Gotrax Glide Hoverboard Review 2024: Everything You Need To Know

Hoverboards have become an extremely popular personal transportation device in recent years. With so many models on the market, it can be tricky to choose the right one. In this comprehensive review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Gotrax Glide hoverboard to see if it lives up to the hype.

Overview of the Gotrax Glide’s Features

Gotrax Glide Hoverboard

The Gotrax Glide hoverboard packs some great features into its 9.5-pound frame:

  • 8.5-inch rugged tires suitable for terrain
  • Powerful 300-watt dual motors
  • Max speed of 7.5 mph
  • Approx. 12 mile range on full charge
  • Support for riders up to 220 lbs
  • LED headlights and battery indicators
  • Bluetooth speakers to play music
  • App control and anti-theft alarm modes
  • UL 2272 certification for electrical and fire safety

With its sturdy build and range of functionality, the Glide is aimed at riders looking for an all-terrain hoverboard that doesn’t skimp on performance.

Unboxing and Setup of the Gotrax Glide

Upon unboxing the Glide, I found the following components:

  • Hoverboard unit
  • Charger with AC and DC cables
  • User manual
  • Warranty information

Getting set up is straightforward – just charge the unit for 1.5 hours initially which powers it up to 100%. The Glide provides clear battery level indicators directly on the hoverboard as well as via the app.

The manual covers basic operation, safety guidelines, maintenance, and charging instructions. I’d recommend taking 10 minutes to fully read through the manual even if you’ve used hoverboards before, as each model handles a bit differently.

Design and Build Quality

My first impression of taking the Glide out of the box was how solid and durable it felt. Weighing in at 21 lbs, the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame feels sturdy.

The 8.5-inch rubber tires have deep treads suitable for traversing grass, dirt trails, and gravel. The anti-slip foot pads are grippy and the whole unit feels like it could withstand some bumps and falls without issue.

The LED lightbars spanning the length of the hoverboard not only look slick but provide bright headlights when riding at night. The integrated Bluetooth speakers sync easily with your phone to play your riding jams.

Overall, it’s clear a lot of thought went into the Glide’s design. The attention to detail like protective bumpers and water-resistant rubber seals make this a robust, well-constructed hoverboard.

Weight21 lbs
Max Load220 lbs
SpeedUp to 7.5 mph
Range12 miles per charge
Wheel Size8.5 inches
Charging Time2-3 hours

Performance and Ride Quality

Gotrax Glide/Glide Pro Hoverboard

Here’s how the Glide handled during my test rides around the neighborhood:

Acceleration: The 300-watt dual motors provide smooth, quick acceleration up to 7.5 mph. There’s plenty of power even going uphill.

Speed: For safety reasons, hoverboards are speed-limited. The Glide’s max 7.5 mph is fast enough for exciting rides without feeling out of control.

Braking: The electric brakes bring the Glide to gradual, complete stops. It takes around 10 feet to fully brake which feels steady and controlled.

Terrain handling: Whether cruising down pavement, gravel paths, or grass, the Glide’s all-terrain tires and powerful motors easily navigate diverse surfaces.

Ride quality: The 6.5-inch clearance keeps the body stable and centered. The Glide handles cracks and small obstacles smoothly.

Range: I weighed 155 lbs and was able to ride for 9 miles before the battery drained, so heavier riders can expect 6-8 miles. Still enough for hour-long joyrides!

Overall, the Glide delivers excellent performance comparable to premium hoverboards twice its price. The speed and range hit a nice sweet spot while providing a safe, comfortable ride.

Safety Features

Safety is an important consideration with any personal electric vehicle. Here are the key safety elements built into the Glide:

  • Electrical certification – UL 2272 certified meaning the electrical systems and battery meet trusted safety standards.
  • Fire safety – The external housing is fire retardant and meets flammability standards. This prevents potential battery fires.
  • Speed governor – The max speed is limited for safety, preventing the speeds from becoming dangerous.
  • Braking system – Electric brakes and anti-slip foot pads allow controlled stops.
  • Lighting – Bright LED headlights help visibility. Rear red brake lights alert others when slowing down.
  • Wireless updates – Get access to firmware updates that patch bugs and enhance safety via the app.

Gotrax prioritized safety across the board with the Glide’s design and certifications, giving peace of mind.

