How Do You Start A Scooter With Dead Battery?

What’s worse than discovering your scooter’s battery is dead several miles from your destination, and you can’t start a scooter? If you have a scooter, you have probably encountered this frustrating situation during your adventurous journey.

Scooters have been a popular mode of local transportation in the United States for decades. Due to their comfortable ride and lightweight nature compared to other vehicles, they quickly made their space in town.

Along with multiple benefits, there are also some cons to everything, including scooters. The blog gives you various tips and tricks to help you start a scooter even if it lacks sufficient charging or its battery is out of charge.

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How Do You Start A Scooter With Dead Battery?

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Tip 1: Kickstart your scooter

Find a center stand at the bottom of your scooter. Now stand on the left side of your scooter and place your left leg on the center stand. Now push it toward the ground with some force. Firmly grip the handlebars of the scooter while exerting pressure on the kick; it will help your scooter to be placed on its stand.

Step 2:

Directly turn on your scooter using the ON button or ignition key. There is a kickstart lever you will find on the left side. Place your foot on that lever. Now apply the brake lever placed on the left side of your handlebar.

Step 3:

Time to forcefully and swiftly push down the kick lever and leave it so that it will come to rest in its original position.

You must repeat the process until the scooter’s engine ignites.

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Does a kickstart require a battery?How do you start a scooter with a dead battery?

There is no need to have a battery in your scooter to run it via kickstart. Kickstart can serve as a temporary replacement for you. Yet, it is not that reliable, as the voltages in kick start do not remain constant, so there is a continuous fear that they will spike without a battery.

Tip 2: Gain access to some batteries

Step 1:

If your scooter denies starting after several kicks, you must use another method to start a scooter. Access your battery that is placed underneath the seat, near the fuel tank, or sometimes underneath the footrest area (in most china manufactured scooters)

Step 2:

Now lift the battery placed within the plastic cover in the footrest area.

Step 3:

Expose the battery by unscrewing the Phillips head using a screwdriver. You will find clear signs of a negative pole (usually indicated as black) and a positive pole (usually marked as red).

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Tip 3: Jumpstart method

Step 1:

Completely turn off your scooter and then open the hood. Connect the positive side of the jumper cable with the battery’s positive terminal and the negative side of the jumper cable with the negative pole of the battery.

Step 2:

Now connect both the terminals (positive and negative) with the terminals of the scooter. Grab the brake on the handlebar’s left side and press the START button.

Step 3:

Remove the jumper wire from the battery if this tip proves successful without any tribulations. Connecting the jumper wire prolonged with the battery can cause severe damage to it, so permanently remove it to avoid such a bad experience.

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Tip 4: Can I use another vehicle to jumpstart my scooter?

Yes, you can; all you need is to follow these steps;

Step 1:

Off the vehicle and your scooter, and connect the jumper cable’s positive and negative terminals to the vehicle’s positive and negative battery terminals, respectively.

Step 2:

Connect these charged terminals of the jumper to the terminals of the scooter’s battery. Remember to apply the brake lever while doing this.

Step 3:

After a while, remove the jumper cable from your battery as your scooter’s battery has charged successfully. Do not allow the jumper cable to remain connected to the scooter’s battery.

Does the battery of my scooter charge itself?How do you start a scooter with a dead battery?

A battery may be found on practically every motorbike. Batteries are used to buffer electric energy and provide power for the motorcycle to start. An engine-powered generator charges the battery directly, and as long as the engine runs, current will flow through the battery.

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How can I charge my scooter?

Use the charger for your scooter. Connect the plug with the cable and the cable to the power source. Switch on the power source button, and your scooter will start charging.

How long can my 12V battery scooter last?

It depends upon the care and material of your battery with which it was made. However, the typical batteries, if they remain clean and undamaged, can last for 2 to 3 years without annoying you.

Can I charge my scooter’s battery while riding on it?

An alternator fits with the regulator, allowing your scooter to remain on charging while riding it. This functions in the same way as an engine in a motorcycle or a car.

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Due to their ease of use and availability, scooters are much more common in countries like America and the United Kingdom. This is because of less use of fuel and most probably easiness to carry.

However, they demand maintenance somehow more than other vehicles. Most of the time, the scooter’s battery dies without warning. To cope with this issue, we have mentioned all the basic tips and tricks to help you deal with such unfortunate circumstances.

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