Are Hoverboards Banned in the UK?

Do you are a hoverboard owner in the UK? We are going to discuss the inside on hoverboards law in the UK. In this article, you are going to found out hoverboards are legal or illegal in the UK. Many people ask this question that they can ride their best hoverboards in public places in the UK or not? The answer is not, but it is allowed to ride on private properties with permission.(E-scooters & Hoverboard Law)

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Nothing can beat the great feeling of riding a newly bought hoverboard. It feels good when you ride a hoverboard in the streets, and air passes through your hair. You have just started riding your hoverboard, and you want to ride your new hoverboard around the streets to explore your local area.
However, we all have noticed that the attention on the hoverboards is taking place in the media. Some people love hoverboard, and some people even don’t like them. There are people who love to use it; on the other hand, some people avoid riding the hoverboard.

Today we are going to explain the laws about hoverboards in the UK, so you know what you can do on your hoverboard and what is not allowed to do. Are you seeking to buy a hoverboard for your child or for you and have no idea which one to buy? Let’s take a look at which hoverboard to buy in the UK.

UK Hoverboard Laws

Are Hoverboards Banned in the UK?

The traffic laws in the UK are very strict, and if you avoid following these laws, there is a chance of significant fines and punishments. The UK is a country that regulates hoverboards, we hate to break it to you, but it is true. It is entirely illegal to ride the hoverboard in public places in the UK. This includes roads and public pavements. If you get caught riding the hoverboard in public places, you’ll receive a fine. The first person who gets caught riding a hoverboard in the UK is a 50-year old man who was riding his hoverboard in a public place. This old man was fined £75, so be aware because it’ stoo much.

This is a big bummer but the hoverboards are still banned. You can own a hoverboard it’s legal. However, you can use it on your private properties. The only downside you can’t ride your hoverboard in public places is against the law of the UK.

More in-depth Look at the Hoverboard Law

When we take a closer look at the law, that is the point where things get comical. The UK hoverboards ban law is not new it is applied almost 200 years back. This law prohibits hoverboard riding in public places. The Highway Act of the UK from 1835 is a sinner here. According to the Highway Act 1835, it is clearly stated thepenalty on the people “who ride a Sheep, Ass, Horse, Swine, or carriage, or Cattle of any description, or any Sledge or Truck.” This law also includes hoverboards. Do hoverboards fall into the category of sheep, pigs, and cattle?

Only the insured and licensed motor vehicles are allowed to ride in public places in the UK. Small gadgets like hoverboards do not fulfill the necessary requirements to be considered for road riding legally. A question arrives here why we are allowed to ride e-bicycle then? Well, this is an excellent question. This is still a grey area. This new invention calls for new regulations and laws. There is no law for e-bikes yet.

The Good News is the Law Reconsideration

With all the negative news for hoverboard owners, there is good news. On 19 March 2019, the Transport Department of the UK released a new document for future mobility: the Urban Strategy.


“TheFuture of Mobility Huge Challenges aims to capitalize on a period of change in transportation and make the UK the world leader in mobility innovations”

The DFT also reviews the 1835 Highways Act as this law seeks to modernize laws surrounding transportation. There is no time frame when this review will add, but it will take some time to apply. New rules take some time to be implemented. The document suggested that now we are in the transition period and we will improve the hoverboards and electric bikes laws in the future. Hope for the best and these issues will resolve in some time and you can ride your hoverboards in public places.

What Happens If Someone Get Caught Riding Hoverboard in Public Places?

Many people ask a question what will happen if they ride their hoverboard in public places in the UK? Chances are you caught and there is a fine, on the other hand, nothing will happen. Although it is suggested to ride your hoverboard in private places with proper permission. You can use hoverboards in your private property, parks, and your lawn, etc.

It’s just a matter of time and soon you’ll be allowed to ride a hoverboard in public places legally in the UK. Always follow the traffic law in the UK because if don’t do so you’ll get caught and get a fine in return

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