your pocket to buy the light separately, the utility you get in the exchange of this will definitely be more than the sacrifice you made in order to obtain this product.

Digital Display Meter

Digital display meter is available. This meter is fitted on the handle bar. This displays the different parameters including the speed of the bike and the remaining battery life of the electric scooter.

These two parameters are the most important ones. By keeping informed with these parameters in the way you should be at ease inorder to plan the remaining journey of yours on the bike.

  • Easily stored due to the reduced size in the portability mod
  • The battery is really very powerful
  • Tires provide assistance while you are on the move in order to save you from the shocks.
  • The appropriate size made it a great choice to move in the streets of the city
  • The speed adjustment mechanism lets you decide the best speed as for the provided circumstances.
  • You need to buy the headlight for the night travel separately.
Jakko 8.5 inch Electric Scooter Foldable 350 W Electric Scooter

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Salient Features

  • Jakko 8.5 inch Electric Scooter is a  Foldable electric scooter
  • 350 W Electric Scooter is designed for Adults only
  • It’s a Super Light scooter that has the weight of 7.7Kg
  • This Kick Scooter has Led Light to assist you in the way
  • The Digital  Display made the life of the rider easy while you are on the move
  • Brand  is well known as well as well reputed the “Jakko”
  • The scooter is available in white scooter
  • Handlebar is of Foldable Type
  • This scooter is made with Aluminum Frame Material
  • Scooter has the Rear Braking Brake Style

Description and Features Of Jakko 8.5 inch Electric Scooter Foldable 350 W Electric Scooter

Safety First

This is important to consider the safety of the riders first. As if the rider got heart, there is no fun in using the ride. Secondly, you are riding on the charge so this is not safe at all. This may produce unbearable circumstances. These circumstances are really dangerous for you. So this is actually the most important thing that needs to be considered first.

UL certification provides the guarantee that this is a perfectly safe machine to have and handle. This is the perfect machine to have.

Speed Level Modifications

Different levels of the speeds are available. These are actually the three different diving mods. These mods vary between o km/h to 28 Km/ H. This is to set the speed limit at a low, medium, and high level. So as per the circumstances you may adjust the speed of the electric scooter accordingly. This enhances your chances to move as per the circumstances on different troughs.

Folding System

Truly a unique system among all the available functionalities in the electric scooters. This unique folding system is really easy to adopt and really easy to apply. All you need to do is just to follow some simple steps and wow! You will just instantaneously find out that your scooter has taken a shape that is really very easy to store and quite easy to transport from one place to another.

Smart LED

The smart LED system installed at the top bar of the electric scooter acts as an information center. This information center tells you about the current speed, the mileage you have covered on this electric scooter and the current speed with the gear information. Plus this provides you with the remaining battery life. The remaining battery life and the current speed are really two important parameters that facilitates you to plan your remaining journey.

Front LED light Design

Marvelously beautiful design. That enables you to move at night. The ride in the dark is possible.


Bring this scooter with ease to your home, this is such a perfect ride that provides you with a warranty of two years to be enjoyed. So buy this with confidence and enjoy it with ease. Kindly do remember that the warranty is a tricky thing to be handled. Many conditions made it null and void. To remain aware of these conditions you should read the accompanying papers thoroughly.In order to avoid any inconvenience in this regard.

  • Really a great product to have with the maximum security
  • 3 different speed levels are available to move the electric scooter as per the need of the circumstances.
  • Folding system mechanism is not easy to operate but also make the transportation and storage very easy
  • Digital display is available at the top handlebar that tells you about different on the go parameters
  • Presence of a front light at the front of the electric scooter makes life easy for you.
  • This scooter offers you the warranty of two years.
  • The combination of the colour may looks odd to some people

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Razor 13113614 E300 Electric Scooter

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Salient Features

  • The tires are 9 inches. These are Air-filled and can save you in various situations.
  • These scooters can run with the speed of 15 mph
  • The battery installed in it can provide you with the 10 Miles Range
  • Razor is the brand that made it available in the market
  • Color of this electric scooter is Matte Grey
  • Handlebar is fixed Type
  • Alloy Steel is the framematrial
  • The weight of this scooter is 19.5 Kilograms
  • Dual Suspension has been used in this electric scooter to provide you the best riding experience
  • Age restrictions do apply for this product. This is supposed to be used by the adults only

Description and Features Of Razor 13113614 E300 Electric Scooter

Wide range of the users

Age restrictions do apply for this product the E 300 has the capacity to run with the weight of 220 pounds, this weight one calculated in kgs will become 100 Kgs exactly.

