Glyro Hoverboard Review

Glyro Hoverboards have gained immense popularity among tech-savvy individuals and enthusiasts. These self-balancing scooters have become a trendsetter in personal transportation due to their sleek design, impressive features, and ease of use. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of the Glyro Hoverboard, including its features, design, performance, safety, battery life, user-friendly app, pros and cons, customer reviews, comparisons with competitors, maintenance, pricing, warranty, and customer support.


Hoverboards have revolutionized the way people commute and have fun. The Glyro Hoverboard is a prime example of this technological advancement. With its cutting-edge features and sleek design, the Glyro Hoverboard has captured the attention of riders worldwide. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a daily commuter, or an adventure seeker, the Glyro Hoverboard offers a unique and thrilling riding experiencev

The Jetson Electric company, however, has been in operation since 2011. They have honed their name in the production of electric scooters, hoverboards, longboards, and many more appliances as such. This Glyro Hoverboard was produced by the Jetson Electric company. With their experience in the manufacturing of hoverboards, they were able to create this amazing and unique product, The Glyro hoverboard

The new Glyro hoverboard is endowed with several compelling features that would make you yearn for getting one for yourself. Read on as I share with you these features!

Editor’s Pick

Hover-1 Titan Electric Hoverboard | 8MPH Top Speed, 8 Mile Range, 3.5HR Full-Charge, Built-In Bluetooth Speaker, Rider Modes: Beginner to Expert

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Hover-1 Titan electric hoverboard is a fun and stylish way to travel short distances, with a top speed of 8MPH and a range of 8 miles on a single charge. It also includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker and rider modes that range from beginner to expert.

Key Features

  • 3 Learning Modes
  • Bright LED Lights
  • GPS & Tracking
  • UL Certified
  • LED Lights
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Age 15+

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Description of The Glyro Hoverboard

The Glyro hoverboard is designed to meet the needs of people within all age brackets. The Durable materials used in constructing it make it a top-rated hoverboard perfect for both beginners and professionals alike. This section would be detailed in discussing its different parts and their characteristic properties.

Wheels and Trunks

Most trunks for hoverboards and skateboards come with kingpin trunks. The same applies to this Glyro hoverboard. The trunks assist in performing versatile tricks and styles of riding. In addition, the trunks of this hoverboard help to protect against wheel bites. In other words, they give you full balance as you try your turns and curves. The 2-wheel Glyro self-balancing scooter hoverboard is quite large and tough. The wheels have a shock-absorbing feature which makes riding comfortable with little or no vibrations. Not all roads are smooth, sometimes, asphalts are usually rough. On this type of terrain, you do not have to worry about the wheels getting worn out. They are deliberately designed to withstand such conditions.

Range and Motors

Enjoy the feel of the breeze on your skin as the Glyro 300W hub motor accelerates to a maximum of over 8mph. With this powerful motor, the board can go 12 miles at maximum speed. The Glyro hoverboard features two riding modes; beginner and professional. You see! it’s suitable for all people. The hub motor in this board is what makes it have a quiet drive even if it is on rough roads. However, there has been some customer report that lodges complaints about loud sounds from the wheel. Many times, this noise is caused by material getting stuck between the wheels and the body of the hoverboard. Be sure to confirm that there are no packing materials in yours before complaining to the customer care service.


To enjoy your hoverboards, one of the major factors to look out for is the battery capacity. Even if the board has very high speeds, allows for versatility, and other fun features you like, you would not be able to enjoy them if the battery cannot last a reasonable amount of time. Well, with this Glyro hoverboard, you do not have to compromise one feature for the other. It literarily has it all! The hoverboard battery of this board is a Samsung battery that meets all legal and safety requirements. It has a battery capacity as large as 20 times the average phone battery. This battery can take you for as long as 8mph for 2 hours in only a single charge. In other to avoid the embarrassment of a flat battery in the middle of the road, the board is designed with indicator lights that let you know how much juice you have left. If you run out of battery, you do not have to panic, within an hour, you can completely charge the battery. While charging, the 5-light indicators also let you know the charge level.


A common name that most people refer to this hoverboard as, is the Glyro self-balancing hoverboard. You may begin to wonder where the self-balancing title is from. Don’t think too far! The board has earned itself that title because of the deck. The deck of the Glyro board is designed with a slight concave that allows your leg to sit inconveniently. This concave curve is to prevent foot aches, especially during long-hour ridings. Another bonus to the deck of this hoverboard is the LED lights. These LED lights help to illuminate your way when the sun goes down. Apart from the fact that it lightens your way, it also helps other road users to spot you. The deck is very sturdy and large enough for extra-large people. It can carry as much as 220lbs weight maximum and a minimum of 44lbs. What other convincing feature do you need?

Glyro Hoverboard Charger

Glyro Hoverboard Review

Accompanying the box of the Glyro hoverboard, is the board charger. The charger offers protection on 4 important levels. It protects against excess voltage and currents, short circuit, and battery polarity errors. The charger is fast charging with it adaptor and intelligent charging features. The battery is only designed to last for a year. However, to be able to use it for that duration, you must not use it past 5 hours per charging time. Note that during the first charging, the temperature may be high but you don’t have to worry, it will come down by itself over time.

