How To Make An Electric Scooter Faster?

Why do people love to buy electric scooters? Among various reasons, the most important is that the e-scooter empowers you with the facility to increase the speed limit. But how does this work? Here, in this article, we will explore all the tactics that people usually ignore or don’t know.

It is outrageous to watch a running boy lag you behind while you are driving an electric scooter. Although the hacks we will explore offer you the surety of increasing speed, they do not offer you life. Due to laws and legal permission, e-scooters are kept at very low speeds. For example, the maximum licensed speed in France is 15.5 mph, the same as in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, different countries have different speed regulations.

However, increasing speed by following certain tricks is entirely OK. We usually want to increase the speed limit as it is pretty frustrating to ride a vehicle at 15mph.

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What is Speed Limiter?

How To Make An Electric Scooter Faster?

The term “speed limiter” means a device that causes the speed to remain within certain limits so that you will get a safe and secure ride. The speed controller has been used since the 1900s and was designed to control locomotives as an electric bike hack.

The speed limiter tool was added intentionally to reduce the acceleration of the e-scooter due to some specific rules and laws. So the question arises here;

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How exactly does it work? 

When you push the button, the scooter’s speed remains restricted due to the cuts off the throttle. This feature is to provide you with safety in busy areas.

Before hacking the speed, you must know the types of speed limiters.

  • Electronic throttle lock
  • Anti-lock brakes

Electronic throttle brakes:

These brakes are required when your speed reaches a certain limit set by your traffic laws. This limit varies from scooter to scooter, ranging between 10 and 15 mph.

Anti-lock brakes:

This lock also has the same function as electronic brakes, as they stop the engine if you exceed the limits. These features are there to prevent you from overspeeding, causing severe injuries or unfortunate death. In short, it reduces the risk of accidents.

How to fasten your e-scooter?

Before removing the speed limiter, you should check some non-risky factors, like whether your battery is fully charged and whether the tires are air-filled or contain any punctures. These tricks are applied without alternation, so we call them non-modification tricks.

  • Battery charging:

Check the battery. The battery has an immense effect. If your battery is not fully charged, there is a 90% chance that your speed will not reach its maximum.

  • Check the tires:

Sometimes the tires are not correctly inflated or have some punctures inside the tube. So, in such cases, the tire will never rotate at its maximum approach.

  • Clean the motor thoroughly:

Since you are not a professional mechanic, it would be better for you to clean the motor with the aid of a professional mechanic. Otherwise, you would probably fail to fit the motor back into its appropriate place. However, by removing the dirt, the chances of boosting the speed boost dramatically. Suppose the motor can run smoothly so the engine can. And if it is not working after removing all the dirt, then take it to some workshop so a detailed analysis of the motor can be done.

  • Reduce the load:

If you overload your e-scooter, it will be problematic for it to attain its maximum velocity. Never overload your scooter if you want to boost the speed.

If you meet the above requirements but still do not have a sufficient increase in speed, you should consider modifying the scooter, such as removing the speed limiter or changing the display.

Globally, very few scooters are being sold without the addition of speed limiters. According to an estimation, almost 40 to 45 percent have speed limiters. However, some e-scooters are also available without this additional equipment (varies from region to region). To remove this limit, you must have sufficient knowledge in this regard.

So there are two different types of speed limiters i.e.

  • Hard Wired limiter
  • Firmware limiter
  1. Hardwire speed limiter:

Typically, this wire limits the controller’s power output to the motors by bridging a connection between the throttle and the controller. Different scooter models will have different solutions, but most manufacturers make it quite simple to disconnect the cable (through a clip or connector) that, when detached, will eliminate any power restrictions from the controller.

To unlock more power or speed, you should check whether your scooter has a hard-wired speed limiter.

  1. Firmware limiter:

The majority of scooters will implement firmware speed limitations at the controller level, while some scooters will have firmware speed limitations in the controller as well. This could become a little more difficult.

How to overcome this speed limiter?

To get rid of the speed limiter, you must pull off some components outside the scooter, such as the speed controller and the digital display. You can overcome the issue by replacing it with an upgraded or advanced model. If you are not too polished in this field, it would be better for you to hire a mechanic.

The speed limiter is not to frustrate you or spoil your journey but to provide legal protection that provides you with the reliability of a safe journey by avoiding accidents.

However, to change the speed limiter, it is better to know which type of e-scooter you have.

Suppose you intend to remove the speed limiter to avoid any limitations regarding the speed. Just follow these steps to remove it.

Step 1: Start the whole process by unscrewing the topmost two crossheads. Unscrew them until they are free from any fixture.

Step 2: After the complete detachment of the speed limiter, it will reveal two metal rings,

where it was attached before.

