Hoverboard Problems and Solutions (A Practical Guide)

The hoverboard is a transportation device. Like all other transportation devices, it requires to repair and maintenance. As the technology improves new and improved hoverboards are introduced into the market. No doubt that these hoverboards are a lot better than the previous ones. But the thing to remember is that these hoverboards are more complex. Here we provide a complete guide to hoverboard problems and their solutions.

Moreover, as the hoverboards are moving objects, then it is more natural for the hoverboard to get into a problem. Moreover, this is also more annoying if the hoverboard has any problems. Because you will not be able to move once there is a problem with the hoverboard. The hoverboard will not be able to move so you are also stuck in the way.

Once there is a problem with the hoverboard, you need to take it to a professional who will repair the hoverboard. This requires the effort you need to carry it from one place to another. Secondly, you will not be able to use the hoverboard for the ride. Thirdly, it will require money. So there will be multiple losses involved in repairing the hoverboard by a professional. No doubt that your hoverboard will be repaired again, but what if I told you that you can handle the multiple hoverboards problem yourself?  

We have listed out the 15 hoverboard problems that may have encountered. If you haven’t faced these problems, the chances are high that this problem may come your way. The reason is that most of the hoverboard riders face this problem. 

So if you know how to handle these problems first, then you will certainly be able to handle the problem automatically at the first step and do not require to go to the hoverboard repair shop. As there is no need to reach the repair shop, this means that you will certainly save your effort, time, and money. 

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Let us look at some of the most common problems and their fixes one by one.

Reset a Hoverboard

Hoverboard Problems and Solutions (A Practical Guide)

This is not a problem but a solution. This one is known to handle lots of problems. This means that if you have any problem related to the situations given below. You can easily handle the problem by doing this process.

You observe a red light display on your power board.

This is very annoying to know that there is an undemented light on your hoverboard. If you look at hoverboards. It means that there is a problem with your hoverboard. This will cause tension in your mind. Especially when the reason for this is unknown to you.

Constant alarm sound

This is the second problem that can easily be handled by resetting The Hoverboard. The constant sound of the alarm is really heavy on the ears. This heaviness will create tension in your mind. This tension will affect the power to think, concentrate, and other related issues like that. Therefore, this is necessary to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. Believe it or not, one effective way to get rid of this problem is to reset your hoverboard. 

Learning in one direction

A problem may occur when the hoverboard starts to lean in one direction. In this way, it is really difficult to maintain the balance on the board. This will be difficult for the rider to keep him safe on a board like this. Now this problem is not only about mental fatigue, but this will also cause physical stress. This may also be a possibility that you may fall because of this problem. If it occurs then it will also cause injury. Again, this may be surprising to you, but a hoverboard reset will solve the issue.

Hoverboard Charging Problem

Hoverboard Problems and Solutions (A Practical Guide)

If you will not be able to charge the hoverboard properly. It means that you will not be able to use the hoverboard. Even if the charging is done partially, the battery will not be able to provide energy for a long time. The range of the hoverboard will be affected. If the range of the hoverboard will be affected it means that you will not be able to get the purpose because of which you have bought the hoverboard.

Again, it may be surprising to you, but this problem can also be handled if you know how to reset your hoverboard.

The hoverboard balance is out

The hoverboard balance is very important. If the hoverboard is not in the proper shape, it means that the chances of falling from the hoverboard are greatly increased. Moreover, you can easily fall if the hoverboard is not in balance. In most of the cases, the hoverboard started to show an upward direction.

Sometimes this problem will also make the hoverboard unusable. Therefore, this is very important to resolve this issue. Again, the initial technique to resolve this issue is by resetting the hoverboard.

As we have seen, multiple problems can easily be handled by resetting the hoverboard. This is more appropriate now to find out how to reset the hoverboard. Two methods can be applied to achieve the purpose of resetting the hoverboard. We will introduce you to both methods so that you can choose which method you want to proceed with.

The first method of resetting the hoverboard.

