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For the hoverboard orders, Hoverkart is an innovative and safe ride. It is an excellent means to double your fun and reshape your hoverboard. You will have an amazing experience of riding on your modified hoverboard.

Now you may be wondering what Hoverkart is and what superior quality type available in the market. It’s basically a self-balancing scooter. It comes with an electrically driven motor and seat connected with the cart. Moreover, it offers speed control so you can have a safe ride in the speed that you can control conveniently.

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sportuli Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment for Electric Self Balancing Scooters Fit Hover Board Sizes 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ Hoverkart for Hoverboards

The sportuli Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment is a versatile add-on for electric self-balancing scooters, including hoverboards in sizes 6.5″, 8″, and 10″. The hoverkart attachment transforms a hoverboard into a comfortable go-kart, providing a fun and safe way to ride.

Key Features

  • Suitable for 6.5, 8,10 inch hoverboard (Not Included)
  • Maximum payload of 265 lbs (120 kg)
  • Easy to learn and steer
  • 360° Swivel wheel
  • Adjustable frame lengths
  • Foam padded grips
  • Wider seat with back support

You can find the compatible models by checking the size, comfort, and adjustment with the kart. It is important to check compatible otherwise Hoverkart will not fit the hoverboard. The best one is that adjust to all types of hoverboards.
The popular models are made of three wheels, comfortable seats, and foldable handles. Now, are you thinking to have this ride for you or your kid? Then why not buy the one that is highly rated and available in your budget? Now thinking which one is best? No need to worry as here we have listed the top three models available. Let’s check their features and the make a decision to buy the best one.

HoovyKart – Go Kart Conversion Kit

HoovyKart is one of the best names in making such rides for kids and adults. You can attach this Hoverkart seat to any hoverboard. It is suitable for both adults and kids. Plus, it ensures safety so you can ride on it with confidence.

The easy to control machine with a stable seating position is best for all age groups. Moreover, the speed control option allows you to have a comfortable ride experience.

The HoovyKart comes in a 90% complete form. Just use the hoverboard strap to attach to seat. The ride comes with handles having direction, acceleration, turning, and braking features. Also, the adjustable frame ad foot pedals are suitable for a person of any height.

The comfortable seat is another excellent feature to provide you ultimate comfort. Lastly, the durable aircraft-grade aluminum frame is light in weight yet strong enough to be your companion in the long run.


  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Ultra-lightweight aluminum frame
  3. Safe to ride
  4. Comfortable seats


  1. Lack shock absorber springs

Worry-free Gadgets Go-karting

Love to have karting experience on uneven roads, grass, pneumatic tire, or any roadside? Then why not give a chance to Worry-free gadget go-karting. It is an excellent Hoverkart that comes with a comfortable seat, adjustable handle, and foot pedals.

The Hoverkart bundle comes with adjustable length for all age groups and vary in length of 6.5,8 and 10 inches. For maximum hoverboard speed, the kart is crafted with a balance car frame. Moreover, the sturdy kart is constructed with titanium steel to ensure the longevity of the product.

For easy control, the kart design includes the easy moving two rubber grip handles to allow the tour to turn left, right, forward, or backward. Two steering handles are also included to ensure a safe and freely moving ride.

The maximum hoverboard weight load capacity of Hoverkart is 200 lbs. and is best for the person of multiple heights. Even a person with 6 feet or above can easily ride by having Hoverkart attachment of long length attached to the hoverboard.


  1. Sturdy titanium steel frame
  2. Large and comfortable seat
  3. Shock absorbing springs


  1. The hoverboard get scratched easily
  2. Assembly is somewhat difficult

Hiboy HC-02 Hoverboard Go Kart

Hiboy Hc-02 hoverboard is another excellent model available in the market. Its has become the choice of most users because of sturdy construction, comfy seat, adjustable handles, and all features in between. It is a superb model suitable for people of all ages. Modify it in a smaller size for your kid or upgrade to a large length for yourself.

The compatible Hoverkart comes in a size range of 6 to 10 niches. Moreover, for more comfort designer has added the shock absorber spring so in case the kart gets jerks you don’t feel it. The kart is constructed with heavy material and has the ability to bear a weight of 270 lbs.

The easy to assemble kart comes with the adjustable and moveable hands, so you can easily turn direction, accelerate, or stop the kart. The ergonomic design, large seat, adjustable leg length, and rear suspension with wide front inflatable wheels all allow great control. Plus, provide an excellent riding experience.


  1. Easy to control
  2. Installation is very easy
  3. Adjustable footrest
  4. Free accessories replacement
  5. Shock absorbing springs present


  1. Not compatible with the hoverboards with mega wheels.

Final thoughts

Getting the best Hoverkart is somewhat tricky as you have to find the one that easily adjusts with your hoverboard. Before you buy check the length and compatibility plus ease of installation. Lastly, don’t forget to check seat size, length of kart, wheel, and control system.


What is the average length of the rear suspension seat?

The average length of average suspension seta suitable for all ages ranges from 6.5 to 10 inches.

Which material is best to buy the Hoverkart?

The best material that is light in weight and sturdy in design is stainless steel or titanium steel and the aluminum allow frame. All these three are the best options as these do not get rusted, ensure durability and best for people of heavyweight.

How to buy the best Hoverkart?

To buy the best one you have to look upon the steering, adjustable handles, seat comfort, mid, and front steering, compatibility, and adjustability features.

What is the function of the back steering?

The back-steering has benefits as it allows the rider to reverse the Hoverkart conveniently. Most kart lack this feature. Try to find the one with this option so you can move the kart on the front side as well as on the backside easily.

Why Hiboy C is the best option?

Hiboy C comes with the adjustable length options, plus have a shock-absorbing feature and an adjustable steering handle to move the kart conveniently.

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