The Best Hoverboards for Adults in 2020 (The Ultimate Guide)

Hoverboard, a name which was just mythical in past is reality of today and the market has lot to offer and surprise the customers ,where initially the kids were fascinated by this magical invention now adults are equally participating in the craze and specially heavyweight adults who had mobility issues are more than fascinated by this product as it’s not just fun to them but a requirement more or less that can bring ease to their life and make them more social and help them to be everywhere, even where they can’t be .

Nowadays we have hoverboards that can support heavyweight up to 250 or even 420 lbs. so let’s ease your search and present  you the five best which market have to offer

1- Swagtron Pro T1

Hi there looking for a value for money and a high-end hoverboard here you are, at the right place Swagtron pro T1 is a great choice as a hoverboard which is economical still providing with the most desired features without rocking your budget.

This hoverboard has a dashing look to add in your classy personality and a safe choice as well, let’s have a look at the outclass features Swagtron T1 has to offer.


  • Let’s cruise on this Swagtronhoverboard with a max speed of 8mph and a mile range of 7-12.
  • When it comes to weight capacity it’s a piece of good news for some adults as well as it has to offer you a leverage of 220 lbs ( a hoverboard for adults)
  • It’s a safe choice, no fear of short circuit and no problem of fire catching as it is a UL 2272 product (UL2272 assures that the hoverboard being recommended by its panel has all the safety measures to make it a shockproof and fire-resistant product)
  • With safety, your Swag is equipped with style as well as it has to offer you with stylish Led lights
  • It takes care of all ease and usability so brings you battery indicator and rubber bumpers
  • To add more fun to your ride it offers you two riding modes
  • Moreover, for your smart and safe battery usage, it owns a Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield which provide you multi-layered protection for your stake board
  • Loaded with an upgraded 250 Watt motor and a perfect gear stabilization to improve your downhill traction experience and offers a tighter grip for your ease and safety(best hoverboard kart for adults up to 220lbs)
  • Provides a mileage range of up to 7-12
  • Charging timings 1 hour and that lasts for up to two to three hours
  • Size (inches): 23 W x 4 H x 7 D
NOTE: never  forget to look into the instruction manual while operating any electronic device or tool
  • Economical and easy to afford hoverboard
  • Eco-friendly
  • 8mph speed
  • UL2272 certification
  • Safety measures up to date
  • 7-12 mile range on a single charge
  • Weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.
  • Upgraded 250-watt motor
  • Self-balancing scooter
  • Can be kart for adults
  • Patented SWAGTRON Sentry Shield for smart and safe use of battery
  • Charge in 1hour and lasts for 2-3 hours
  • Standard and leaning mode
  • Led headlights
  • Bluetooth in availability

My verdict

In my opinion which is based on a survey of 790 consumers that it is a good money valuing product that has been recommended by 57 percent users 6 percent found it good 4 percent said satisfactory and 28 percent met issues with reliability that may have been resulted due to rough usage so my verdict is always tended towards majority so I say it’s a go-ahead product with its several pros.

2- Razor Hovertrax 2.0

It provides you with super ease and comfort with a perfect safety certification from UL 2272 that assures that a gadget is safe from any kind of shock or fire hazard.

This hoverboard is also referred as world smartest hoverboard as claimed by its manufacturers, but what’s so special about this Hovertrax 2.0 that’s it’s the best hoverboard for adults  and kids don’t worry you are the only one trying to dig the truth and find out the reality here we accompany you to the journey towards the truth let’s look deep into its features and explore this celebrated smartest hoverboard ever, that’s what’s so smart about it


  • This smartest self-balancing hoverboard is made by Razor which is a globally tried and trusted brand for the manufacturing of electric gadgets for recreation, a true plus point I believe as I mostly prefer the acknowledge brands(unless a lesser brand is getting highly positive reviews)
  • It owns a UL certification that means that the product has a clean chit from fears like having short-circuited or getting fire.
  • It offers a true hovering speed of 8 +mph but the real plus is its 350-watt motor which is silent and quiet powerful and earns Hovertrax the name within brands producing best Hoverboard for adults
  • Very comfortably supports the weight capacity up to 220lbs
  • It is equipped with a heavy LG battery of 36 v that provide a continuous run time of 60 mints and the battery is easily removable you can even switch the battery and enjoy a longer ride (moreover battery is lithium-ion battery)
  • It features a Razors ultra-EVER BALANCE technology, which makes it self-sufficient in balancing and leveling, so this Hovertrax 2.0 can assist you a lot towards a super smooth ride.
  • Definitely, to wear the tag of smartest it will have to be cool enough in looks as well so here we are with dashing blue Led lights bar and fancy fender bumpers all check.
  • For users ease and information it comes with a Led bar for battery indication
  • And for more fun and ease it offers two modes of driving choose one that suits you.
  • So with all the above-said features, I guess it deserves the title of the smartest hoverboard ever.
  • A renowned brand with good repo Razor
  • 8 +mph speed
  • UL certification
  • 350 watt powerful and silent battery
  • One of the best hoverboards for adults up to 220 lbs.
  • 36 V LG battery
  • Easy to switch lithium-ion battery
  • Razors Ultra ever balance technology
  • Two driving modes (make this hoverboard a good choice for kids as well)
  • Led light bar and fender bumpers provide a cool look
  • Led display for battery update
  • No assembling is required
  • Hoverboard for heavyweight
  • A bit expansive

