How to Fix One Wheel Not Working on Hoverboard

Hoverboards have become a popular means of transportation for kids and adults alike. They are sleek, portable, and provide a smooth ride. However, like any other electronic device, they can sometimes malfunction, and one of the most common issues that hoverboard owners face is when one wheel stops working. This can be a frustrating experience, but fortunately, it is often fixable. In this article, we will outline the steps you can take to fix one wheel not working on a hoverboard.

If both wheels are not working, then it might be the motherboard or malfunctioning wires. But what if one wheel stops working suddenly during a fantastic ride? It is quite frustrating, as this sudden disturbance ruins your thriller ride.

You might have tried your maximum effort to overcome this issue, but all in vain. You restarted your hoverboard several times and checked the motherboard to see if something was wrong, but you still failed to root out the cause. But fortunately, you are not alone, as several riders are confused about what’s happening there. So, here in this blog, I will give you a complete guide on how to fix one wheel of your hoverboard if it suddenly refuses to work.

Causes of One Wheel Not Working on a Hoverboard

How to Fix One Wheel Not Working on Hoverboard

There are multiple possible reasons behind this problem. Because it is a more advanced type of electronic ride, the issues may differ from those found in standard vehicles. Here are a few of them that I will go over with you.

Disconnected wires:

The wires inside your hoverboard might become short-circuited or contaminated with dirt particles. So, it fails to provide sufficient signal to one wheel of your hoverboard.

Motor wheels’ problem:

The sudden stop of one wheel might be due to the motor that fails to rotate correctly for any reason. In most cases, this problem is caused by an accident fall of water on it or a severe jerk.

Battery or charging issues:

Sometimes, the battery fails to send sufficient power to the motor of one wheel so that one side fails to rotate appropriately like the other. In addition to battery issues, charging issues can occur because if the battery is overcharged or undercharged, the same amount of power will not be provided to both wheels.

Faulty motherboard:

The motherboard is your hoverboard’s brain and prime component and contains all the activities. However, this brain is too fragile and can fail even with a minor blow. The upper case of the hoverboard could be more powerful to protect the internal motherboard. So, in many cases, one wheel stops working if there is a minor breakage in it.

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Precautions Before Starting

Before you start repairing your hoverboard, it is essential to take some precautions to prevent accidents or further damage to the device. Here are some precautions you should take:

  • Turn off the hoverboard and unplug it from the charger
  • Allow the hoverboard to cool down before starting the repair process
  • Work on a flat and stable surface to prevent the hoverboard from tipping over
  • Wear protective gloves and glasses to avoid injury from sharp edges

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix One Wheel Not Working on Hoverboard

How to Fix One Wheel Not Working on Hoverboard

Here are the solutions to the problems mentioned above.

Reset the wires:

Examine the connections of wires that are related to or control the operation of wheels. If the wire is short-circuited, then replace it with a new one. Or if they are disoriented, try to place them in their appropriate place.

Check the wheel motor:

If the problem is related to wheels or a motor, then replacing them with a new one would be best. However, it is costly, but a one-time expenditure can relieve you of this issue for several years. However, you can also fix the motor issue if it is minor, but we cannot guarantee whether it will work or not.

Replace the battery:

The hoverboard’s batteries are available online and at hoverboard accessories shops near your home. You have to fix the battery if the problem is related to it. In this case, you have to replace it with a new one.

Examine the motherboard:

Your motherboard might get dirt inside it. Due to this, it fails to work properly. Moreover, it is also possible that the motherboard has reached its expiration date. Yet, whatever’s going on, a professional can guide you or solve it better. You can also do it on your own if you have sufficient knowledge.

If the damage is beyond certain limits, then you might have to replace it like other components.

Try calibration:

If you have done the abovementioned steps, the calibration might resolve your problem. To calibrate, you have to follow the following steps;

  • Place your hoverboard on a leveled surface and power it off. Rest it for 1 minute, then restart it by pressing the power button.
  • Now again, press the button for a few seconds, and your hoverboard will shut off again.
  • Now restart it for a test drive.

Frequently asked questions.

Why is one side of my hoverboard red?

The hoverboard displays the red light or blinks it if the battery runs out of charge. Sometimes, it shows an extremely low battery, approximately 10 percent charged. So, in this case, you need to get off it or place a fully charged spare battery.

What is the side effect of overcharging the hoverboard’s battery?

If you charge the hoverboard for more than 5 to 6 hours, your battery will burn. This condition can occur on several electronic gadgets, which is not different from others. In this regard, you must review the charging minutes.

Can I reboot my hoverboard?

Yes, you can. For this, you must press and hold the power button for 10 seconds while remaining still on your hoverboard. For the next ten seconds, ignore any sounds and flashing lights. Once the hoverboard is off, release your grip on the power button. Now that it has been reset, the hoverboard is ready for use.


If you experience one wheel not working on your hoverboard, there are a few common causes that you can investigate. The steps to fix the issue may involve checking the power button, battery, motor, or motherboard, and may require replacement of any of these components. Always take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines when repairing your hoverboard.

“Hoverboards are not just a toy; they are a powerful machine that requires proper maintenance and care.”

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