Swagtron T1 VS T3 (Complete Review with Buying Guide)

Here you will come across a true comparison of T1 and T3 and you will know which Swagtron T1 Or T3 is better and why T3 is Expansive and What features are missing in T1, so click here to make your decision easy and right.

SwagwaySwatron has been the only manufacturer in the past few years whose two best hoverboards are UL 2272-approved. Due to the lack of UL 2272 clearance, other hoverboards were not suitable for manufacture, wholesale, or export. Nevertheless, the UL 2272 endorsement has been acquired by other companies over time. By developing better, stronger, and more powerful hoverboards, Swagtron has led the industry.

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Swagtron Swagboard T882 Lithium-Free Hoverboard with Startup Balancing, Dual 250W Motors, Patented SentryShield Quantum Battery Protection (Black)

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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Swagtron Swagboard T882 Lithium-Free Hoverboard is a safe and eco-friendly option for riders who want to reduce their carbon footprint. With dual 250W motors, startup balancing, and patented SentryShield Quantum Battery Protection, it’s a reliable and high-performance hoverboard that’s perfect for daily commuting and casual cruising.

Though, this can be difficult if you’re torn between Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T3. This is because there are some characteristics shared by these two versions. But there are also some variations that occur between the two. How do we compare the two and what are the common features they share?

Until jumping into the two Swagtron versions below, we should first explore what to think when selecting a self-balancing scooter for you. This is essential with a little more experience for both beginners and experts.

Be mindful of choosing the brand, firstly. By the end of 2015, due to security concerns, most online sites, including eBay, actually pulled many self-balancing scooter models from all third-party retailers.

First, you’ll want to ensure the quality and efficiency of the scooter you pick. Compare each year’s models, and you will find that as we move into the future of hoverboards, they keep getting better.

Getting a UL certificate is important because it means that the product, in this case, has been tested for safety and has been reviewed against UL standards, and has been found to be safe for customers.

Now let’s have a closer look at two versions of hoverboards from a couple of years ago.

We should look at the Swagtron T1 vs. T3 in this article so that you can see the variations for yourself and determine which one is best for you. Let’s first look at some of the functions unique to both of them:

Similarities between Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T3

Swagtron T1 VS T3 (Complete Review with Buying Guide)

1. Users experience

This is one of the aspects that was genuinely outstanding for Swagtron company. Good user experience includes the Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T3 hoverboards. Both are fun to ride and welcoming to beginners. We have a front key where the boards are switched on. You just need to lean a little forward to push forward and you’re moving there. You are more mindful of your gravity core than you can think. It makes it easy for beginners to find a balance even if they have never ridden one before. With these two boards, moving and turning are so easy. It seems like you’re actually controlling the boards with your hands until you learn the rules of riding.

2. Performance

The Swagtron T1 and T3 will carry a single charge from 7-12 miles. Terrains, riders, and climate decide the distance. You should ride at a stable temperature to cover 12 miles with these two models. This means that to reduce battery performance, you should not ride too hot or too much cold weather. With both versions, you can get up a decent hill at a peak incline of 30 degrees. The hill’s slope and the weight of the user can impact how well you are heading up the hill. Both models can hit a maximum speed of 8mps in terms of performance. If you’re not an experienced rider, though, you must refrain from achieving that speed.

3. UL Certification

This might have been the first feature to talk about. Having the certificate of the underwriter is a park ride. It doesn’t come easy and it can’t be inexpensive, surely. Nevertheless, this qualification has been obtained by Swagtron. It ensures that the boards have passed tests to ensure that efficiency, functionality, and security are not affected. Both of these models are certified as UL 2271 and UL2272. The UL2271 means the battery used in the machine is safe while the UL2272 is a personal mobility system safety standard. Therefore, for users to ride these two boards are absolutely safe.

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4. Safe Stop Technology

It’s another standard feature of both boards. Hoverboard fires were a long time ago the common cause of accidents, but this altered when Swagtron integrated Sentry Shield into their self-balancing scooters. Following flames, the next biggest issue was slipping off the board It happens when the battery dies and the panel comes to an abrupt halt. Nevertheless, riders are no longer victims of slipping with Safe stop technology. When the battery runs out of power, it slowly reduces the board’s pace.

Differences between T1 and T3

Swagtron T1 VS T3 (Complete Review with Buying Guide)

1. Design

The T1 has a similar design to the self-balancing scooters of the first generation launched in 2015. This features better non-slip footpads for smoother riding though, as well as a harder ABS case to minimize injury to the outside body and scraping. It is available in yellow, silver, dark red, green, black, and white shades in six different colors.

The T3 doesn’t have a unique look anywhere else. New design innovation is the built-in carrying strap made of sturdy material which makes it easier for you to hold it while you are not using it.

2. Availability

The Swagtron T1 was launched on May 31, 2016, and is available on the market on many of the top online marketplaces. This is the only self-balancing scooter on the official website, Amazon, Best Buy, and many other stores.

