Who Invented the Hoverboard? Facts and Figures

What is inside a hoverboard

Note so many wires. If you open a hoverboard you will see our logic port in it. Batteries to run the wheels. The hoverboard has two wheels so you will see two batteries installed with each wheel. A battery that can store the charge and provide the electric current whenever needed. Gyroscope again 2 same as the motor each for a wheel. Delete this is all done for a standard hoverboard. A hoverboard with advanced features may have speakers and lights in it.

Self-balancing two-wheeled scooter

Originally this board is self balancing and two wheeled. But it is popular with the name of the hoverboard. The amazing thing is that it does not hover. Actually, it runs on the road. Maybe one day the technology has evolved in a way that it can be helpful for the hoverboard and it really started to hover on the surface instead of running on the ground.

Should you Buy a Hoverboard

Are you really in need of the hoverboard? This question can be answered in multiple ways. The purpose of buying the hoverboard is important. Do you want it for the adventure or you want it for transportation purposes or you want it for the purpose of personal satisfaction. The second thing which helps you to decide about this question is that if your pocket has the capacity to afford the hoverboard for you. If you can easily afford the hoverboard then no matter what the purpose is you should buy it.

But if you have only a limited budget then it entirely depends on the alternative choices you have and the economic viability of that particular resource. Like do you have any alternative choice of transportation if you don’t buy the hoverboard. Ok, you have it’s great. Now, look at what is the economic viability of that particular alternative. If you find it more economically viable then you should buy the hoverboard. Otherwise you should buy the hoverboard.

Hoverboards are even referred to, as one of the most remarkable inventions in the field of transportation for the last decade.

People are so curious to know about, that how far the invention can go and what are the margins? a few are even wishing for the flying hoverboards that are being a hot favorite of many daydreamers.

Here in this article, we are going to figure out a few facts about hoverboards, let’s start with,

Who Invented Hoverboard?

As we are enjoying this miraculous invention, most of the enthusiasts want to know about the inventor. Who actually gifted us with this most ECO- Friendly mode of personal convenience.

Yes let me Introduce you,

Mr. Shane Chen 

Chen, the inventor of the self-balancing scooter was born and brought up in Beijing. His birthplace was not an ideal to develop and expand a business in the mid-1980’s so he migrated to America to get better opportunities. 

He has a whole big history of working and creating revolutions in the field of personal transportation. He started with a watercraft, further developed orbit wheel skates, moreover ultra wheel, and even Hovertrax.

He was the first to file a provisional patent for self-balancing electric unicycle in 2010 and he filed a patent for HOVERTRAX in 2012 which was granted in 2014, which further developed as a hoverboard.

The first hoverboard was manufactured in Shenzhen. And the first patent was at the name of Shane Chen. But few bad incidents after the first entry of Hoverboard in the market caused damage to the image of Hovertrax manufactured under the patent of Shane. Mark Cuban declared to take over the patent from the name of Shane Chen.

So now while enjoying your ride on the hoverboard you must be obliged to the originator.

Who invented Flying Hoverboards?

The other screaming voice and a hot topic hitting the internet is the curiosity of Hoverboard fans. They want to know whether the flying Hoverboard is true news or just fiction as used in Back to the future.  So let’s disclose this mystery and get familiar with the inventor who has truly tuned this fiction into the real world.

Greg Henderson and his wife Lil

As the name says HoverBoard, it should not move on wheels but should actually hover or fly around. Greg Handerson and his assistant wife worked on the idea and actually created a flying Hoverboard.

These flying hoverboards work with four hovering engines. The opposite magnetic fields, those repel and create a lift are a secret behind its flying impression. But these hoverboards are not very much ready to be launched in the market for commercial use. 

At least this seems like hope to all hoverboard lovers, that they can truly hover around, if not today then why not one day. 

You must be wondering, the two-wheelers, flooding the market are self-balancing scooters instead of Hoverboards.

Then how they got their name?

It’s also an interesting debate, as a few actually protested that when it’s a two-wheeler. then how come the brands can name it as best Hoverboards. But the supporters have a very valid answer for it. when a peanut not being a nut still is not confusing, the allegation for hoverboards is also not very valid.

So the name was to excite the audience and grab the market. But it was never to create a misconception. And when the true hoverboards will hit the market definitely the name can get controversial until then enjoy these self-balancing scooters.

Who Invented the hoverboard Segway?

Segway claims to be the pioneer in the field as Dean Keman’s in 2001 claimed to invent a hoverboard. That too was a personal transporter Segway powered by electricity and two wheels.

This one again is claimed to be the pioneer but I believe them all to be a step initiator. Moreover, their additions are actually truly responsible for creating this magical mode of transportation.So I believe a true fan of this personal mode of transportation should actually be thankful to all the researchers who worked a lot to provide us the ease.

Another worth considering invention in this race of self transportation is Hovercraft invented by Jamie Hyneman. That was not a very successful project but still, its invention in 2004 was another milestone.

After that in 2005, a wooden board series was designed by Jason Bradbury and that evolved into a series by 2007.

The history of the hoverboard is very interesting and evolutions are still in process. but the good news its from the beginning to this immediate condition the hoverboards are actually moving towards comfort and luxury. And adding more ease and style on a daily basis. 

There are so many brands and so many accessories that are actually working in competition and this eco-friendly mode of transportation is getting more safe say by day.

Tips To Buy Your Best Hover Board

While the market is flooding with these magical machines hovering all around, you need to invest your money wisely. As their cost starts from 150 to 300 dollars definitely not an amount to put at stake.

So keep in mind these features to buy the best.

UL Certification

Safety comes first, and after few incidents from the past I suggest don’t even consider one that doesn’t offer UL certification. As that ensures that the one you are purchasing is perfectly electric shock and fireproof.

Broad wheels

If you want to have a tough ride I mean an all-terrain route do check the wheels are wider than the normal range. The thicker the wheel the stronger the grip.

Strong Material

Ensure that the hoverboard is not made up of cheap material like few are constructed with cheap and lightweight material and claim it to be aluminum alloy.

Quick Charging

To have a hover ride you need to check out the battery levels so a quick charging will make you equipped with your running fuel earlier than the slower one.so prefer the ones which provide one-hour charging.

Weight Capacity 

This one is another factor to be considered while buying a hoverboard that its weight-bearing capacity should be more than the ridders weight.


Different speed levels are also there so choose one that suits you best and most.

Bluetooth Availability

This one is a luxury feature but checking it around actually adds up lots of ease and more fun in your ride.

Led Lights

This one is actually another necessity that looks like a luxury. As if you want to enjoy your favorite Hoverboard ride at night that will be a must. For that, it will not only add clarity to your vision but also indicate to others that someone is ridding. Moreover, the swag of moving around on a hoverboard with flashing wheels itself is a charm. 


Good speakers ensure good music quality so to enrich your experience with memorable music check on this one as well. 


I hope after getting through this article you are fully aware of all those facts which were a mystery for you. now you know all about your favorite gadget from when, where, how, and, who invented your Hoverboard.

And for those that are trying to look out for the hoverboard inventor whether he is dead or alive, Remember, they are so many of them in the history and several to come in the future to keep modifying rectifying and updating your hoverboards.

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