Best Backfire G3 Hoverboard Review

If you are looking for an electric skateboard you cannot ignore the importance of the BackFire brand. It has been quite a while since Backfire established  an important position in the market of electric scooters

The use of Bamboo in the manufacturing of the board of the electric board gives it an elastic feel. It helps to maintain the pressure and the balance on the electric board traveling becomes very very easy on this electric skateboard.

Today we are going to review the Backfire G3 to stop one of the products launched by the house of Backfire. If you are thinking of buying the backfire z3 then you must read this article. You will provide some valuable information about the product. And some information is also available even covering the after-sales services Agar ITI refund information on the product is also available.

The maximum speed of the backfire G3

Best Backfire G3 Hoverboard Review

Backfire G3 comes with an impressive speed of 46 km per hour. Do remember that the maximum speed will vary from road to Road. The reason is sometimes you are on a sloppy road and sometimes the road is bumpy. With the changing position of the road definitely, the level of effort that is needed to be put in by the motor will be changed.

As the level of effort that is exerted by the motor will be changed the speed of the board will vary. The same is the case with the weight. If the weight of the person who is carrying on the board is heavier then the speed may be reduced. If a person who is carrying on the board is lighter then the results will be different. 

Temperature also plays a vital role in this. In ideal conditions, the backfire G3 can carry you with a maximum speed of 46 km per hour.

Range of the backfire G3

Like the speed of the backfire G3, the range of the backfire also depends on several factors. The most important of them is the driving style. If you maintain a single speed for an extended period then you will get more range.

In contrast, if you apply Multiple short intervals of slow and fast speed, the result will be different. This will be deadly and reduce the range of the electric scooter.
The geography of the road on which you are traveling, the temperature of the atmosphere, and the weight of the person who is riding on the electric scooter will also make the range of the electric board vary.

Provided in all normal conditions the board can carry you a maximum of 30 km in a single full instant of charging. Do remember that usually, this range is ideal and difficult to achieve. Usually, the range remains around 24 to 28 km. 

Remember this is the ability of the backfire g3 battery, that is how long it can continuously provide you with a continuous supply of power


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Editor’s Pick

Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard with Bamboo Deck and Remote,28.5 Mph Top Speed,15 to 18.5 Miles Range

The Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard boasts a bamboo deck and remote control for a smooth, customizable ride. With a top speed of 28.5 mph and a range of 15 to 18.5 miles, it’s a powerful and reliable option for thrill-seekers and commuters alike.

Key Features

  • Support quick battery replacement
  • Front & Back Caliber ll Trucks
  • R3 Wireless Remote with OLED Display

Backfire G3 hub motor

In case your battery runs out. And you still need to go a long way, don’t worry the Blackfire provides you with the facility of a Hub motor. The Hub motor helps to operate the electric board as a normal nonelectric board. You can travel on it like a regular board for as long as you can kick.

Backfire g3 Plus Price

Backfire G3 is available at the price of $750. This is our around figure price and you may see the variation in the price of the board from time to time. To know the exact current price of the panel click here.

Best backfire g3 Specifications

Best Backfire G3 Hoverboard Review

This portion of the article discusses the backfire G3 weight. Its length dimensions and different other whereabouts.

  • The weight of the board is 17.6 LBS. If you measure it in KG it will be around 8 kgs.
  • LED light of the ambient type is fitted in it.
  • The width of the board is 24 cm, the length of the board is 99 cm and the height of the body is 13 cm. If the same damage on my head in ages then it will be 39 which is 9.3 and the height is 5.
  • For high-speed lovers, you can apply the Turbo Mod on the board. Do remember that this Turbo mod can be active for as long as you want it to be active.
  • The maximum speed that can be achieved by the backfire board is 28.5 mph. If you convert it into km then it will be 46 km per hour.
  • The climbing ability of this board is up to 30%  inclined surface
  • Battery specifications of the  Backfire G3 are12S 50.4 V and  260 Wh
  • The deck is made of bamboo with a blend of Maple Glass fibers.
  • Front and back liber of type 2 products available at the front and back.
  • The wheels are replaceable.
  • Specification wise the tire size is 96 mm
  • Two hub motors of 450 watts each are present.
  • It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge the boat fully.

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BackFire Warranty and Refund

Most of the time it depends on the seller from which you are buying the product. But sometimes it depends on the manufacturer. The refund policy is usually subjected to the buyer and the warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

In case of backfire G3, you can avail the refund within 7 days of purchase. But the board should not contain any damage. If there is any damage then you may not leave your refund. Secondly, the customer has to pay the air bill or the postage bill. 

In case you have found out that your Backfire G3 has some kind of hardware or manufacturing defect you can avail of the warranty. But do remember that you have to claim it within 180 days of the purchase. 

Be vigilant if you want to cancel the order within 48 hours of the purchase. You may save the cancelation price. But if you want to cancel the order after 48 hours. You have to pay the fee cancellation price. 


After a thorough review of the Backfire G3 Hoverboard, it’s evident that this electric hoverboard offers an exceptional riding experience. With its sleek design, powerful motors, and long-lasting battery, the Backfire G3 delivers on its promises of speed, stability, and durability. The user-friendly app integration adds an extra layer of convenience and customization to the riding experience. Whether you’re an adrenaline seeker or a casual commuter, the Backfire G3 Hoverboard is a reliable and enjoyable mode of transportation.


To address common queries about the Backfire G3 Hoverboard, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions:

1. Is the Backfire G3 Hoverboard suitable for children?

Absolutely! The Backfire G3 Hoverboard suits riders of various age groups, including children. However, parental supervision is recommended for younger riders, especially when first learning to ride the hoverboard.

2. Can the Backfire G3 handle rough terrains?

Yes, the Backfire G3 is designed to handle various terrains, including rough surfaces. The advanced suspension system and durable tires ensure a smooth and stable ride, even on uneven or bumpy paths.

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