On July 1st, the Swagtron T3 was announced and is generally available on Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Models, and others.

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Some extra features in T3 which are not available in T1

T3 has 3 riding modes that are (learner, basic and advanced), unlike the T1 which has only 2 riding modes. The Swagtron app enables you to reach customer service through the phone, record your riding status and check your Bluetooth speaker battery level – the Swagtron T3 is one of the only Bluetooth ones currently available on the market.

It has a maximum speed of 8 miles and 11 miles of range – On a full charge, you can ride up to 8 miles and 11 miles.

The security of this board has been tested– This self-balancing 2-wheel scooter has gone through many security tests and outperformed them.

You can enjoy your favorite track while riding – The T3 uses Bluetooth speakers to play music while you’re riding.


The price of the Swagtron T1 is around the $400 mark, while the price of the Swagtron T3 version hovers around the $500 mark. The extra money you pay, however, will buy you the incredibly advanced features that we have just described.

Final Verdict!

If you are among those people who prefer to have a fun-loving ride, then T3 is the best option.  You can enjoy all your favorite tracks from your mobile when you coast with high-quality Bluetooth wired speakers.

The Scooters ‘ Overall Look is Very Sleek Trendy and Compact. The scooter’s display is advanced. It really looks like something more sophisticated than older hoverboards, mixing the top-notch quality wheels with the lightweight design, texture, and innovative LED lights. Because of its light-weightiness, for a more fun drive, it perfectly fits more on your feet.

Unlike many inexpensive boards that are available at the store, this one has a very great feeling to it thanks to the top-notch stuff it is manufactured from. The ride is also comfortable and stable because of the sophisticated improved hardware and software systems that control the ride.  They are a very accommodating company and are well tailored for customer requirements. They are striving hard to address the needs and fears of consumers.

So which one you should buy?

As you’ve seen, the popular hoverboard model is the Swagtron T1. If you want decent quality, cost-effective one without any of the whistles and bells, this is for you. Many people are going to go for this one because they’re not going to need any of the bonuses the T3 does, so why pay the extra $100?

The Swagtron T1 is a good option for people of every age group (considering the specifications of height and weight), but we believe this will certainly be very common with most buyers, especially parents who like to buy it for their kids.

The T3 is a little extra for advanced two-wheeled scooter users. Built-in Bluetooth built-in microphone, professional riding mode (as well as a training mode and normal modes), device, and built-in carry belt make it the most powerful UL-approved self-balancing scooter on the market right now. It’s 100 dollars expensive than the T1, at its slightly higher price, but that won’t dissuade those who want the premium features.

It is also a very fair price for safety because many of the more expensive versions (which cost $1000 +) have not yet been certified for UL and do not always receive UL Certification.

They are fairly priced, top quality, secure, fun and stunning self-balancing scooters. SwagwaySwagtron is the favorite brand of all people. We strongly recommend that you should buy one and see it for yourself.


I am looking for an All-terrain which one is a better All-terrain T1 or T3?

Both above-said hoverboards show better performance on a smooth surface but if you want a rough ride T1 is a better option as we know the bigger wheels show better performance on All-terrains.

Which battery is better T1 or T3?

T1 and T3 both have good battery timings but if you ask for a comparison T1 has better battery timing.

Why is the T1 Cheaper than T3?

T3 offers a luxury experience to the user, I don’t say that T1 doesn’t offer a good consumer experience but the carry straps and wireless speakers are a few extra features that are available with T3, not T1.

Whose battery is safer T1 or T3?

Don’t worry about safety as both are made of fireproof materials, both have the ability to auto-switch off charging when the battery is fully charged. Moreover, both have UL certification so if safety is your concern you have a green light for both.

Is tangibility the same for both T1 and T3 or is there any difference?

Look wise the Swagtron T3 is better than the T1, as it looks more tangible, more solid, and thicker.

If I am a music lover, which one is better Swagtron T1 or T3?

More or less T1 and T3 are very similar to each other. Even a few can’t differentiate in the two but a few features like Bluetooth connectivity and wireless features are missing in T1. So I suggest for a music lover T3 is a better choice to go with.

Which Swagtron is a better choice overall T1 or T3?

T3 and T1 both are good but the upgraded version is definitely T3. As it has a bit more funk and fun with its LEDs Lights,  wireless speakers, and  Bluetooth connectivity.

Which Swagtron T1 or T3 is completely Waterproof?

Yes, Swagtron is a cool and good brand but if you want to get a completely waterproof hoverboard do keep in mind both this T1 and T3 offer only water resistance. That means your hoverboard can’t bear too much water; you need to keep it safe from water. And if you want to hover in the rain you need to search for some other with this feature.

Which Swagtron T1 or T3 has better Tires?

The tire feature is equally good in both T1 and T3 they both have rubber tires that are good to go anyways you want no fear of flat tires.

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