Nanrobot D4+ Electric Scooter Complete Review (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

The Nanrobot D4+ E-Scooter is an effective foldable best electric scooter; it allows users to enjoy their ride. This is one of the fastest e-scooter in the market, be aware if you are new to the electric scoter world because speed is super-fast. If you want to ride this, you’ll have some previous e-scooter experience to handle this beast.

However, if you are an experienced rider, and also have some healthy money in your pocket it is the best e-scooter for you. The safety features of Nanrobort D+ are great. It is a durable e-scooter for advanced level riders.

Today we are going to review this sophisticated scooter. In this article, you’ll find the elevation of the power and speed, customer service rating, durability, and safety features of this beast.

So, without any more delay lets dive out for an in-depth review of this e scooter.

Max speed30-40 MPH
Warranty12 months
Weight59.5 lbs
Range30-40 miles
Motor Power 2*1000 watts
Max Load330 lbs
Size48” * 44.9” * 22.5”
Charging Time11- 12 hours
BatteryLithium 52V23A
Wheel Size10”

Who Can Use it?

This e-scooter can be used by everyone easily. However, make sure you have the knowledge of how to ride an e-scooter before you ride this one.

E-scooters are like motorcycles. This e-scooter ride like an enduring motorcycle. Thus, it is good if you know how to operate a motorcycle it will help you ride this e-scooter smoothly.

The load capacity id 330 lbs. maximum. If you are bigger than 330’s not suitable for you, look for another scooter.

Discovering NANROBOT D4


If you have purchased the D4+ e-scooter and ready to ride it. But, you no need to rush. Below are a few important things to know before you use this product.

  • Make sure you charge it adequately before you ride it. It will come with a 30 to 40% charge and you can check it with a short ride test that you have received in the mint condition.
  • The disk brakes are very sensitive and if you are going on the speed of 40m/h make sure to use brakes carefully. Never ride it fast unless you get used to the sensitivity of the brake.
  • The weight of this scooter is 70lbs, it does not mean you can carry it around. This scooter is best for long-distance trips, not short trips.
<strong>Key Features</strong>

  • Long Range
  • High Speed
  • Dual Motor
  • Built-in Damping System
  • Highly Portable
  • Emergency Braking System
  • Built-in Headlights

Range & Speed

The Nanrobot D4+ has excellent range & speed and it’s above most of the e-scooters available in the market. You can ride this e-scooter at the speed of 40 miles per/hour, and it is safe for expert rider’s new riders to need some practice to ride this fast speed e-scooter.

Meanwhile, the 40-mile per/hour range means you can go to any distance without any problem with the scooter.The impressivestatistics are assistedby the staggering motor of 2000w.

Asa result of this sheer power, this e-scooter is capable to support heavyweight up to 330 pounds, and you can also climbup to hills at the incline of 30 degrees easily.

How to get most out of this e-scooter

If you want to get most out of your Nanrobot e-scooter maintain it properly it is essential to make sure your scooter lasts long. Store your scooter in a safe place when you are not using it.Charge the battery after you arrive home from a trip.

The wheels are the most important part that’s why you need to replace your e-scooter wheels to bring your scooter in good condition. Replace the wheels at a professional shop to make sure wheels are installed correctly and safe to ride.


The Nanrobot D4+ is built incredible sturdy, because of its crazy speed. The frame weight is 70-pound and it is crafted from high-quality aluminum. The frame is very lightweight and durable.

However, this is a lightweight e-scooter but the weight is twice as compared to the average commuter units. You can easily fold this e-scooter and carry it with you easily at any time anywhere.The design concept makes it very easy to carry with you.


The Nanrobot D4+ can be controlled by an LCD display that is available on the handle. The rider can shift between dual and single motor power modes (it depend on the desire of the rider which speed is suitable for him/her).

This e-scooter features a pull brake that is available near to the handle, it will allow the rider to stop this e-scooter seamlessly when needed.


This e-scooter features huge safety features to make sure you enjoy your commuting safely. The brakes of the Nanrobort D4+ are just awesome and it is the key feature of this scooter. Both back and front brakes are electrically controlled and facilitate the user quickly, help to stop smoothly.

The tires are pneumatic and effective shock-absorbing technology help rider to ride this e-scooter smoothly.The shock absorption function helpsthe rider to zip around at fast speeds.

The Nanrobot e-scooters feature strong LED taillights, and headlights to give you increased visibility at night.

Customer Services

The NanrobotD4+ comes with a decent warranty. The wheels and frame are protected with the warranty for one year. If you face any error during the first year you can claim the warranty.

Unfortunately, the warranty period is less for the electric components and you can claim warranty for electric components within 6 months. Electric parts warranty is half as compared to tires and frame.

The company gives you customer support for troubleshooting concerns. If you need any troubleshooting related support you can call them for support.

  • All-wheel drive
  • 40MPH high speed
  • 45 miles long-range
  • Solidly built
  • Built0in LCD
  • Climbs hills easily
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Too long brake cable
  • Expensive

How to ride it?

Riding the Nanorobot D4+ electric scooter is not very difficult.However, take some precautions to stay safe during riding.This scooter is not good for beginners.

  • When riding this scooter first time don’t ride it to maximum speed, pace yourself first.
  • Charge this scooter adequately before using the first time. It will make sure your battery serves you for a long time.
  • Breaks are very sensitives and you have to learn gradually, the swiftly braking response takes some time to get used to it.
  • If you are practicing to ride Narobot D4+ must wear safety attire.

Alternative of NANROBOT

This electric scooter is very enticing and attractive for you until you see its price tag. If you need a low cost and good alternative than the Ninebot ES4 Folding E-scooter is best for you. The motor is quite powerful as Nanrobot; the price is very affordable for anyone. This scooter alsohas good features packed in the box.

Final Verdict

The NanrobotD4+ electric scooter is an expensive and high-speed scooter. But the features will give you what you pay to buy this e-scooter. Each and everything of this e-scooter has top-notch quality. When you ride this scooter it will give you a feeling that you are riding a mountain bike. Most of the people are now selling out their electric boards and bicycles to buy this e-scooter. The Nanrobot electric scooter is a new favorite for everyone. You can also check the Are Hoverboards Banned in the UK?



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