Common Electric Scooter Problems And Solutions

So you’ve been contemplating the idea of purchasing an e-scooter? They’re an exceptional option for eco-conscious urban commuters seeking a greener mode of transportation that won’t break the bank. As with any vehicle, however, there are a few common electric scooter problems you might face that you should be aware of to ensure that you’re prepared for any eventualities when you’re out and about.

In general, most issues can be easily resolved if you take proper care of your scooter and maintain it regularly. When encountering an occasional hiccup, depending on the problem, you might be able to solve the majority of minor difficulties yourself. Nevertheless, if you’re not sure, we advise consulting with a certified technician for a tune-up. If you are considering a Nought. One, our dedicated UK-based warehouse can provide support if necessary.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some common problems and solutions that you may encounter while riding your e-scooter, including tips on troubleshooting various issues

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There are some issues regarding the e-scooter”

At What Age You Can Ride An Electric Bike?

Battery issues:

At What Age You Can Ride An Electric Bike?

The majority of electric scooters suffer from battery death as a result of improper charging or a flaw. Here, some other elements cause the battery to die earlier. That includes the cold temperature and the damaged battery, reducing the charging capacity. However, there is a slight difference between a dead battery and a battery about to die. The dead battery leaves the scooter with no power to run, whereas the low battery causes it to run slowly until it fails completely.

To set your battery, first of all, charge it without any aid. Nevertheless, the battery takes a long time to charge fully. If you do not want to damage your battery internally, then never allow it to run out of charge. Ensure that the battery is charged at the end of the day. If your battery is not charging correctly, try fixing it on the other end. If it is still not responding appropriately, it has a significant problem.

The only solution to a damaged battery is to replace it, as the damaged battery would charge slowly and run out of charge fast. Like cell phone batteries, if you try to repair the battery, it will not work for more than one month.

The instrument that is usually used to check whether your battery is charging or not is a voltmeter. However, you can replace the battery with a new one to work correctly.

Heating engine:

Excessive heat in the engine occurs due to several factors, including the heat in the surroundings and using a scooter. For example, if you are using your scooter from the start of your day and still using it till the evening of the day, the engine will heat up, which in turn causes combustion. You should turn off your scooter and fix it if you feel something is awkward. However, if you ignore this problem, you intentionally allow the scooter’s battery to get damaged.

Checking the battery and ensuring it is not too hot should come first. If so, wait until it has cooled before using the scooter. Make sure the air vents aren’t obstructed. If they are, clear the obstruction and attempt to accelerate once more. You might need to replace the cooling fan if the engine is still heating up. Additionally, you might want to check for any issues with the electrical system and wiring. Before using the scooter again, check for any problems and have them addressed by a specialist.

If your engine draws too much current from the battery, it has more chance of heating up quickly. In such situations, the rider should turn it off quickly. If something is blowing, check out the other wires and fuse. If you fail to detect the problem yourself, you must call a technician. Meanwhile, please avoid riding on your e-scooter.

Slow running issue:

The electric scooter has its maximum speed limit, as shown in meters. It is totally in your control whether you want to boost the speed or slow down.

On flat ground, there is a complication in riding the scooter at its highest speed. A perfect scooter with no issues can run dramatically on a flat road. But the speed reduction is obvious in the mountains, where the streets have pits and bumps.

But there must be a problem if you face speed issues on a flat road and your scooter is not getting the speed you want. If you are encountering such cases, you should reexamine your scooter, as it must have some problems.

It can be estimated that if your scooter is not running at full speed, you probably have some battery issues. It means the time is near to change your battery, or you will be deceived by it on some cold day.

The only solution to avoid such an unpleasant occasion is to replace your battery with a new one. So, if you switch the battery earlier, it would be better for you to avoid such circumstances.



Tire puncture

Common Electric Scooter Problems And Solutions

If the air pressure is low, then there is a chance that the air pressure will be low in the tires of an electric scooter. Some driving resistance occurs when the size of the contact patch (the place where the tire is in contact with the part of the ground) is increased to its normal size. As a result of this resistance, the tire faces some difficulties running smoothly. In such situations, there would be two circumstances: either the tire is facing low air pressure due to the accidental release of air outside the tire, or it would be due to small holes inside the tire’s tube, in simple words, “a puncture.” In both cases, you should seek the tire repairer’s help, or you can also pump the air inside it (if it is not punctured).

It seems a bit funny, but if you are bulkier than usual, it would be difficult for your scooter to bear your weight, which could probably be the reason for a slow-speeding scooter. If you overload the scooter beyond its capacity, there is an 80% chance that your ride will end before its time. In such cases, you must lose weight; otherwise, you must compromise your E-scooter speed. Another way is to entirely replace your scooter with a new one with the maximum capacity to carry heavy weight.

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Acceleration issues:

Sometimes the scooter behaves weirdly when it suddenly boosts its speed and slows down again. This strange behavior of a scooter can cause its rider to fall. Moreover, the scooter gives no swiftness, so it cannot gain its maximum speed, which is not good.