Portability and Comfort

The quality, shape, and design of this hoverboard are all aimed towards achieving a single purpose. This purpose is your satisfaction. Talk of the wheels, the deck the battery, and all, all these are made so that you would always want to come back for more!

Despite the fact that the Glyro board is sturdy and made with high-quality materials, it has very lightweight. It weighs only 23 pounds. That means you can always carry it in your hand should you want to quickly hop on a train.


Most of the time, the issue with hoverboards is that they either stop working or start burning. To ensure that you are safe from burns associated with the board, the hoverboard is framed with incombustible materials. 

Asides from this, the beginner mode uses beginner-friendly speeds to prevent falls and aid fast learning. The LED light helps you see well at night and the list goes on and on like that. Simply put, the manufacturers have your safety in mind as a priority. 


  • The LED display helps you to see and to be seen at night
  • It comes with an embedded learning mode for beginners
  • While charging, you can know the charge level with the easy-to-read indicators
  • The charger helps to protect the hoverboard from battery polarity errors.
  • With the minimum and maximum weight levels, plus the beginner and professional modes, it is suitable for all people.
  • The ruggedness of the wheels makes riding comfortable even on rough terrains.
  • The frame of the hoverboard is made with incombustible materials
  • The hoverboard has waterproof features
  • You can conveniently carry your hoverboard around because of its lightweight.


  • Some customers have complained of vibrations in the hoverboard
  • Charger should last beyond a year

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Your Glyro Hoverboard 

Glyro Hoverboard Review

I’m certain that you wouldn’t be happy if the hoverboard you spent your precious money on, only lasted a few months due to mishandling from your path. Therefore, in this section, I would be sharing some tips and tricks to increasing the life span of your hoverboard.

Keep it charged!

Leaving your hoverboard to sit dead may be dangerous for it. Before any use, ensure that it is properly charged. All batteries come with a certain number of the charge cycle. Whenever the battery charges from flat to full, a cycle is completed. The more the number of complete cycles the closer it is to its life cycle completion. Now, rather than have your battery go flat every time, charge it after every use to prolong its life span.

Clean the wheels often

Without the wheels, there is no hoverboard! Hence, it is necessary to clean the wheels regularly. Remember to check for dirt in-between the wheels and the plastic body of the board. Importantly, because it is said that the Glyro hoverboard is waterproof doesn’t mean that you can immerse it inside water. 

When there’s contact with water, perhaps you were under the rain, ensure you clean it to dry off water residues. This would prevent rust and protect the battery from serious damages.

Inspect the Wires for Wears and Tears

It is quite easy to forget that a hoverboard is an electrical appliance because you usually don’t see the wires out. Well, dear, they do have wires and can wear off after some time, so, it is important to inspect them as often as possible. When you do this, you are able to repair or replace any necessary part(s).

Allow it to Cool

It is normal for hoverboards to heat up after continuous use over time. Once you notice that it’s heating up, I think it’s time you stopped the cruise. However, do not charge it immediately. Allow it to cool down before you charge it and use it again.

Use the User’s Manual

The user’s guide is like the closest link between you and the manufacturer. It specifically guides you on how to use, clean, or maintain the product you bought. So, if you want to be sure about anything concerning your hoverboard, you know where to get it!

Schedule a Routine Check with Experts 

Even if you try all these maintenance tips on your own, you would still need the help of a professional to do a thorough check. This way you are able to promptly identify any little issues that may result in major problems later on and resolve them in time.

Final Verdict

Judging from the reasons for the demand of hoverboards today, I would rate the Glyro hoverboard a 4.7 out 5 for meeting those demands. Ranging from its high speed, lasting battery, waterproof feature, beginner friendly mode, to mention but a few. Though they may have some other downsides, the pros have outweighed them out rightly.

If these features are not convincing enough to make you get this Glyro hoverboard, I don’t think you were ever interested in getting one at all.


Do hoverboards actually hover?

Literally, the hoverboard doesn’t hover, it is just a name given to scooters with self-balancing deck.

Is it easy to learn with the Glyro hoverboard?

With the Glyro hoverboard, learning is made easier. Thanks to the beginners’ mode that allows you to take your time to learn at a decreased speed in your pace

Is it safe for my kids to ride a hoverboard?

Allow your kids to enjoy the cruise and excitement of riding a hoverboard. The Glyro hoverboard would be a perfect one for them as it has so many safety measures to keep the rider free from any harm. Plus, if they’re just learning, the beginners’ mode in it would help them learn at their pace

Is my hoverboard battery replaceable?

Yes, it is! It is no new thing that the battery or other parts of the hoverboard may get faulty. It would not also be encouraging to buy a hoverboard if, once any part is damaged, the whole hoverboard is condemned. Therefore, if your hoverboards’ battery is damaged, contact customer care and find out how to can get the perfect replacement for your hoverboard.

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