Best Skateboard Trucks In 2021

The best skateboard truck brands can not be contained in a single list. For this, you have to make multiple lists containing different heads. These may be like the best skateboard trucks for the street, best skateboard trucks for beginners, and best skateboard trucks for cruising. 

Weight plays an important role in this regard. This is the reason that when we are making a list we cannot ignore this so we may have a list of the best skateboard trucks for heavy riders. If you know who makes the best skateboard trucks then you will surely know the best skateboard truck brands. Money does matter, this also depends on your pocket size so you may be interested in the best cheap skateboard trucks. Functionality may create different lists this may be the reason that you will like the best lightweight skateboard trucks. Functionality does matter. This may lead you to the best cruiser skateboard trucks, best low skateboard trucks, best electric skateboard trucks, and best old-school skateboard trucks.

Now let us have a look at some best available choices. Hopefully, you will find the best product for you here. 

Skateboard Trucks by Jizmo

Silent Product Features

  • The product is not only strong but also very durable.
  • This product is known to be precise. So enjoy a smooth ride with this product
  • The skateboard can easily be adjusted as this facility is available due to the design of the product. 
  • If you are looking for an economical truck. This is the best truck for you to have

Product Description and Features

  • All the accessories: This product is filled with all the accessories needed for a beginner needed to begin its journey.
  • A durable Product: This is really a durable product. This product is made of aluminum. So the material that made this product actually improves the durability of the product.
  • The Tool Kit: The tool kit provides you with all the necessary adjustments so that you may have a precise ride on your skateboard.
  • Skate Where ever you want: This is an all-purpose skateboard accessory. You may keep and use it in nearly all types of situations.

What’s inside the Package

You will get these items inside your product pack

Package includes

  • You will get inside the skateboard truck 2 pieces
  • You will get inside the riser pad 2 pieces
  • You will get inside  T-tool one piece
  • You will get inside  wheels 4 pieces
  • You will get inside bearings 8 pieces
  • You will get inside Hardware

Attention: This is important to remember that lubrication is an important feature. Especially before the first use, this is good to

Independent 11 Skateboard Stage truck

Silent Product Features

  • Excellent  grind ability capacity
  • Aluminum as the Building material
  • Lightweight
  • Durable Product
  • Less frequency of the wheel biting
  • Turning Precision is great
  • Available in the Pair

Product Description and Features

  • Building Material: The building material used in this product is aluminum. This is the reason that this product is not only lightweight but also a fitness product that has all the qualities that a lightweight product can own.
  • Kingpin Clearance: The kingpin clearance is assured through the implementation of the design. In addition to this, the product has an excellent  gradeability capacity too
  • Wheel bite: The wheel bite is a common phenomenon. This is something that needs to be handled when you are dealing with Skateboard trucks. The great feature of this product is that you do not have to worry much about this when you are using this product. Although the problematic things are there, the frequency of the biting is really low as compared to the other available Skateboard trucks in the market. 
  • Turning Precision: Precision turning is an important aspect. This is something that is needed to be considered especially when you are dealing with someone who loves to skate. 
  • Available in the Pair: The product is available in the set of the two so you do not need to buy both separately.

60mm Jizmo Trucks for Skateboard ABEC-11

Silent Product Features

  • A Beginners tool kit.
  • Excellently Design
  • Aluminum as Building Material

Product Description and Features

  • A Beginners Tool Kit: This set is really important for beginners. Easy to use and it provides all the needed equipment that is needed by a beginner to operate accordingly.
  • Excellently Design: The product is excellent design by keeping in mind the needs of a skateboard rider.
  • Aluminum as Building Material: The building material used in this product is Aluminum. This is something That provides this product with two things. One is the long-lasting durability. The second is the ease of using the product. The ease of use of the product is due to its lightweight design.
  • Tool Kit: The tool kit has a T tool. This T tool is of many uses. This can be used for nearly all purposes as far as the different screws of the skateboards are concerned. 
  • The Experience you deserve: This really improves the quality of the experience for you. You cannot only enjoy the smooth ride on it. But along with this, it will also increase the comfort. 

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Premium Bushings Core Trucks for Skateboard made with  Aluminum Alloy

Silent Product Features

  • Aluminum Alloy is used as the raw material
  • Premium Bushings qualities
  • Color choices are available
  • 20 years of market reputation
  • USA made product

Product Description and Features

  • Customizability: This product provides the great variety of the color. This makes it really easy for you to choose the color that is liked by you. This is an excellent feature that is not provided by all. As for as the Amazon listing of this product is concerned you have 19 different color choices available for this product.
  • A history of 20 years: This brand is not a new brand in the market. Actually, this has a tradition to follow and a reputation to carry. So this is a quality product with the history of the 2o years behind it.
  • USA-made product: This product is made in the United States of America. So you should be sure about the quality of the product.

Silent Product Features

  • Complete tool kit with the skateboard trucks
  • Hassle-Free customer care Services

Product Description and Features

Complete Tool Kit

This product provides you with a complete tool kit. The multiple products you will get in this package will be

  • Trucks 2 in number
  • Wheels 4 in number
  • Bearings 8 in numbers
  • Riser Pads 2 in numbers
  • Hard wares 8 in numbers
  • T Tool for  All Skateboard Needs 

Hassle-Free Services

This product provides you with the best Hassle-Free services. Even when the product has been delivered to the customer. The manufacturer is still available to tackle the problems and needs of their customers. This is really the sign of a responsible business firm.

Final words
We are really thankful that you have taken your time out to read this article. Hopefully, This problem has sorted out your problems regarding the skateboard.

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