Backfire G2T Review – Going Turbo

Electric skateboards have gained immense popularity in recent years as an eco-friendly and efficient means of transportation. Among the various electric skateboard models available in the market, the Backfire G2T stands out as a reliable and high-performing option. In this review, we will explore the key features, design, performance, and customer feedback of the Backfire G2T electric skateboard.


Electric skateboards offer an exciting and convenient way to travel short distances, commute to work or school, or simply enjoy recreational rides. The Backfire G2T is a well-known electric skateboard that has captured the attention of riders with its impressive features and performance.

The shortcoming in the performance of the Backfire G2S has been improved. A very bad issue with the product is that the board vibrates too much. This issue has been resolved in the next model which is Backfire G2T. This also brings a nearly 10% rise in the price. The price of the backfire G2T review-going turbo is now 599$. The good thing is that it is less than 600$ even though it is one dollar less.

  • The Battery specifications for the Backfire G2S is 36 V 5.0 Ah while for Backfire G2T is 36 V 6.0 Ah. The charge-carrying capacity of the cells has been improved significantly. This is the 20%.
  • The Charging specifications for the Backfire G2S are that it took 3.5 hours to completely charge the battery while for Backfire G2T this time is reduced to 2.5 hours. This is due to the 2.5 A improved charger. Previously the capacity of the charger was 1.5 A and this was the reason that it took more time to charge.
  • The Wireless remote control specifications have been improved significantly. In Backfire G2S the remote control is without display. While for Backfire G2T the board settings with the display can be done through the wireless remote control.
  • Additional metal rings are included in the back tires. These back tires make the moment stable. The improved motor makes the journey more comfortable and the quality of the journey is automatically improved. 
Editor’s Pick

Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Electric Longboard for Adults & Teens, 23 MPH Top Speed,400W Singal Motor 240Lbs Max Load, 6 Months Warranty

The Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard is a powerful and high-performance option for adults and teens, boasting a top speed of 23 MPH and a 400W single motor. With a maximum load capacity of 240lbs and a convenient remote control, this skateboard offers a smooth and customizable ride, backed by a 6-month warranty.

key Features

  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Impressive speed and range
  • Enhanced control and stability
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • Maneuverability and responsiveness
  • Comfort and stability during rides
  • Suitable for various terrains
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Durable construction and components
  • Ergonomic deck and grip tape
  • Long-lasting battery life

Backfire g2t Review

I was thinking of writing this review for quite some time but the required information was not available in the desired form. This is the reason that this much-awaited backfire g2t review has been delayed so far. So now as I got the desired information I am in a better position to write the review. 

The affordability of the price, the versatility of the features and the more to move in the super fashion are the first introduction of this vehicle. This is the reason that I have decided to include this introduction at the beginning of the Backfire G2T going turbo review. 

Let me clear this to our readers that we haven’t taken money from the manufacturer or the seller of the skateboards. This is the most honest review you will get on the net. Maybe you can get a more detailed review. But we make our honest effort to make things as clear for our readers as possible.

Our source of earnings for this website is the commission we get from the sale. But this doesn’t mean that we will do any dishonest effort so that you may purchase this board and we get the commission. Let me clear to you that the amount of the commission is too low. Although this is our source of earning, the amount of trust you have used to put in us is really important for us. 

A few words about the Backfire G2T going turbo Manufacturers

Before we start the backfire review this is good to know about the manufacturer of the board. The manufacturer is  Backfire Boards. They have a reputation for developing traditional boards. These traditional boards include longboards and skateboards.

They have been manufacturing boards for quite some time now. It has now been 5 years or more since they are manufacturing the boards. It means that they have quite a long experience in the manufacturing of the E boards now. so while purchasing their products you can be assured about the quality of the product. 


  • Sturdy build quality for durability and longevity
  • Powerful motor for impressive speeds
  • Wireless remote control for convenient and intuitive control
  • Stability and maneuverability for an enjoyable riding experience
  • Stylish design for an appealing aesthetic
  • Long-lasting battery life for extended rides
  • Multiple riding modes for different skill levels
  • Customizable settings for personalized preferences
  • App integration for additional features and monitoring


  • Slightly heavier compared to other models, affecting portability
  • Availability of spare parts and customer support may vary by region

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Is the Electric Skateboard Backfire G2T really for you

Not every product is for everyone, the same is the case with the Backfire G2T. Before you dig into the information further and find out more facts about Backfire G2T. This is good to find out if this is your type of product or not. 

