How Fast Does Hoverboard Go?

Curious to know how fast do hoverboards go? That’s a tempting question when you buy a new hoverboard or going to buy one.

If you are buying it for your kids, it’s important to know the top speed of the hoverboard to measure the risk and safety.

The Spaceboard Hoverboard

The Spaceboard Hoverboard

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Street Saw Hoverboard

Street Saw Hoverboard

The Street Saw Hoverboard is another fastest hoverboard that tops at 11 miles per hour and features a great design.


Tomoloo Hoverboard

t is the best and safe app-controlled hoverboard for kids. The Tomoloo hoverboards come with some cool-looking flashy lights and unique design.

Halo Rover

Halo Rover

It is by far the most kid-friendly hoverboard. This hoverboard is reliable and easy to control. The Halo Rover comes with everything you might need in a hoverboard.

How fast hoverboard does go

If you are a true hoverboard lover, then you can understand the fun of speeding up the hoverboard and going out for the horizon. Either you are riding a new Aventador or long-loved swagtron, you will definitely try to hit the maximum speed.

Sometimes speeding up can be for a genuine reason like getting medicine for your grandmom from a medical shop or return the purse of a lady who left that in your shop etc.

That’s where a speedy hoverboard can help you meet your requirements.

Although the risk of impact or accident is attached with speeding up the hoverboard, there are pros and cons of speeding up the hoverboard. So how fast does a hoverboard can go? Can it cross the speed of a bicycle or motorbike?

In this article, I am going to explain the speed variations of different hoverboards and analyze other factors involved in the speed of the hoverboard. That said, let’s get started…

Learning about the speed of hoverboard can be for different reasons. Few people might be interested to know how fast a hoverboard can go to measure safety and risk. While others would be interested in knowing the top speed of the hoverboard to get the fastest hoverboard.

The hoverboard speed ranges between 3 mph to 13 mph and the average speed is assumed to be 6 miles per second. Going 10 kilometers on a motorbike or a bicycle is different than going on a hoverboard.

How Hoverboard Picks Speed?

Although you consider several factors like speakers, rubber guards, and LEDs while choosing a hoverboard, but speed is another important attribute of a hoverboard when going to select a hoverboard. There is a range of factors describing the strength of the hoverboard and its speed.

The speed of the hoverboard not only depends on the motor but few other factors as well like the quality of the battery, brand reputation, size of the wheel, design and power capacity of the motor. Plus, weight a hoverboard carries matters a lot as well.

Similarly, there are different modes of operating the hoverboard that impacts the speed of the hoverboard. For instance, the hoverboard runs slower in a beginner mode and speeds up a little bit in a standard mode. So the speed controls play a vital role in the overall speed of the hoverboard. While riding a hoverboard, you have to adjust yourself according to the movement of the hoverboard not only to maintain the balance but to meet higher speed targets.

Another factor that hoverboard speed depends on is the surface you are riding the hoverboard. If you are riding the hoverboard on hilly or rough terrains, chances are you won’t be able to speed up as it becomes impossible to maintain balance while speeding up the hoverboard on such surfaces.

Let’s have a look at some fast hoverboards in the world.

Fastest Hoverboards

Now that you know what makes a hoverboard go fast and what factors are involved in speeding up and speeding down a hoverboard. Let’s have a look at some popular top-speed hoverboard available in the market to see what are the top speeds they possess.

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1: The Spaceboard Hoverboard

NEW All-Terrain HOVERBOARD SKINS: Made with Anti-fire Material
The Spaceboard Hoverboard

Robot Turbo Hoverboard

The Robot Turbo Hoverboard is another smart looking hoverboard that offers a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. The stunning architecture and design of the Robot Turbo Hoverboard allow you to take it on hilly and rough terrains without compromising the speed.

The board is durable and ready to withstand all of the hell.

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Skque Turbo Hoverboard

The SKQUE hoverboard is another one of the fastest hoverboards that comes with 8-inch wide wheels which are helpful to achieve higher speeds while maintaining the balance. The maximizing speed SKQUE hoverboard hits is 13 mph which is equal to 21 kilometers in an hour. You may think that it’s less than the above hoverboards, but riding a hoverboard moving at a speed of 13 mph can freak you.

The board can also achieve more speed and while maintaining the durability, thanks to the robust construction.

2: Street Saw Hoverboard

The Street Saw Hoverboard is another fastest hoverboard that tops at 11 miles per hour and features a great design. The lightweight design enables Street Saw Hoverboard to achieve fast speed without facing any damage. I am sure the Street Saw Hoverboard will make your enthralled and pumped.

I am not going to stop here…

Let me tell you about Lamborghini Hoverboards which are actually crafted by Lamborghini brand. This hoverboard features 8-inch wide wheels making it suitable for travel and rough terrains. As the Lamborghini layout attracts everyone towards its features and charm, similarly the Lamborghini hoverboard attracts consumers with its top speed and intelligent design. Plus, the brand offers an exclusive warranty for its product with exciting offers.

Street Saw Hoverboard

Can fast hoverboard can injure you?

Yes, and beginners are most affected by this problem. But nothing to worry about as there’s a solution for this and that’s hoverkart.

Hoverkart is an accessory that allows you to ride all types of the hoverboard. The hoverkart offers you a seat and a steering handle that allows you to control the speed and direction of the hoverboard. It can be difficult for beginners to maintain balance while riding the hoverboard for the first time. To avoid injuries, in the beginning, the hoverkart can be a helpful accessory.

I hope you must have learned a lot from this article, and if you like this article don’t forget to share it with others.