If you are looking for a scooter that is well within budget then this scooter is clearly not your choice. But once you compare the benefit against the price then the price looks really very justified.

The scooter is equipped with a 800-watt motor. This is a state of the art motor and can make the scooter run at a really comprehensive speed.

The people who were responsible for designing a state of the art scooter tried to search for the material that should fulfill both of the conditions.

These are really important aspects of the electric scooter that helps it to run in the streets of the city as well as in the streets of the village.

SO even though the size has been considerably reduced in the compact form this is not a portable friendly product at all

Breaks are really very efficient and helps in the reduction of the speed as well as it saves the rider from the crash. The state of the art breaks are really an important feature.

Every product has positives and negatives simultaneously. Sometimes the positives are more and sometimes the negatives are more. Here till now we have seen some of the best positive points.

The second issue of the concern is with the controllers. Some people really find it difficult to control the scooter with such simple controls. Therefore they have demanded relatively better battery scooters controls.

Although these are really good scooters to have, the after sale services are really bad. You will not get much of the support from the manufacturer once you have purchased the scooter.