My Verdict

Now it’s the time to present you with my opinion which definitely is not personal and based on the reviews and interviews from no less than 600+ users, 74 % of them were super excited to present their views and highly recommended the product ,8 % found it to be very good in use and expressed joy while experiencing it on sloped(up to 30 %) surfaces,3% percent found it satisfactory and the minority of 10 % said they were not happy with the high cost and Bluetooth unavailability, but the cost I believe is quite justified for such high class and high-end product . so I conclude it to be recommended as a hoverboard for all and even a hoverboard kart for heavyweight adults (but not more than 100 kg) you just need to install a seat into in and here you go.

3- EPIKGO, All-Terrain 8.5”

Here it comes a mighty electronic scooter as it a big entry in the game of hoverboards for heavyweight adult lists .this scooter is built to take care of your all needs and wishes associated with an electronic scooter or a hoverboard.

EPIKGO is the first hoverboard that is an actual all-terrain hoverboard no matter where are you driving every surface is just as smooth as the sky for our mighty Epikgo version.

It is featured with all those qualities which could be demanded from a high tech hoverboard ideal for adult adventurers.

Let’s dig into some of its outclass features that make it worth a must-have hoverboard for 13+ onwards


  • This scooter has gone through all possible tests which could be conducted to ensure a product’s safety clearing 159 tests and providing you with the safest yet super-fast hoverboard, and yes, of course, it is UL certified.
  • With all its safety checks from fire to shock hazard, it is a recommended hoverboard for adults and teenagers 13+ onwards
  • Our Epikgo is truly an epic version for a hoverboard as it seems like one of the mightiest on the list it offers a 400 W dual battery and being a true depiction of all-terrain as it can manage an adult ride and have fun even on the sloped surface of 18 degrees for continuous one hour at the speed of 10mph on a single charge, isn’t it simply oh wow!
  • This best brand for heavyweight adults is actually a nicer choice to go anywhere, don’t ponder that the surface will support your hoverboard or not definitely your best balance board will balance itself and handle all terrain.
  • Epikgo is rated IP56 for its toughness and water resistance.
  • The mightiest need the strongest as well so the tires are made up of solid rubber and 8.5” easily maneuver through mud, sand and even damp grass.
  • Product weight 31 lbs.
  • EPIKGO is not only double powerful than any other hoverboard it’s actually 30% bigger than any other leading available option.
  • larger means a bigger space to stand and even fix a seat and turn it into a hoverboard kart for adults still providing a stable ride.
  • Maximum weight is 250 lbs according to user manual but restricted to 240 lbs
  • And a minimum weight of 44 lbs
  • A super-fast gadget with a super-fast charger, charges in only two hours.
  • An ultra-terrific model, a giant of hoverboard industry
  • It’s the mightiest hoverboard
  • It’s the biggest hoverboard (30 % bigger)
  • Fast speed of 10mph
  • Fast charging
  • A true All-terrain
  • Weight capacity starts from 44 goes to 265lbs. according to the user manual
  • One of the few that can accommodate 250 lbs. weight
  • Heavy solid rubber tires 8.5”
  • Best hoverboard for adults and teenagers
  • Can be modified into hoverboard kart for adults
  • 400 w dual motor
  • Water resistance
  • UL certified
  • Self-balancing
  • Tackle the slopes up to 18 degree
  • Recommended for heavyweight adults
  • Aluminum alloy body super solid
  • Also features front and back lights
  • Dimensions 27.5×8.7x.9.1inches (700x220x230mm)
  • A bit heavier than other hoverboards around
  • Unavailability of flat tires, you have to feel every bump
  • Some customers had complaints with the operating system

My verdict

Now is the time to recommend it or condemn it but it is such a beautiful creation of technology that it seems like a dream come true ,you actually feel like hovering but her I never base my conclusion on personal feelings I go with the findings and I found out that out of 160 customers 65% customers recommended it 8% found it brilliant in use, 15 % said they satisfied with their purchase and 12% were not very positive about their purchase so like always I go with the majority and definitely with all its features and recommendations it’s a best to buy hoverboard and highly recommended for heavyweight customers.

