Gyrocopter vs Gotrax Hoverboard: Which is Better?

Hoverboards have become one of the most popular personal electric vehicles for recreation and transportation. Two of the top brands on the market are Gyrocopter and Gotrax. But which hoverboard is better?

This extensive comparison reviews key factors like design, build quality, features, performance, safety, and value. We’ll help you decide if the Gyrocopter or Gotrax is the right choice for your needs and budget.

Overview Comparison

Before diving into the details, here is a high-level overview comparing the Gyrocopter and Gotrax hoverboards:

Weight Limit220 lbs220 lbs
Top Speed7.5 mph7.5 mph
Range12 miles12 miles
Wheel Size6.5″6.5”
Charging Time2-3 hours2-3 hours
Bluetooth AppYesNo
Terrain HandleabilityBetterGood
PriceMore expensiveBudget-friendly

As you can see, these electric self-balancing scooters have very similar specs on paper. But the Gyrocopter pulls ahead when it comes to build quality, terrain versatility, and bluetooth connectivity. The Gotrax trades some functionality for affordability.

Keep reading our in-depth comparison guide of over 20 factors to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Gyrocopters PRO 6.0 All Terrain Hoverboard

Gyrocopters PRO 6.0 All Terrain Hoverboard

Detailed Feature Comparison

From ride feel to safety certifications, battery life to portability, we cover every key metric in detail:

Design & Construction

Both the Gyrocopter and the Gotrax feature a minimalist design with an all-black frame and body shell. This slick style looks great and appeals to kids and adults.

Body Frame

  • The Gyrocopter uses aircraft grade magnesium alloy that is extremely durable to withstand bumps or drops
  • Gotrax utilizes hard ABS plastic polymers in a sleek uni-body that still offers protection

Wheel Base

  • 6.5 inch rubber tires provide a smooth ride on uneven surfaces
  • Same wheel size and tread grip profile on both boards

Weight Capacity

  • Rated to handle riders up to 220 pounds safely on both models
  • Optimized geometry and stance to suit most ages and sizes

The Gyrocopter definitely wins when it comes to durability. But the Gotrax still seems well made, especially at its lower price point.

Winner: Gyrocopter

Power & Drivetrain

These mini transportation devices are powered by electric hub motors and lithium batteries. Let’s examine their performance potential:


  • Dual 200 Watt electric motors propel the Gyrocopter
  • Single 250 Watt motor on the Gotrax

Horsepower & Torque

  • Gyrocopter motors produce slightly more peak power
  • Gotrax compensates with higher torque from one motor

Battery Type

  • Both have 36 Volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Similar energy density and operating lifespan

The Gyrocopter edges out in total power output thanks to its twin motor setup. But real world speed and acceleration is essentially the same.

Winner: Gyrocopter

Speed & Acceleration

With their electric motors and gyroscopic technology, hoverboards can cruise at brisk pace:

Top Speed

  • Both have a maximum speed of 7.5 mph
  • Software limited for safety and stability

Acceleration Rate

  • Gyrocopter has slightly quicker acceleration
  • But Gotrax still zips from 0 to top speed rapidly

Performance should satisfy most users, especially beginners and kids. Advanced riders may desire more thrill, but would compromise control and safety at faster speeds.

Winner: Tie

Gotrax Hoverboard

Gotrax Hoverboard

Range & Endurance

You want your hoverboard battery to last long enough for your trips and adventures:

Rated Range

  • Up to 12 miles per charge on both models
  • Real world results depend on rider weight, terrain, speed

Battery Life

  • Batteries rated for over 500 charge cycles
  • Should last several years with proper maintenance

Charging Time

  • Fully recharges battery in 2 to 3 hours on both
  • Use only the included official charger

There are no clear differences in theoretical or practical range potential. Both will cover a dozen miles on average. Properly maintaining the battery will optimize its lifespan.

