The Ultimate Guide on jetson plasma x lava tech hoverboard

The Jetson plasma x Lava tech hoverboard is one of the most advanced and high-performance hoverboards on the market. This guide will provide an in-depth look at this hoverboard, its features, specs, pros and cons, and how it compares to other popular models.

Overview of the Jetson Plasma x Lava Tech hoverboard

The Jetson plasma x Lava tech hoverboard is manufactured by Jetson, one of the leading makers of electric rideables and micromobility products. Some key things to know about this self-balancing scooter:

  • Powerful dual 400W motors – It has two 400-watt brushless motors in the wheel hubs, giving it excellent power and torque to handle hills and uneven terrain.
  • 10″ pneumatic air-filled tires – For a smoother and more comfortable ride compared to solid rubber tires. Better traction and shock absorption as well.
  • Top speed of 10 mph – Fast enough for exciting rides, while still being safe for most riders.
  • Range per charge of 15 miles – Allowing for lengthy rides before needing to recharge.
  • Support for riders up to 220 lbs – Strong enough for adults and older kids, with its robust construction.
  • Lava style colorful LEDs – Eye-catching lava flowing LED light patterns in the wheel hubs.
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker – Allowing you to play music from your mobile device.
  • App control – Customize light colors, check battery level, control speed modes.
  • IPX4 water resistance – Can withstand splashes and light rain.

Specs and Technical Details

Here are the key technical specifications for the jetson plasma x lava tech hoverboard:

Motors Dual 400W brushless hub motors
Top Speed 10 mph
Range Up to 15 miles on a full charge
Max Incline 15 degree slope
Tires 10″ honeycomb pneumatic tires
Max Load 220 lbs
Battery 36V 4Ah LG lithium-ion battery pack
Charging Time 2-3 hours
Charger 110V/220V fast UL certified charger
Braking Electromagnetic + foot brake
LED Lights Colorful lava style LEDs in wheel hubs
Wireless Speaker Built-in Bluetooth speaker in base
Mobile App Jetson rideables app for iOS and Android
Dimensions 27″ x 10″ x 5″
Weight 26 lbs
Water Resistance IPX4 rating
Age Recommendation 13+ years
Warranty 1 year limited warranty

Pros and Cons of the Jetson Plasma Hoverboard

Pros Cons
Powerful dual 400W motors can reach 10 mph Higher price point than some basic hoverboards
Large 10″ tires handle bumps well and aid stability Pneumatic tires cannot be 100% puncture-proof
Long 15 mile range per charge Short 1 year warranty period
Supports heavier 220 lb riders
Sporty design with colorful lava LED lights
Has integrated Bluetooth speaker
Mobile app for customization and tracking
Solid water resistance rating

Riding Modes

The jetson plasma x tech hoverboard has different selectable riding modes to suit all skill levels and environments:

  • Beginner mode: Speed capped at 6 mph. Gives the smoothest acceleration control for new riders. Reduced sensitivity helps prevent sudden stops or acceleration.
  • Standard mode: Speed goes up to full 10 mph potential. Balanced performance for most experienced riders.
  • Pro mode: No speed restrictions, allowing fastest acceleration and deceleration for expert riders wanting max performance.
  • Indoor mode: Lowest 4 mph top speed, with gentle acceleration curve. Optimized for smooth riding indoors where space may be limited.

The riding modes are easily changed within the mobile app or on the hoverboard itself with the mode button. Bright LED indicators display the current mode selected.

Construction and Durability

The jetson plasma x lava tech hoverboard is very sturdy and durable, made from strong materials that can withstand rugged use:

  • Chassis: Shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell for lightness yet strength
  • Central base: Aluminum alloy center deck reinforced for stiffness
  • Housing: Flame-retardant ABS tough plastic covers around wheel hubs
  • Wheels: Solid rubber tires have thick tread for grip and wear-resistance
  • Water protection: Electronics sealed and splash-proofed with silicone
  • Shock absorption: Battery and components cushioned inside housing

This solid construction allows the hoverboard to handle real-world use from active kids and adventurous riders.

