Top 5 Best Hoverboards Under $100 in 2024

Hoverboards have become increasingly popular over the recent years as an affordable, fun way to get around. As the technology continues to advance, newer models are being released with better features while still being available at budget-friendly price points. If you’re looking to buy a hoverboard on a tight budget in 2024, there are some excellent options to consider in the under $100 category.

In this article, we review the top 5 best hoverboards that you can buy for under $100 in 2024. We analyze the features, pros and cons, and price of each model to help you determine which is the best hoverboard for your needs and budget.

How We Evaluated the Best Cheap Hoverboards

We looked at several important factors when compiling this list of the best hoverboards under $100:

  • Safety features – All of our top picks meet government safety standards, like UL 2272 certification, to ensure they do not overheat or explode.
  • Maximum speed and range – The faster and farther you can ride comfortably, the better. We favored hoverboards with 6 mph speeds and 5+ mile ranges.
  • Ride quality – The best hoverboards provide a smooth, stable ride even at higher speeds. The wheels, motors and footpads all play a role here.
  • Battery quality – No one wants their hoverboard dying after 30 minutes! We only included hoverboards with reliable lithium-ion batteries.
  • Weight limit – A higher weight capacity allows more riders to enjoy the hoverboard. We made sure to pick models that support at least 120 lbs.
  • Customer reviews – Lots of positive buyer reviews indicates a high quality, reliable hoverboard. All of our picks have stellar customer satisfaction.

Given these standards, these are the 5 best off-brand hoverboards selling for under $100 next year.

1. CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter

CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter

CHO makes some of the best budget hoverboards on the market, with features that rival much more expensive brands. Users say this self-balancing scooter has excellent build quality and handles very smoothly.

  • 6 mph top speed
  • Up to 12 mile range per charge
  • Supports over 120 lbs weight capacity
  • UL 2272 safety certified battery

A single charge will give you up to 12 miles of ride time. This is almost double what similarly priced hoverboards can offer! The 36V lithium battery is UL certified for safety and takes 2-3 hours to fully recharge once depleted.

Weighing just 22 lbs, the CHO is fairly lightweight and portable. The steel frame feels very durable and supports over 120 lbs without issue. Taller and heavier teens and adults can ride this budget board without worrying about breakdowns or parts wearing out quickly.

For less than $100, the CHO hoverboard packs impressive power, safety and range. If you want a hoverboard that rides smoothly like models 3x the prices, this is an excellent option to consider.


  • Very affordable sub-$100 price
  • Smooth, stable ride
  • Fast 6 mph top speed
  • Long 12 mile range per charge
  • Supports over 120 lbs maximum load


  • No mobile app connectivity
  • No fancy color options

Price: $98.99 on Amazon (at time of writing)

2. Felimoda Self-Balancing Hoverboards

Felimoda Self-Balancing Hoverboards

The Felimoda hoverboard manages to pack some great specs and features despite its incredibly low price tag. It’s faster and can run longer than many competitors while also feeling very sturdy.

  • Top speed of 6 mph
  • Up to 9 miles of range
  • Holds up to 264 lbs weight
  • Multiple color options
  • Meets UL safety standards

With 6.5″ tires, powerful dual 250W motors and anti-skid foot grips, the Felimoda can reach speeds up to 6 mph. Even kids should be able to handle this with a little practice. The top speed gives you flexibility to ride around leisurely or commute short distances.

On a single charge you can expect to cover between 6 to 9 miles. This is more than enough for short trips and joyriding outside. Recharging the battery takes about 3 hours from empty to full.

Despite being very affordably priced, the Felimoda doesn’t feel weak or like a toy. It has a maximum weight capacity of 264 lbs, so it works fine for big and tall riders. The alloy body and tough rubber tires make this one of the more rugged sub-$100 hoverboards too.

There’s also a handful of color options like rose gold, blue and red to choose from. Personalize your board to match your style!

For less than $100, the Felimoda hoverboard provides great value through its mix of speed, battery life and durability. It meets all the necessary UL safety standards too for electrical and fire safety compliance.


  • Only $95 (at time of writing)
  • Smooth ride for the price
  • Holds up to 264 lbs maximum
  • Multiple colors to pick from
  • Longer 9 mile range


  • No Bluetooth functionality
  • Battery is not removable

Price: $94.99 on Amazon currently

3. Gyroor Warrior 8.5” Off-Road Hoverboard

Gyroor Warrior 8.5” Off Road Hoverboard

The Gyroor Warrior is built to handle rugged terrain thanks to its large 8.5” tires. If you plan to ride on grass, trails or uneven sidewalks, this rugged hoverboard can take it. Despite its off-road focus, the Warrior only costs around $150-$250.

  • Rugged 8.5” tires for off-roading
  • Up to 10 miles per charge
  • Max 12 mph speed capacity
  • Built very durable and stable
  • Water-resistant design

This hoverboard is specifically designed to prevent falls and injuries when riding on bumpy surfaces. The solid tires absorb shock impressively well thanks to their thickness. Combined with a durable steel frame, you get a very stable base even at higher 12 mph speeds.

Speaking of speed, the 700W motors allow the Warrior to reach a max of 12 mph. This makes it one of the fastest budget boards in 2024. Maintaining stability is easy with the anti-slip foot grips keeping your feet planted safely.

The 36V battery enables up to 10 miles of runtime per charge. That covers a lot of neighborhood cruising or trail time. Refueling the battery takes up to 4 hours from empty.

Even though it’s very fast and rugged, the Gyroor Warrior still meets strict CPSC safety standards. You’re protected against electrical malfunctions, overheating and more undesirable issues. It also carries an IP54 water resistance rating, meaning it can handle very light rain and puddles without issue.