Step 3: After that, open the case in the direction of the first (front wheel)

It is hard to take out the old controller and insert the new one inside the scooter under the influence of a bundle of electronic wires. Sometimes, the size of the new controller could be large compared to the space where it has to fit.

But you can fit it appropriately if you remove the two additional metal pieces from it. The size would reduce according to the insertion space.

The advanced e-scooter controller will allow the addition of a 20km/h speed.

Change the display

The steps to change the display are as follows;

  • Replacing the display is relatively easy compared to the speed controller. All you need is to unscrew the previous old display by disconnecting the cables and attaching them to a new collection.
  • While fixing the new display for your e-scooter, whether it fits appropriately or is smaller than the space allotted is not confirmed.

If such circumstances occur, you can use this hack.

  • Take stiff cardboard, and wrap it inside the electrical tape to increase its volume.
  • Attach this tape-cardboard combination to the new display so that its volume fitted to the space. After fixing the display, screw back everything which was unscrewed before.

That upgraded display you will soon add could assist with extra Bluetooth connectivity.

How much speed can an e-scooter boost?

How To Make An Electric Scooter Faster?

After applying such changes, you can increase the speed from 5 to 10 mph or 10 to 15 mph. The increase in speed can vary from scooter to scooter. Nevertheless, in rare and fortunate cases, you can boost the speed from 25 to 28 km/h.

The effects of removing the speed limiter:

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However, there are some benefits to having the speed limiter. But here we enlighten the cons to eliminate the speed limiter from your e-scooter.

These include:

1. Engine reliability

It is calculated that the speed limiter causes damage to the engine before its time. Some people argue that when a speed limiter is attached to the scooter, it stops if it exceeds the limits. However, if you remove the additional speed limiter, the engine will operate without restrictions. So, the engine has no burden in containing the extra speed, which increases the engine’s lifespan dramatically. Due to these alterations, 20–20% of engine efficiency increases.

2. The working ability of fuel:

If the speed limiter is removed, less power will be consumed, which means less fuel combustion will occur. Due to less combustion, it is estimated that the engine becomes less heated, leaving the lowest chance of damaging the engine. Moreover, less power implies a minimum effect on the other components of the electronic scooter. In this way, it is economical to remove the speed limiter.

3. Acceleration:

The primary and prime purpose of eradicating the speed limiter is to tremendously enhance your scooter’s swiftness. After removing it, no speed restriction would be left on the scooter. The speed gradually increases, giving the e-scooter an advantage.

4. Save your valuable time:

If you are in a hurry to go to work and want to fulfill the commitment earlier, then having a fast scooter can benefit you. This drastic increase in speed saves your precious time.

5. More adventure:

Your enjoyment sucks when you see you lag your competitors. Having sufficient speed enhances the adventure you imagine while purchasing an electric scooter.



Here are some frequently asked questions by e-scooter users

  • What happens when the speed limit is reached at a certain point?
  • The computer intervenes after you reach a certain top speed and limits the flow of fuel and air to the engine and the sparks that ignite combustion. In any case, you won’t be able to go faster than the vehicle’s manufacturer-specified top speed.
  • Can a speed limiter be disabled?
  • The engine computer can now be reprogrammed, or aftermarket performance chips are available in many scooters, changing the engine’s performance. Depending on the tuner’s preferences, these adjustments may increase an engine’s power or fuel efficiency. The speed limits may also be removed as part of that programming.
  • How can you make an electric scooter faster than it was before?
  • Upgrade the speed controllers on your scooters. Remove the firmware or cable that limits speed. Replace the battery and running voltage on your scooters. Boost the tire pressure.
  • How can I make my Xiaomi M365 faster?
  • Establishing a Bluetooth connection to create a room flash that will update the scooter’s firmware would be best. You must access the speed and power settings on the LCD panel if your scooter has a firmware speed limiter, such as the Xiaomi M365. This can be done under P Settings. It would be best if yed.
  • How can you get around an electric scooter’s speed limiter?
  • Remove the metal connecting the scooter’s wiring to the speed limiter by unscrewing it. If you can’t get this out, apply some tape to prevent the cords from further limiting speed.

Concluding the whole discussion, according to my recommendations, everyone should implement the hacks without removing the speed limiter, as this drastic increase in speed can have bad impacts. In many cases, people usually remove the limiter to find a smooth journey without considering that it has been made for their safety.

However, no one can change your mind. If you are an experienced rider and can manage the terrific speed of an electric scooter, then you can surely go for it. But you should be careful in this regard. It is not easy to remove a specific piece of equipment from the influence of some major wires. You should have some training, or you can approach a mechanic for this purpose. It is totally up to you.

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