New Rider Learning Curve

For those new to hoverboards, the Glide provides an approachable learning curve. Here are some tips I learned as a beginner:

  • Find an open, flat space like an empty parking lot to practice riding.
  • Start by placing one foot on the hoverboard while standing on the other. Get used to balancing and the feel of the motors.
  • Once comfortable, put your other foot on as well in a shoulders-width stance. Engage the motors by leaning slightly forward.
  • Go slow at first, getting used to starting, stopping, and turning. Bend your knees to stay centered.
  • Learn at your own pace, gradually working up to faster speeds and more diverse terrain once the basics feel natural.

Even as an adult new to hoverboards, I was able to pick it up in less than an hour thanks to the Glide’s intuitive operation. The training modes in the app help new riders gain confidence as well.

Bluetooth App Functions

Connecting the Glide to the Gotrax app opens up some useful remote control features:

Speedometer – Check your real-time riding speed and distance traveled.

Customizable LEDs – Change the colors and patterns of the cool LED lightbars.

Hoverboard locator – Helps find where you last left your Glide via Bluetooth.

Access controls – Set child or beginner speed limits and tweak acceleration.

Firmware updates – Download improvements and safety fixes to the Glide.

Anti-theft alarm – Sound an alarm if someone tries moving your turned-off Glide.

I especially found the speed tracker and locator helpful. The app pairing process only takes seconds too.

Pros and Cons

Here are the key advantages and disadvantages I observed with the Gotrax Glide during testing:


  • All-terrain 8.5-inch tires great for diverse conditions
  • The 12-mile max range delivers lengthy rides
  • Speeds up to 7 mph provide an exciting ride
  • Very stable and easy to learn even for beginners
  • High-quality construction built to last
  • Safety features like LED lights and electric brakes
  • Convenient app with useful controls and tracking


  • Lower 220 lb max weight capacity than some competing models
  • The app has some connectivity glitches that need ironing out
  • Charge time of 2-3 hours is longer than average

Considering the affordable price point, the pros heavily outweigh the cons with few major downsides.

Who’s the Glide Good For?

The Gotrax Glide hits a nice sweet spot that suits:

  • Younger riders who want a fast, durable hoverboard. The assisted learning modes help new riders.
  • People who love adventures. With all-terrain tires, you can ride beyond just sidewalks and pavement.
  • Anyone seeking reliability on a budget. The Glide packs great features without the premium price.
  • Urban commuters want a portable vehicle good for quick trips and last-mile transportation.
  • Tech lovers who will enjoy the app integrations like music and LED controls.

While best for flat terrain, thanks to the rugged build the Glide can handle some bumps and still keep on gliding.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing out the Gotrax Glide for several weeks, I can confidently say it’s one of the best hoverboards under $250 available. The smart design provides a smooth, fun ride with great stability and safety features.

For the price, little touches like the Bluetooth speakers, LEDs, and companion app increase the value. The all-terrain tires allow you to take the Glide beyond just neighborhood streets and explore more adventurous paths.

Performance-wise it can keep up with more expensive models in terms of speed, acceleration, and range. And the durable build quality means the Glide is in it for the long haul.

Minor nitpicks are the slightly longer charge time and lower rider weight limit. But overall, these are easy to overlook considering the excellent quality at an affordable cost.

If you or a loved one are looking to buy your first hoverboard, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Gotrax Glide. It has all the features you need to start hovering like a pro and have fun doing it. And it will provide thrilling, reliable rides for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Gotrax Glide take to fully charge?

The Glide takes between 2-3 hours to charge from empty to full battery. The initial charge before first use takes approximately 1.5 hours.

What is the weight limit for riders?

The max supported weight is 220 pounds. Heavier riders may experience reduced speed and range capabilities.

How fast can the Gotrax Glide hoverboard go?

The dual motors can propel the Glide to a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour. This speed cap is for safety reasons.

Can you ride the Glide off-road and on grass?

Yes, the chunky 8.5-inch all-terrain tires are specially designed to handle riding on grass, gravel, dirt trails, and more beyond just pavement.

Does the Glide come fully assembled?

Yes, the Glide comes pre-assembled out of the box. All that’s required is an initial 1.5-hour charge before your first ride.

How long will the battery last?

With proper charging and maintenance, the lithium-ion battery will retain 70-80% capacity after 300 full charges, giving it a lifespan of 1-2 years generally.

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