Swagtron Hoverboard vs Gotrax Hoverboard: Which is the Best Hoverboard in 2024?

In 2015, hoverboards became popular and have been fun and convenient since. Top hoverboard brands include Swagtron Hoverboard and Gotrax Hoverboard. But which one makes the best hoverboard?

We will compare the Swagtron and Gotrax hoverboards on a variety of criteria in this in-depth guide so that you can determine which hoverboard best suits your requirements and budget.

Overview of Swagtron Hoverboard and Gotrax Hoverboards

Both Swagtron and Gotrax manufacture affordable hoverboards of superior quality. An instant synopsis of each brand follows:


  • Established in 2015, during the height of the hoverboard mania
  • Renowned for producing superior, long-lasting hoverboards
  • Feature lithium-ion batteries and exclusive features like SentryShield battery protection
  • Range of models at different price points
  • Most hoverboards priced between $200-$300


GoTrax Hoverfly Eco
  • Specializes in portable electric rideable including electric scooters, bikes, and hoverboards
  • Focus on affordability without sacrificing quality
  • Hoverboards are typically priced under $200
  • Streamlined range of just 1-2 hoverboard models
  • Warranty duration of twelve months

Swagtron and Gotrax hoverboards will now be compared in depth with regard to a number of the most critical considerations for hoverboard purchasers.

Performance and Speed

Battery quality, horsepower, wheel diameter, and maximal load capacity all impact hoverboard performance. Larger wheels and more potent actuators permit for greater velocities.


  • 200W to 300W motor power
  • Max speeds of 7-10 mph
  • 6.5″ to 10″ pneumatic air-filled tires
  • Max load 220 to 420 lbs

Hoverboards manufactured by Swagtron with 200W dual motors have a maximum speed of 7 mph, whereas those powered by 300W motors can reach 10 mph. The 8- and 10-inch air-filled tires offer increased stability and impact resistance.


  • 200W motors
  • Max speed of 7.5 mph
  • 6.5″ solid rubber tires
  • Max load of 220 lbs

Dual 200-watt motors enable Gotrax hoverboards to travel at a maximum of 7.5 miles per hour. Although less expensive than air-filled tires, the 6.5-inch solid rubber tires require no maintenance. At most, 220 pounds can be loaded.

Verdict: Swagatron is more suitable for advanced riders due to its larger tires and more potent motors, which enable it to achieve faster maximum speeds. But Gotrax still delivers decent performance for the price.

Build Quality and Durability

Hoverboards take a lot of bumps and knocks during riding, so solid construction is a must. Let’s examine the build quality of each brand.


  • Strong ABS plastic chassis
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy rims
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • UL 2272 certified for safety

ABS materials utilized by Swagtron are impact-resistant and resistant to the elements. Lightweight magnesium alloy rims provide increased durability without adding unnecessary weight to the board. For safety purposes, their electrical systems and batteries are UL-certified.


  • Sturdy plastic frame construction
  • Non-slip footpads
  • IP54 water resistance
  • UL 2272 certified for safety

For cycling stability, Gotrax boards feature durable plastic frames and nonslip footpads. They meet the UL 2272 electrical safety standards and have basic water resistance.

Verdict: Swagtron hoverboard are more durable thanks to the premium chassis and rim materials. But Gotrax still builds solid boards for the price range.

Battery and Range

The hoverboard battery determines how far you can travel between charges. More voltage means more speed and range.


  • 36V lithium-ion batteries
  • Typical range of 7-12 miles
  • 2-3 hour charge time

Large 36V lithium-ion batteries provide an average range of 7 to 12 miles for Swagtron hoverboard, contingent upon riding manner and terrain. They recharge completely in two to three hours.


  • 24V lithium-ion batteries
  • Typical range of 6-9 miles
  • 2 hour charge time

The lithium-ion 24V batteries that power Gotrax vehicles range between 6 and 9 miles. It takes approximately two hours to recharge the batteries to maximum capacity.

Verdict: Swagtron’s 36V batteries allow consistently longer range between charges compared to the 24V Gotrax batteries.