There are hundreds and thousands of boards available in the market. But the good thing about the Backfire G2T is that it has the capability to remain distinguished from others. If you are thinking of buying this product, run to your school or office in the daily routine then it is a great pick for you.

Maybe due to the price of the Backfire G2T, you may think that it is quite expensive. The quality of the board is always measured in comparison with the features of the product it offered. So if you consider the features of the product it is even better than some of the even more expensive boards than this one.

Performance Parameters backfire G2T review – going turbo

Backfire G2T Review - Going Turbo

Multiple parameters were tested so that you may know about the performance of the backfire G2T. Not only do we perform the test and share the result with you. We are fully aware that sometimes the circumstances completely change the result of the experiment. 

So while sharing the result with you we have made the maximum effort to share the circumstances of the experiment with you too.

Our Rider

  • The rider is the one whose weight does matter. Here we have selected a person who is neither very fat nor very lightweight. He is mediocre so the majority of the people can easily understand the situation. This is easy for the readers to modify the circumstances as per their own.
  • Our guy who tested the parameters has a weight of 83 kg it means in pounds his weight is 183. 
  • The path: The pa kith used to test the performance of the track is made of concrete moreover slight highs and lows both are available in the way. The breeze was blowing, this was not too much to create the resistance in the way of the rider. 

The range was 15 miles approximately. This is quite good. Most of our readers will be glad to know that as this range is suitable enough to fully fill the majority of their needs.

The Brakes

The breaks are important to save you from injury. This may create a problem for the riders if the brakes do not work at all, or if the brakes are not working at all or the brakes work suddenly all these situations will create problems for the rider.

In case if the brakes don’t work at all it means that the riders may experience an accident, especially at high speed. 

Secondly, if the brakes are not working accurately this will create a lag and you may fall down, especially at the high speed. 

If your brakes work suddenly the rider again may fall down due to the inertia. As the backfire G2T  going turbo runs at the top speed this will create more problems.

As we have tested it on the top speed. The results were quite satisfactory. The breaks were smooth and they took a distance to stop completely but the jerks were not experienced while breaks were completely applied. Anyhow things are great and suitable for the majority of the riders as far as the requirements of the different riders are concerned. 

The Hill Climbing Ability of the backfire G2T going turbo

The hill riding is good but it depends on the mod at which your backfire G2T is running. If this is on the Eco mod this will be really difficult to climb on the hill. The second mod is the sports mod. This is also a bit of the struggle you will face in case you are climbing on the hill. 

The best mod to climb on the hill is the turbo mode. You will not feel any difficulty when you are moving on the hill and your turbo mod is on

The Specifications of the backfire G2T – going turbo

The Deck

The deck is an important feature of the board. This is the place where you stand. There is nothing special about the deck of the backfire G2T. This is quite a common product. But being common is not bad at all. This is simply a standard deck.

The use of this here is as per the standards. This not only helps the rider but is also great for representing the personality of the user. 

Different grip tapes are used at the deck. These graphics represent the personality of the user and you can either use the available graphics or even the classic styled two-colored deck for this hoverboard.

Some important aspects of the Deck are:

  • The board is  37inches long
  • It has 8 layers 
  • This is made of Canadian maple 
  • This is the same deck as available in Longboard in the G2S and G2
  • A little concave surface makes the placement of the geet easy.
  •  An upward bow in the middle of the board.
  • Multiple choices are available in terms of the appearance of the grip tape.

The Trucks and the wheels of the backfire G2T

It comes in two different tires. But surprisingly the price of both are the same. This is actually the choice of the user who uses the board. Different people have different choices. This is the reason that two different sizes of wheels were used. Personally, I like the 96mm wheels rather than the 83 mm wheels. 

I feel that the vibration is significantly reduced while the rider rides on the bigger tires. Caliber II are the trucks used in this hoverboard. These are for the front trucks. The rear trucks are the original backfire production but not less than in the build quality.  These are super tight when we take the first ride on this hoverboard. So adjust the trucks as you want to start the ride on this hoverboard. 

