Are Hoverboards banned in New York ?- Hoverboard News


Being Human We Are Very Complicated And All Of The Marketing Strategies Are Based Upon The Complex Human  Psychology. Now A Days The Social Talks And Rumors About Banning Hoverboard In Newyork Are Getting Hype. So What’s The Story Behind.

Is something really executable is on the table or these are just the stories. So let’s figure out and dig some facts behind this hot discussion. What is happening around? A hot discussion just got is popping up. Every forum the hoverboard lovers aye in rage. They are trying to defend their hot new gadgets.

Questions like:

These questions have just hit the internet hard. What is the source behind this hoverboard banning news

We being human beings are so prone to manipulation if we get out of track from our logic to our emotions. Because once we get emotional our emotions are so overwhelming that we forget to investigate the truth and fall for the desire.

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That’s the actual theory behind the banning of the hoverboard. It seems like a mutual venture of cultural societies and the hoverboard industry. 

What is prohibited that Gets Attractive

Are Hoverboards banned in New York ?- Hoverboard News

The main segment of the hoverboard market is kids and youth and both are impulsive, pardon me saying so my dear readers but that’s true. And when something is prohibited it truly gets Attractive. 

And the news of hoverboards being prohibited has actually boosted the business instead of adding any negative impact. The followers and not only busy in promoting their beloved hoverboards but are actually advocating it in front of friends and fellows.

So the marketing strategy seems to be working.

HoverBoard Legal Or Illegal MAZE

Are Hoverboards banned in New York ?- Hoverboard News

Now the support theory or the underlying truth behind the show is a legal act. That states according to title 19, chapter# 1, section 3, 19-176.2 under Newyork code states that as the Hoverboard has all the qualities and power of motorized Scooter. So they should be banned due to their non-registration with DVM and no licensing available.

So the Law Agencies should ban them and they should not be allowed to wander on the streets.

But the other theory supports the freedom of Hoverboard driving, as it’s the most ECO- friendly and most convenient vehicle of the decade. 

Final Verdict

So the final answer to the question, About  HoverBoard Ban in NewYork is,

It’s a rumor as the legal supporting statement says “ as hoverboard maximum speed range is no more than 15 miles per hour and absence of handlebar keep it safe from getting illegal in Newyork roads”

So the reported or demanded fine of $500 is not applicable. 

Hats Off to the Genius Marketing Strategy

I believe that I must admire the rocking marketing strategy that says “the thing that gets Prohibited, gets Demanded as well.
So the Rumors actually worked well for Hoverboard sellers and makers those raised high profits within a week.

 So I hope there is no confusion that the ban issue is clear so go Get Your HoverBoard and Hover Around.

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