Best Hoverboard for Kids (Review & Complete Buying Guide)

Today’s kids have multiple choices to select from when it comes to opting for new gaming materials to kill time with, and that is the very reason we take this opportunity to bring the best Hoverboard for kids.
But they cannot get the Hoverboard themselves, do they?

We recently wrote a fantastic guide on the best hoverboards for girls; you’ll love this guide. We’ll try to add more valuable content in this guide so girls can choose the best hoverboards on their demand. Of course, their parents, uncles, aunts, grannies, and grandpas; all in all, anyone who has kids around them are meant to bring the best hoverboards for kids to present as a gift.

Are the kids passing their exams? Or is it nearing the birth date so soon?

Or any particular event(s) that is so special for your kids?

This Hoverboard’s idea will be one of the best things to happen with your kids to gift them with an exceptional device, which is today’s invention.

The kids would LOVE it!

And get ready to bring a big smile (or expect a crazy sound of a loud shout) to the kids when they see the Hoverboard just before them; that is true and genuinely possible!?

Okay, we know there is a problem for those who do not know which Hoverboard to get and what to look for when purchasing a hoverboard.

And for them, we are certainly going to set afoot over the smoothest of the buying guide along with the list of the best hoverboards in 2023 ready to be bought by you that are BEST in every aspect, from pricing to features.

Get the Hoverboard you are set to gift to the kids and let them do the unboxing without having them noticed and experience the excitement level hitting the 100 percent mark!?
Editor’s Pick

jolege Hoverboard, 6.5″ Self Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter Hoverboard for Kids

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The jolege Hoverboard is a 6.5-inch self-balancing electric scooter, perfect for kids. Its sleek and stylish design, combined with its ease of use, makes it a great choice for those who want to have fun while cruising around the neighborhood.

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Swagtron Swagboard Twist T881

The brilliant invention, this Hoverboard from Swagtron Twist T881, gets self-balanced as soon as it powers on so your kid can mount over it without trouble. We also know that there is another model of this Hoverboard, which is the Swagtron t580 App-enabled, But do you know why we mentioned this T881 Hoverboard as the first model in this guide?

Because Is there something special in this model? We also wrote a separate guide on swagtron t580; you may also check that by the above-given link.

It is certified with the UL2272 thanks to being built with the highest quality but more robust ABS polymer. It lets it easily win that certification as it protects it from getting dented drops and overheating.

It is loaded with 250W twin motors to run over the slopes due to the immense power, giving you the powerful thrust of torque to attain a speed of up to 7 mph with traversing up to 4.8 miles on a single charge with a climb inclination of 30 degrees. That is pretty much good for the numbers.

Use this Hoverboard on summer nights with the built-in headlights to show you the path and the diagnostic system. This Swagtron Swagboard Twist T881 offers everything about the battery and the system indicators to track how the Hoverboard works.

User Review / Expert opinion

Diane S. said her daughter did lots of research before buying this Hoverboard. Overall it is a pleasant experience. This is super easy to master in different mods. My kid could even do it on the first day of the ride. The only problem with this board is that the battery timing is too low and requires lots of time to be charged and functional again.  

Joyce Brown, another user, has a slightly different objective. He believes that although many multimedia options are unavailable, this is simple, reasonable, and affordable. Although the available and the granted weight limit on this machine is 155. But this machine has been utilized up to 165. In simple words, this machine can be defined with three words: Fun, Fun, and Fun. No doubt that this is the safest Hoverboard for kids.

Warning: Although the user has shared his experience by exhausting the Hoverboard with the excess weight limit. This is highly recommended that you should not do this. In any case, what will be the consequences of this? We will not be responsible for any damage.

pros Cons
UL2272 certified It takes about 5 hours to get fully charged
Dual 250W motors
Hit to ride up to 4.8 miles distance
The maximum speed of 8 mp/h or 11km/h
6.5 inches wheels


This highly affordable hoverboard from Swagtron is best-suited for kids of all ages.

T580 Hoverboard by Magic Hover

This 6.5-inch wide T580 Hoverboard is the product of Magic Hover that is loaded with fashionable and colorful flashing lights on the wheels that are immensely bright in the darker environment.

