6.5 VS 8.5 Hoverboard

Are you thinking of buying hoverboard for your personal usage but have no idea which wheel size is suitable for you? There are a lot of other features like control modes, self-balancing ability, and control of hoverboards, etc. that must be considered before buying a new hoverboard for your usage but wheel size is one of the most prominent features that one must bear clearly in mind.

The size of the wheel is the most important feature that one must consider before buying a new hoverboard because the duration and the life of hoverboards are dependent on the strength of wheels.

In most of hoverboards, designs and construction material are same but the difference retains when it comes to the size of the wheels. Wheels are self-balanced and self-controlled by the internal mechanics of hoverboards that is the reason, wheel sizes must be given due importance before buying a suitable hoverboard.

There are different sizes of wheels when we talk about hoverboards that include:

You can purchase any of the hoverboard with any wheel size depending on your need, usage and wishes, etc.

The quality and the life of hoverboards are dependent on the manufacturing company and the material that is being used by them. But the usage of the rider is also associated with the sustenance of the hoverboard.

In this article we will elaborate on key features of hoverboards with wheel sizes of 6.5 inch and 8.5 inch. Also, we will do the comparison of both wheel sizes’ hoverboards for your ease. The main reason behind the discussion on these sizes is the popularity of these among common people.

Both of these sizes are most commonly used and therefore, we have developed a thorough comparison of these sizes here so that you may be able to understand which one will be suitable for you.

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6.5-inches wheel

6.5 VS 8.5 Hoverboard

6.5 inch wheel size is the most common and easily used hoverboard. Keeping in view the price range, features and design, this hoverboard is the most popular public choice in every manner.

The solid outer metallic body protects the body from getting unusual scratches and allows the rider to ride freely on any surface.

With the weight handling capacity of 65 pounds, this hoverboard can accommodate person having 65 pound on an average. You can pack up your bag pack with an average weight of 100 pounds and can travel easily with this affordable personal commute.

For your guidance we have also placed the pros and cons of 6.5 inch wheels hoverboards:

pros Cons
Good weight handling capacity It’s better to use this hoverboard indoors for long life
Easy to move wheels and suitable size Not suitable for using on uneven and grassy terrain

8.5-inches wheel

6.5 VS 8.5 Hoverboard

If you an avid lover of adventures and long journeys in one go then this hoverboard can be the right choice for you. With extensive wheel size and high weight carrying capacity, you can prolong your travelling using this hoverboard.

The wheel size of 8.5 inches allows the hoverboard rider to travel on long distances in a smooth way. With extensive weight carrying capacity, you can easily use this hoverboard if you weigh between 100-150 pounds. But the most common principle is that the lighter you are in weight, the easier you can commute using a hoverboard.

We recommend you to carry the minimum stuff with you to avoid the heavy weight problems. With lighter weight, you will be able to stand smoothly using your hoverboard and can travel longer.

If you love going into wild and like to explore ore natural areas, this hoverboard will serve the best purpose for you. By spending a few hundred dollars, you can enjoy the thrilling experience of personal and easy commute.

Though there are a lot of hoverboards available in different size wheels but this hoverboard comes with the highest weight carrying ability. You will enjoy the maximum range with this hoverboard.

No matter what the weather is outside, if you want to enjoy the lovely outdoor environment, just get your hoverboard and set the journey without any fear of being caught with any accident.

Let’s give you some knowledge about the pros and cons of 8.5 inch wheel hoverboards:

pros Cons
Ideal to use for outdoors Doesn’t come with longer battery timings
Suitable for riding on grassy, rough terrain Though heaviest weight carrying capacity but suitable to carry weight lighter than that
Can carry weight above 200 pounds A bit expensive when compared with 6.5 inch wheel hoverboard
Ride equally well on hard surfaces and uneven paths  

Which you will prefer? 

Depending upon your usage requirement, likes and dislikes, you can select the one that will serve the best for you. Both 6.5 inch and 8.5 inch wheel hoverboards have their own advantages and disadvantages; you can pick the one which suits you.

If you like to use hoverboard indoor or on flat surfaces, 6.5 inch wheel hoverboard is the best option for you. But if you an avid adventurer and love to have thrilling exposure of rough terrain, try 8.5 inch wheel hoverboards.

We hope that you have found all the much needed information about both hoverboards. There is no denying the fact that a lot of hoverboards are available in the market with different sizes but 6.5 and 8.5 inch wheel hoverboards are among the most common hoverboards with reference to public fame and positive remarks.

So, always research a lot before buying the right hoverboard for you so that you may enjoy your ride.

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