How to Clean Hoverboard Wheels: In-Depth Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping your hoverboard’s wheels clean is essential maintenance for braking performance, preventing deterioration, and maximizing battery range per charge. Driving through mud, water, and other debris can quickly reduce wheel traction and ride quality over time.

While most hoverboards have durable polyurethane wheels, the materials can still erode or crack without proper cleaning. Follow this step-by-step guide to thoroughly clean your hoverboard’s wheels and keep your ride smooth for the years ahead!

Understanding Hoverboard Wheel Anatomy

Before detailing the cleaning process, let’s overview hoverboard wheel basics:


  • Outer tire tread for grip
  • Middle polyurethane wheel for shock absorption
  • Inner metal axle and bearings enabling rotation

Typical wheel sizes

Benefits of routine cleaning

  • Removes debris packed into tread impeding traction
  • Avoids cracking/erosion from built-up dirt and liquids
  • Extends wheel lifespan from wear and damage
  • Preserves battery efficiency by reducing friction

Now that you know key hoverboard wheel components and why keeping them clean is important, let’s get scrubbing!

Step 1: Power Off and Remove Wheels

Safety first! Turn your hoverboard power OFF and unplug the charging cable before cleaning. Then, use the following process to detach the wheels:

What you’ll need

  • Skate tool or wrench to loosen bolts
  • Cloth to lay hoverboard down

Wheel removal instructions

* Carefully tilt the hoverboard on its side on a soft cloth to access wheels * Use skate tool to loosen the large axle bolt * Fully loosen bolt and slide wheel with bearings off the axle * Repeat process for second wheel

Be gentle removing wheels so as not to damage bearings or internal components.

Step 2: Clean Wheel Tread and Sides

Here is the process to safely clean each wheel’s outer tread area and inner sides:

What you’ll need

  • Dish soap mixed with warm water
  • A soft bristle hand brush and toothbrush for scrubbing
  • Clean cloths or microfiber towels

Cleaning instructions

* **Mix dish soap with warm water** in bucket for cleaning solution * **Dip brush into solution** and scrub wheel tread to loosen debris * Use toothbrush for hard-to-reach grooves if needed * **Rinse tread** thoroughly with water to eliminate all soap * **Wipe sides** of wheel cleanly using towel * Allow to fully air dry before reattaching

Be sure to fully rinse off all soap residue which could otherwise impact wheel traction.

Step 3: Clean Axle and Bearings

It’s just as important to clean the internal axle and bearings allowing wheel rotation:

What you’ll need

  • Compressed air or air duster
  • Lubricant oil and microfiber cloth

Instructions for axle and bearings

* Use short bursts of **compressed air** to dislodge particles from axle and bearings * Put 1-2 drops of **lubricant oil** like WD-40 on microfiber cloth * Carefully **wipe axle shaft and bearings** to prevent future rust

Avoid spraying liquids directly into bearings which could leave damaging residue behind.

Step 4: Reattach Wheels

The last step is safely refastening your freshly cleaned hoverboard wheels:

What you’ll need

  • Skate tool or wrench to tighten bolts
  • Cloth to lay hoverboard down

Wheel reattachment instructions

* Carefully tilt hoverboard on its side again on a soft cloth * Slide wheel and bearing onto axle shaft properly * Tighten axle bolt carefully using skate tool * Repeat installation process for second wheel

Double check bolts are tightened properly before riding to prevent detachment mishaps!

Extra Cleaning Tips

Keep these additional pointers in mind for ongoing hoverboard wheel cleaning:

  • Check wheel tightness before each ride
  • Remove debris from treads using stiff brush or pressure washer monthly
  • Every 6 months, do a complete scrub and bearing lubrication
  • Consider buying all-weather tires for especially wet/dirty environments
  • When storing long term, deflate wheels to avoid flattening

Stay vigilant in caring for your hoverboard’s wheels and they’ll deliver miles of good traction!

We hope you’ve found this hoverboard cleaning guide helpful. Remember to be gentle yet thorough each time those wheels get grimy. Taking proper care ensures awesome rides year after year!

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