Lycaon Board Review Uncovered 2024

Hoverboards have become an extremely popular personal transportation device over the past few years. One brand that has been gaining attention recently is Lycaon. In this in-depth review, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about Lycaon hoverboards based on my own experience testing out one of their latest models.

Overview of Lycaon as a Brand

Lycaon is a relatively new company in the hoverboard space, but they have quickly made a name for themselves by focusing on innovation, quality, and safety.

Some key things to know about Lycaon:

Lycaon has quickly become one of the most popular hoverboard brands in over 20 countries worldwide. Their products have generally received excellent reviews praising their durable construction and responsive controls.

Lycaon Hoverboard Model Reviewed

For this review, I tested out the Lycaon Swift Self-Balancing Scooter. Here are the basic specs:

  • 8.5 inch solid rubber tires
  • 700W dual motors
  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • Range per charge of 12 miles
  • Support for riders up to 260 lbs
  • Bluetooth capabilities

This latest 2022 model includes upgraded features like application control and enhanced motor power compared to previous versions.

Lycaon Hoverboard

Riding Experience

Let’s talk about what it’s actually like to ride the Lycaon Swift hoverboard!

Mounting and Balancing

The extra-wide pedals made getting on the board easy even for a beginner rider like myself. I noticed right away that the self-balancing technology worked very smoothly. I was able to stand on it without moving for about 20 seconds without losing balance.

Acceleration and Top Speed

Accelerating felt quick yet controllable. Getting up to maximum speed happens effortlessly in just a few seconds by leaning forward more. The top speed of 7.5 mph felt plenty fast, especially for safety reasons.

Turning and Maneuverability

Changing direction on the Lycaon Swift couldn’t be easier. With just a light shift in body position, I could make quick turns. It has tight turning capabilities for excellent maneuverability. Tighter turns took a little more care at faster speeds.

Terrain Handling

Riding over surfaces like grass and gravel was no problem due to the hoverboard’s solid tires and powerful motors. Small bumps and cracks didn’t really faze it. I wouldn’t try extremely rough terrain, but typical outdoor conditions are fine.

Braking and Stopping

The electric brake brings the board to a smooth, quick stop. I just shift my weight back over the rear wheel when I’m ready to halt completely. Stopping feels very safe and controlled.

Battery Life

Lycaon’s advertised max range is around 12 miles per charge. From my experience, this will depend a lot on terrain, rider weight, speed, etc. I got in multiple 30-45 minute rides before needing to recharge which was more than adequate. The battery recharges in under 2 hours using the included charger.

Features and Accessories

Solid Tires

The 8.5 inch rubber tires eliminate the need to worry about punctures or losing air over time like you would with pneumatic tires. Solid tires do lower shock absorption somewhat but add major convenience.

Battery Indicators

LED lights on the board clearly show the remaining battery level so you can monitor it during your ride or when charging. Very helpful to avoid fully draining the battery.

Electric Brake

Along with manually shifting your weight to slow down, the hoverboard has a motorized electric brake engaged by pressing your heels down. This makes stopping safe and predictable.

App Control and Customization

Connecting the optional app via Bluetooth lets you do all kinds of cool customizations like adjusting acceleration sensitivity, changing LED colors, checking battery status, controlling the built-in speaker, and more.

Carrying Strap

A very nice addition is the durable carrying strap on the base. This makes it easier to hold when not riding and transport it in a car or onto public transportation.

UL Certified Battery

Lycaon uses a UL certified 2280 lithium ion battery pack made with top quality Samsung cells and smart battery management technology. Very reliable and meets strict quality testing guidelines.

Incline Handling

With dual 700-watt hub motors, I found the Lycaon Swift able to handle inclines around 20 degrees reasonably well. Performance understandably drops slowly as the angle increases. Steeper hills result in gradual deceleration to avoid motor damage.