When we get such a sudden acceleration of a scooter, which is entirely uncommon for a person, many factors come into play. It may include that the battery is not working correctly or that it does not provide you with sufficient power due to the electric motor of the scooter jamming in the down position. If you see such a situation, you must own it and try accelerating again. Check out the motor or fuses if the scooter fails to give sufficient acceleration.

There must be some electrical issues. Speed difficulties are usually due to blown fuses or wire issues. If you check all these issues and still cannot find the problem, it surely needs a proper electrical service.

Another issue with the scooter’s throttle is that it occasionally fails to function properly so that the scooter behaves weirdly, like a sudden drastic speed on your scooter.

Most of the time, the speed issue occurs due to electrical problems. You must check the speed controller and fuse to get rid of this issue. But if you find no problem with the controller, fuse, or wiring, then you must check with a professional mechanic of the e-scooter.

Brake Lever:

Try inspecting them to see if the brakes are functioning properly. You might need to clean and grease the brakes to keep the scooter from locking up. If the brake pads or cable are fully worn out, replace both. The brake lever switch can be activated by mistake. The throttle control system of the scooter is connected to this gadget. When it is used, the entire system will go inactive.

Reconnect any loose cables after checking for them. The wiring may frequently become slack. If that doesn’t work, you might need to have repairs made by a specialist.

An electric scooter’s faulty brake wires or pads might also result in sluggish throttle response. Failure of the electric scooter’s brakes might cause the vehicle to lock up and not go at maximum speed.

Flat tire issue:

If you have been using an electric scooter for a long time, you must have faced the problem of a puncture in your tire. It is a common issue that every vehicle faces. So if you face such an issue, don’t panic, as it is not a big deal to resolve. All you need is an air filler as an accessory. Nevertheless, if your tire is badly damaged, bearing several holes due to nails or thorns, then it would be a better option for you to replace it as quickly as possible. To overcome these unpleasant circumstances, you must have a spare tire to change it on the spot. Changing is tricky, but with a little practice, you can do that.

Kill switch issue:

Just as your cell phone has a power-saving mode, your electric scooter has a power-saving switch known as the kill switch. Its function is to help energy be saved or preserved. So it is beneficial for the scooter to have its kill switch on when it is not in use or when you are charging. Turning it on after a long day’s ride will help to save power. However, sometimes you forget to turn off the kill switch while starting your e-scooter, so the scooter fails to start its system. Every e-scooter must contain such a switch, so while starting it, you should check whether the kill switch is on or off.


Besides significant issues that require replacement or the concern of mechanics, there are also some other issues. If your scooter suddenly stops in the middle of your journey, you have to push it to about 3 to 5 mph so that it will start working again if there is no technical default. Here is another aid: if the scooter suddenly stops without any major problem, you shut it off once and then start the engine after 3 to 4 minutes. It might work on a smooth ride. Sometimes, the power switch does not work properly, just like it fails to light up when we kick in to start the engine. So in this situation, first, you have some knowledge of machinery so that you would be able to examine the machine throughout to see whether some wire is broken or loose.

Regular care of the e-scooter:

The proverb perfectly applies here. “Prevention is better than cure.” Fixing the problem at its initial stages is much better before it damages the whole scooter drastically. Always check the scooter before going on a long journey. You must have a little knowledge about maintenance as there are circumstances where there are no signals or mechanics.


In conclusion, electric scooters are an excellent option for those looking for a greener mode of transportation. However, it is important to be aware of common problems that may arise, including battery issues, heating engine, slow running issues, and tire punctures. Proper maintenance and care can help prevent most problems, but it is recommended to consult with a certified technician if any issues arise. Overall, if you are considering purchasing an e-scooter, it is important to be aware of these potential problems and how to address them. Remember that the Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter is a great option for all-terrain capability and skate park tricks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my electric scooter turning on but not moving? 

If your electric scooter is turning on but not moving, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to figure out the problem:

  1. Check the battery using a voltmeter to see if it’s charged. A dead battery is often the reason for a scooter not moving.
  2. Verify that the charging port is functioning properly and that the battery is charging. If the battery is okay, the charging port may be malfunctioning. You can tighten the connections if they appear to be loose.
  3. If this is your first time using an electric scooter, it may be a kick-to-start model, which requires you to get the scooter moving before the throttle engages (usually around 3mph). Some models allow you to turn off this feature, but it is recommended to keep it on for safety purposes.
  4. If you’re pressing the throttle but the front wheel isn’t moving, there may be an issue with the motor. If you suspect a motor problem, it’s best to take the e-scooter to a professional for motor replacement.

How do I reset my e-scooter?

If you’re experiencing electrical issues with your e-scooter, there may be a reset feature that can help resolve the problem. Many electric scooters have a reset button that you can press and hold for a few seconds to restart the device. Some models may also have the option to reset from the display or by holding down the power button, throttle, and brake lever simultaneously. Consult your manufacturer’s guide for specific instructions on how to reset your particular make and model of e-scooter.

If a simple reset doesn’t work, you can try a factory reset by disconnecting the battery or controller from the scooter’s body. However, be sure to check your warranty before attempting any hardware modifications. If you do remove the battery, wait a few minutes before reconnecting it and restarting your scooter. If the problem persists, disconnecting and reconnecting the controller may be your next step. If all else fails, it’s time to see a technician for further assistance.

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