Safety Features

Responsible riders practice safety first. Here are key safety aspects built into this electric rideable:

  • UL 2272 safety certification – Rigorously tested for electrical and fire safety
  • LED headlights – Improved visibility at night
  • Non-slip foot pads – Reduces risk of feet slipping off during use
  • Speed modes – Beginner mode for new riders
  • Fender bumpers – Protective bumpers reduce potential damage if collisions occur
  • Automatic power off – Shuts down after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Alarm system – Emits alert sound if tilted too far
  • Smart battery management – Monitors voltage, current, temperature for optimized performance and safety

Make sure to always wear safety gear like a helmet when riding. Additionally obey all local regulations if riding in public areas.

How to Ride the Hoverboard

Learning to ride takes practice and patience. Follow these tips to get comfortable on your plasma x lava tech hoverboard safely:

Beginner Riders

  • Find a smooth, flat area like a driveway or empty parking lot with room to move safely
  • Start in beginner mode with lower speeds for an easier learning curve
  • Position feet on the designated spots and stand upright but relaxed
  • Lean body gently forward to move, steer by shifting weight in the direction you want to travel
  • Keep knees bent to better adjust balance
  • Go slow, only speed up when fully in control
  • Turn gradual curved turns rather than sharp angle turns
  • Practice emergency stops by leaning back while shifting weight backwards
  • Use assistive handle or ask a friend to walk beside you at first

Intermediate & Advanced

  • Challenge yourself by going faster or riding in standard and pro modes
  • Practice controlled turns, tight turns, and figure 8s
  • Shift weight correctly to keep balance and stability
  • Brake early before needing to fully stop
  • Be aware of uneven surfaces and obstacles
  • Experiment with different foot positions and stances
  • Stay focused and present while riding

With regular practice, hoverboard riding will become second nature. But stay responsible and conscious of safety at all skill levels.

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Where You Can Ride

Many people are uncertain if riding an electric hoverboard or e-scooter on public roads, sidewalks or trails is legally allowed. The specific local laws can vary in different areas regarding motorized mobility devices. Here are some general guidelines on where you can ride jetson hoverboards:

Allowed Locations

  • Private property (your own property)
  • Enclosed areas like empty parking garages
  • Designated biking, walking or recreation trails that permits similar transport devices
  • Campus walkways on university or corporate grounds
  • Certain public parks or open spaces may allow if no specific ban exists

Use Caution Locations

  • Sidewalks – Could disturb pedestrians in some cities if ridden recklessly
  • Neighborhood streets – Where permitted, ride carefully watching for cars
  • Shopping centers – Some prohibit for safety, others tolerate responsible use
  • Shared bike lanes – Avoid lanes with high speed traffic, could be dangerous

Prohibited Areas

  • Highways or roads with speed limits typically over 25 mph
  • Roads specifically banning hoverboards, motorized scooters, etc
  • Airports, train stations, bus terminals for security reasons
  • Inside most stores and businesses due to safety policies
  • Areas with signs forbidding skateboards, bicycles, scooters etc

If unsure, look up local ordinances in your city, or call your transportation department for clarification. Be prepared to show permits if requested by authorities. And always yield right of way to pedestrians. Ride safely!

Compare to Other Hoverboard Brands

The jetson plasma x lava tech hoverboard has comparable or better specs versus many competitor hoverboard models. Here is how it measures up:

Feature Jetson Plasma X Gotrax G4 Swagtron T6 Halo Rover
Top Speed 10 mph 10 mph 12 mph 10 mph
Max Load 220 lbs 240 lbs 420 lbs 265 lbs
Range 15 miles 12 miles 12 miles 10 miles
Tires 10″ pneumatic 8.5″ solid 10″ solid 10″ pneumatic
Water Resistance IPX4 IPX4 No rating IPX4
Mobile App Yes No Yes Yes
Built-in Speaker Yes No No No

The Jetson Plasma X is very competitive among the latest high-end hoverboard offerings:

  • Delivers superb speed, range and hill climbing ability
  • Matches rivals in safety certifications and water resistance
  • Unique advantages with its integrated Bluetooth speaker and mobile app
  • Higher weight capacity than some alternatives
  • More comfortable on bumps and cracks thanks to big pneumatic tires

So at its price range, the jetson model is a top-tier choice in terms of technology, quality and performance.


