How To Paint Your Hoverboard ?

Are you tired of your boring old hoverboard and want to give it a fresh new look? Painting your hoverboard is a great way to personalize it and make it stand out from the rest. In this article, we will guide you through the process of painting your hoverboard, from preparation to finishing touches.


Hoverboards are a popular mode of transportation that has taken the world by storm. They are not only fun to ride but also offer an efficient way to commute short distances. However, most hoverboards come in a limited range of colors and designs, which may not suit everyone’s taste. Painting your hoverboard is an excellent way to add some personality to it and make it unique.

When we talk about the easiest and most affordable personal commutes, hoverboards come straight into our minds. These personal transportation means are useful for short or long distances. Hoverboards were at first seen in science fiction movies but their ease and feasibility of usage have made them common among people. To handle hoverboards is so easy and they are so affordable that even your kids can use them. Riding the hoverboards is easy but maintaining them is a bit difficult. If you would not take care of your ride issues like wheel misalignment, bad color, and body scratches, etc. may occur. Hoverboards are operated in the same way as an electric scooter but the major difference is that you can have more speed and more fun using hoverboards than electric scooters.


Taking the hoverboard to sort out its issues like wheel alignment, paint, and other body parts adjustment can cost you much time and effort. If you are getting obsessed with the same appearance as your hoverboard, you can renovate it by changing its color through paint. The amazing thing is that you don’t have to take your ride to the mechanic or some painter, you can do it yourself.

To save you time and research efforts, we have compiled this sound informative article that you can use for painting your hoverboard.

Things to do before painting

How To Paint Your Hoverboard ?

Painting the hoverboard is an art and it will renovate your ride to give you a real thrill, so you need to put into consideration a few prime factors before going for paint. Hoverboard painting is possible and you can do it at your home without any problem.

Here are a few precautions that you must do before painting your hoverboard at home:

The foremost thing is to clean the dust that is on your hoverboard. On dirt, no paint can sustain so you need to clean and wash away all the dust and dirt at first. If you have used your hoverboard in bad weather conditions, then you must wash it away while coming back rather it will get stuck on the surface and it will become difficult to clean it.

If you are planning to paint your hoverboard, you need to do it in the sunshine, not in bad weather conditions. As the paint has to be dried naturally, you must do it in the sunshine, not in bad weather conditions. Another important step is to let the paint dry naturally not through any blow drier because it can damage the natural layout of the hoverboard.

  • Cover the areas which you don’t want to paint

If you don’t wish to paint the whole hoverboard, you should cover those parts with transparent or colorful paint. There are two kinds of paints that you can do, one is through dry sprays, and the other one is through the wet colored mixture. If you intend to do the wet color mixture then you should cover those parts which you don’t want to paint with transparent tape.

This covering will let you save the parts which you don’t want to paint. You can take off these tapes after painting those exposed parts of the hoverboard.

  • Don’t apply paint on dirty parts of hoverboards

Paint doesn’t stay on any dirt and it is always good to clean these dirty parts of your hoverboard before painting it. If you have just come back from a ride in bad weather conditions, we advise you to clean all the exposed parts of your hoverboard thoroughly and then dry them to paint afterward.

Paint doesn’t stick on the hoverboard and you have to clean all the dirt and dry the hoverboard before applying the paint. Applying paint on a clean hoverboard will let it dry quickly and also it will stay longer. You might have seen fine finishing after painting something, and if it had been dried finely. That fine finishing is possible only if you do it on clean parts.

So, in the same manner, you should first clean all the body parts of the hoverboards before applying the first application of paint. Let it dry easily by taking some time and then apply the next coating of paint. Two coatings of fine paint are recommended and you must apply the first coating and then let it dry. Since drying naturally takes a lot of time, you must clean it properly again before applying the next painting coat to all the parts of the hoverboard.

  • Use a safer un shaking place to paint your hoverboard

Try to apply paint on the hoverboard by placing it on an unshaken surface. If you will paint your hoverboard in an uneven place, it might cause pores on the surface of the hoverboard. Brushing the paint on the exposed parts of hoverboards but on an uneven place cannot provide a refined finish.

The place where you want to paint your hoverboard must be free of dirt and dust and free from any shaking. If you would paint your hoverboard in a plain and even place, you will have splendid painting results.


Painting the hoverboard

Once you have made all the initial arrangements, you can go for painting your hoverboard. Make the mixture with the color of your own choice. There are two types of paints, i-e. sprays or liquid paints. If you are going to paint your hoverboard for the first time, we recommend using liquid paints. These paints will last longer and will provide a good finish.

When the floor is set, apply a single coating of your favorite color paint to those exposed areas of your hoverboard where you want to paint. After coating the first layer of paint, let this paint dry at first. Let the first layer of paint dry completely and then go for the second round of paint. We advise you to go for a double coating of paint to ensure even paint and smooth the surface. It will also give your hoverboard a plain and uniform look.

Once the second layer of paint is dried, you can uncover all the other parts which you haven’t painted. Clean the hoverboard to remove any dust particles and check all the other body parts. Before taking this ride journey, make sure to check the infiltration of tires and do a proper analysis of other body parts. When done with the examination, you can hit the road to have a joyful trip on your newly renovated cool hoverboard.

Hoverboards are considered to be one of the most useful, easy, and affordable transportation means that are becoming common these days. There are two broad types of hoverboards, i-e. manual and electric. Manual hoverboards are not easy to drive and you need to have expertise before using them. But electric hoverboards are very easy and very comfortable to drive.

Electric hoverboards allow the rider to enjoy a thrillful and long journey in one go and with stability. If you want to have stable yet joyful traveling using your transportation tool, this can be the best tool for you. Hoverboards have two wheels, and though they have automatic control and balance you need to be vigilant enough before riding it.

By using hoverboards over time, they face certain wear and tear problems. So, to deal with these issues, you take certain measures like renovating them, wheel alignment and parts fixation, etc. Certainly, when you pay attention to renovating the parts of hoverboards, it costs you a lot of time and effort. For renovating the hoverboard, you also have to take it to some expert.


What if you get bored with your usual faded-colored hoverboard? You will try to make it cool by changing its color. Painting is a cost-effective way to renovate your hoverboard. You can paint your hoverboard easily at your home using simple tools like a brush, paint, and cleaning cloth. To save your eyes from the dangerous fumes coming out of paint, you must also wear protective glasses. Apply paint after wearing gloves to save your hands from being dried.

Painting your hoverboard will not only renovate your hoverboard but also will appeal to those who will see it. You can enjoy and spend more time riding your hoverboard with a more cool appearance. Painting the hoverboard is easy but do take precautionary measures to elongate the life of the paint on a hoverboard.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I paint my hoverboard without removing the wheels and footpads?

A1. It is not recommended to paint your hoverboard without removing the wheels and footpads, as this may result in an uneven finish or damage to the components.

Q2. How long does it take to paint a hoverboard?

A2. The time it takes to paint a hoverboard depends on several factors, such as the type of paint used and the complexity of the design. However, it usually takes around 2-3 days to complete the painting process, including preparation, painting, and drying.


Painting your hoverboard is a fun and easy way to add some personality to it and make it unique. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can paint your hoverboard like a pro and enjoy a personalized ride. Remember to choose high-quality paint, prepare your hoverboard properly, and take proper care of your painted hoverboard. Happy painting!

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