Get it configured to be used by the child or adult by merely changing the modes where the Hoverboard understands who will use it and adjusts the weight while helping the beginner learn to ride the Hoverboard quickly.

Its onboard speakers work with Bluetooth to get your best music played along the ride.

If you could search “gyroor” on the app store and download the hoverboard assistant that provides you many functions such as;

  • One-touch child mode
  • Dedicated adult mode
  • Self-balancing mode
  • Non-self balancing mode
  • Shutdown switch
  • Adjustable speed
  • Fault analysis

Being UL2272 certified hoverboard and the MSDS safety for the battery, you can obtain a one-year warranty for the Hoverboard and six months for the battery.

User Review / Expert opinion

Nancy Reagan believes this is highly sensitive in terms of weight. However, this is the Hoverboard that has been specifically designed for kids. But you will see that whenever you try to put the extra weight on the board, you will hear the alarm from the board. 

Ryan is 40 years of age. He bought this for his 12 year old kid. He is pleased with his choice. According to him, this is the best Hoverboard. Although he cannot ride these top-rated hoverboards for kids due to weight restrictions, his wife can.

pros Cons
Loaded with Bluetooth built-in speakers May face problems in connecting the application
Self-balanced system
A dedicated app to use your mobile to operate the Hoverboard
6.5 inches wheels
Flashing wheels with the colorful lights
Catches a speed of up to 11 km/h


Gift this beautiful hoverboard to your kid that catches up the excellent speed while you can operate it efficiently with your mobile phone by installing its dedicated application.

Top 12 Best Hoverboards for kids

UNI-SUN 6.5 Inches Hoverboard – Best balancing hoverboard for kids!

Are you looking for a safer hoverboard that is trustworthy? UNI-SUN is your choice because it is tested against everything electrical, charging, and fire safety, along with the UL2272 certified build, which ensures the safety of riders with smooth and comfortable riding.

It is supported by Bluetooth and built-in wireless speakers that you can connect through Bluetooth, which lets you not wear the headphones, and you listen to your favorite music on your ride. You can also check our best Bluetooth hoverboard guide if you only want the Bluetooth available Hoverboard. We covered around 5+ products with the best features.

Sturdy but solid tires with 6.5 inches wheelbase size that illuminates the colorful flashing lights on wheels and the sides, make the hoverboard fancy cum fashionable, and the LED lights are always great to look at!

Powered by dual 300W motors to provide an excellent speed of up to 9.3 mph and the single battery charges lead the Hoverboard to a superb range of 9.3 miles.

pros Cons
Bluetooth speakers A full charge takes 3 hours
UL2272 certified
6.5 inches wheels size
Dual 300W powerful motors
The maximum speed of 9.3 mp/h
It goes to 9.3 miles with the single battery charge
LED lights flashing on the wheels and sides
Weight to bear 44 lbs to 264 lbs


Select from the list of 12 different hoverboards due to the change in colors, and we call it the best hoverboard for your kid to bring a big smile on his face!

TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard

TOMOLOO does not compromise with the safety standards that are NOT normal but are internationally required where one necessary required certification is to have UL2272, so do not worry about safety as TOMOLOO holds this exclusive certificate.

Being high-temperature and fire resistant, this Tomoloo hoverboard operates well within specific situations that fetch it to hit the high-temperature but do not get melted or catch fire because the hoverboard shell is made similar to the iPhone. So, do not worry about using it for long hours.

Make the integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology work at its fullest by playing music with the best RGB LED lights that bring you just the colors as the hoverboard circles around.

Not only this, but the Hoverboard’s LED lights change color synchronously and twinkle with rhythm changes. So, whichever music you are playing, you will notice this unique feature to get yourself amazed and the on-lookers.

Set yourself to catch the speed because this best TOMOLOO hoverboard is set to reach a speed of up to 12 km/h to hit 10 km with a single charge and can easily hold the rider that weighs 220lbs, So you do not need to worry about the quick charge’s drainage.

User Review / Expert Opinion

Mark Spotts is a user of this best Hoverboard for kids. He is a happy customer. In his opinion, everything works great for him. However, he is driving the Hoverboard in beginner’s mode. But he hopes he will soon be shifted to the expert mode. He is hopeful as he thinks that the technology used in making this Hoverboard is straightforward and quite advanced in terms of application.