This is a six-step method

  1. Turn off the hoverboard
  2. Place the hoverboard on a surface that is even
  3. Now locate the on and off button
  4. Hold the button till you witness a red flash
  5. Remove your finger from the button and wait for some seconds
  6. This is the time to turn on the board as the board is completely reset.

The second method of resetting the hoverboard

In case you do not like to reset the hoverboard by the above-described method. You can apply the second method.

This is the method in which you do not need to turn off the power board. Although we recommend that you should use the first method even then if you like, this second method is also written here.

  1. In this method, you turn on the hoverboard and place it on a surface. Try to place the hoverboard on a surface where you can restrict its motion. If the hoverboard does not stop then the calibration will not occur.
  2. In the second step, all you need to do is to put pressure with the help of your thumb on the on-off button. This on/off button is also known as the power switch of the power board.
  3. Once you see the red flash on the board, it means that the mission has been completed.

Your hoverboard is reset and hopefully, the problem has been resolved successfully. In case your problem persists, now is the time to move on to the next step. 

Plug the wires again

Sometimes there may be a loose connection between The Hoverboard. This loose connection makes the hoverboard malfunction or not function completely.

To resolve this issue you need to open up the back lead of the hoverboard. This can easily be done with the help of an ordinary screwdriver. Lose the screws and open the lead. Now you can remove all the connections and make them in their place again. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved. If there is a problem with the cable connectivity then the hoverboard will provide you with a warning sign that is in the form of a red light.

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Replacement kit

This is another type of solution available if your hoverboard main circuit is not functioning properly. The first mission is, of course, to reset the hoverboard. In case the reset process does not work for you. Then the other solution is to replace the malfunctioning kit.

No doubt that you have to spend the money to buy the replacement kit. But this money will be far less than the money that you will spend in case you need to buy a new board.

The same scenario will apply to all the hoverboard sensors. If the hoverboard sensors are not working properly then the first thing to do is to try the resetting hoverboard method. If this resetting process does not work the next thing is that you may try the replacement kit.

Hoverboard needs repair

Sometimes you must repair your hoverboard. As the problem is a little bit complex and with the hardware of the board.

The wheel is not working properly. This means that the wheel motor may not be in the appropriate position. Another thing that may happen is that there is a loose connection. If you have already performed the previous step of adjoining and joining the wires again then it means that your motor is not working properly. Most of the time when this problem occurs it is advised that you should replace the motor of the tire.

Replacing the motor is not a difficult task to do. The reason is that it comes in a pre-assembled shape. All you need to do is to buy the same motor that is already installed in your hoverboard. Do remember that if you buy the motor it is not identical to the motor that is already installed in your hoverboard. The hoverboard will not work appropriately. The chances are high that your motor will not fit at all on the hoverboard.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should buy the same motor. Now unplug the previous motor by unplugging the wires and opening the casting. Put the new motor in, plug it in again, and join the wires again. Your motor is ready to serve you in the best way again. As the motor is pre-assembled so you will not find it difficult to install the motor again.

The battery problem

Every battery has a limited life span. Once the charging cycles will be completed. The battery will lose its ability to hold the charge. This means that the battery will not be able to provide power to the hoverboard when it is required. Or if the battery will be able to hold some amount of charge, it will not be able to provide you with the complete range. You will remain in the way this will create problems. Therefore, whenever you feel that the battery is not holding the charge properly, it is better to replace the battery.

Make sure that your battery has a UL certification. This means that the battery is completely safe to be used with the hoverboard. The UL 2271 is a famous battery standard. Once you hold this battery standard, it means that the battery is safe to be used. Samsung is one of the best brands that is known to produce quality and safe batteries. We recommend you buy Samsung batteries. Make sure that the battery has the same specifications to match your hoverboard.

Gyroscopes Problem

If you are facing any problems because of the Gyroscope of the hoverboard. The recommendation is to change the Gyroscope. Do you remember that this is not an easy task to do? First, this will be a difficult task to find out the exact gyroscope, which will work fine with your motherboard

If you can be able to do so then it is a very good thing. Find it, purchase it, and replace it. In case you think that it is not possible for you or you are in doubt. Then the best thing to do is to buy the complete kit. This replacement kit for the full circuit board will certainly save you from the extra effort, and secondly, it will cover the risk of buying the wrong gyroscope for your hoverboard.