A few useful accessories can improve the experience riding the jetson plasma x tech:

  • Protective hoverboard case – Safeguards it from scratches, dirt and minor impacts during transport and storage
  • Helmet – Any standard bicycle helmet or multi-sport helmet adds important protection
  • Knee and elbow pads – Reduces injury if falls occur learning to ride
  • Hoverboard carry strap – Makes it easier to hold the hoverboard when not riding
  • Portable charger – Allows recharging batteries anywhere if out longer than expected

Accessorizing your new hoverboard not only makes riding safer, but more convenient and hassle-free as well. Invest in the essential add-ons.

Maintenance Tips

jetson plasma x lava tech hoverboard

Like any motorized vehicle, hoverboards need proper care and maintenance for best durability and performance. Follow these key maintenance practices:

  • Fully charge batteries before storing for an extended period of non-use to avoid battery drain or voltage imbalance
  • Check tire tread and pressure monthly, refill as needed
  • Test brakes prior to each ride session
  • Keep sensors, motors and motherboards clean and dry
  • Inspect bolts, clamps and structural components for loosening
  • Download firmware and app updates when available
  • Register product to activate warranty support if issues emerge
  • Replace components only with manufacturer certified parts
  • Consider inspection and tune-ups at an authorized service center annually

Well maintained hoverboards can deliver many years and miles of reliable use. Take time to care for yours properly.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Like any complex electronic device, hoverboard problems can occasionally occur. Here are solutions for the most common troubleshooting issues:

Won’t turn on:

  • Check battery level and charge if depleted
  • Ensure power button is pressed and held long enough
  • Contact support if startup sequence still fails

Not balancing well:

  • Calibrate sensors and motors through app
  • Adjust foot placement for proper weight distribution
  • Practice balance skills in beginner mode

Range or speed reduced:

  • Low batteries – fully recharge to restore performance
  • Check tire pressure, add air if pressure is too low
  • Riding on rougher terrain or hills can consume more battery

Not responding to input:

  • Can indicate a sensor, motherboard or battery issue
  • Re-pair Bluetooth connection with mobile device
  • Reset hoverboard by powering off for 30+ seconds

Loud noise from inside:

  • Sounds from the motor or engine can be normal
  • Have certified service tech inspect if noises seem problematic

For any problem persisting beyond basic troubleshooting, reach out to Jetson customer support for additional assistance while under warranty.

Customer Support and Warranty

Jetson offers respectable customer service options and coverage in case any defects emerge on your new hoverboard:

Customer Support Channels

  • Live chat via Jetson website
  • Submit online support ticket
  • Email to support team
  • Phone call support


  • 1 year limited warranty from original date of purchase
  • Covers defects in materials and manufacturing
  • Labor costs and return shipping also included

As an indication of confidence in their engineering, Jetson stands behind their electric rideables with strong warranty protection and customer service responsiveness.

jetson plasma x lava tech hoverboard

Final Verdict

In summary, the jetson plasma x lava tech hoverboard delivers an elite mix of performance, innovative features and vibrant style in a quality made hoverboard.

It has the latest technology with its powerful dual 400W motors, long-range lithium battery, sturdy chassis, pneumatic tires and vibrant lava flowing LEDs. The integrated Bluetooth speaker and ride-customizing mobile app bring modern conveniences. And it matches competitors in safety assurance as UL certified equipment.

While priced higher than basic self-balancing scooters, the plasma x justifies it with excellent speed, battery endurance, hill traction and overall capabilities. For intermediate to advanced riders wanting a versatile, featurerich hoverboard packed with value, the Jetson model is easily recommendable.

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