While providing the hoverboard reviews for kids, he thinks the lights and the decoration on the Hoverboard are secondary things. According to him, the first purpose of the Hoverboard is to provide a smooth ride with controls that are easy to understand and master. 

In his opinion, this Hoverboard is simple to operate within no time. You understand different concepts related to the hoverboard controls. Moreover, the Bluetooth-enabled speakers are working great.

The only problem he encountered was with the charger of the Hoverboard. He feels that while charging, the battery of the Hoverboard gets hot. He hopes this problem will not cost him much and the charger will keep charging the battery well.

pros Cons
Bluetooth 4.0 It takes a long time to charge
RGB LED lights that change with the rhythm
Easily bears the weight of 220lbs
UL2272 certified
12 km/h to speed
Good brakings
250W dual motors

TOMOLOO 6.5 Inches Wheel Self-Balancing Hoverboard

And here we come with another TOMOLOO hoverboard with a wheel size of 6.5 inches. UL2272 certified Hoverboard and being approved by CPSC guarantees the utmost safety with quality, so you should trust your purchase and the money spent on the right product!

Colorful 5 LED lights switching back and forth like with the sequence and not just at the same time make it the one fancy Hoverboard your kid could have! Not only that, but the extra four lights on the tires do the same as the ones embedded in the Hoverboard.

The mainboard program is built with advanced functions to provide the best riding experience. When it comes to self-balanced when it gets started, you can do numerous features to play with.

4.2V Bluetooth speakers with stereo sound quality will not break the lyrics, which you can easily listen to even within a crowd.

Catches the maximum speed of 12 km/h and the load to bear from 44 to 165 lbs which match the prime weight of any kind.

User Review / Expert opinion

Monique E. is one of the grandparents of a four year old child. While narrating her experience and the review of a kid’s Hoverboard, she said that her grandson had seen it while one of his friends was playing with the Hoverboard. 

He shares a ride with his friend, and till then, he wants his Hoverboard. When I gifted him this top rated Hoverboard for kids, he loved it. The good thing is that the kid was ready to run the Hoverboard as soon as we received the package. He was happy as he was allowed by her mom to go out and play.

The reason is the apps. Two apps accompany this Hoverboard. It lets the user control different performance parameters of the board with the help of the cell phone. One is for the lights and other accessories, and the second is to control the driving mode of the Hoverboard. As the control was in his mother’s hand, there was no harm in letting him play with the Hoverboard, even on the first day of the arrival. 

My advice to all the parents who are planning to buy a hoverboard for their kids is always to ensure that your kids wear safety gadgets while riding on the Hoverboard.

pros Cons
Free hoverboard bag Not sturdy enough stand
Certified with UL2272
Loaded with four different lights that switch randomly
12 km/h hoverboard top speed
Climbs to 15 degrees angle
6.5 wheels size
Bluetooth range of up to 33 feet
It comes with Bluetooth speakers
Load of 44 lbs to 165 lbs
Runs for up to 4 hours


Let this Bluetooth-enabled hoverboard be part of your kid’s gift collection from the creative producer named TOMOLOO.

6.5 Inches Hoverboard from YHR

The dual 300W motors boost this YHR hoverboard to catch the speed of 9 mph in mere seconds. And the build can hold the healthier rider, that weighs about 220 lbs.

And the built-in Bluetooth speakers make your ride music-rich to enjoy while playing with your friends.

Flashing wheels with beautiful and colorful LED lights add more fun on the road, which would do wonders during the nighttime.

The front panel is installed with an LED lighting system that has numerous lighting to light the dark roads so that you can use this YHR hoverboard at night, and the outer body casing with hard ABS ensures durability.

pros Cons
300 Watts dual motors No Bluetooth
6.5 inches wheels
Headlights embedded with bright LED lights
UL2272 certified
Harder ABS outer body casing
Solid rubber tires with aluminum wheels
Holds weight of 25 lbs to 250 lbs
Free bag


Speed and durability meet their highest of the mark, thanks to this YHR hoverboard! Bring one for your kid to ride over the fancy piece of the hoverboard!

