Do Hoverboards Blow Up and Catch Fire?

What Precautions We Should Made If Hoverboard Catch Fire-It happened in Florida. An 11-year-old girl got injured in this incident. After some days it happened in Alabama. This time it was a man. The third accident occurs in Louisiana. House got fired and everything in the house got affected because of this fire. 

All this happened because of the hoverboard. It caught fire and all the losses occurred. 

On the journey of exploration we came across these different points: do hoverboards blow up in 2020? Do hoverboards still explode in 2020? Do hoverboards catch on fire 2020? Why do hoverboards explode and catch on fire? How to prevent hoverboards from exploding and finally 

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Do hoverboards cause cancer? But to know all about these points you need to read the article till the end.

Why do hoverboards explode and catch on fire?

Let’s start with the very basic question of why hoverboards catch fire.  The most common conception about this problem is that it occurred because of the lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery is a very common component of most electronic devices. These electronic devices include smartphones and laptops. 

The reason to use lithium-ion battery in electronic devices is very obvious. The reason is its ability to store energy in large quantities and in a very limited space. 

By investigating the different incidents in which the  Hoverboards caught on fire A common fact was discovered. This common fact is that all the batteries were made of low-quality materials and parameters followed while building these batteries were also off really poor quality standards.

The second factor which was revealed while investigating the incidents in which the board caught fire was most of the hoverboards were actually overcharged. 

Low-quality lithium-ion batteries are more prone to damages. This can be damaged easily. It is possible for the hoverboards to catch fire is also associated with this reason. 

The damage of the lithium ion battery can make it possible for the positive and negative sides of the battery to be messed up with each other. This incident made the hoverboard on fire. 

If the hoverboard catches fire the fire can create a great deal of damage. This is the size of the battery. The batteries used in the hoverboards are  all of big sizes. These are as big as that if short circuits occur  and these catch fire this can easily burn a normal house completely. 

This has been found out that usually the small defects and negligence in the process of manufacturing can lead to the big losses.

The problem occurs when we see that replica of some well-known brands. In countries like China, there are many factors that are known to produce their replica product of well-known brands. 

The examples of these points include  Samsung and LG. This is the same thing that occurs with the batteries of the electric power board. These electric power boards are commonly known as hoverboards. The cheap copies produced by the low quality low priced manufacturing firms can cause damage to occur.

Ban on the 15000 hoverboards.

Batteries are not the only reason that can create problems while using electronic scooters. The other accessories like the cables plugs charges and even the switches used in the board may create safety issues. 

An alarming situation that was identified by the safety inspectors was the missing of the small circuit breaking objects known as fuses. These fuses have the capacity to break the circuit if the flow of the current rises above the safety limit. The absence of these is the major reason for the safety boards to catch fire. 

Even the retailers are taking actions against the sub-quality and sub standard boards that may cause problems for the users. These are not selling the hoverboards that are identified as problematic devices. 

Hoverboard on fire was such an important issue that even the warning issued by the London fire bridge. In October of 2005 they repeatedly informed the user about the incident in which the hoverboard got fired. They even managed to show the burnt object image. 

For your peace of mind all these incidents were taken from the last years. But the question is still the board is safe to use in 2020.

Increasing popularity

The hoverboards are continuously increasing popularity. Children’s demand to have a board is increasing. Once this was the demand of the young candidates but now it gains popularity even in the children. More and more kids are reminding this as their birthday gift.

This has also been observed that some of them are even trying to save money on their own for buying this gadget. The children and kids try to raise the money by saving their pocket money doing some jobs, even the baby sitting so that they will be able to buy the one.

the problem kanta parents that are concerned about the health of their children. In the case of the power board, it is actually more about the burning issue of hoverboards. This is the time to find out if hoverboards will still burn in 2020 or not. 

The Reasons of Hoverboard Catching Fire

If we want to know the clear answer to this question. We should figure out the reasons because of which the hoverboard got fired. 

Some of these reasons that are most obvious are

  1. The batteries
  2. The wires and the wiring
  3. The manufacturing quality

The batteries

The batteries are the most common reason because of which the Hoverboards got fired. The lithium-ion battery with the number 18650 is considered to be the most dangerous battery. In multiple occasions, it has been observed that the fire started because of this battery. To most obvious reasons because of which the battery exploded are the overcharging and the inefficient system of hoverboard charging. 

The cells in the battery are protected with sheets of polyethylene or sometimes polypropylene. The overcharging of the battery resulted in the damage of these sheets. SS sheet damage reduces the protective layer between the cells. Once the protective layer between the cells dissolved the cells can easily be reacted and cause short circuit or damage 

The wires and the wiring

Sometimes these are the wires and the wiring that actually created the problem for the hoverboard user. 

Loosely joint cables and the loose bondings with the battery creates the problem. This sets the hoverboard.

Sometimes this is the soldering of the wire with the joints of the battery. Low-quality material is used in the soldering process this is something that creates problems in hoverboards. So that these can catch fire easily. 

The manufacturing quality

Sometimes it may happen that the demand for the product is very high. In this situation, the quality of the end product is compromised. The reason for this is that sometimes the manufacturer overlooks the quality of the product in order to fulfill the demand of the market. 

This overlook may sometimes result in very bad consequences; it also includes the firing of the hoverboard. 

Avoid your hoverboard from catching fire

As we have a look at all the major reasons because of which the power board got fired. Now, this is the time to find out how it can be prevented. This is good to avoid situations like that. Actually, nobody and again nobody wants to be involved in situations like that. 

Safety certifications

Whenever by a hoverboard be sure that it has all the necessary certifications. These safety certifications are provided from different institutes. In the presence of these certifications, you can be safe while using and riding the hoverboard. The most well-known certification in this regard is ul2272. 

The charging process

Try to find out how much time is needed for your power board to be charged fully. So that you must not overcharge the battery. as we have seen that the overcharging may cause many problems with the battery and ultimately with your hoverboard.

Some folks are in the habit of putting their hoverboard on a charge while they are sleeping at night. This practice will also damage the battery of the hoverboard and ultimately the board itself. 

Riding on the hoverboard

White to drive the hoverboard at the maximum speed most of the time. Do not check the limits of the hoverboard by putting more weight than the maximum limit of the weight. 

Both species will destroy the machinery of the hoverboard. 

Avoid charging your hoverboard right after the ride at once. 

The charger itself

Many low priced low-quality charges are available in the market. do not use those, always try to charge your device with the original charger. 

In the absence of the original charger, always try to look for the chartered that is actually UL certified. For the UL certified charges try to find out the logo of the UK on the charger. 

Do remember that the original and u l certified charger can create a hell of a difference. 

Final Words

No doubt that multiple incidents have been reported in the past. This is also the truth that in the recent present we do not find any of the incidents in which the hoverboard got fired. even then we personally think that if you follow the simple instructions provided in this article you will be completely safe while riding on the hoverboard.

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