How to get the hoverboard in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark

It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and hoverboard in Lost Ark is its most famous term. In the game namely lost ark, there’s been a  vast land of Arkesia. The game revolves around the mystery of an epic story. It is about the land of Arkesia and the fight between the Gods and Demons. It also provides its offline experience but also with the solo player. It has a large number of advanced classes which offer different fighting experiences. The player needs to customize himself according to the new class of game. It will provide a huge and diverse land to travel including islands, subcontinents, and seas.


Mounts are the special helping tools in the lost ark that help the player travel across the huge world of Arkesia. They are of different forms and shapes like hoverboards. These mounts are bound to the accounts. A mount can be unlocked by any character but all the characters of the same history are allowed to use all the mounts.

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Mounts in Lost Ark

How to get the hoverboard in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark contains a large number of mounts that help players to move rapidly across Arkesia. These mounts work as a helping hand for the players to travel the diverse land of Arkesia. These mounts are in large numbers, sizes, and shapes. The first mount obtained in the game is a horse. Many players of the Lost Ark use this amount to travel quickly. The horse is considered a starter mount of the game. Some players also use Platinum Founders pack exclusive mount. This pack is filled with a large number of gifts that help out the player during his journey. This game also provides other mounts and a treasure box

How to get hoverboard mounts in Lost Ark?

How to get the hoverboard in Lost Ark?

Two types of hoverboard mounts are displayed by Lost Ark. These mounts are required to be unlocked by the player. These mounts are:

It is the hoverboard that is easy to obtain among the two boards. Limited time twitch drops containing the Neugier hoverboard. It is a free drop and can be gained by watching the broadcast of Lost Ark Twitch live stream. For this purpose, the player needs to have a Twitch account and follow the Twitch channel. Players need to watch the Lost Ark broadcast Twitch stream for 4 hours. For this purpose, the player visits the Twitch site and participates to watch the broadcast stream of Lost Ark for four hours tagged as “Drops enabled”.

After watching that four-hour live stream, the player will be notified on Twitch. For activating the drops, players link their Twitch and Steam accounts. They approach the Lost Ark to Twitch drop page to do so. Rewards will be awarded to the player. After retrieving awards, the players log out of Lost Ark. Then, they press the icon of the box showing on the screen between the mail envelope and log-in rewards. Then the player will get the inventory product, which will stay in the player’s inventory. The players usually add it to their list of mounts by pressing on the right side of the screen. The drop will then appear in the game.

Apostle hoverboard:

The Apostle hoverboard can also be achieved in Lost Ark. The player need to perform the following tasks to get the Apostle hoverboard.

Requirements to have Apostle hoverboard

Boost the character to reach the level of 50. Unlock the weekly tasks and Una’s daily by moving through the North Vern questline. Players need to complete 50% adventurous tome in Arthetine.

The player next moved towards Island facility X-301 and for initiation of the serviceable conditions questline, the player communicates to the defective product NPC. After all this inquiry, Secret Hideous Access Card is awarded to the players. The player needs to defeat the Tarmakum boss at this point by Una’s task to unlock the android emancipation.

The player kills the quest robots as he proceeds further. The further he moved, the more he was required to communicate with the quest robots to get the tickets to the dungeon. The player must have a 302 gear score before entering the dungeon. This task is given to the player when he reaches level 50 for gaining the apostle hoverboard. On completing one unit’s task, ten reputation points are given to the player. 150 such points are required to open an apostle hoverboard. So to get the apostle hoverboard, the player is destined to repeat the quest 15 times. So for 15 consecutive days, the player repeats the task. One of the best features here is that the player is not required to follow any time limits to complete the job.

Una’s task

The player faces these tasks when he reaches level 50. These are performed on a daily and weekly basis. The player buys an item from Mari’s shop to give him more of Una’s tasks.

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Lost Ark is an interesting and mind-boggling hoverboard game to be played by people who wants to experience a higher level of challenge in the virtual world. If you are a keen player of the game and you ought to find the hoverboard in it to increase your playing range then the above-given instructions would be a huge help to you in this regard. Just remember that the fittest of all survive the best. So try to compete in every challenge that comes your way.

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