Lamborghini TwoDots 6.5 Inches Hoverboard

Who does not know Lamborghini?

And here they present us with the best Hoverboard for kids by the name of TwoDots that comes with standard 6.5 inches wheel size to ride with class!

Safety is the prime concern of any proper manufacturer. Every Hoverboard goes through hundreds of safety-regulated tests to ensure every Hoverboard is safe to let the kids ride and ready to hit the roads. We need it the most to get products just for kids, and this Lamborghini hoverboard holds the UL2272 safety certificate.

Owning 6.5 inches of high-quality rubber racing tires that are non-slipping and accompanied by shock-absorbing pedals will steer you through the mud, rain, grass, and a lot more gravel situations without thinking about the safety for once.

This Lamborghini Two Dots hoverboard for audiophiles kids has built-in Bluetooth speakers to play the high beats on the go to keep them entertained.

Does your kid weigh between 33 lbs to 165 lbs, then that is the dream weight to ride this beautiful Hoverboard with speed attaining to the max of 10 km/h that is only possible of being loaded with dual 400W motor power.

Charge the Hoverboard to the full in 2.5 hours, and it will take you to a suitable long ride of up to 10 km, which is indeed sufficient. :)So grab the chance to bring this beautiful, safe, and classic Hoverboard because this can easily list down under your gifts to give to deliver supreme happiness!

User Review / Expert Opinion

Rosemary Lengefeld shares a unique experience with her with this safest Hoverboard for kids. According to her, when she first received this Hoverboard and opened it, she found it was not working correctly. This experience may help multiple users.

Naturally, this was heartbroken for him. But thanks the technique known to him and known as calibration helped a lot. This is simple to apply this technique. They have used it well, and finally, the Hoverboard is working correctly with no issues. 

Nancy Reagan bought it for her five year old kid. This best Hoverboard for kids is so easy to learn that her five year old boy mastered operating this device in no time. Although she simultaneously bought this Hoverboard for her kid, many adults also used it. Her advice is that although it is enjoyable to ride on this Hoverboard, always remember that there is a weight limit that should not be violated. 

pros Cons
Non-slipping footpads The battery takes a lot of time to charge
Certified with UL2272 safety
It takes up a load of 33 lbs to 165 lbs
Moves freely in gravel conditions
10 km/h of maximum speed
Dual 400W motors
Travels for 10km with a full charge
Water and dustproof


The stylish hoverboard from Lamborghini is going to be most-liked by your kid, then be ready to amaze them with this Lamborghini hoverboard.

And we feel awesome in listing another Swagtron hoverboard for your kid to enjoy the simple yet robust transport under his (or her) feet!

This uniquely-designed Hoverboard with the name Swagboard Pro T1 delivers up to 8 mph of top speed by bearing a weight of up to 220 lbs and takes your kid to a longer distance of 7 to 12 miles on a single charge. Recently we also covered a fantastic guide on Swagtron T1 VS T3; we explained everything about hoverboards as well.

Certified with UL2272, a must for safety, the Hoverboard comes with a self-balanced mechanism that gets powered on to stand upright and gives no chance of falling while mounting over it.

Its embedded LED headlights, battery indicators, and rubber bumpers protect it from getting scratched on rough terrains and the two riding modes.

Another unique function that you can notice with this Swagtron Hoverboard is the inclusion of SentryShield intelligent battery management, which is the system to provide the Hoverboard with multi-layered protection to keep everything in check AND show you how it is doing.

It is loaded with the 250 WATT motor and gear stabilization to provide you the great control and traction with the power to achieve the best speed when moving uphill and downhill.

Charge time: 1 hour to full.

pros Cons
1 hour charge time It takes lots of time to charge the battery
Maximum load of 100 kg
12 miles range
Speed of 8+ mp/h
Integrated 300 Watt motor
Safe stop function
SentryShield battery pack for battery protection


Concerning the safety plus style, this Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 would be your best choice!

Keepower Self-Balancing hoverboard

Our 9th best Hoverboard for kids allows us to pick this appealing, fancy, and powerful Hoverboard from Keepower.

The standard wheel size of 6.5 inches includes the flashing lights installed with wheels to add more fun on the roads.