If riding fast on grass, dirt and uneven terrain sounds fun to you, the Gyroor Warrior deserves strong consideration among sub-$100 hoverboards.


  • Handles off-road conditions exceptionally well
  • 12 mph top speed capacity
  • Up to 10 miles range per charge
  • Water-resistant design
  • Very stable built


  • Heavy at 31 lbs
  • Not meant for smooth pavement

Price Range: $90 – $250 online

4. Hoverheart Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

Hoverheart Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

The Hoverheart hoverboard brings some nice bonuses like Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, all for under $100. It’s a versatile board that works great for music-loving riders.
You can sync your phone to the hoverboard via Bluetooth to blast music through the built-in high-quality speakers. This makes your ride even more exciting while allowing remote control of your phone’s playlists and volume.

  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • UL safety certified
  • 6 mph top speed
  • Up to 7.5 mile range
  • Colorful LED wheel lights

There are also colorful LED lights wrapping around the 6.5 inch wheels. These make the Hoverheart very visible at night. They also pulse to the beat of your music, adding to the atmosphere.

As for performance, it can keep up to 6 mph top speeds for about 60 minutes of ride time before needing a recharge. That gives you solid flexibility for commuting short distances or having neighborhood fun. The hardware feels quite rugged and supports riders weighing up to 165 lbs.

Since safety is paramount, Hoverheart designed the battery pack to meet UL 2272 safety standards. It’s very unlikely to malfunction or damage the hoverboard thanks to the smart circuitry protection.

Overall if you want more flair from your hoverboard without spending much, the Hoverheart model is perfect. The Bluetooth speakers and LED lights make it one of the more fun and stylish budget boards under $100.


  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • UL certified safe 36V battery
  • Cool customizable LED lights
  • Rugged hardware & 6 mph speeds


  • No mobile app connectivity
  • Range is just 60 minutes max

Price: $98 currently on Amazon

5. MEGAWHEELS Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

MEGAWHEELS Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

The MEGAWHEELS hoverboard keeps things simple and affordable while covering all the feature basics well. It manages to be both the cheapest and fastest board on our list!

  • Comes with a carrying strap
  • 6 mile range per charge
  • Speeds up to 7.5 mph
  • Supports over 200 lbs riders
  • UL safety certified

There are no fancy features like Bluetooth or mobile apps. But you do get smooth speeds up to 7.5 mph thanks to the dual 250 watt motors. The 6.5 inch tires feel very sturdy and stable even for heavyweight adults or kids.

With proper use you can expect over 60 minutes of riding time, or about 6 miles in distance. It only takes 2-3 hours to replenish the battery back to full charge once depleted.

This hoverboard supports over 200 lbs in weight. So heavier riders won’t have issues with breakdowns or lack of responsiveness when using the MEGAWHEELS model. Safety is also covered by the UL certification on the battery.

As a bonus, a shoulder strap is included for easier carrying between rides. This makes it one of the more portable options for taking to school or commuting.

In summary, the MEGAWHEELS hoverboard nails the basics well with smooth performance, decent battery life and good safety reputation. Given its super cheap pricing, it’s arguably the top value choice among budget hoverboards for 2023 and beyond!


  • Very affordable at $70-90
  • Includes free carrying strap
  • Fast 7.5 mph top speed
  • Supports over 200 lbs capacity


  • No advanced features
  • Range capped at 6 miles

Price Range: $70 – $90 online

What To Look For When Buying a Sub-$100 Hoverboard

Even in the most affordable price bracket, some hoverboards are built better than others. Here are the key factors to evaluate:

  • Motor power – More wattage enables faster speeds and climbing inclines easier. 250-400W is good in this range.
  • Range – How far you can ride per charge. 5+ miles is solid for cheap boards. Faster models may have shorter ranges.
  • Maximum speed – 6-10 mph speeds are common for budget hoverboards. Faster is more exciting!
  • Weight capacity – Cheap hoverboards often support 120-200+ lbs. Heavier riders need 200+ lbs capacity.
  • Safety certifications – Reputable hoverboards are UL 2272 certified and have smart battery management. Avoid non-certified boards.
  • Warranties – Most reputable hoverboard brands offer at least 6 months coverage on manufacturing defects. Some provide 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are cheap hoverboards under $100 safe?

Yes, affordable hoverboards can be safe if they meet quality standards for electrical and fire safety. Reputable budget models have UL 2272 certification on their electrical systems and battery packs. They undergo rigorous safety testing. Avoid non-certified boards.

Q: How long do sub-$100 hoverboards last?

With proper care and maintenance, budget hoverboards can realistically last over a year without issue. Their hardware may feel cheaper than premium boards, but still withstand normal wear and tear fine. Replace the tires occasionally and don’t ride recklessly to maximize lifespan.

Q: Can hoverboards under $100 go fast?

Yes! Budget hoverboards can reach peak speeds anywhere from 6 to 10+ mph. Their motors, wheels and stability handling may not rival $500+ premium hoverboards, but provide plenty of speed for most riders. Top speeds also depend on riding terrain.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cheap Hoverboards

The good news is awesome hoverboards are now very affordable in 2023, with solid options available under $100. As the technology matured, even budget self-balancing scooters now provide great power, battery life and safety assurance.

Out of all the cheap hoverboard models, we recommend the CHO Electric Hoverboard as the best overall choice. It provides incredibly smooth performance that rivals much pricier boards. The fast 6 mph speeds and long 12 mile range give you excellent ride flexibility too.

That being said, all five boards covered meet our criteria for stability, speed, range and safety assurance. No matter which option fits your budget and style, picking one of these cheap hoverboards ensures you get strong value for money!

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