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Staying physically fit and healthy is no more difficult with the advanced gadgets these days. With the help of technological advancements and unique machines, you are now able to transform your body in a perfect manner. Unicycles are also among these unique machines which can help you gain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Stunt unicycles are unique and provide a thrill to the unicyclists at the optimum level. You might have seen many local level or even school level completions in your area where the expert unicyclists rock the floor with their unique stunts and awful jumping from obstacles.

Fun and adventure are also among the prime factors that unicycles have in their credit. It is fun when you ride through obstacles and mountains, by jumping into the air perfectly. Certainly, you will enjoy these rides with more enthusiasm when you will have a thrilling experience in every round.  For jumping through obstacles and winning through the rocks, stunt unicycles are used.

There are different types of unicycles that are commonly used including freestyle, mountaineer, street style, road unicycles, etc. One can choose the unicycle that suits best. For a beginner, freestyle unicycles can be used but we recommend using a beginner-level unicycle. Expert unicyclists usually have a lot of options including the stunt, mountaineer, road unicycles, etc.

Unicycles thrill the sportspersons and enhance their level of enjoyment. Since a lot of practice is required to run a unicycle efficiently, this practice certainly raises the fitness and enjoyment level of the riders. A unicyclist learns to balance and control the ride on its own and therefore, has a strong grip on their nerves. This sort of exercise not only keeps you healthy but also increases your mental capacity to a greater extent.

Certainly, as a stunt unicyclist, you must have got the idea of its usefulness but there are so many options available in the market that one can get easily confused. But you need not worry; we will guide you to find the best option. In this article, we have covered the options that are available in stunt unicycles. Also, we will guide you about safety tips while using a stunt unicycle. You can go through this article for your help and guidance to pick the best suitable unicycle for you.

Here is a brief list of best options for stunt unicycles:

Giraffe Unicycles

If you are an expert in riding unicycles and doing stunts while riding them, this is the optimum option that you can purchase. Giraffe unicycles are also called stunt unicycles. They are usually long and are connected through long wires and can be handled through two pedals.

These types of unicycles are commonly used in amusement parks to amaze the children. The unicyclists ride them perfectly and jump through the hurdles to amaze the audience.

Also, many youngsters use them in competitions or in local gatherings for the sake of earning money. As the name suggests, these unicycles are long and have to be efficiently managed by the rider. They are longer enough that the feet of the unicyclist couldn’t reach the ground while standing still on his feet.

Trial Unicycles

Stunt unicycle

Trial unicycles are suitable for jumping over small tables, rocks, hurdles and also through the stairs. If you want to use a unicycle for commute as well as fun, this is the best option for you. Available in different tire sizes and colors, you can select the best one according to your requirement. But we recommend buying trial unicycles at least with the tire width of 20 inch.

Trial unicycles are affordable yet have some expert-level features to attract the unicyclists.

Muni Riding

Muni riding is another option for expert unicyclists. They can be used on the mountains and to jump through hurdles or rough terrain. If you are a beginner, we don’t recommend using this unicycle. Equipped with strong rims and heavy width of tires ranging from 25-30-inches, muni riding unicycles are among the favorite options to be chosen by the mountaineer unicyclists.

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Safety comes first

Stunt unicycle

When it is the matter of travelling on the road by using your own commute or public, safety comes first. Of course, your life and safety are of prime importance. Though, unicycle apparently looks simple and very easy to be handled, but certainly one needs to have expert hands to manage it on the road.

Safety guidelines are needed for both the beginner and the expert, so always make a checklist before starting your journey on a unicycle and mark those which are done or pending to keep yourself safe.

Before starting your journey on a unicycle especially for the first time, you need to go through the following safety guidelines:

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  • Use safety equipment. Wear a good quality helmet, knee, elbow safety caps, and safety gloves to protect your knees, hands, elbows and head from any possible injury if fallen from unicycle.
  • Start with a steady speed and gradually move toward a higher speed even if you are an expert. Going on a high speed in the start will give you thrill but can cause you to be unstable in the short span.
  • If you are a beginner, go for the beginner unicycle and keep calm while starting your ride. It is recommended to start your unicycle on a plain surface.
  • Don’t go into rush areas in your practice and also avoid knocking any obstacles in the start.
  • Try to avoid riding your unicycle during wet weather conditions especially when you are not an expert.

Using a unicycle not only makes you physically fit but also raise options of fun and entertainment for you. There are a lot of options that are available in the market for you as an unicyclist, but you can choose the best one for you.

Don’t go for cheap and low quality unicycles because they may cause an accident in case of any mishandling at any moment. Always check the official websites of different companies before placing orders. Customer reviews can also be checked to have an idea about the quality and performance of different unicycles that the company is offering.

We believe that you might have got a clear understanding of stunt unicycles by reading through this article. Safety tips are also being discussed for your guidance. You just need to pick the right option for you before setting your journey on the road.


Which unicycle should I purchase as an expert unicyclist?

There are so many types of unicycles are available in the market ranging from the beginner level to the expert level including the freestyle, giraffe, and commute unicycles. If you are at the learning phase, we recommend you to purchase beginner unicycles. But if you are an expert try using a mountaineer or muni riding a unicycle. Apart from this if you a fun lover and want to have something more than just a unicycle, go for a stunt unicycle.

The choice of your unicycle is connected with your requirements and desires.

When should I go for wheel alignment of my unicycle?

Well, that certainly depends on your usage. If you use your unicycle frequently like on daily basis, go for wheel-alignment after every 4 months. Also, this factor is associated with the surface on which you are using your unicycle. If you are riding your unicycle on a plain surface, you don’t need for wheel-alignment for about 5 months but if you use your unicycle on rough terrain, go for wheel-alignment after every 3-4 months.

Certainly, the unicycles which are used on mountains or rough terrain have strong tires so they usually run smoothly for longer.

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