Learn the language of hoverboard

Do you know that your hoverboard speaks to you? If you know the language, you can understand the problem of your hoverboard and this will save you from multiple problems.

Let me tell you some of the signs that your hoverboard uses to tell you different problems with it.

  • The red light on your hoverboard is flashing

This means that your hoverboard is experiencing loose wire. Time to have the Hoverboard by opening the lid and fixing the issue. In case you do not find the wire, then we require you to disconnect and again reconnect all the available wires. You can use an ordinary screwdriver to open the lid of the hoverboard.

  • The red light is blinking two or three times

If the red light starts to blink and stops two or three times, blinking. This means that the internal circuit is in problem. To help you are bored in this situation, the recommendation is to change the hoverboard circuit board.

  • The right light is blinking for 5 times

If the red light blinks 5 times, it means that the problem is with the motor of the hoverboard. In this situation, we recommend you change the water of the hoverboard so that your hoverboard can work again.

The red light is blinking for 6 times

If the red light is blinking more than five times, that is six times, then it means the problem is with the gyroscope of the hoverboard. In this situation, we request you replace the complete circuit board replacement kit. In case you know the exact specification of the Gyroscope then you can go with the option to change the gyroscope only.

  • Orange light on the hoverboard

In case your hoverboard communicates with you with orange light instead of red light, then it means that the problem is with the battery of the hoverboard. This is the time you should consider replacing the battery.

Some More Problems

Let us look at some more problems that may bother you. These are also problems that can be fixed real soon by doing little or no effort at all.

The Hoverboard is not turning on

What if you get up in the morning someday and find out that your hoverboard is not turning on? Of course, this is a big problem if you can’t turn your hoverboard on then how can you use it? Therefore, it is important to figure out the reason.

The first thing that will come to our mind in this type of situation is that the on/ off switch may not be working properly and you may need to change it. 

There is another possibility that may have more chances than the on / off switch problem.

First, check if your hoverboard is properly charged or not. Sometimes this may happen when you put the hoverboard on the charging port and after some time you find out that the hoverboard has not been charged at all. 

In this type of situation, you need to check two types of equipment. The first is the charger and the second is the battery. Now how to find out? Attach the charger to the hoverboard. Lok for the status of the light, now three situations may happen.

1. Green Light turns on

If this happens it means that everything is perfect with the battery and the charger and you need to look for the problem someplace else. 

2. Green Light Does Not Turn On

This means that the problem is with the charger. Try to replace the charger. But before replacing the charger, try to borrow the charger from someone. Usually, you will find it from your friend. Check again if the green light turns on, this means that the problem is with the charger. Now, wait for approximately 30 minutes. Try to turn on the hoverboard again. If the hoverboard turns on, try to purchase a new charger, but according to the exact specifications of your hoverboard. 

In case the green light doesn’t turn on with the other charger and you don’t see any other color of the light, this means that you may need to replace the circuit of your hoverboard. Don’t worry, the good thing is that you do not have to buy the new board and your old board is still usable. 

3. Orange Light Turns On

If you look and find that the orange light is turned on. This means that you will need to replace the battery. The battery is not in the proper working condition. This is the time to buy a new battery for your hoverboard. 

The hoverboard is not turning off

The hoverboard may sometimes behave abnormally. You may try to turn off the hoverboard, but this is something that is not happening. It means that your hoverboard requires your attention. Flip the hoverboard, open its lid, and rejoin the battery. This will immediately stop the hoverboard from beeping. Now you need to repair the hoverboard kit. This is something that can be done by replacing the gate after bi gets from the market stop.

A side of the hoverboard stopped working

One side of the hoverboard stops working; it means that the hoverboard is useless. To resolve this issue you need to fix the hoverboard. This is something that is done by replacing the gyroscope. Most of the time, that is, all of this problem is the nonfunctional or faulty gyroscopes.

