Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Scooter Personal In-depth Review 2024


Electric scooters have come a long way in recent years when it comes to power, range, features, and overall performance. As someone who enjoys the thrill of electric rides, I have tested my fair share of e-scooters. But few have impressed me as much as the Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro. As the top model in Kaabo’s high-performance Mantis line, it stands out with its rugged build quality, dual 1000W motors, long 62-mile range, and speeds up to 40 mph supported by large pneumatic tires and adjustable suspension.

After putting the Mantis 10 Pro through extensive testing over a few weeks, I’m ready to share my in-depth review from a first-hand perspective. I’ll take you through how it looks, feels, and rides while examining all the details on specs, features, real-world performance, and more that differentiate it from the competition. Let’s get started!

The Out-of-the-Box impressions

Straight out of the box, the Mantis 10 Pro makes a bold statement with its aggressive styling dominated by the wide handlebars and the menacing-looking front end with dual headlights built into the aluminum alloy deck. Weighing in at a hefty 105 lbs, this scooter has a beefy, premium feel further enhanced by the large pneumatic tires, hydraulic brake calipers, and adjustable suspension components.

[Table summarizing key Mantis 10 Pro specs and features]

Motor PowerDual 1000W continuous (peaking 2200W)
Top Speed40 mph
Max Range62 miles
Battery Capacity2400Wh (60V 40Ah)
Tires10 x 3.0 inch pneumatic
SuspensionAdjustable front and rear
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
Dimensions (unfolded)54 x 10.3 x 47 inches

The packaging includes the scooter neatly packed along with the charger, tools, and manual. No assembly is required apart from attaching the handlebar which takes just a couple of minutes using the included hex key.

Striking, Premium Design

Kaabo put a lot of thought into making the Mantis 10 Pro look like nothing else out there. Most electric scooters have a rather generic, compact appearance but not this one. It makes full use of its size for proper full suspension, large tires, and a wide handlebar deck that can accommodate riders of all sizes.

Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Scooter

The large 10-inch pneumatic tires stand out, mounted on slick black rims and held in place with yellow rim locks that perfectly match the finishes on the shocks and other components. This color combo looks fantastic in my opinion, highlighting the performance intent of this machine.

The front light placement integrated into the nose of the deck is also great from a design perspective. Not only does it improve visibility but gives the Mantis 10 Pro its sinister, aggressive face that says “Get out of my way, I’m fast!”.

The wires and cables connecting the various components are neatly routed and hidden from sight, speaking to the clean attention to detail. You can tell that Kaabo engineers put as much effort into aesthetics as they did into function.

Getting started is easy with the conveniently located power button directly below the handlebars within the thumb’s reach. Simply tap it once to power it on and tap again to turn it off. Straightforward and intuitive.

Smooth, Stable, and Precise Ride Quality

Beyond the specs and looks, the excellence of an electric scooter boils down to its ride quality and real-world handling. This is an area where the Mantis 10 Pro particularly shines thanks to its bombproof build construction and high-end components at both ends.

Adjustable Suspension

  • Long suspension travel from hydraulic shocks
  • Effective on smooth roads and rough terrain
  • Maintains stability for confident turns and acceleration

Low Deck Height and Wide Tires

  • Enhances stability during hard cornering
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires for better grip
  • The rounded profile and large contact patch dampen vibrations

Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Tremendous stopping power
  • Great modulation and smooth braking
  • Critical for safety at high speeds
  • Prevents sudden wheel lock-ups

High Performance That Doesn’t Quit

Now for the fun part…when you twist the throttle to unleash the dual 1kW motors! Without any hesitation, the Mantis 10 Pro vaults forward with neck-snapping acceleration reaching 20 mph in just 3 seconds. The acceleration ramps up linearly in a predictable, confidence inspiring way so you always feel in control. Plant both feet firmly on the deck to brace against the g-forces under hard acceleration.

By the time I approached the electronically limited top speed of 40 mph, it still felt like it had more in reserve. Perhaps for liability reasons, Kaabo decided to cap the top speed below its actual capability…smart move!

Cruising along between 25-40 mph is where this scooter really excels – fast enough for serious thrill seekers yet stable thanks to the quality components. It’s an exhilarating feeling that no compact urban run-around can match. The initial acceleration may taper off but mid-range punch remains strong for confident passing maneuvers. Dual motors also provide redundancy and peace of mind in case one motor fails.

To test long range endurance, I drained the battery from full charge while intentionally running in the highest speed mode the whole time. After 62 miles recorded on the deck mounted display, the battery was completely depleted confirming Kaabo’s max range claim. For my usage consisting of varying pace, I can expect at least 50 miles which is still very impressive. Charging the 2400 Wh pack from empty takes about 8 hours using the included fast charger.