Weight Limit

Heavier riders need a hoverboard with a higher maximum weight capacity. Here’s how Swagtron and Gotrax compare:


  • Up to 420 lbs weight capacity

Swagtron hoverboard have a weight capacity of 420 pounds or 220 pounds, contingent upon the model. Due to this, they are an excellent option for heavier motorcyclists.


  • 220 lbs weight limit

Every Gotrax hoverboard is capable of supporting a maximum of 220 pounds. Several motorcyclists can be supported by this, but heavier individuals may wish to consider Swagtron boards with a greater load capacity.

Verdict: Swagtron emerges as the unequivocal frontrunner in terms of weight capacities, as certain models offer support for a maximum of 420 pounds.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when choosing an electric rideable. Let’s look at the safety tech used by Swagtron and Gotrax.


  • Battery Management System
  • SentryShield smart battery protection
  • Safe Stop slow riding tech
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Non-slip footpads
  • Compliance with UL 2272

Swagtron equips all hoverboards with advanced safety features like SentryShield to prevent battery issues. The Safe Stop system brings the hoverboard to a slow, safe stop if problems are detected. UL certification guarantees electrical safety.


Gotrax Nova Pro Hoverboard
  • Battery Management System
  • UL 2272 safety-certified
  • Non-slip footpads
  • Rubber bumpers

Gotrax boards feature a Battery Management System to prevent battery failure, plus UL certification for electrical safety. Non-slip footpads and bumpers protect rides.

Verdict: Swagtron takes safety to the next level with exclusive tech like SentryShield and Safe Stop, though both brands meet the UL safety standards.

Ease of Use

Hoverboards should be simple and intuitive for new riders to operate. Here’s how Swagtron and Gotrax compare when it comes to usability.


  • Simple two-button control
  • Battery level indicators
  • Swagboard smartphone app

Swagtron hoverboard have two buttons on the chassis – one for power, and one for cruise control. The battery indicators let you monitor charge level. Connect to the Swagboard app for speed control, riding modes and more.


  • Two-button control panel
  • Battery level indicators
  • No smartphone app

Gotrax boards also use a two-button interface to control power and cruise control. The battery indicators show your remaining charge. But there is no companion app for these boards.

Verdict: Swagtron and Gotrax are both easy to use out of the box, but Swagtron offers more adjustability through its mobile app.

Design and Customization

Hoverboard design ranges from plain to stylishly decorated. Let’s see how Swagtron and Gotrax hoverboards compare aesthetically.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Interchangeable hub caps
  • Patterned grip tape
  • Customization kits

Swagtron allows customization through different colored models, interchangeable hub caps, and grip tape patterns. They also sell customization kits with tire stickers, shells, and lights.


  • Available in few color options
  • Minimal design
  • No customization options

Gotrax hoverboards feature simple, minimal designs with few color options. There are no customization options like interchangeable hub caps.

Verdict: Swagtron hoverboard offer much more design flexibility through different colors and interchangeable parts.

Price and Value

With a range of models at different prices, which brand gives better value for money?


  • $200-$300 price range
  • Advanced features like mobile app
  • More customization options

Considering their superior performance, safety features, and customization options, Swagtron hoverboard deliver excellent value at their $200-$300 price point.


  • Under $200 price range
  • Basic features
  • Minimal customization

Gotrax hoverboards cost less at under $200, but they lack some of the more advanced features of Swagtron. Still, they deliver good functionality for the low price.

Verdict: Swagtron offers better value for money overall, but Gotrax is the way to go if you’re on a tight budget.

Service and Warranty

Solid warranties offer reassurance in the event that any products malfunction. Let’s compare the protection offered by each brand:


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • US-based support center
  • Online knowledge base
  • Video tutorials

All hoverboards are backed by a one-year limited warranty from Swagtron. They provide support in the United States via phone or online messaging. They also provide an online knowledge base and tutorial videos.


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Online support form
  • User manuals

Gotrax provides a limited warranty of one year. Customers may submit inquiries to support through an online form. They provide user manuals for troubleshooting.

Verdict: Both brands offer 1 year warranties. Swagtron provides more responsive support options, but Gotrax has decent self-help resources.