This is something that can be easily gotten rid of by replacing the gyroscope. Do remember that you need to replace it with the perfect base. 

Two different types of gyroscopes are available in the hoverboards: the first is known as the male gyroscope and the second is known as the female gyroscope.

The female Gyroscope has no wire harness. On the other side, it has to receive ports that are more than two in number. The male gyroscope has a wire harness and receiving ports that are two in number.

Do you remember that you cannot change the type of gyroscope that has already been installed on your hoverboard? 

The hoverboard port is not charging properly

If the board is not charging properly, this means that you need to identify the problem first. This may happen because of multiple reasons. The most common one is that the charger is not working. This is something that can be checked by connecting the hoverboard with another charger. To further confirm this, you may connect the charger to some other hoverboard. 

Check the functionality of both. The divide, which works perfectly while working with the other partner will be good. 

There is another situation that may happen sometimes, and this is that you have bought a charger that is less than the required capacity. In this situation, the hoverboard will take a very long time to charge. This will decrease the performance of the hoverboard as it requires too much idle time to work properly. In this case, you need to buy a new hoverboard charger

Charging Port Error

Sometimes the charging port is not in its appropriate place. In this type of situation, the complete charging of the battery is not possible. To handle this issue you need to replace the charging port appropriately. Open the screw and fit the port appropriately. 

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Pad Problem

Pad is the instrument of the hoverboard through which you can communicate with the hoverboard. Communication cannot be done appropriately if the hoverboard pads are not moving accordingly. 

To fix this issue you need to perform two tasks. This may be a possibility that your issue is resolved in the first step and you do not require the second step. In case your issue does not resolve in the first step, then you may need to move to the second step.

In the first step, you need to turn off the hoverboard and try to push the pads with the help of your hand. This may be a possibility that the pads may come out of the hoverboard and adjust again. If in case this does not happen this is the time that you should move on to the second step. In the second step, you will require a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to lose the plastic cover of the pad. Once the plastic console is loosened the pad can be back in its position again. Now assemble it back and adjust the footpad again on the hoverboard. 

The hoverboard is not detecting You

In case the hoverboard is not able to detect you, this means that the hoverboard will not move. This problem may happen on the hoverboard if the pressure sensor is not working appropriately. 

This problem can be resolved by replacing the hoverboard pressure sensor. The sensor is located near the wheel. Do remember that it requires special skills to replace the sensor. The rubber nipple direction and placement are highly important while replacing the pressure sensors. Hopefully, this problem will be solved automatically after that. 

Hoverboard vibrates as you get off

This may happen when you get off the hoverboard, it starts to vibrate. This vibration may be because of the air pocket. This means that it is necessary to release the air so that the air should release. 

 You need to follow these steps to release the air.

  1. Identify the problem side
  2. Turn the hoverboard around and open the cover of the hoverboard at the problematic side. 
  3. Put everything out of the hoverboard which comes your way. 
  4. You will reach a point where you will see a small lip.
  5. Now is the time to use a sharp-edged object to push the lip so that the air can be released.
  6. Once done, put everything on the hoverboard again.
  7. Your hoverboard is ready to be on the road again.

Important Note

This is something that is very important to know and understand. This may happen that after replacing and repairing the required object, still, your hoverboard is not working appropriately. This means that you are required to do the last step. This is an important task to do. If you do not do it, you will not be able to enjoy the carefree ride of the hoverboard and this step is to reset the hoverboard again.

As you reset the hoverboard again, then it will be aligned with the new and repaired parts again. 

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Final Words

Sometimes this is really possible to resolve the issue in minutes. As if we do not know much about our device therefore the problem increases and multiplies in the attitude. This is the reason that we have written this article about the hoverboard. 

The hoverboard is your transportation device. If this transportation device is not in the appropriate position you will not be able to move as per your wish. This article will help you to manage most of the hoverboard problems automatically. Not only did I help you to resolve the problem but it helped you to identify the problem at the same time. So it helped you first with the identification and then with the solution of the issue. Not only this but this article also helps you with the issues that may appear after you have done the repair or replaced any part of the hoverboard.

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