The Battery of the backfire G2T

Samsung 30Q 10S2P is the battery that has been installed to provide the power to the backfire G2T. This is the 36 volts battery that operates on the 6 amperes. It is not recommended to use this hoverboard during the airplane journey. 

A small drawback of this is that the battery is enclosed in an enclosure. This enclosure can not be separated from the battery. Even if you need to replace the battery you have to buy the complete package again, that is you need to buy the battery as well as the enclosure of the battery. 

But with this enclosure, the battery becomes more safe and more stable to use. 

The Motors of the backfire G2T

Dual hub motors are fitted with powerful motors. There are powerful motors fitted in it, the power of each motor is 350 watts. A good thing about these motors is that they can be replaced easily. These can be replaced easily. As far as the PU sleeves are concerned. These are easily available. To change. 

The Mounted light of the backfire G2T

Additional mounted lights are included in the package of the backfire G2T

  • The Backfire Cannon LED lights are really bright and make things super bright.
  • You can adjust the light accordingly. As three different modes are available that you can use as your own choice
  • The first mod is Bright
  • The second mod is dim
  • The third mode is flashing.
  • You may charge it through the mini USB. 
  • The central point of the light focus is slightly upward. 
  • Even then it is quite good to lighten the road.

The availability of the remote with the G2T   

The facility of remote control is available with the G2T. The remote control is very handy to operate. This is really a beautiful remote. Moreover, the placement of the buttons is really accurate and made it easy to operate. It is cousy to carry as it has a soft finish. The finish is matty due to the rubber-type finish here.

The remote lets you easily switch between different mods Two mods are available to the rider as the riding option. The first is the ECO mode and the second one is the Sports mod. No doubt that the option of the turbo is also available. 

  • Eco is the economical mod. You can also say that this is actually the power-saving mode. 
  • The sports mode is more powerful than the ECO mode. This mod is a more wise choice if you are climbing on the hill. 
  • If you want a temporary power boost the turbo is available. But temporarily and only for 30 seconds. 
  • After that, this hoverboard automatically shifts back to the sports mod.
  • If you want you can use the turbo boost multiple times.
  • But after each use, you have to wait at least 30 seconds to use it again. Once you have used it to boost your hoverboard.  
  • So this delayed turbo operation also acts as a security measure to save the rider in case any accident happens due to the fast and sharp speed.

UnBoxing the G2T turbo

As you unbox your G2T turbo you will get these things in your G2T  box

  • The Best Electric Skateboard itself, of course, is The Backfire G2T 
  • An R2 Remote to enhance the fun with the added control
  • A  USB-C charging cable to charge your remote
  • Of course, your Board needs a charger too. This is also included
  • Extra tools are also included like the Skate T-tool
  • You may need Spare nuts and bolts. Do not worry these are also included
  • For the hubs, additional accessories are included like 2x hex keys.
  • You will need the XT90 cable and it is included
  • Who knows that you may need the wheels. Do not worry you will get Extra 96mm wheels in the package
  • LED Headlight may not be needed all the time so you will get a Mountable LED Headlight. You can use these as per your desire

The Build Quality of the Backfire G2T

  • backfire G2T comes with two Hub motors
  • It can easily climb the slope up to 25%. 
  • The Braking system is regenerative.
  • This is a weatherproof board
  • The Pu sleeves are swappable
  • Remote is included. The telemetry function is also present in the remote
  • The battery installed on the board is removable. So whenever you want you can easily replace it.
  • The top speed for the backfire G2T is 40 km/hours
  • It took around 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge the battery.

Riding and Driving Mods of the Backfire G2T

Three different riding and driving mods are available to ride on the backfire G2T skateboard

Let’s discuss these in detail. 

  1. ECO Mode
  2. Standard Mode / Sports Mode
  3. Turbo Mode

Eco Mode

The first one is the ECO mode. The top speed for this board in this mod is 12.4 miles per hour. The top speed measured in kilometers is 20 in an hour.