Winner: Tie

Ride Quality & Handling

This section examines the hoverboarding experience of riding position, smoothness, maneuverability and more:

Ride Feel

  • The Gyrocopter has larger 6.5 inch tires for improved comfort and stability over bumps or cracks
  • Gotrax matches this wheel size for a similar plush ride

Stance & Ergonomics

  • Provides a natural centered stance that makes balancing easy
  • Same spacious standing platform on both models

Turning Radius & Maneuverability

  • Tight 33 inch turning radius for navigating confined spaces
  • Very nimble and responsive handling

The ride quality comparison shows no significant difference. Both deliver an easy hoverboarding experience across smooth and uneven terrain alike.

Winner: Tie

Terrain Capabilities

Today’s hoverboards can tackle a variety of landscapes and surfaces:

Supported Terrain

  • The Gyrocopter has rugged tread and clearance for off-road adventuring
  • Gotrax suits paved paths or grass at parks but can’t handle rougher conditions

Slope Climbing

  • Conquers inclines up to 20 degrees thanks to torquey electric motors
  • Gotrax may struggle more on steeper hills

Water Resistance

  • Can operate safely in light rain or puddles
  • Not truly waterproof so avoid submersion

The Gyrocopter clearly outpaces the Gotrax for off-road versatility and hill climbing traction. It opens up riding possibilities beyond smooth concrete or blacktop scenarios. Just take care in wet weather.

Winner: Gyrocopter

Connectivity & Customization

Modern electric rideables integrate digital features through companion phone apps:

Companion App

  • Gyrocopter: iOS and Android app offers Bluetooth pairing for telemetry data and software customization options
  • Gotrax: No mobile app connectivity

Custom Ride Profiles

  • Allows configuring acceleration, top speed, steering sensitivity, and motor output
  • Dial in your preferred performance characteristics

Additional Features

  • Theft alarm: Trigger alarm if trespassers move your parked board
  • Beginner mode: Limits speed for learning riders
  • Miles tracker: Records lifetime mileage ridden

The Gyrocopter app takes the hoverboard experience to the next level. While not essential, it certainly enhances functionality.

Winner: Gyrocopter

Safety & Certifications

Responsible brands test their devices thoroughly and seek respected certifications. This ensures a ride that won’t put customers at risk. Let’s compare what safety credentials each hoverboard offers:

Electrical Safety

  • Both brands use UL 2272 certified batteries and chargers
  • Passed extensive tests for fire and electrical issues

Material Safety

  • RoHS compliant to restrict hazardous substances
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly

Quality Inspections

  • Meets CE certification standards in Europe
  • Indicates a physically safe product

Safety seems on par across both options. They took appropriate measures in sourcing, materials, and designs. Trust their engineering and quality control rigor.

Winner: Tie

Warranty & Support

It’s reassuring to know your investment is protected long term should problems arise:

Warranty Coverage

Customer Service

  • Phone, email, and chat channels available
  • Support all warranty issues or general questions

The warranty and support is identical between the two brands. One year protection is respectable for consumer electronics, but power issues can take time to manifest. Consider an extended warranty for extra peace of mind.

Winner: Tie

Pricing & Value

With similar specs and capabilities, the price comparison sheds light on which model delivers better bang for your buck:

Market Price$299$199
Value RatingVery GoodExcellent

The Gotrax manages an incredible price point below $200 that massively undercuts the Gyrocopter. Despite offering slightly less ruggedness and connectivity, it still meets core performance thresholds. Unless you specifically value app pairing or off-road handling, the budget-friendly Gotrax is a steal.

Winner: Gotrax

Final Verdict: Which is Better?

In our detailed Gyrocopter vs Gotrax comparison guide, a clear winner emerges based on strengths versus pricing:

  • The Gyrocopter is the best performing hoverboard with rugged durability, twin motors and handy mobile app connectivity. It justifies a premium price for unmatched quality and technology.
  • But the Gotrax secures the title of best value hoverboard. It nearly matches the Gyrocopter in core specs at literally half the price. Only serious off-road riders need to splurge more.

So choosing between these models ultimately depends on your budget and riding priorities:

  • If you want maximum real world performance and premium features, buy the Gyrocopter
  • But if you desire impressive value without breaking the bank, the Gotrax is a perfect choice

Hopefully this detailed comparison of over 20 factors helps determine which hoverboard is right for your needs. Both companies make quality self-balancing scooters loved by countless customers worldwide. The choices ultimately come down to performance versus pricing preference.

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