Well, this Hoverboard is pretty much built for girls due to its pink color and gets to self-balance when you switch the power on to not have the chance of falling.

It goes up to a distance of 9 miles on one full charge with a speed of 15 km/h that can be built up through dual 300W motors.

Wireless and built-in speakers connect with portable devices such as Bluetooth or USB to throw the loud music out of them, and you do not need to wear headphones.

Its non-slip pedals include wear-resisting rubber tires that can last for years and allow you to travel through the gravel roads with ease, and that too with the weight it could bear up to 260lbs or 120KG.

120 kg of weight this Hoverboard can bear does not mean this can be used ONLY by adults or old-aged lads, but that comfortably goes well with kids that are the right age and steer through adverse road conditions.

pros Cons
6.5 inches threaded tires The slow charge takes up to 3 hours
Flashing wheel with front LED lights
No slipping pedals
Supports the weight of up to 260 lbs
300W dual motors
The maximum speed of 7 to 9 mp/h
The climbing angle of 15 degrees
Bluetooth speakers


For the healthy and weightful kids, this brilliant hoverboard from KeePower leads them with the high speed of up to 15 km/h.

Koowheel Off-Road 8.5 Inches Hoverboard

For the off-roading and over the Hoverboard, this one from Koowheel is going to work best for you.

The bigger wheel size of 8.5 inches loaded with 350 Watt dual motors power the Hoverboard to attain a distance of 20 kilometers with handling up to 220 lbs of load thanks to the alloy frame made with aircraft-grade aluminum. The powerful motors get the Hoverboard to take the climbing slopes and maneuver the closed spaces.

They are equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker to play your best music while you keep yourself busy riding the Hoverboard because they add sheer fun to your riding experience.

And riding it off-road is the name of real fun, but it could become disastrous thanks to the self-balancing mechanism to absorb all the bumps.

Certified with the UL227 safety certification and the Samsung intelligent battery, go through the 159 tests and ultimately have passed all of them that prove Koowheel is the safest Hoverboard for your kid!

So, when purchasing this Hoverboard, you are entitled to receive a one-year warranty.

User Review \ Expert Opinion

Leann is furious as she received two hoverboards that are not working. When she received the first one, the problem was with one of the wheels. She sent it back for replacement. Then she got the reserve, but the second Hoverboard she had received didn’t even turn on. In an attempt to charge, it was found that the light remained green, and the Hoverboard was not charged at all. 

Hadeel, another user, has a very different opinion. He doesn’t only love this Hoverboard for kids but also admires the apps accompanied by this product. According to him, this is a great product that provides the best value against the money

pros Cons
Detachable and the replaceable battery Long battery charge time
Better ventilation to keep it cool
Max load of 220 lbs
It comes in black and pink colors
7 to 12 miles on a full charge
Battery indicators shown with the different lights
Built-in Bluetooth function
Fire test passed
Self-balanced as soon it turns on


Wanting to ride over the off-road and that too with a hoverboard, select this one from KooWheel that includes the bigger sized tires.

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Cho Colorful Wheels Series

Cho colorful wheels are one of the best hoverboard options in 2023. They can be an excellent option for your kid as they are entirely safe with their UL certification for charging and electrical performance.

This amazing Hoverboard has many attractive features for your kids. Let’s start with the glittering led headlights. They can make your kid a true eye-catcher. And at the same time, these headlights are a fundamental safety measure for your after-sunset trips.

If your kid is an amateur, don’t worry. Cho Colourful wheel series are perfectly self-balanced, lowering the risk of crashing, and your kid will be an expert.

So in 2023, get upgraded and make a gift an enjoyable ride to your kids with a built-in wireless speaker connected to any portable device. This excellent hovering experience brings you some rocking music too.

Bring home this superb self-balancing scooter of 2023 with fantastic sound quality. Your kid deserves the best.

Don’t worry; buy this Cho colorful wheels series, as you will find their customer service backing their product whenever and wherever required.

pros cons
This extraordinary version from 2023 is Ul certified, so assure your kid’s safety with no charging hazards. The company could have provided better battery timings for this Hoverboard
Led lights add more drama and safety to the best Hoverboard for your kid.
The self-balancing feature helps you to learn soon and learn risk-free, as it minimizes the chances of falling off.