Ride Safety Features

Lycaon Hoverboard

Lycaon has clearly made ride safety a top priority based on the hoverboard’s design. Some standout safety features include:

Non-Slip Pedals

Dual pads with grip tape provide stability and make slipping very unlikely

Bright LED Lights

Headlights and brake lights maintain excellent visibility for night riding

No Overheat Protection

Sensors monitor battery temp and cut off power if unsafe thresholds are reached

Speed Limiter Option

Software allows capping max speed which is great for beginners

Alarm and Safe Mode

Built-in alarm deters potential thieves and safe mode allows slow, balanced riding if alarm triggered

Fire Safety

UL 2272 certified ensuring the battery meets extensive fire safety benchmarks for hoverboards

Lycaon has taken the necessary steps to prevent many previous hoverboard safety incidents. Responsible riding is still imperative, but hardware protections also provide peace of mind.

Pros & Cons of Lycaon Hoverboards

Pros and Cons

Advanced electric and software technology
Very durable and stable aluminum frame
Powerful dual motors with decent incline handling
Good top speed and battery range capabilities
Quick acceleration and braking performance
Bright, stylish LED lights for visibility
Safety certifications like UL 2272 and others
1 year warranty included
Still expensive compared to lower quality brands
App features can be glitchy
Controls take some practice to master
Not suitable for extreme terrain

Lycaon vs Leading Competitors

Lycaon may still be considered an up and coming brand, but their products can certainly compete with the top established players in the market in terms of features and capabilities. Here’s a brief overview of how Lycaon compares:

Electric Scooter Comparison

Brand Lycaon Swift Segway Ninebot S Halo Rover
Top Speed 12 mph 10 mph 10 mph
Range 12 miles 13 miles 10 miles
Motor Power 700W 400W 800W
Tires Solid rubber Air-filled Solid rubber
Weight Limit 260 lbs 220 lbs 265 lbs
Lighting LED headlights LED taillight LED headlights and taillight
Wireless App Yes Yes Yes

Lycaon can clearly hold its own against the leaders when it comes to specs and also surpasses them in certain categories like top speed. Prices are quite similar in the mid-range bracket. Lycaon aims to provide great quality for reasonable prices compared to competitors.

Who is The Lycaon Swift Good For?

The Lycaon Swift hoverboard is a versatile model suitable for:

  • Beginners wanting a safe, easy to ride smart hoverboard
  • Teenagers and young adult riders desiring solid speed
  • Commuters needing a fast electric ride for the last mile
  • Anyone wanting a durable, long-range electric rideable

Casual riders will appreciate the smoothness and safety while still having performance capabilities if desired. At its price point, it hits a nice sweet spot.

Final Verdict

After extensively testing out the Lycaon Swift self-balancing hoverboard, I can confidently say it’s an excellent mid-range model and solid choice in the growing hoverboard market.

The smart technology, safety protections, battery life and attention to component quality all impressed me given Lycaon’s status as a newer brand competing against giants.

Riders wanting a futuristic riding experience with customizable features at fair pricing should shortlist the Lycaon Swift. While not flawless, its minor limitations don’t detract much from Lycaon’s rise towards the top tier of manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit for Lycaon hoverboards?

Most Lycaon hoverboard models like the Swift have a maximum weight capacity of around 220-260 lbs. Always check specific specs. Children under 44 lbs should not ride for safety reasons.

Do Lycaon hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, Lycaon boards include built-in Bluetooth capabilities allowing you to play music through integrated speakers. Sound quality is decent but playing at high volumes will drain the battery quicker.

How long does a Lycaon hoverboard take to charge?

Charging time is generally 1.5-3 hours from fully drained to 100% battery depending on the charger and model. Best practice is to charge until lights turn solid green indicating a full charge.

Can you ride Lycaon hoverboards in the rain?

No, you should avoid riding Lycaon boards in wet conditions. Light splashes won’t immediately damage them but moisture can impact electronics over time or cause short circuits.

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