Motor Power

The powerful motor attached in the E 300 has the capacity to run the machine at 15 mph. The same speed when calculated in the Km/h will become 24.


The batteries installed in the scooters are 250 w. This single speed motor is fully capable of producing the high torque. This is the reason that this scooter has the capacity to run at the speed of 15 miles per hour.

Powerful Batteries

The battery has the capacity to run the battery for a very long period. This powerful battery has the capacity to run the scooter for at least 40 minutes of continuous use. Two different batteries are installed. Each has the capacity to hold the charge of 12 v. so together they made the capacity of the 24 volts. This 24 v capacity has the power to drive the electric scooter continuously for 40 minutes. But do remember that this distance may be reduced due to the circumstances in the way.

Reliable frame

The steel is used as the building material of the frame. It provides enough space for the feet to stay at ease while you are on the move. The people of different age stages easily stand on it while holding the front rod.

The tires advantage

Tyres used in this E scooter are 9 inches. They are slightly larger tires than usual. This is the reason that these are considered excellent in providing the support to older users. These tires are so excellently designed that they can move you even around the rough surface very smoothly.

  • Perfectly designed by keeping in view the needs of the older users.
  • Motor power is extraordinary to run you with the maximum speed that you need and require
  • The batteries are rechargeable. These provide the best mileage. This will provide a continuous ride of 40 minutes.
  • Reliable frame is quite enough to provide the stability to all the people who are riding the scooter
  • The nine inches tires not only provide the stability of the ride but also provide more fun to the person who is riding the bike.
  • The color combination of the scooter may not be desirable for all
Razor E200 Electric Scooter

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Salient Features

  • Razor E200 Electric Scooter – 8″ Air-Filled Tires, 200-Watt Motor, Up to 12 mph and 40 min of Ride Time
  • Brand that is responsible for this product in the market is Razor
  • No need to look at the size chart. This is only one size that can be applicable to all
  • Available in the one color for all that is the white
  • Frame Material is made with the Alloy Steel
  • 8 Inches is the Wheel Size
  • Rear Braking is the style of the Brake installed in this product

Description and Features Of Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Age is the essential element while you are thinking about a person who is going to drive your vehicle. This major question was answered by the engines of this product by implementing the age restrictions at the driving of this electric scooter.

Top Speed

The top speed for this electric scooter is 12 mph. This speed when calculated in km/h is around 15 Km H. Do remember that this speed is calculated in ideal conditions. With the conditions getting worse. The top speed will be decreased automatically.


Two batteries are installed in this electric scooter. This increases the range of the product automatically. The machine can run continuously for a time period of 40 minutes. Please do remember that these calculations are made in ideal situations. If the conditions change a certain decrease in the range of the scooters will certainly be observed.

Pneumatic Tires

The pneumatic tires ensure the warranty of a safe journey. Moreover, this will make the journey smooth for you. These tires are really great. The air pressure in the tires will be around 200 mm.

A product for the Over age rider

The design element that is incorporated in this electric scooter. Is the comfort for the older riders. Yes! This is something that is absolutely correct, specifically designed for the over age riders. This means that no matter how old you are, You will never be so old that you will not be able to drive a scooter. So if you think that you are actually too old to drive a scooter. This is the right time to rethink your strategy and to again jump into the world of  electric scooter riding.

Warranty Warning

This product is for sale only in the selected parts of the world. This includes the United states of America and Canada. If you are in any other part of the world then the warranty terms and conditions may not be applied. So be vigilant while buying this product

  • A beautiful product that is actually designed for the people who are more than the specific age
  • This speed star can move with a very impressive speed. In Spite of this fact, this product is actually designed for people who are older in age.
  • Pneumatic Tires are also installed in the scooter for a more comfortable ride.
  • Be vigilant about the warranty conditions. This may be a possibility that in your area of the globe the warranty is not available.

Final Words

We have done our best effort to introduce you with the best possible electric scooters available in recent years. Hopefully you will find the best product for you till now. Don’t forget to visit the site again for the most recent updates about the electric scooters of 2021.

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