Best Hover Shoes to Buy in 2019 (Complete Buying Guide)

Hover shoes are not old-fashioned. Only when the hover shoes are placed on the market in the present time. For their unique design, material quality, and style, they are easily identifiable. The hover shoes allow you to do the tricks and motions that you’ve seen in your favorite action movies.

Yes, you have heard it right! They are flexible and self-balancing. So anyone can comfortably ride them.

So you might be thinking that what are hovershoes after all? Especially if you have never seen one.

Well, we just don’t want to build any further suspense.

For now, you should know that hover shoes for each of the user’s feet are just like hoverboards but are separate for each of your feet. If you’ve never used it before, this may be a little puzzling.

Today we will tell you about the best ones available in the market.

They are great news for love to travel on their feet.

Things to remember when buying hovershoes!

However, the one important thing to remember is that most of the hovershoes on the market today are unable to accommodate a payload weighing more than 80 kg. That’s about 176 in pounds.

Reasonably good pairs are waterproof IP65 as well.

What does this means for the users?

This means that they are dust-resistant. It also makes them resistant to water which is projected through a nozzle.


To help you get the best experience of riding, we have researched the top best hover shoes that you can buy for yourself and your family. They are as follow:



With the help of these Hovershoes, the youth have discovered a very modern and enjoyable source of travel. One such brand is the Koowheel Electric Roller Hovershoes with LED Lights, which has become more famous in recent months. It has many cool features and are comfortable to ride on.

They come with a fantastic dual-footboard and self-balancing features. The introduction of this system has meant that consumers will have fun skating and the rider will also feel secure while riding on it. The rollers passed all the UL2272 tests safely to make sure that the shoes were not put at risk when the riders used them.

The main attraction is the front-mounted LED lights. There are three main LEDs-blue, green, and orange. Each of them shows you’re doing a specific action on these shoes.

  • Self-balancing
  • LED Lights
  • Safe and secure ride
  • Heat up issues in the engine

Why do I like it?

It can easily be carried and has some great features.

2. MixMart Electric Roller Skates

MixMart Electric Roller Skates

They have a robust design besides having some great features. They are comfortable for anyone over 8 years of age to ride and control. The hove shoes ‘ self-balancing system makes it ideal for little riders as well. Thanks to their design they can be worn for different fun acts.

You can ride them in any terrain. The skate is powered by dual batteries of 250 watts and can produce a maximum speed of 12 kmh. It is made with IP65 engineering, making it durable and free from possible damage to water. It can run up to 8 km when fully charged.

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Safe to ride
  • Can get heat up due to weather conditions

Why do I like it?

This is safe for riders above 8 years old.

3. OULV Roller skates hover shoes

OULV Roller skates hover shoes

OULV are convenient to carry with you wherever you want. Each of these shoes weighs only 2.8 kg and they are also small in length, making it easier for you to move around. So the shoes won’t be a nuisance when you’re out on a trip. The thing that makes the OULV hovershoes so famous is a small size but the same durable quality. It has passed all the UL2272 quality tests safely to make sure that when you use it, the Hovershoes do not have any type of threat. Parents can even let their kids play with it without thinking about any dangers.

  • Waterproof
  • They can cover a distance of 8km
  • Strong engine
  • Only one color is available

Why do I like it?

They don’t get heat up and it’s the best thing about this hovershoes.

4. Hoverclub Electric Hovershoes

Hoverclub Electric Hovershoes

People are showing a great deal of interest in the electric transports. If you’re a lover for spinning boots, you must have heard about this brand.  Great technology, sturdy structure, sleek style-all this is about Hoverclub Hover Shoes

This comes with a dual-footboard and self-balancing technology. It has completed the certification test of UL 2272 and maintains that it is free from risks. It weighs 2.8 kg and is very lightweight to bring around. Like any regular pair of shoes you can wear them. This is also powered by dual motors of 250-watt and can produce a top speed of 12 kmh.

  • Easy to carry
  • Sleek design
  • UL certifications
  • The engine is not powerful

Why do I like it?

It is available in a reasonable price.

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5. Segway Drift W1

Segway Drift W1

The e-skate Segway Drift W1 is a lightweight. It has two different e-skates that give you limitless stunts and maneuvering opportunities without effort.

A combination of advanced tilt sensors and gyroscopic sensors, the self-balancing mechanism designed using microprocessors, helps Segway to maintain stability quickly. The only thing you need to do is to use your weight to control and balance. Sensors detect the wheels at the appropriate speed if you turn, even if it’s minimal tilt, so you push on.


  • It has a load capacity of 220 pounds.
  • You can easily navigate.
  • It is dirt and water-resistant.

6. Meritcase electric roller skates

Meritcase electric roller skates

Each of them has a brushless 250-watt engine that is robust enough to produce 12-3 kmh high speeds. They are licensed by FC & CE, which have been declared free of any serious fire risks and have met all UL2272 testing requirements based on national electrical safety standards. So you can love skate excitement, but you’re risk-free as well. The seven Lithium-ion batteries can be fully charged in 2-3 hours and are capable of covering per charging period a range of 10 km. They are non-slippery and have ergonomic footplates that provide a secure and sturdy foundation that can easily support from 22 to 286 lbs.

  • Non-slippery and waterproof
  • You can also carry them on aeroplanes
  • They are safe to ride
  • Charging time is long.

Why do I like it?

They are comfortable to ride on.


Are hovershoes waterproof? 

Yes most of them are waterproof. And even dust resistant.

Will they catch fire?

No, they are fire-resistant and all safety tests are performed to ensure that customers are not harmed at any cause.

How much time is required to charge them?

It depends on which brand you are buying from, and on average it only takes two hours to charge them. And most of them have a lithium-ion battery which is quite powerful.

Can we carry them on airports?

Yes, they can be carried on airplanes because they are approved by airport security. Moreover, they are easy to carry.

What is the age limit for riding them?

The rider must be above 6 years old.


Not everyone is familiar with hovershoes these days and this makes it difficult for you to choose for the best options. They are new in the market and there are many manufacturers that reselling them at cheap price, not caring about the harm it can bring.  For this purpose, we have deeply researched the best hovershoes in the market to help you to buy the best ones with top-notch quality. We have not made this list solely based on the price, rather it is purely made on the basis of quality, performance and safety.

Whether it’shoverboards, hoverboard helmets and hoverboard shoes we make sure you buy the best, you will surely make the best choice with our help. All the above are safe to ride. You can randomly choose anyone, making sure you’re going to have a safe ride and having fun.

Determining which roller is best for you, you need to be keen to avoid buying a product that will make it difficult to have fun. Consider choosing the lightweight hovershoes and wherever you want to have fun, you can easily carry them. The above guide will help you choose the top 6 best Hovershoes rollers. Go ahead! Give them a try, and you will surely not regret buying them.

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