Segway miniPRO (Black)

This product is actually a revolution in the field of personal transportation it’s actually not just o hoverboard you can actually count it as an electric scooter with a compact seat.

This is the product of maximum ease, comfort, liberty, and style, of course, equipped with all the latest features, you just name it and get it.

It’s a perfect selection of hoverboard for adults and actually the best hoverboard kart ever available. This super product is so super stuffed with immensely useful features that the praise goon, let’s move towards the feature segment and find it by your self.


  • It has a blue tooth availability that allows you to operate it via mobile
  • It is equipped with an anti-theft alarm which ensures its safety from thieves
  • It allows to enjoy customizable lights, moreover offers vehicle diagnostics and even firmware updates
  • This is a great product for teenagers to adults or even 60 + as it offers all the comfort and care required by older adults.
  • It is UL certified that assures that is a save product as UL Laboratories’ examine a product by passing it through various tests that whether a product is safe from shock or fire hazard or not.
  • Supports heavyweight up to 220 lbs.
  • Highly durable material which is used in the production of aircrafts the same is used in the production of the Segway mini pro.( A high-grade magnesium alloy)
  • An outclass shock absorbance such used by military and 10.5 inches pneumatic air-filled tires tires assures a smooth and shockproof ride
  • A seat and a handle for the users to add more ease and turned this hoverboard into the best hoverboard with handle for adults.
  • Blue tooth availability
  • Easy connectivity
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Super easy assembling
  • Security alarm
  • Stylish and beautiful lights
  • 5 “pneumatic filled and shock absorbance tires
  • Best hoverboard kart for adults
  • Comes with an attachable seat and handle
  • Best hoverboard with handles for adults
  • Highly durable material i.e. magnesium alloy
  • UL certified
  • 800 W motor
  • Easy to ride
  • Three riding modes
  • Charging is reported pretty slow
  • Few customers reported that few units don’t even charge properly

My verdict

In my view which I never base on my personal evaluation until and unless I make a survey of a good sample and here a sample size of 750 customers, 64% out of total strength approved the product and expressed their liking for the product and recommended it as well 18 % said they are very happy and the lesser left were unhappy due to their negative experience or disliking of few features.

My verdict always tends towards the majority and the majority approved it as a very well acclaimed best hoverboard for adults and especially heavyweight adults.

Swagtron T6

Here we are going to present a BIG BOSS of all-time heavyweight hoverboards as it is nothing less than THE BEST HOVERBOARD FOR HEAVYWEIGHT ADULTS, when I first saw it I was like in love with the brand actually which is so precise in observing and constructing each and every detail of this awesome hoverboard.

it was actually looking like a tough built but when I saw its weight capacity I was so very impressed and amazed as It was supported up to 420 lbs. Can you imagine it is actually what we can be called a beast among hoverboards lets have a look at the amazing features which It has to offer


  • The very big plus and a major selling edge is its weight capacity which is actually massive can you imagine that this little beast can carry and bear the weight of almost 420 lbs. its actually the double which other heavyweight hoverboards have to offer.
  • Can cross and overcome in all terrains without any problem and excuse; you can move on grass sand or even mud no problem dude.
  • With its maximum weight capacity, it also provides you the leverage of the maximum speed limit of 12mph.
  • 5 “tough tires they are tubeless and designed for all kinds of surfaces from rough to slippery.
  • Such a powerful beast definitely equipped with 800 W dual motor.
  • Charger voltage Input 100V-240V; 50-60Hz / Output 42Vdc, 2A
  • Along with all the incentives it is loaded with blue tooth availability as well, so enjoy the speed along with the rhythm
  • Sentry shield for battery even makes it a safer choice in all aspects.
  • Heavyweight capacity up to 420 lbs.
  • 800 w battery
  • UL certified
  • 5” wide tires
  • All-terrain
  • Sentry shield
  • 12mph
  • Blue Tooth availability
  • Tough construction
  • A handle with hoverboard for easy carrying
  • It might be a bit expansive

My verdict

My opinion after evaluating the product and conducting the survey is, that the majority customers are very happy with the products as it is an ultimate product for overweight users and this hoverboard is bringing ease in their lives by simplifying their movement and adding mobility, consumers reviewed that its inbuilt handle was very helpful for them to carry that hoverboard anywhere they needed. The best purchase for those who are looking for a hoverboard for a heavyweight.

NOTE: Refer the Instructional Video and the User Manual before use which is highly recommended.

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