Best Electric Long-boards in 2021 (Buying Guide)

Looking for the Best Electric Longboards? The e-longboards is a great way to navigate to nearby places effortlessly compared to using other means of transport. Using Electric longboard is your best way to move around your campus, go onboard on exotic adventures, enjoy a better view of the grounds, or transport yourself to work. With it, you get even a much smoother ride than on a skateboard deck. New electronic innovation keeps coming up with speed and fun features for much smoother rides. This guarantee rider with step-less speed.

There are many qualities worth considering when you’re choosing the top electric longboard that is suitable for your needs. Such qualities have to do with engine type, weight, and speed.

Evolve GTX Series Skateboards Bamboo

This innovative Evolve electric skateboard comes with an ideal the sharp incline.

YocaherPunked Stained Pintail Complete

The YocaherPunked Stained Pintail Complete is one of the best Longboards for beginners to grab.

Evolve Bamboo – One

Basically, everyone appreciates this Bamboo ONE for being as high in quality as other competing electric[vc_column_text]

Fitness club Electric Longboard

Here is a board that comes mainly with simplicity and ease. It features a wireless remote for the rider to quickly choose to change into the 2-speed modes, relaxing 15.5 MPH, or thrilling 22 MPH.

1: Evolve GTX Series Skateboards Bamboo

Evolve GTX Series Skateboards Bamboo

This innovative Evolve best electric skateboard comes with an ideal sharp incline. If you are looking for a cheap skateboard then you should check best cheap electric skateboard.

or flat curve with a board of 3000-watt sensors, the double brush out-runner engine can climb 25% grape hill, which commendably outperforms a lot of same electric longboards. For clients looking to have an increasingly incredible ride off-road or on steep roads, this board is outstanding for that.

The market is saturated with boards, but this one is among the most exceptional when it comes to speed and life span. It has a remote for its digital screen which enables riders to change the wheels and gear setting and to flip between four notable speed settings.
Pros Cons
  • 31 miles for each charge
  • Accelerates up to 26 MPH
  • 3000-Watt extraordinary performance motor
  • BlackSuper-Carve GT 306mm trucks
  • seven-ply maple hardwood plus 2-ply bamboo deck
  • N/A

Why do I like it?

This is a very smooth ride, but in terms of the most remarkable selling point, the four setting features come first. They permit riders to move seamlessly as they want from SLOW until GT, using its wireless remote.

2: Evolve Carbon GT Series

Evolve Carbon GT Series

Exploration is another activity that is perfect with an electrical longboard in addition to getting to classes, meetings, or sports practices, etc.

If you’re an experienced rider of a high-performance board to keep with your pace, go for the Evolve GT Carbon Series model of boards.

It comes with a high-tech and customized carbon fiber and Kelvar-built deck, which is pretty long-lasting as a model.

The wheels are a great piece of work and are the main attraction due to their high off-road capabilities. These all-terrain wheels are four Evolve 7-inch and measure 83mm, rendering increased stability. It’s a masterpiece that you won’t want to stop cruising on it.

Why do I like it?

It is a wonderful all-terrain model that still doesn’t compromise when it comes to high speed and sturdiness with speeds of up to 26 MPH alongside a 25% grade hill climbing capability

Pros Cons
  • 31 miles per charge
  • 3000-watt extraordinary performance motor
  • Black Super-Carve GT 306mm trucks
  • Wireless remote for digital LCD screen
  • N/A

3: Evolve Bamboo – One

Evolve Bamboo – One

Basically, everyone appreciates this Bamboo ONE for being as high in quality as other competing electric

longboards in the domain of motor and acceleration strength though it’s a lightweight alternative. It comes at a shipping price of 25lbs, making it lighter than standard electric longboards.

Designed to have a rear kick tail, riders experience a new flair added to the old school design of Pintail and Snubnose models from this longboard, and they adore it.

How the board is built gives ample room for the durability and fastness of the old-school design, which comes bamboo constructed alongside four remarkable speed settings that render step-less acceleration.

Why do I like it?

It is a fantastic board for traversing campus, getting to class, holding in a bag as you ride. Also, its lightweight, overall stylish, and robust design are worth it.

Pros Cons
  • 2000-watt performance motor
  • Black Super-Carve GT306mm trucks
  • Sturdy bamboo build
  • 21 miles per charge
  • Accelerates up to 26 MPH using larger wheels
  • N/A

4: Fitnessclub Electric Longboard

Fitnessclub Electric Longboard

Here is a board that comes mainly with simplicity and ease.

It features a wireless remote for the rider to quickly choose to change into the 2-speed modes, relaxing 15.5 MPH, or thrilling 22 MPH. With the remote, the riders can either brake, ride forward, and read what the battery status is anytime.

Besides, this Fitness Club Electric Longboard comes with a strong 34.6” * 8.7” deck built of 8 strong layers using Canadian maple wood that offers long-term durability irrespective of how it is used or the exposure it undergoes.

With the capacity to withstand 300 lbs., it takes 2 hours to fill the battery.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Why do I like it?

The size and stability are worth anyone’s attention. Perfect riders would like it as it is the best board for incredible acceleration and safety. It also has excellent balance features, even for the best longboard for beginners.

Pros Cons
  • Hub motor of + 2 X 150 watt
  • Speed up to 22 MPH
  • 13.23 lbs.
  • Travels 9-12.5 miles per charge
  • Battery charges under 2 hours
  • N/A


Electric longboards are excellent when it comes to how eco-friendly, and cost-effective they are when you cruise from one spot to another or explore the scenery effortlessly. There are many options for getting the right electric longboard that will fit your needs perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Electric Longboard offer?

Depending on how you will be using your longboard, there are several relevant factors to consider. and they consist of the length of the longboard, trucks and flex placement. The big size wheels and type of board are always fundamental.

How does electric longboard work?

It is a battery-powered longboard whose battery power can turn the pulley, which turns the wheels. Electric longboards are basically skateboards that are lengthier and have a battery.

What is the fastest electric longboard?

According to the all-new Guinness world record, Thrill-seeker MischoUrban reached a breath-taking 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph), using a modified electric longboard.

How much do electric longboards cost?

Electric longboard prices depend on quality, features, and brand and range from $450 to around $1,500.

Are electric longboards safe?

It is generally safe to ride an electric longboard, but accidents happen to those who don’t take necessary precautions. The cases are not so many to make riding this board not safe. Riders have to be prepared for the worst all the time.