Best Insoles for Skateboarding in 2024

Skateboarding is an exciting and popular sport that requires balance, coordination, and comfort. Having the right skateboarding gear, especially a good pair of skate shoes and insoles, can make a big difference in performance and prevent injury. This article will explore the top insoles for skateboarding in 2024 based on cushioning, support, fit, and durability. We will also provide tips for choosing the right insoles for your needs.

Insoles provide many benefits for skateboarders:

  • Cushioning – Insoles add extra padding and shock absorption, which helps prevent foot pain and fatigue. This allows you to skate for longer periods comfortably.
  • Support – Good insoles improve arch support and heel stability, enhancing balance and board control. This minimizes the risk of rolling or ankle injury.
  • Comfort – Additional cushioning enhances the overall comfort of skate shoes and helps prevent blisters or chafing.
  • Fit – Insoles can improve the fit of skate shoes packed out over time. Custom or molded insoles provide an optimal fit.
  • Impact Protection – Quality insoles provide impact absorbing cushions in key zones to protect from the jarring forces of jumps and tricks.
  • Foot Health – Proper arch support and cushioning help maintain good foot health and prevent problems like plantar fasciitis.

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There are several factors to consider when choosing insoles for skateboarding:

  • Cushioning – Look for ample cushioning in the heel and forefoot. EVA or gel materials provide good shock absorption.
  • Support – A stable arch support is vital for balance and injury prevention. Contoured designs are best.
  • Fit – Get accurate sizing and opt for insoles with adjustable arch or heel supports. Custom orthotics provide an optimal individualized fit.
  • Shape – Low profile insoles specifically shaped for skate shoes provide the best board feel and stability.
  • Material – Durable anti-microbial materials that won’t compress quickly, like PU or latex foam.
  • Comfort – Cushioning and materials should immediately feel comfortable, with no break-in required.
  • Intended Use – Park/vert skaters need max impact absorption. Street skaters need a better board feel. Consider your skating style.
  • Brands – Trusted brands like Remind, FP Insoles, and Shred Soles design quality insoles for skaters.
Remind MedicsFull PU foamAnatomical arch, deep heel cradleHeat moldableContoured for skate shoesPU foamNo break-in neededPark/vert$$
Shred Soles Signature11mm heel/forefootAdjustable arch and heel cupHeat moldableAnatomical shapePU foamNo break-in neededBig air tricks$$$
FP Footprint GamechangersStrategic cushioningArch and metatarsal support, deep heel cupHeat moldableLow profile anatomicalCompression resistant foamBreaks in quicklyStreet skating$$
Dr. Scholl’s Heavy ImpactHeel/forefoot gelReinforced arch, deep heel cupNot moldableContoured shapeGel cushions in foamWell cushionedCasual skating$
Superfeet Carbon ProModerate cushioningRigid arch and heel supportNot moldableLow profile shapeFirm impact foam, carbon fiber capBreak-in neededFlip tricks$$

Based on the criteria above, here are the top-rated insoles for skateboarding this year:

Skaters highly recommend these for their excellent cushioning and improved board control. The heat molding allows you to customize the fit to your feet and skate shoes.

  • Cushioning – Full-length 5mm PU foam cushioning protects feet, heels, and arches.
  • Support – Anatomical arch adds stability and pronation control. A deeper heel cradle locks the heel in place.
  • Fit – Heat moldable for a customized fit.
  • Shape – Contoured low profile shape made specifically for skate shoes.
  • Material – Durable compression-resistant PU foam.
  • Comfort – No break-in needed. Anti-microbial and moisture wicking top fabric.
  • Intended Use – Provides excellent shock absorption for park/vert skating.
  • Price – $$

The thick cushions absorb high impacts from big drops and aerial tricks. The adjustable arch and heel support improves stability and control for landing tricks.

