At What Age You Can Ride An Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient mode of transportation for people of all ages. These bikes are powered by a motor that is either operated by a throttle or activated by pedaling, making it easier for riders to navigate steep hills and long distances. However, one of the most common questions regarding electric bikes is, “At what age can you ride an electric bike?”.

But you don’t know whether your kid has reached the age where they can drive an electric bike or not. Well, it is the most important question that people usually ask. However, the answer states that it depends upon multifarious factors, just as,

The age of your kid, the speed of the e-bike, the availability of cycling tracks, and most importantly, the laws and regulations of your state for electric bike riding all come into play.

The Benefits of Electric Bikes

At What Age You Can Ride An Electric Bike?

Before we dive into the age restrictions for electric bike riders, it’s important to highlight the benefits of these bikes. Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, offer numerous advantages over traditional bicycles, including:

  • They are eco-friendly and emit fewer pollutants compared to cars and other motorized vehicles.
  • They are cost-effective, requiring less maintenance than cars and requiring only a small amount of electricity to charge the battery.
  • They provide an efficient mode of transportation, allowing riders to travel longer distances in less time with less effort.
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Key Features

  • Aluminum Alloy frame and fork
  • Front Suspension
  • Front basket
  • Cargo rack
  • Seamless welding
  • LED headlight and taillight
  • Thumb throttle
  • LCD display with USB charging
  • Shimano Altus Derailleur
  • Shimano 7 Speed Shifter


Different countries have different laws for e-bike riding:

  • In Canada, not all regions allow kids to ride e-bikes. However, those regions that permit electric bikes have limitations on the motor’s power, which must have less power than 500W. There are also some regions where laws demand you pass the test for e-bike riding.
  • The United States has different states, so their laws also differ. In most regions, motor power of less than 750W is allowed to be used.
  • Likewise, in other regions of the UK, there is no specific law, but it can vary according to need. For example, in London, you cannot ride an e-bike until you are 16.
  • In India, some states, such as Maharashtra, allow youngsters as young as 18 to ride e-bikes, as the city is the most crowded.

Is there any punishment for kids who ride e-bikes underage?

Although the police become lenient in cases of kids if your kid is caught riding an e-bike while underage according to your laws, they will surely be acceptable according to the Road Traffic Offenders Act; although it is not a significant violation of the law, the guardian will still be cautious the next time.

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At what age can a kid ride an electric bike?

Kids are usually sensible enough to tackle the pace with their school bags and other minor backpacks at this age. But normally, kids over 12 years old have permission to ride e-bikes. This age varies from country to country or state to state, as different countries have different traffic rules and congestion, so that age also varies.

Your child should be mature enough to consider the following things;

  • They must be mature enough to tackle the e-bike on the road or in busy areas with proper eye-hand coordination without panicking.
  • They should know the traffic rules (a proper knowledge of signals).
  • They must have had the appropriate reason to ride the bike, such as having no one at home to deal with the outside business.
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Salient Features

  • Electric bicycle with pedal-assist and throttle modes
  • Powerful 750W motor for efficient propulsion
  • Removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Long-range capability for extended rides
  • Shimano 7-speed gear system for versatile terrain options
  • Front suspension fork for smooth and comfortable rides
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • LED headlight and taillight for enhanced visibility and safety
  • LCD display for easy monitoring of speed, battery life, and other information
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars for personalized comfort

Types of e-bikes:

At What Age You Can Ride An Electric Bike?

If you are eager to buy an e-bike for your child, you must consider the following factors.

There are generally two types of bikes that are

  1. Pedal assisted e-bike
  2. Throttle-assisted e-bike.
  • The features of the bike reveal themselves by the name. The throttle-assisted e-bike contains the motor. The wheels of such bikes are in control of the motor. They resemble scooters more than bikes.
  • The other type is the pedal-assisted e-bike. This bike is somehow controlled by your feet as some extra push is given to the pedal to boost the speed. The additional power a motor provides the pedals does not cross the limits, such as 20-30 miles per hour.

These bikes are the best choice for children under 17 years old. Also, there is some relaxation of the age limit on these bikes so that kids aged 10–16 can ride them. Still, you need to know your region’s laws and regulations.

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Is there any need for a license for kids to ride an e-bike?

As discussed above, different states have different laws for e-bikes. Some of them demand a license for this ride, such as Missouri, Alabama, North Dakota, New Mexico, and many more. However, many countries demand nothing for its use. However, in every country, the driver’s age is something the government must consider seriously. Moreover, a helmet and other safety equipment are necessary for e-bike riders.

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How to teach your child to ride an e-bike?

Step 1: Before riding an e-bike, your child must know how to ride a regular bicycle. So that he would already learn the basics of riding a bike; if not, you must teach him to drive a cycle first. After this, he will feel comfortable driving an e-bike or any other vehicle on the road.

Step 2: Practice with your child to control the throttle, as it is the most complicated thing a kid must know how to handle. The kid will know its regulation and work by getting used to the throttle.

Step 3: After that, your child will be able to learn how to start and stop the vehicle quickly. The practice is important while driving on the road, so they will apply the brakes if another vehicle approaches it.

Step 4: Make it a habit for them to wear a helmet whenever they ride an e-scooter. This is the most important rule of every ride, but it has more significance for children. They allegedly wear a helmet to ensure their safety if they do not wear it alone.

After introducing the above guidance to your child, they will learn to ride the e-bike like an expert.


In conclusion, age restrictions for riding electric bikes vary by country and region, and it’s important to understand the laws in your area before purchasing or riding an e-bike. While there are safety concerns to keep in mind, electric bikes offer numerous benefits, including eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.


Is it difficult to ride an electric bike?

Electronic bikes need more effort than conventional cycles, even if they aren’t physically harder to pedal. To feel at ease with your e-bike, it is best to practice riding.

Once you become used to it, it will be simpler to peddle an e-bike than a traditional bike.

Do you still have to pedal an electric bike?

Yes, if you want to get the rewards of riding but with little physical work, you need to pedal an electric bike.

Can electric bikes go uphill?

Like any other bike, an e-bike is well-equipped to manage those sudden ascents on the road.

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