Jolege Hoverboard, 6.5″

In 2023 all of us are looking to add some more speed into our lives, as the next generation is definitely a bit faster.

Are you looking for a better Hoverboard this new year? Here we come with Jolege Hoverboard. That one is a particular version for your kids, as it offers a speed of up to 7.5 mph, which is powered by a dual motor of 300W and gets charged in 2-3 hours.

When looking at something for kids, what comes first is safety and who will check it. UL laboratories are a reliable source.

Yes, it is definitely UL-certified. That’s why we chose it for your kid. So there is no need to worry about any shock or fire hazards. It’s safe for your kid to hover around with this best Hoverboard from 2023. and yes, it entertains with the best music as well.

Self-balancing is another concern for a parent when your kid is an amateur or just a beginner, Jolege is the best HoverBoard for beginners. As the self-balancing feature safe your kid from falling off.

It is equipped with the intelligent sensors of the new generation entering the new decade in 2023. It would be best if you floated quickly and nicely.

It also offers two Led lights at the front to conform to a safer drive at night. Moreover, it complements the cool looks of your kids as well.

So this one can be a great gift for kids to youth, or adults can have fun with it.

User Review / Expert Opinion

Paul T. has purchased the product in the galaxy color option. Although the board was working great, suddenly, it broke. First, the reviewer thought this might be due to the overweight limit, but then he checked the weight of all the individuals who used the Hoverboard. He finds that none of the riders has more weight than the weight limit. So this is not the weight limit due to which these hoverboards are broken.

pros Cons
It offers a good speed of up to 7.5 mph. Hard to find as most of the consumers are satisfied with the services
It offers self-balancing, a great feature for a hoverboard, as it saves you from falling off.
Assures your safety with as tested and certified by UL laboratories
Powered by a solid 300W dual motor that has a good capacity
That can feel your weight and can respond accordingly


Features to LOOK at Before deciding to buy a Hoverboard for kids

Straight going to buy a hoverboard without knowing much about its features is just like driving a car on a busy highway without ever driving it.

Hoverboards are rarely seen around you, so it is a vital indication of NOT knowing much about it beforehand.

So, do not lose hope. We did our homework to present you with the best information about every feature you should look for before purchasing the Hoverboard for kids.

Because buying not just the Hoverboard for kids but anything especially for kids, you should be cautious enough to know every detail of the product(s) so that it is safe enough and needs little to no guidance.

Let’s find all of the Hoverboard’s features starting in a bit!

1- Make of material

The type of material that is used to make/build the Hoverboard. And, that should build just with the top quality one!

2- Safety

The size of the wheels, plus if it goes through the rough terrains or not.

3- Speed

Yeah, the movement speed! And how fast it should run.

4- Some extras

Extras like the extra features such as LED lighting, BlueTooth, built-in speakers, and more?

Keep these features in mind and hop over the best hoverboard selection for your kids that is pretty much loaded with the same!


And here we go with the basic FAQs for the Hoverboard primarily used by the kids.

Are hoverboards safe for kids?

Yes, they are.

Can hoverboards get wet?

Yes, but the outer body comes sealed and packed, and the water will not run inside the hoverboards.

Should the Hoverboard be used after the full charge?

For better performance, the Hoverboard should always be used after fully charged.

Why do most hoverboards have Bluetooth technology?

Well, to deliver the fun as riding the Hoverboard is entertaining, and the music makes it more!?

Are hoverboards allowed on planes?

Yup, but as the luggage in the luggage compartment.

Where to get the hoverboard fix?

Always do it from the professionals. And to do that, take assistance from Google Maps to get a hoverboard specialist.

Final Verdict

We know how hard it is to select the best Hoverboard for kids. But wait… Have you not found one already out of the ten listed hoverboards? We dug deep down the folds of the internet to bring you the actual best hoverboards out of checking dozens of them.

And…. Selected what would work best for your kids.

This task was NOT easy, but that had to be done at every cost.

So, we proudly present you with the ten best hoverboards for kids.

Pick to gift and surprise them with these excellent hoverboards!?

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