Our Overall Recommendation

We endorse Swagtron as the preeminent hoverboard brand in light of this comprehensive comparison.

Swagtron hoverboard are more customizable, perform better, and are more durable, in addition to providing enhanced safety features. While Gotrax boards are extremely inexpensive, their capabilities and quality are commensurate with their price.

Of course, some buyers may prefer the lower upfront cost of Gotrax. But for buyers who can spend $200 or more, Swagtron’s extra features and quality are worthwhile.

Popular Hoverboard Models Compared

Now, let’s compare head-to-head a few of the most popular hoverboard models manufactured by Swagtron and Gotrax:

Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard vs Gotrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard

SpecsSwagtron T6Gotrax Hoverfly Eco
Motor300W dual hub motors200W dual motors
Max SpeedUp to 12 mphUp to 7.5 mph
Tires10″ tubeless pneumatic tires6.5″ solid rubber tires
RangeUp to 12 milesUp to 9 miles
Max Load420 lbs220 lbs
Water ResistanceIPX4IP54
Safety Cert.UL 2272UL 2272

Summary: The Swagtron T6 is easily the superior hoverboard with its 10″ tubeless tires, 12 mph speeds, 12 mile range and 420 lb capacity. It outclasses the Gotrax Hoverfly Eco across the board. The Gotrax is very affordable but makes compromises on performance to reach that price point.

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1UL vs Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Hoverboard

SpecsSwagtron Swagboard Pro T1 ULGotrax GXL V2
Motor200W dual hub motors200W dual motors
Max SpeedUp to 8 mphUp to 7.5 mph
Tires6.5″ solid rubber tires6.5″ solid rubber tires
RangeUp to 11 milesUp to 9 miles
Max Load220 lbs220 lbs
Water ResistanceIPX4IP54
Safety Cert.UL 2272UL 2272

Summary: These two models are closer competitors as basic commuter hoverboards. The Swagtron has slight advantages in speed and range thanks to its 36V battery versus 24V in the Gotrax. Nonetheless, the Gotrax GXL V2 remains a decent value at less than $150, boasting comparable core specifications. A purchaser desiring a more refined and comfortable voyage may find the Swagtron to be well worth the additional $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hoverboard brand has better quality?

Swagtron hoverboard are higher quality overall, with more durable chassis materials, bigger motors and batteries, and advanced safety protections. Gotrax makes decent boards but uses more budget-friendly components.

Is Swagtron or Gotrax safer?

Swagtron invests in more safety technologies like SentryShield battery protection and Safe Stop slow-riding tech. However, both brands meet the latest UL 2272 electrical safety standards. Extra safeguards offered by Swagtron provide juvenile riders with additional peace of mind.

How long do Swagtron and Gotrax hoverboards last?

With routine upkeep and maintenance, the majority of hoverboard batteries can last for two to three years. Swagtron’s more durable components may allow their hoverboards to outlast Gotrax models on average. But lifespan depends largely on usage and conditions.

Which brand has better tires?

Swagtron uses air-filled pneumatic tires on higher-end models, which provide the best shock absorption. Gotrax uses solid rubber tires on all boards which can’t compare for smoothing out bumps. Swagtron also offers larger 8″-10″ tires versus 6.5″ tires on all Gotrax models.

Is one brand easier to ride than the other?

They have similar ease of use out of the box. Swagtron offers more customizable controls through its mobile app. Complete beginners may find Swagtron’s larger tires slightly easier to balance on. But Gotrax is still beginner-friendly for casual riding.

Which brand has better customer support?

Swagtron generally provides quicker customer support through phone, email, and chat. Gotrax relies more on online documentation and email support tickets. Swagtron also has more instructional videos and guides available.

In Summary

Although both Swagtron and Gotrax manufacture high-quality hoverboards, Swagtron’s performance, safety features, durability, customizability, and support are superior. Gotrax is an excellent budget option, but the majority of purchasers receive greater value for their money with Swagtron.

So choose Swagtron if you’re willing to spend $200+ for the best hoverboarding experience. Or go with Gotrax if you want satisfying basic functionality under $200. Whatever you choose, ride safely and have fun on your new hoverboard!

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