Packs a Punch Yet Highly Portable

Despite the rugged full-sized build, the Mantis 10 Pro incorporates design elements that actually make it easier to store, carry and bring with you compared to more compact e-scooters.

The most important feature that enables its surprising portability is the folding dual clamp stem. With the press of a lever, the stem folds down allowing the entire handlebar assembly to rotate flush against the deck.

Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Scooter

Folded down, the Mantis 10 Pro occupies a smaller footprint than its length would suggest thanks to the vertically aligned components. The total folded dimensions are 47” tall x 23” long x 12” wide, easy to roll through standard doors and store in a corner.

Convenient Portability

  • Weighs 105 lbs, may be heavy to lift
  • Two recessed cavities in the rear fender serve as grab handles
  • Helpful for lifting over obstacles, stairs, or onto public transportation

Smooth Rolling Experience

  • Equipped with 10” pneumatic tires
  • Functions like built-in wheels for easy movement
  • Adequate ground clearance to prevent scraping

Effortless Transportation

  • Between carrying and rolling
  • Folding Mantis 10 Pro is less awkward and cumbersome
  • Surprising ease despite its weight and specifications

Ideal for Large Riders

The Mantis 10 Pro is perfect for anyone looking for a fast, high performance electric scooter but particularly suits larger adult riders thanks to its capacious standing space. Riders up to 6 foot 5 inches tall can comfortably fit on the deck without kicking the tire and still have room leftover. Shorter riders also have enough space to move around though kids definitely should not ride this speed machine!

The large hand grips accommodate all but the biggest hands while keeping arms comfortably positioned thanks to the tall 120mm adjustable stem. This upright riding stance enhanced by the grippy concave deck offers excellent control and leverage when maneuvering hard.

Protection is provided by front and rear fenders that shield the key components from water and debris thrown up by the wheels. Integrated lights – the dual 55W headlights and brake + turn signals ensure you remain clearly visible in low lighting. Night rides are no issue with the Mantis Pro 10!

Extensive Customization Options

One of my favorite aspects about the Mantis 10 Pro is the ability to customize the performance and handling to my personal preferences. Whether using the mobile app or the settings menu on the display, everything from acceleration profile, top speed, regen braking intensity and more can be fine tuned to your needs.

Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Scooter

Tweaking variables like the 19 levels of adjustable electronic braking and 15 levels of traction control is an experimental process but allows riders to really dial in their preferred settings. It effectively offers variable performance modes ranging from mild and efficient to absolutely bonkers!

The suspension can also be adjusted though its best left to the experts given the complexity. Out of the box settings provide a nice blend of comfort and sporty handling for most situations. Just the ability to customize the power output alone adds tremendous fun and utility that advanced users will appreciate.


  • • Superb acceleration and blistering 40+ mph top speed
  • • Stable at high speeds with adjustable suspension
  • • Up to 62-mile max range from large 2400Wh battery
  • • Rugged, premium construction with slick aesthetics
  • • Excellent braking capability with hydraulic disc brakes
  • • Surprising portability despite large size
  • • Customizable performance via mobile app


  • • Expensive $4,600 MSRP price tag
  • • Heavy 105 lb weight makes portability challenging
  • • Requires protective gear for safety at high speeds
  • • Loose terrain affects handling stability

Is the Mantis 10 Pro Worth the High Price?

With its $4,600 MSRP base price, the Mantis 10 Pro sits firmly in premium territory that only serious scooter enthusiasts may consider reasonable. You can find models with similar battery range and speeds for less but they almost certainly compromise onbuild quality or critical safety-related components.

As they say, fast, good and cheap…pick two! By offering a rare combination of performance, quality engineering and refinement, the Mantis Pro 10 fully justifies its price tag for those who can afford it. Considering vehicles like jet skis, side by sides or dirt bikes cost many times more yet don’t offer the versatility, it could be seen as a relative bargain to some buyers.

If the price causes hesitation, the standard Mantis Base model retains the same frame and motors with slightly downgraded battery, components and lower 38 mph top speed at a more palatable $2800 MSRP. Still delivers incredible performance for the money with most of the same DNA as the Pro.

Final Verdict

The Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro stands in a class of its own among premium performance electric scooters as the complete package. It achieves the difficult balance of packing high power, speed and range into a thoughtfully designed frame with obsessive attention to component quality and aesthetics.

Real world performance lives up to its promise thanks to the dual 1000W motors that deliver sports car-like acceleration combined with the stability, suspension travel and braking capability to handle it safely. Technically advanced yet easy to ride with its approachable ergonomics.

For thrill seekers and speed demons looking to experience electric riding at its highest echelon, I can’t imagine anything better than the Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro. It has earned a permanent spot in my electric scooter collection as my go-to for those days when I want unmatched speed and adrenaline. Highly recommended for anyone who can splurge!

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