In the Eco Mode, the acceleration is very smooth. The breaking is great and it applies smoothly. So the rider is in ease mode while riding as per this model. If you are a novice 

Standard  Mode

The second one is the Standard mode. The top speed for this board in this mod is 23.6 miles per hour. The top speed measured in kilometers is 38 in an hour. While testing the torque it is slightly underperforming in comparison to some other boards available in the market. The braking system is also improved and it is quite effective under this move. The experts can easily ride in this mode

Turbo mode 

The second one is the Standard mode. The top speed for this board in this mod is 25 miles per hour. The top speed measured in kilometers is 40 in an hour. The operational active time for the Turbo mode is a maximum of 30 seconds. This is really easy to activate in this mode as it only takes a push of the button. This button is known as the Turbo Button. If you are a novice then this mod is exactly for you. 

Nobody can argue about the weak acceleration of the backfire G2T. As long as this mod is here to serve you and to serve you in style. For 30 seconds, the acceleration level is great. This will help you to achieve the feel of the adventure that you really need while you are driving the board. 

The cooldown feature of the mod is 30 seconds; it means that the board will take the rest of the 30 seconds to be reactive again.  This intervention is implemented to save the rider from the top speed risks. Moreover, this will also save the system from overexertion.

The Stability of the Backfire G2T

Backfire G2T Review - Going Turbo

This is a stable skateboard the reason is simple and this is the use of quality material in the product and the use of modern engineering techniques. Both of these things make it an ideal machine to use and ride on. The trucks used are  Caliber II and are wider than 275 mm. 

Two different wheels are in the package. Both of these wheels make the ride more comfortable for you. The experience with both wheels is a bit different but this difference is to manage the needs of the different people and the conditions. This really makes things adjust well for different people. 

If the road is a bit bumpy then we recommend you use the bigger wheels these are 96 mm wheels. The 96 mm wheels provide a more stable ride in comparison to the 83 mm wheels. It doesn’t mean that the 83 mm wheels do not provide any benefit. These have benefits of their own. So try both you will find both useful in different situations.

Things needed to be Improved in the backfire G2T

Although this is not a great product certainly this needs improvement too. Let’s discuss some of the issues one by one

Mountable LED headlight

Great addition and truly a utility to carry with you while you are riding on the board. There are some issues that are needed to be resolved. These will certainly increase the usability of the product

  • This does not go with the design of the board it should be improved. Aesthetically it disturbs the looks of the board. So this thing needed to be considered.
  • The annoying sound is really disturbing. Maybe you are not so concerned about a user like me. But I feel the sound generated during the movement while riding. Maybe this is not annoying for you but, certainly, this needs to be improved. 
  • The mounting position is front trucks. It means that this may create difficulty for you if your height is more than a certain level. That is around or more than 6 feet.
  • The trip meter can be improved with more memory by including more mods in the trip meters. Multiple facilities should be included like you may find out how much distance you covered in a week. Or on a single trip or which specific day of the week how much distance you covered and how much energy was consumed during a specific trip. This will help you to manage the energy and the trip more easily as per your circumstances.
  •  XT90 adapter is included but I was unable to find any use for it. In case if you find any kindly do share this with me and I can change this part of this article.


Truly speaking this is not an advanced level product but it falls well within the category of mid leveled skateboards. As far as the price is concerned this is not at all a cheap product but in comparison with its features this is really a great product to have.

This is not as powerful as the belt driven best hoverboards but as far as the hub motors are concerned these are really well. 

If you are looking for an e board that can be used as an everyday board then this is the best board for you. 

The three driving mods are really helpful. You may choose as per your own skill set and the needs. Although that turbo mod can be turned on only for a limited amount of time. But it provides a boost to the speed of the board. The security and the safety feature is that you cannot use the turbo more than a specific amount of time. After you use this mod you have to wait for at least 30 seconds or more to reactivate this mod again. This will not only save the rider but the system from the overexertion too. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the maximum speed of the Backfire G2T? The Backfire G2T can reach a maximum speed of [INSERT SPEED] miles per hour, providing an exhilarating ride.
  2. Can the Backfire G2T be used for off-road riding? While the Backfire G2T is primarily designed for urban commuting and recreational riding, it can handle light off-road terrain, such as packed dirt or gravel paths, with ease.

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