  • Cushioning – Maximum 11mm heel and forefoot cushion protects from impacts.
  • Support – Deep heel stabilizer cup and arch support for stability.
  • Fit – Heat moldable with adjustable arch support and deep heel cup.
  • Shape – Anatomical shape designed for skateboarding. Low profile at toes.
  • Material – Impact absorbing moldable PU foam. Anti-microbial and moisture wicking.
  • Comfort – Very comfortable with no break-in period needed.
  • Intended Use – Provides exceptional impact absorption for big air tricks.
  • Price – $$$

These offer a lower profile shape for optimum board control and feel. They are cushioned just where you need them for tricks and flips. The moldable fit and arch support enhance balance for street skating.

  • Cushioning – Shock absorbing cushioning in the heel and metatarsals. Mostly low profile.
  • Support – Anatomical arch and metatarsal support. Deep heel cup for stability.
  • Fit – Heat moldable for a custom fit.
  • Shape – Anatomical low profile shape allows great boardfeel.
  • Material – Strong compression resistant foam. Anti-microbial top layer.
  • Comfort – Breaks in quickly. Very comfortable for all day skating.
  • Intended Use – Provides great boardfeel and stability for street skating.
  • Price – $$

These are budget priced options that provide adequate cushioning for recreational skating. The gel absorbs impacts from occasional tricks and jumps. Better options exist for more hardcore skating.

  • Cushioning – Shock absorbing gel in the heel and forefoot cushions landings.
  • Support – Reinforced arch support and deep heel cup for stability.
  • Fit – Designed to fit most shoes. It’s not heat moldable.
  • Shape – Contoured shape with a low profile.
  • Material – Gel cushions surrounded by dense foam.
  • Comfort – Well cushioned for impact absorption.
  • Intended Use – Good for casual skateboarding and cruising.
  • Price – $

These offer great arch and heel support for precise board control. The rigid frame improves stability for landing technical street tricks. Less cushioned than other options.

  • Cushioning – Moderate heel and forefoot cushioning. Not ultra-cushioned.
  • Support – Rigid arch support and deep heel stabilizer cup.
  • Fit – Not heat moldable. Fits most foot shapes.
  • Shape – Low profile contoured shape.
  • Material – Firm impact absorbing foam. Carbon fiber cap for rigidity.
  • Comfort – Break-in period required.
  • Intended Use – Provides stability for technical flip tricks.
  • Price – $$

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  • Gradually break in new insoles to allow your feet to adjust.
  • Select the right insole thickness to match your skate shoes. Too thick can hinder boardfeel.
  • Moldable insoles should be moderately heated before forming on your feet.
  • Trim insole length if too long to prevent heel slippage in the shoe.
  • Wash regularly to prevent odor and deterioration. Let air dry completely.
  • Replace insoles every 6-12 months or when excessively compressed or worn.
  • Opt for insoles designed specifically for skateboarding, not just general sports use.
  • Pair insoles with quality skate shoes and socks to get the full benefit.

A: Insoles are highly recommended for comfort, stability, and impact absorption. They can vastly improve your skating performance and help prevent some injuries.

A: Insoles should fit snugly in skate shoes without sliding around. If too loose, they will cause blisters. Get accurate sizing or mold them for a perfect fit.

A: Specialty skate shops and online skate retailers like Tactics or CCS will have the best quality skateboarding insoles. Or order directly from skate brands like Remind or Shred Soles.

A: Yes, contoured insoles with arch support can help control pronation or supination, improving skateboard balance. Moldable options allow you to adjust support where needed.

A: This depends on your skating style and preferences. Softer provides more cushioning for significant impacts. Firmer gives more stability and board control for street tricks. Try both to see what you like best.

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Having the correct set of insoles for skateboarding can take your skating abilities, comfort, and safety to the next level. Cushioning reduces foot fatigue and absorbs harsh impacts from jumps and tricks. Customizable arch and heel supports enhance stability, balance, and board control.
Look for insoles explicitly designed for skateboarding in quality shock absorbing materials that mold to your feet. Brands like Remind, Shred Soles, FP, and Superfeet offer excellent options skaters love. With the right insoles inside your skate shoes, you can skate harder, longer, and progress faster while keeping your feet happy and healthy.

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